The Truth Discovered + the aracnoX, mrsmes, Makke, LavaBall, AKH and tigerdude topic gets off to a bad start

October 5, 2008 at 14:07 | Posted in Everything | 6 Comments
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I had a brainwave and I’ve found the truth.

Picture the scene:

… in aracnoX’s inbox …

I wrote:

“Makke said he didn’t spam you. Someone is lying to me and I don’t know who. >_< Read my blog post later today. I’m sending a PM similar to this to Makke by the way.”

aracnoX wrote:

“Ok, I’ve read the part of your blog, and would you like for me to show you the whole page of the spam pms, cause right now I have 92 it was way higher than that before and I won’t delete them cause I will need them as evidence that Makke is lying to you.

And Lava still thinks it was me that thinks he’s SC, I need you to help me reason with him, well you might think I did so nevermind about that part.

I really don’t know too much about Makke so I don’t have much power to debate on this.”

I wrote:

“Unfortunately showing me the “whole page” of spam PMs wouldn’t serve as proof either, it’s just as easily falsifiable.

And whether Makke spammed you or not isn’t the matter here anyway.

What matters is whether or not it really was you who posted those comments on tigerdude’s blog.

Your story doesn’t check out. I looked at your forum posts. You came back from visiting your sister on September 22nd after only 3 days. From then until now you were active on the forums everyday with no change in speaking style – therefore I can only assume it was you there not someone else on your account. I recieved the PM from you showing me the comments on tigerdude’s blog 7 days ago – that’s September 28th. And the comments are timestamped as September 26th. Even if you were away for a full week, you were still back when those PMs were sent and those comments posted.

I’m not going to say that someone else couldn’t have done this, but really … who would?

I’m afraid I’ve got you here. You were the one who did this all along.

… But I understand why you did everything you’ve done. 😉 it’s OK.

it’s obvious to me that you didn’t intend for this to happen, and you didn’t expect your comments to be taken seriously. Neither did I.

if I got into your position I just may have done everything I could to get out of it now … let alone when I was 12. Changing the subject, exaggerating a real event to try and cover things up, telling me to ask OmegraKai if what you said is true – there was like a secret code between you two there 😉 (although he still hasn’t replied, just so you know) … and also pretending to be spammed by Makke … they’re all things you did to distract us from finding out what really happened and prolong the length of your innocent-until-proven-guilty status. And they worked, for a time.

But now you’ve been found out. I’m sure everyone will understand when I explain this to them … but next time you might not be facing someone so forgiving.”

There it is. Although I’m not aracnoX, and what I’m about to say probably isn’t the exact way things happened, I’d like you all to read this story.

What I believe happened, having looked at everything, is that aracnoX initially set out to do what he said he wanted to do – trick SC into revealing his true identity by impersonating him.

Think about this. if SC had said he was LavaBall without proof and on a website outside of YoYo without an account system … would you have believed him?

I hope not. 😉 it was only because aracnoX was so obviously aracnoX and not SC (he still needed to work on those impersonation skills 😉 ) and more importantly because the comment was found by Makke – someone who had reason to believe that LavaBall was a spammer – that the confusion took off. I hope LavaBall won’t mind me posting these PMs he sent me:

… in my inbox …

LavaBall wrote:

(PM titled “The reason Makke and cubeengine guys hate me…”)

“Is because back in 2000 or so I accidentally found their forums and I was young back then and worse of all I am dyslexic v_v So I was a bit of mrsmes and SC Thrown together, Spamming their forums, Now I have changed and I could relate mrsmes posts/topics on the forums here similar to what I did on cubeengine, Posting needless spam and that’s why they hate me, Sucks doesn’t it.”

Put yourself in aracnoX’s shoes now. Everyone is blaming you for a storm of confusion set to ensue and destroy LavaBall’s reputation; framing him as SC.

I just told everyone what really happened … and you’re getting even more hate.

What do you do?

You try and get out of it, of course. Some of you would probably admit to your mistake and hope you’re still welcome on YoYo Games … but aracnoX isn’t like that. He thought everyone would hate him, he thought his only hope was to get out of this situation blame-free, and he saw a way to do it … all he had to do was get me to fall for a little trick.

So he did a classic. He pretended to be hacked. With hindsight, it wasn’t a good move. So he went back on it. A little.

He also did all the other things I mentioned above in my PM.

And today it was pure fluke that I thought to check out what he’d been doing in the forums lately.

That’s how he was found out.

So, go back to imagining you are aracnoX … do you deserve to be spammed? do you deserve to be hated, outcast from the YoYo Games Community?

Now, lastly for today, I’d like to show you the one cover-up tool of aracnoX’s I didn’t mention: the short-lived forum topic he made yesterday 😉 [thanks for finding this Pilot :D] …

… on my post “Someone is lying to me + tigerdude gets online to make a post + competition03 results”

tigerdude1993 wrote:

“thanks for the comment about my car ;)

i’ll try to make another post today, no gaurantee though.

oh and, this case looks pretty interesting. i actually trust makke more than aracnox. who has been lying to us this whole time? aracnox lied about lavaball being sc. we shouldn’t trust aracnox.

but of course i may be wrong, because as always (i say this too much D ) theres gonna be some twist.

btw, great posts. i think that you’ve improved since the last time i was actually able to just sit down and read the entire post.”

[tigerdude did make a post. To read “SC666 Was NOT My Main Focus”, click here.]

Pilot wrote:

This cracks me up.”

I wrote:

“ha ha ha.

Nailog wrote:
“Preemptive closing.

Let’s not discuss anything on the AKHLog here. It’s bickering with no end, and it’s not welcome.”


… in the Forum Topic “The AracnoX, mrsmes, makke, lavaball,AKH, and tigerdude topic.”

aracnoX wrote:

“Anyone read AKH’s blog lately, he seems to think I’m pulling some prank, trying to impersonate SC.

Just read, and let the debate begin, and please no flaming.”

LavaBall wrote:

“Is this another excuse to put me into fights!?

This is too much damn it, If the yoyogame’s member’s would think of me as SatanChild(And I am not SC)It will probably be your fault.”

GmMkr wrote:

“This topic smells like spam and flaming. Just ignore it, it’s the best thing to do.

This is my first and last post here.”

LavaBall wrote:

“I just reported this to Zekegames, This idiot(AracnoX)Has been saying I am SC recently, This topic shall be deleted soon once ZekeGames get’s online and read me PM.”

mrsmes wrote:

“I don’t think it was aracnoX, or LavaBall… GmMkr, you h8 aracnoX, right? then maybe you framed aracnoX…”

[mrsmes’ theory on this is that he likes aracnoX, so it couldn’t have been him. 😐 I found that out over MSN >_> …]

Nailog wrote:

“Preemptive closing.

Let’s not discuss anything on the AKHLog here. It’s bickering with no end, and it’s not welcome.”

A little extra for those still reading … who wants more of the smes? 😀



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  1. Some people are really being annoying at YoYo. It’s bad for them I’m a mod at the forums they are members of… time to abuse my powers… >:^D

    I’ll go read the MSN chat with you and the smes now.

  2. Uhm for what was I on the suspected list?

  3. ^ That was me btw, cleared up my cookies yesterday ><

  4. “so basicly we now, need to find YoYo’s top programmer, and find out if they are capable of writing a keylogger, and keep a close eye on their behaviour…
    tell, me AKH, does paul32, seem anything like a possible suspect…?”

    smessy seemed to suspect everyone, just so you know 😛 TurboX and Sinister96 were first on his list (to no suprise 😉 ).

  5. I virgin kicked thesucker under her nightgown was turned downward. Then.

  6. Then.

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