Ultisoft’s first post + SatanChild666’s real email address + mrsmes’ third game?

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Yesterday on the AKHLog, Ultisoft made his first post! 😀 it was delayed by about 16 hours because I had to approve it :\ but I’ve sorted that problem out now and it won’t happen again. 😉

I’ll open with a look at the comments it recieved, most of which were in relation to the MrSmes OS after some new information was revealed 😉 …

… in ultisoft’s post “What’s with all of the peoples leaving YYG? and some news on the smes os”

ultisoft wrote:

“MrSmes has finished our new keyboard system (man, that must have been a pain).  So far, here are the features that are on our OS, and some that are going to probably be made later D

  • No-click Keyboards – are u tired of ur annoying keyboard click-click?  get the mrsmes os and u have silent padded keyboards so u can sneak around on ur parents computers even more silently!!
  • Mind Reading Hardware — do what u want on ur comp as fast as u can with hardware that can transform brain-waves into A++ code!!!
  • and more coming later……”

VOR wrote:

“Hello Utilisoft,

Just a few questions about your new OS. Im very interested.

1. Are you re-compiling a modified Kernel as the core of your OS?

2. Is it DX or OpenGL?

3. What sockets are you poling for your mind reading technology?

4. Is this OS cloud based or do you intend to release an ISO distro?

I hope its all going very well. I dont see how you are stopping the keyboard making a noise, as on mine it comes from the plastic, are you making and supplying a new keyboard with your new OS?

Whats A++? Is is based on a high level language, what are you developing it with?

I look forward to reading your answers, you must have missed these questions when I posted them on your yoyo profile.


Pilot wrote:

“I’d love to learn more. Pretty much, everything the OS should have is possible, although brainwave reading might require a helmet, and the keyboard I’m not sure of.”

VOR wrote:

;) Yep that brainwave reading can be a pesky business.

I think it would probably be better if it used my patented quantum time-displacement processor or QTP. How it works is simple, the CPU recieves instructions of what the user wanted to do 5 seconds in the future. It sends them back in time to the present giving the impression that the CPU is reading your mind.

The only problem comes when you run the CPU. By sending instructions back in time to the present, it changes the instructions of the future which in turn means that the future doesnt send the instructions back in time in the first place.

This causes a temporal causality loop which in effect splits the universe into an infinite number of parallel universes where, blue is red, red is orange and Windows actually works as its supposed to. Last time I ran it, a Gerbil wearing a hoodie popped out of my DVD drive and battered me with a wet haddock whilst singing a selection of Spice Girl Songs.

I am of course joking. I hope I am not alone.”

ultisoft wrote:

“I’ll disclose more info maybe later…

Thanks for the feedback =D”

Pilot wrote:

“Sounds cool. Glad to see this is moving along smoothly )

Zeon wrote:

“AKH,im not managing to get enough time to read
your blog in detail,so can you briefly explain who is this ultisoft guy?”

I wrote:

““AKH,im not managing to get enough time to read
your blog in detail,so can you briefly explain who is this ultisoft guy?”

mrsmes started a project to create an OS in A++ (a programming language he intends to create in C++) and ultisoft joined him on it. Ultisoft started a blog which gave some information on the OS they’re making [among other things] and I showed interest in it. After some discussion via PM, Ultisoft has joined the AKHLog as a writer (I originally added him as a contributor but I upgraded him to an author after a closer look at what WordPress lets different ranks do).”

Next up for today, comes some more news on SC. tigerdude doesn’t seem to have got back online to reply to what I said yesterday, but Pilot has found SC’s real email address in a forum topic on YoYo 😉 and hopefully this will reveal some information …

… on my post “New information on SatanChild + 4dCube VS the smes?”

Pilot wrote:

“Hey AKH, I was the one who found SC’s real email. He was stupid enough to post it on the forums in a truly ancient topic. I’ll dig up a link for you.”

“Ah, here: http://forums.yoyogames.com/forums/3/topics/8695?page=3.

SC’s real email. Exposed. In. The. Wild.”

… in the Forum Topic “please D:”

SatanChild666II wrote:

“my mail is cybran.emperor@hotmail.com

mrsmes has announced that he will be releasing the first game since his account was hacked and his games deleted by SC. it will be his third publically released game (not counting the Zuma Basics Example).

… on mrsmes’ profile …

pilotteaml wrote:

“Will you ever upload your games again?”

Ultisoft Software wrote:

“u know, i’m just getting SICK and TIRED of u guys picking on mrsmes

how in the world is he different than u or me?! 4dcube: how would YOU like it to be picked on? or TurboX?”

mrsmes wrote:

“@pillotteaml: once I make them, better I mean don’t want down raters to attack them.
@Ultisoft Software: Yeah, I know they’re sick freaks…”

“I am proud to announce, I will be releasing a 3rd game a new game called SODA SPLASH, where the bigger the splash in the pool of soda and the fancier the better the score and your aim of the game, is to beat other peoples high score.”

Sinister96 wrote:

“how creative can you get…”

And lastly for today … who remembers weenom? 😀 He’s back, and with two new games (expect to see a review from me on both of those some time soon ^__^):



Crazy Friends 2:


And [to quote him] “If you know WARCRAFT3 and DOTA maps then you must try this small utility.”

DOTA heroes list:




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