An Argument Brews on the AKHLog

September 29, 2008 at 17:02 | Posted in Everything | 10 Comments
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Well, since there’s very little happening on YoYo today, I thought I’d show you all the argument that’s sparked between me and luke_escude here on the AKHLog. it actually started yesterday, but I didn’t post it because I didn’t want to make things worse. I hoped he could be mature after I explained the smes’ situation …

… but I was wrong.

Very wrong, in fact. :\

… in my post “A new spam enscription + A new t1gergal? + mrsmes’ massive SHOW DOWN COMPETITIONS + An AKHLog Anniversary + Nerds :\ + the end of the world? A disturbing connection.”

I wrote:

luke_escude wrote:

“This sounds like an argument I should be in 

Mrs. Mes, he could probably beat YOU up like that. Most of us on these forums probably wouldn’t be affected by your 13 year old brother.”

[are these insults deliberate now or is luke confused about more than just his sexuality? >_>]

Luke Escude wrote:

“Am I confused about my sexuality?

What? No, I am not gay, haha. Nor do I know what that has to do with Mrsmes’s little brother beating people up or something like that.”

I wrote:

“You don’t seem all to manly, it has to be said. Stop making fun of smessy, he has autism.”

Luke Escude wrote:

“So by you acting like my mother and telling me what to do, who’s the manly one now?”

“So by you actiing like my mother, telling me what to do, you are more manly than me?

Oh, now I understand perfectly. You are jealous. It’s okay, the first step is admitting it.”

“Oops, it double posted. Sorry.”

[it wasn’t even a double post anyway, the wording is different. >_>]

I wrote:

“Hmmm … you know if you ever got out of that basement you live in, maybe got a job or something, you’d find out that telling people what to do is the kind of thing your boss does. Someone who has power over you. Not your mom.

“Oh, now I understand perfectly. You are jealous. It’s okay, the first step is admitting it.”

Yeah, I bet you Linux Programmers get all the ladies. >_> And to quote you:


So what would this hacker program the virus in? ShellScript?

(I just cracked myself up)

it speaks for itself.

And since you seem as stupid and unjustified enough to argue back by taking this literally, I’d like to point out that I’m being sarcastic.

Now, your misinterpretations aside, I was defending mrsmes. I assume you, like nearly everyone on YoYo, don’t know the story behind the smes, but he only behaves the way he does because of his autism, and your response to what I said was completely immature. Do you even know what autism is?

“Oops, it double posted. Sorry.


How old are you, luke?”



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  1. hey guess who made a post today. me. although you may not like the bashing of your blog (sorry, it was neccessary), I had to do it to open people’s eyes. THE MEDIA IS NOT ALWAYS RIGHT.

    i think it wasn’t that bad for me to go. i mean, the last thing i did was find out the truth about sc. i hope people will now understand now that i made my post. SC IS GONE, BUT AN IMPOSTER HAS TAKEN HIS PLACE.

  2. u know what? i think people should just STOP MAKING FUN OF PEOPLE!! how is it heartagram’s or mrsmes’ fault over anything? people just have to live with each other; get over their differences…. mrsmes is one of my best friends too; u don’t see me pickin on anybody do ya luke??

  3. ^^i just included heartagram’s name because he is getting made fun of too; non-relevant to this subject though…

  4. by picking on Ultisoft you r picking on me, and by picking on me u r picking Ultisoft which is not right, or nice… and if Ultisoft is your friend then stop picking on either of us, or both of us or you will only make things worst and loose a friend…

  5. wow, tigerdude1993 back, already but I thought wait, wasn’t tigerdude1993, grounded by his parents he must have got out of it, or around it some how this time… we might have to write a story on this to see if he really is back…

  6. It’s been a long time since the last time I commented on the blog and you’ve been a fool of the imposter AKH, LavaBall all this time was the fake SC All over, Read below.

  7. […] on my post ”An Argument Brews on the AKHLog” […]

  8. I swear, I’m so confused!

    Someone please decipher what the hell is going on here!?

    Is mrsmes autistic?

    Can he actually code?

    Was there a point to posting up this argument?

    Why the hate?

    @AKH I respected you back on the forums but this is pretty immature. The post not the actual site. You can’t tell Luke to stop being immature if you’re being immature too. (Luke is very immature.)

    Would you two just realize each other idiocy?

    Luke is a dumbass that doesn’t know his limits.

    AKH Brought in Luke’s sexuality somehow…

    If I’m wrong about something then correct me because I’M LOST!

  9. “that was pretty much just an insult, you know. Kinda like calling something gay.

    if you called a chair gay (for whatever reasons you may have <_< >_>) you wouldn’t actually mean that you thought the chair was homosexual.”

  10. I really don’t know what’s up with smes, he’s completely changed ever since the new announcement of his dock.

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