Update on the merge + mrsmes VS TurboX is calmed

September 22, 2008 at 17:28 | Posted in Everything | 5 Comments
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I’ll start today with an update on the AKHLog’s merge with Ultisoft Gaming Co. – in a change to what I said could be confirmed yesterday 😛 it looks as though Ultisoft has decided to join the AKHLog as a writer / contributor and leave his fledgling blog at ultisoft.wordpress.com.

I think it’s a great decision for the both of us, and hopefully we’ll see some posts from Ultisoft here soon. 😉 A big welcome to Ultisoft! 😀

Next up today, it would appear that the argument between mrsmes and TurboX has, despite TurboX’s recent comments being deleted, continued … even if it is at a slightly calmer rate than before, as I throw myself in a second time after the smes restarted the fight, since it was indirectly my fault :> …

… on TurboX’s profile …

I wrote:

“Oh god, this is because he found my post. >.<“

TurboX wrote:

“mrsmes what is your problem? i reject you, so now your just gonna start being a pest? you say I’m insane when all i want is for you to leave me alone, what is it that drives to annoy others? are you lonely? depressed? because if you are you need help”

[that comment is now deleted, but it showed up for the smes due to a bug in YoYo]

mrsmes wrote:

“since, u really must know, it’s because I get stressed out, rather easily, and take things a little to serious, and I forget to calm down and relax, and let others take a break for a while, because I like to keep others updated…

@AKH: So ur the one responsible 4 this…”

TurboX wrote:

“you need help then. to get stressed like that over such a small matter, then your going to get yourself in trouble”

mrsmes wrote:

“@AKH: so ur the one, who is responsible for this argument…

damned keyboard made, me do a double post it, must have been the virus that made my keyboard respond slower, @TurboX: Now, be reasonable, and honest what, should I do, to fix this problem?… really, what should I, really, really want 2, know?”

I wrote:

“”@AKH: so ur the one, who is responsible for this argument…”

Oh Jesus Christ. >_> mrsmes, you’re the one responsible for this because you started it again when you saw the post I wrote about it when it originally happened. *sigh*

The argument WAS over, and I think if you just stop bothering TurboX about it everything will be OK. ;)”

mrsmes wrote:

“right, and once it’s over if u ever want I got msn, the l8est version, we can chat there I got everything besides webcam… but I got a microphone…”

… on Heartagram123’s profile …

TurboX wrote:

“heartagram are you that retarded? for all you know he could be a pedo, you don’t just agree to go on a cruise with a kid with autism”

mrsmes wrote:

“@Heartagram: I am a smart, person gees, and unlike other people, @TurboX: I don’t consistantly go with the main stream, and I don’t go into abilityst type mode, a little mode in which u discriminate those with disabilities and besides I was, a lucky Autistic guy and I still am, and I am quite smart… and u TurboX, always butt in on other peoples conversations…”

[not bolded for lameness this time]

Heartagram123 wrote:

“i was joking lol”

mrsmes wrote:

“gees, u still have good sense of humor though, not like TurboX…”

And lastly for today, let’s take a look at the comments on yesterday’s post, featuring words from a wide range of people 😀 including the still-here SatanChild666 producing one of his greatest (yet still distinguishable) impersonations 😉 …

… on Yesterday’s Post “the AKHLog merges with Utisoft Gaming Co. + SatanChild666 is back and boy, does he hate me 😀 + mrsmes VS TurboX: Over?”

blazex wrote:

“SC’s back? >__>

(Btw, this is AkmaYo)”

“What the, not all of my comment showed up T_T”

I wrote:

“< if you put it in less than / greater than signs like these > then WordPress thinks it’s a HTML tag and it gets lost. >_> it’s usually caused by emoticons.

if you put &lt; for < and &gt; for > though, it’ll work.”

DaggerHog wrote:

“I saw those comments in your earlier post, too.(I’m a lurker, I know XD)

I was thinking it was SC, or some other person who hated you.”

VOR wrote:

“Congratulations AKH on your association with Smes V1.0 ;)

I hope youre going to get some exclusive screenshots of Mrsmes v1.0, although I do have a question, Mrsmes seems to be talking about Hawks Dock and Mrsmes v1.0 are they the same thing? or are we in for two software treats?

Keep up the good work akh ;)

Pilot wrote:


I’m back after accidentally wiping clean my browsing history trying to fix a simple problem P

I discovered more about my weird blog comments, and my YoYo history is biting me on the back for a dark past… I think I know who spammed my forum!”

paul wrote:

“sorry, but I had to post this quote from the glog, it really was too funny:
# mrsmes Says:
September 22nd, 2008 at 8:49 am

@Mark Overmarrs: u will do now such thing as selling your success to a rival company… I know, it’s tough now, But hire me next year as your executive, and I can be rid of these tycoons…

“mrsmes” wrote:

“so you,akh didnt update the,vlog today didnt,v,very well then akh you shall,face the wrath of MR.SMES”

[even smessy puts spaces after commas]

I wrote:

“(unfortunately, the above comment isn’t genuine smes, it’s actually a suprisingly good impersonation from SC)

Oh, and I’m writing today’s post now, if any of you were wondering.”



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  1. lol, another SC impersonation fail.

  2. guess what AKH? SC666 has been gone, for a long time. i’ve just received and email from the first and real sc, i figured out his first email and i sent him a message. he told me that he has been gone for a while, while we thought he was still here, and wont return until four years from now, because he’s going to be a part of some politics for his country or something…
    so there you go, the SC you’ve been seeing lately isn’t the original.
    i’m being sneaky right now, in case you didn’t notice 😀

  3. fuck you akh =)

  4. What the hell? You “figured out his first email”? :\ what was it? And what did he say 😀 can you quote it for us? ^__^

    Anyway, it kinda makes sense, since dr eggman up there is using a proxy SC never used. 😉

  5. […] on Yesterday’s Post “Update on the merge + mrsmes VS TurboX is calmed” […]

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