The Oracle of Lies Has Arrived ^__^

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Today I came online to find not YoYo News, but instead the exciting new emergence taking place much closer to the AKHLog home. in it’s metaphorical backyard, if you will.

A new blog has washed up on the YoYo Games shores. But not the good type of blog, oh no. This was created by someone claiming to be an oracle of truth, out to name and shame me and tigerdude, and bring us down, “the blogs that post only bad things about others and rumors of the sacred Internet”.

The truth oracle has delivered a first post and promises more. And I can’t wait for it! 😀 XD

… on my post “Smessy is still singing his favourite song + THE SUPER VIRUS MUST BE REAL + mrsmes turns YoYo-suicidal”

Pilot wrote:

“I got pranked by Kwalty. It’s a thing to send to all of your friends. It’s better than a rickroll.”

thetruthoracle wrote:

“The real blogger has arrived to name and shame you, AKH, and your buddy Tigerdude1993. You will just love the post that I used to instill a sense of freedom in your readers ) Read it by going to my website, you unholy child of Satan. That should ring a bell now shouldn’t it? You can’t hide anymore:

Timmah3000 wrote:



Hans Zimmer wrote:

“BAD mrsmes, so many emulators. >:(“

Tidz wrote:


thetruthoracle is right in anyway possible and Makke is under arrest since Makke was you as well”

[this was the point where I thought “what the shit” and decided it was time to check things out.]

… in thetruthoracle’s post “The Oracle of Truth Has Arrived”

thetruthoracle wrote:

“After your long wait…I am here to bring justice to a lost world of bloggers P Soon the blogs that post only bad things about others and rumors of the sacred Internet will be brought down. I will start with a blog that I’ve been watching for quite some time now…

Dark Vengeance, a.k.a. The Soul Ware Daily News.

Also, a blog that has caught my attention…

The AKH Log.

Now the writers need to be shamed here…the writer of the Dark Vengeance blog goes first >:)

Tigerdude1993…also known as Hunter Miller. He supposedly lives in Texas, however, from evidence I have collected over the past few months, I see that he lives in a small town in South Carolina. He claims to be some kind of “popular kid” but likes to chat on a gaming website…social issues maybe? Ah, the truth comes out…exactly what this blog is meant for. He is lying to you all. Those other accounts…tigergal1993, IHP…they are all the same person. And yes…that person is Tigerdude1993. You fools couldn’t realize something that was put right in front of your faces many times.

Let us venture into the world that I like to call “Unholy Territory”, a.k.a. AKH’s blog. Here he makes fun of a child with some kind of disability, and also makes fun of others that aren’t socially adapted to the Internet. Having a blog does not make you a god, especially if it is used for the purpose of AKH’s. Also, he tries to make himself look like a hero by battling this “SC666″ character who is obviously him, disquised in fake IP addresses that any regular computer user would fall for. So AKH, you want to “iRape” yourself? And the constant kussing on your blog does not make it any better.

So I shall leave with a final message…do anything you can to help get rid of the pests of the Internet, such as Tigerdude1993 and AKH. Next post will include details on the blogs, their histories, their bad Internet mess ups, and the like.

… [I am looking forward to that :D] …

tarkimos wrote:

““After your long wait…I am here to bring justice to a lost world of bloggers P Soon the blogs that post only bad things about others and rumors of the sacred Internet will be brought down.”

Oh, the irony. I take it that your blog is next on the list to ‘bring justice to’?”

Tidz wrote:

“I…I agree after all these years on yoyogames(i never signed up)i made i noticed that once tigerdude1993 has left yoyogames then IHP and his supposed girlfriend has left with him which leaves tigerdude has mant accounts on yoyogames and downrated other people’s games and whats with his ploof ploof missile anyway?

AKH,mrsmes and LavaBall could possibly be the same person

Lumine** and all the satanchilds crap were his sub-ordinates that were being paid to spam so AKH Would have something to wright about and so yoyogames would treat him like a god, he already fooled NAL into thinking that SCX and AKH are actually a different person while they were just one being

nice going AKH but the truth is discovered, Now i will shove this blog to yoyogames forums and screw AKH’s life for one and for all thanks.”

[I couldn’t find any topics on this in the YoYo forums ;D]

tigerdude1993 wrote:

“this is BULL CRAP D
nothing else to say.”

I wrote:

“All lies, I’ve never made a fake account so I have something to write about, and as has been mentioned (correctly) before by VOR on tigerdude’s blog, I write about SC666 to maintain a flow of readers, not to look like a “hero” >_> I’m simply ensuring that the blog has continuity; people know what to expect (that’s also why I write a post every day).

As truthless as this may be though … I like where it’s going.

I wonder if you can really dig up any dirt on me from my internet history.”

[that was a challenge.]

it’s quite obvious here that what’s being posted is just the speculations of our oracle friend, posted as truths. What’s unclear is whether or not the author of all this is actually Tidz, supporting himself in a sad attempt to look believable.

They did post with different IPs, but in the YoYo World of today that proves nothing. 😀

Nevertheless, as untruthful as it is, this new blog has got itself at least one reader. ;D


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