Smessy’s bet + LavaBall VS mrsmes … Round 2?

October 6, 2008 at 17:35 | Posted in Everything | 2 Comments
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With recent goings on, the entertaining [if a little slooooow] confrontation taking place on mrsmes’ profile over the last few days hasn’t really fit with the more serious style of my posts, but now it’s at last reached it’s climax and finished, ready to accept it’s role as part of an AKHLog post. 😛

Enjoy! 😀

… on mrsmes’ profile …

mrsmes wrote:

“ok, must stay calm and relax act as though it’s a normal day everything is fine both online and offline…”

“@Ultisoft: so uh… how’s your project coming along, 4 the 4th competition with in this year at YoYo Games…

yeah, better use anti-virus, it’s bad to be unprotected on the internet…

@tigerdude1993: hello, sup?

@aracnoX: what’s up? did I miss anything…?

this little, dock of mine, it’s going to be the perfect billion dollar plan, he, he it’ll be 2 easy, 2 make and enjoy and market and use…”

MelonYoshi wrote:

“YOUR DOCK WILL CRASH! Really…your plan will probably fall apart, sooner or later. Nothing is easy, even if it seems easy.”

mrsmes wrote:

“MelonYoshi that is enough it will not fall apart I have good hope for this, and plans for this dock, and it’s going to shine like a star…”

MelonYoshi wrote:

“Plans never go as planned (well, they rarely do) as I’ve learned from experience and observation.
Oh well, you can’t always be sure. Applies for both of us.”

mrsmes wrote:

“want to make that bet you win and you get the prize cash that I will, win from competition04 and if I make the billions you owe me, the prize cash from competition04 and don’t chicken out…

@MelonYoshi: check this out, my dock here: soon to be posted in this topic will be all systems go, to make me big ca$h and and sure enough I’ll have the money to make the bet, and the real OS, and complete it, the question remaining is if I win the bet do you have the ca$h to owe me, and I will soon have the ca$h to owe you not that I’ll owe you a diam because I will win this bet…”

“oops wrong link the link is here:

Keysle wrote:

“thanks mrmes…
*taps chest with fist and gives a slight bow. did I see a tear trickle?*

(out of curiousity… why do you say that?)”

[I don’t know what that’s about]

MelonYoshi wrote:

“No. Simply put, I won’t go with that bet. You seem overconfident, and I wouldn’t want to go destroy that and gain something.”

mrsmes wrote:

“@MelonYosi: just wait and c, who will win this, bet…
@guys: it ought to be a real blast…”

… [I love how smessy can be so persistant sometimes :D] …

“i bet MelonYoshi called it, off because MelonYoshi is going to loose, and MelonYoshi knows it, and is afraid to admit it…”

MelonYoshi wrote:

Or you could try and understand why I didn’t agree. Read my comments here and you’ll probably see why I didn’t.
Here’s why:
First, I don’t do bets.
Second, you seem overconfident, and if I did win, I’d rather not crush that and earn something.
Third, I don’t have a single penny in my own financial account. Plus, the COMP4 is for Save the Earth |GAMES| not docks. Which I won’t be entering…unless if I think of something good.”

mrsmes wrote:

“I understand, sorry I said u were chickening out, can u 4give me…”

Ultisoft Software wrote:

“k, everybody just please stop arguing… this is bad for the community, and nobody here has actually done anything really bad anyway…”

Meanwhile 😉 …

… on LavaBall’s profile …

mrsmes wrote:


LavaBall wrote:

“You’re saying I am an idiot?
Fuck you mrsmes!”




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  1. AH HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! Oh man, I’m laughing so hard… smessy linked to that flash! Oh man, so funny, ah ha ha ha ha… my stomach hurts from laughing… ha ha ha… oh…

  2. :D

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