aracnoX in denial + mrsmes out of gang trouble? + A New Lamer?

October 2, 2008 at 17:50 | Posted in Everything | 7 Comments
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First off for today comes the news of aracnoX’s sudden denial of impersonating SC.

… And it comes in a speaking style very similar to the one used by aracnoX last week. When he supposedly wasn’t around. A bad cover-up? it can’t be assumed just yet 😉 …

… in my inbox …

aracnoX wrote:

“Ok first of all to even make this seem true you will need to talk to OmegraKai for comfirmation.

I did not send you those recent pm’s it was not me, I swear, I would never do any shit like that.

I’ve been in Valdosta visiting my sister for the past few days, without any kind of internet connection.
I’d rather you post this on this on the blog, or not but its your call, everyone obviously knows Lava isn’t SC, I wouldn’t do that, me and lavaball are “friends” and doing that kind of stuff would just be plain ass stupid.

So seriously sorry for the mix-up.”

I’ve sent a PM to OmegraKai (who I now realise I’ve been calling OmegaKrai all this time) and I think I know what answer I’ll get.

Let’s assume for a minute that this wasn’t aracnoX … who could it have been? Someone with access to his account, for sure (because of the PMs) … someone with access to his computer, I wonder? Did he stay logged in on YoYo before he went away?

Who do we know who uses YoYo and knows aracnoX IRL? No one, you say?

Time to introduce you to the little known younger brother of aracnoX, AracnoJr.

Although from a look at his profile, he doesn’t seem to have visited YoYo since he joined, how would he know about SC?

We don’t have a lot of solid facts to help us out here, if tigerdude got online he could confirm if the comments posted by aracnoX on his blog were from aracnoX’s computer or not (I assume they are, since it’s unlikely he would have been hacked AND gone away for a week at the same time) which would really help us out.

All signs still point to aracnoX, unfortunately. This just looks like a desperate cover-up from him.

aracnoX, if it was you, it’s better to be honest than to dig yourself a deeper grave for later on.

Moving on, it’s time for an update on mrsmes’ “I, have been framed, for being a gangster in a gang” [I know copy/pasted impersonation] situation, which FINALLY has an explanation behind it! 😀

… on aracnoX’s profile …

mrsmes wrote:

“@LavaBall: You provide them, with evidence, you didn’t do the crime when you r in my, position and get framed to look exactly like you the next, time and now then, you will see why, I am awfully worried about what these jerks are up, 2… so step down, in to my shoes for a day and c things from my point of view, and I’ll c things from your point of view…”

MelonYoshi wrote:

“What have I done? This is all my fault, AracnoX, with mrsmes. I didn’t think he’d take it this far…sorry to see him spam it by my mistake.”

mrsmes wrote:

“@MelonYoshi: you, learn something every day, so it was you who framed me, for being a gangster in a gang? and your pals, helped out, go on confess…”

MelonYoshi wrote:

“What the crap. There is no gang, there is no Super Smore of Destruction and whatnot…I didn’t frame you, but my friend didn’t either.
You lost the game, and now you have spammed AracnoX’s comment box.
Sorry about this, AracnoX.”

aracnoX wrote:

“No prob, it’ll more than likely be cleaned up later on.” 

I still don’t get it.

… in the Forum Topic “The biggest BS you’ve ever heard…”

Ivor Biggun wrote:

That silly video on Youtube is a joke made by people who know you. THEY ARE NOT
GANGSTERS. THE GUNS ARE NOT REAL and the whole video is just a very bad joke.
Mrsmes you have nothing to worry about. Just ignore it. NOBODY IS TRYING TO
Relax, take a breath, laugh at how silly they look on that video and move on.
Regards, Ivor.”

“I read an article on AKHlog (where I sometimes post) and it was commenting on
his recent paranoia. After having a little look about it appears that a youtube
video of people taking the mickey out of mrsmes, has added to his fear that
someone was out to get him.
I didnt want to just sit and watch him get worked up, so I am hoping he will
read that and see that he doesnt need to worry.
And lastly for today, I have recieved news of new lamer 😉 …

… on my post “mrsmes in IRL trouble? + more on THE HAWK’S DOCK”

I wrote:

“Oh god, WordPress ruined the post again.pilotteaml wrote:

“We have a new lamer: looks like ZekeGames beat me to it and deleted a lot of his (sweary) posts, but there still remains a seemingly fractured argument between him and AkmaYo on his profile page, and some evidence of his past doings 😛 …

… on linkboy303’s profile …

Alengard wrote:

“Wait! You’re 8 years old????? Sorry about my last message!!!! I thought you were older, sorry kid!!! Look, visit my page, there I show how to solve the Sticky problems: I’m really sorry, I’ve never met a programmer so young! Keep it up!!!!”



You know what? Fuck it, I have better things to do. The post stays how it is. >_>



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  1. Christ, it’s happened again.

    Well, you know the drill. Good old doing nothing.

    I find if I actually try to fix the problem I just make things worse. D:

  2. What the $%#@ happened with your post?

  3. Yo AKH, This is LavaBall here making my first ever post here with my new nickname LavaWave.

    First off I decided to make my own blog at wordpress for my own tastes, Click my nickname to see it.

    Second off, Makke is acting like an ass with me and smes and I see you guy\’s are friends but he is making me sick.

  4. “What the $%#@ happened with your post?”

    Recently WordPress has started taking chunks of quotes (usually after a newline or link) out of where they’re supposed to be and putting them on the end of the post. it also adds in newlines and space in random places.

    I don’t know why it does it, there’s no pattern to it, but I have an idea to get around it that I’m going to test today. With luck, if I enter the post in plaintext and add in formatting just before I publish it, we won’t see this WordPress bug happening again. 😉

    “Yo AKH, This is LavaBall here making my first ever post here with my new nickname LavaWave.

    First off I decided to make my own blog at wordpress for my own tastes, Click my nickname to see it.”

    I saw you post your blog link on YoYo 😉 it’ll be good to see what you’re making 😀 I’ll be sure to check it out.

    “Second off, Makke is acting like an ass with me and smes and I see you guy\’s are friends but he is making me sick.”

    What the hell did you do on cube engine anyway? XD I tried searching for some stuff on it yesterday, but all I could find was Tentus whining about you on other forums.

  5. […] on my post “aracnoX in denial + mrsmes out of gang trouble? + A New Lamer?” […]

  6. Its not me and AracnoJr is a friend of mine, making fun of me, cause he said my username was dumb and idiotic, but he’s really a dumbass.

    And no I dont’ think I was hacked, but seriously AKH you need to talk to Makke.

    Before I have him banned.

  7. YoYo won’t ban anyone. They don’t care enough in the first place and the report system is abused too much for them to take it seriously. Yeah, you can tell ZekeGames about it, but that won’t be any use. Mods can’t ban, and even if Makke did spam you like you say he did, it getting reported to the admins wouldn’t make anything happen. You need to do a lot for YoYo to ban you.

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