“Just actually fuck off” + mr.smes OS logo revealed!

September 18, 2008 at 17:54 | Posted in Everything | 5 Comments
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First off today comes the exciting news of more details about mrsmes and Ultisoft Software’s A++ Operating System. The logo for the mr.smes Operating System version 1.0 was revealed today on Ultisoft’s blog …

… on mrsmes’ profile …

mokothemonkey wrote:

“woah. so BG actualy sold microsoft? that was unexpected. w/e im getting a macbook pro anyway.

oh yeah do you know any program languages, if u do how did u learn cuz im lookin into learning c++ or HTML or CSS or somthin”

coughin05 wrote:

“whats my fortune? whats my fortune?

please? :)”

mrsmes wrote:

“@cougihin06: your fortune is that you r not a coal black hearted person, and I mistook u for 1, and I was wrong to do that, but say aliens invade earth that, still has action and death and good story line in it, and puts a twist on the world, but what if it really happened, well I guess one or the other wins, either aliens, or humans.

@mokothemonkey: yes Microsoft actually sold their company, no clue why… but Phil Spencer is the new tycoon now.”

coughin05 wrote:

“thanks :)”

Ultisoft Software wrote:


the page on my blog of our os!!

ANND new logo =D”

mrsmes wrote:

“@Ultisoft Software: It’s wicked…”

mokothemonkey wrote:

“@Ultimit software : Bug report in your blog.
When you move the cursor over the Mr.smes Os link all the lines from the headings of other links dissapear. Hope that made sens….

also the logo for mr.smes os is cool, but needs a little refinment. i geuss its still 1.0

so, how far along are you with all this stuff??? it sounds pretty complex. are you started or just planning or are you not serius at all. and at last. if you ever sell this thing, i want a free copy! :P”

… in Ultisoft Software’s Post “mr.smes! Operating System”

Ultisoft Software wrote:

“This OS will be like no other; we will try to create hardware that can make brainwaves travel onto the computer and execute a command.  It will also have specialized hardware like no-click keyboards and more!

We have also created a code called A++, which will hopefully add more functionality as it will be cross-platformed, meaning it will stay on our OS, but it can run files from other varing ones, like Windows, Linux, and Macintosh.

More news will come out later about this OS, so keep in touch.  If you would like to help us out, then leave a comment here.”

To see for yourself the logo of the operating system that’s going to dominate your lives and make the smes (and ultisoft) millions in years to come, click here.

And lastly for today, let’s take a look at the continued coverage of mrsmes and TurboX’s resurfacing argument, complete with guest appearance from Heartagram123 😀 …

… on Ultisoft Software’s profile …

mrsmes wrote:

“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh, the no comments coming fro at least 8 days, already some1 post something please it’s dull and boring now.”

“k, I overeacted, I admit… I know next time in future, when I am bored I won’t spam, I’ll calmly watch a movie in my, bed quietly, and calm down, and chill for a while and check up on whether, there is a spammer to be dealt with…”

… on TurboX’s profile …

mrsmes wrote:

“@TurboX: I am really sorry about stealing your idea, so I am cancelling it, and putting it on hold, and just to prove how sorry I am, would like to come on a luxury cruise around the world, with 1st class, treatment on Christmas day next year, once my marketing, strategy to make that kind of money to go on a luxury cruise has, been made with my new project THE HAWK’S DOCK, so I figured it would make good money and it would be rather new and handy, and that way I could make it up to you if, any of your friends want to come also, u can bring them along, p.s. I am paying for the tickets, and tigerdude1993, and aracnoX, and ihatepenguins(he’s normal now, i guess sort of), tigergal1993, are welcome to come also, there is going to be 12 tickets booked in so if u want more info on the cruise, the last post, on this topic, here: http://forums.yoyogames.com/forums/7/topics/15625?page=1#posts-173961 sorry for the triple post, and just this one last piece of information, 4 now if u need any more info than that on the cruise details, c my 2 posts, on the first page of this topic here: http://forums.yoyogames.com/forums/3/topics/16788  
just after, nicholasm80808’s posts.”

“sorry did i say nicholasm80808, I meant pilotteaml’s post.
terribly sorry I forgot which post number it was.
I’ll stop posting 4 now, and from this point until a few days have past, and someone replies, @TurboX: I am not joking, I really want to make this up to you, and make it, a great time for you to enjoy so we can get this quarrel, off our hands, and out of our way, and compromise, and enjoy a relaxing cruise and go first class, besides it should be fun and relaxing.”

TurboX wrote:

“You really do need help”

I wrote:

“Oh god, this is because he found my post. >.<”

mrsmes wrote:

“no, I already knew about, the argument, I had with TurboX, @Turbox: gees man can’t you at least take it that I am sorry, and forgive me, I mean we can compromise were pals, right.

@TurboX: if u change your mind about the cruise, were also going to have Foxtell, hosted by 20th century Fox, and we can watch anything we, want and p.s. we will have our own rooms on the cruise one to each person coming on the cruise, it’s going to be a big ship.”

TurboX wrote:

“no I don’t know you, to me you are some lonely kid who feels the need to pester others online in order to feel


mrsmes wrote:

“@TurboX: er, no and half of what u just said is not, true I use my, talent to make video games, and use my imagination, that’s the only way, I feel special, by making other people feel happy, and enjoy themselves.”

TurboX wrote:

“you are a bit a weird”

Heartagram123 wrote:

“yeah i know its a joke when you know the guy who says it about your mum but when you say it on the internet its a bit harsh.

no hard feelings turbox”

TurboX wrote:

“There is no difference your just a touchy cock”

… [a close second for the place in today’s title, that] …

“your only sucking up to me because of what I said on my profile, your problem is that you suck up to me when you know I’m right”

mrsmes wrote:

“I am, a bit weird, but then there’s a bit of mrsmes in all of us, at times, and I don’t mean to be a suck up, if that’s what your saying…

but, I don’t try to be a suck up, sorry if I, act like one, I was just checking in on u to c how u were going, geez, @TurboX: I was, onl;y saying u got to calm down man, take a chill pill relax, I’ll deal with those spammers, just leave it to me… but on one condition u stop calling me, mental… and stop calling me a jerk…”

TurboX wrote:

Just actually fuck off



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  1. Hello AKH!Glad to be back at your blog.You were probably wondering why id stopped visiting your blog.Well,my computer broke,and after it finally got it fixed,i noticed it had no internet conection.i told my parents about this,but they said i didnt need the internet,and refused to give me internet connection.Im writing this from my mothers computer,in fear of being caught.I might just manage to read yourblog and post a bit every morning,before i go to school.Well,im glad i can be at your blog once again.
    Anything interesting happen lately?

  2. “Hello AKH!Glad to be back at your blog.You were probably wondering why id stopped visiting your blog.Well,my computer broke,and after it finally got it fixed,i noticed it had no internet conection.i told my parents about this,but they said i didnt need the internet,and refused to give me internet connection.”

    XD Glad to see you back Zeon, I thought you’d left for good. Hope you can keep coming here. 😉

    “Anything interesting happen lately?”

    An awful lot. 😀 click here and scroll down to see what happened since you left. ^__^

  3. […] on Yesterday’s Post “”Just actually fuck off” + mr.smes OS logo revealed!&#8221… […]

  4. thanks for the good feedback about my logo 😀

    and i redesigned my blog once again…

    now u can find a rss feed to this blog on it, which i will remove later because AKH might be a contributor to my blog.

  5. 😉

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