Who the Hell is Timmah?

October 9, 2008 at 17:44 | Posted in Everything | 9 Comments
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… And will he return after today’s spamfest? Only time will tell.


Pilot wrote:

“That ‘new super virus’ was great.

By the way, people at McAfee think your old blog is cool. They gave the akh505 domain a green rating.


Guess I’ll submit your new domain for testing. Heh heh heh.”

“Scratch that, it is in testing.”

Ultisoft Software wrote:

“OK, I am still best friends with Smessy…

but I do agree that the “super virus” is probably just MSN… It IS a malware program; people can easily embed a virus inside like a .txt document and send it over MSN…

although I still use it, other people shouldn’t…”

~Cookies&Cream~ wrote:

“*sighs* Can anyone get mrsmes to shut up? Seriously, that’s probably the most idiotic thing I’ve heard about computers since someone searched for the search feature with the search feature. -_- Idiots…

Haha ^-^ You know me AKH, I’ll NEVAR change. Well, except for these little usernames of mine lol…and the e-mails.”

DT-170x wrote:

“He is referring to me. Yes My name is Daniel. Dan is my short version of my name. This is sad attack from him.”

[^__^ I thought he was talking about the YoYo member with the username dan 😀 he asked him if it was true that he was right 99.8% of the time. XD]

Zeon wrote:

“Today ive had time to read your blog,and i was surprised when i found out about tigers new blog.I
understand he had time to do some sneaky posts,but…to create a new blog and make full-size daily posts?Did he get a laptop?”

[he can’t make many post right now, he’s going to get a laptop some time around 2009 😉 ]

Timmah wrote:


Pilot wrote:

“^^Worthless spammer.”

That’s not all. I have exactly 52 messages from him in my inbox as well :\

… in my inbox …

Timmah3000 wrote:


I don’t know what he’s trying to do here, but it would seem that he knows a thing or two about this blog and the people who I write about, and yet there’s no evidence of his existence before today. He spammed the profiles of [in this order] himself, Sinister96, ZekeGames, steware, me, Pilot, coughin05, Mark Overmars (several times), mrsmes; the games Gravity Labyrinth 6.0, Guitar Master III and Karoshi. Generally the spam went a little something like this …

Timmah3000 wrote:

http://www.rockgamer.com/extras/lyrics/timmah/ TIMMAH!!”

But, lastly for today, the mixed bag didn’t come without it’s share of honourable mentions 😉 …

… on pilotteaml’s profile …

Timmah3000 wrote:

“Mraaaaaaaaaaaarararararararmamrmarmararararararararrarar TIMMAH!!! TIMMMMMAAAAAAAAHHH!!!”

… on Mark Overmars’ profile …

Timmah3000 wrote:


… on mrsmes’ profile …

Timmah3000 wrote:




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  2. I got tons of messages in my inbox from him too.

  3. He posted a game.

  4. Link to it:


  5. Timmah is going to be banned soon.


  6. Even if this Timmah guy is banned,he will just create another account at yoyo games.The best thing to do is spam him back,like we did with inuyasha.That brings back memories…

  7. “He posted a game.”

    “This game has been marked as inappropriate by a moderator or is incomplete”

    😀 He’s not gonna be around YoYo for long.

  8. Uhh, I found another SatanChild666: http://www.yoyogames.com/members/Satan

    Some people said he commented on there profile a day ago o_O

    And Zeon, you know I’m Inuyasha right? ._.

  9. […] on my post “Who the Hell is Timmah?” […]

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