l33tness + mrsmes and Ultisoft’s business plans come together

September 15, 2008 at 17:34 | Posted in Everything | 3 Comments
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Recently, a phenomenal occurance has been taking place throughout the YoYo Games Community. Websites are experiencing brief moments of 1337ness. And I’m there to see it when it happens (not intentionally though).

After that introduction we move on to mrsmes and Ultisoft Software’s OS Development project, which is now finally becoming the business it was designed to be. mrsmes has at last released the financial outlook of the company a day after revealing the OS’s brilliantly original name of “MR.SMES”, and thanks to Ultisoft Software, the second member of the duo, the company itself looks to have a name and website …

… in the Forum Topic “Software Freedom Day 20/09/08”

mrsmes wrote:

“that’s known as a application, any way I might make a free open source version
of my demo version of “THE HAWK’S DOCK” a soon to be made DOCK bar, for xp,
which is rather handy and keeps keeping your desktop tidy easy, and entertaining
yourself, is also then rather easy and you get many handy features, plus it’s up
for grabs for many, many people who need to keep their desktop tidy and clean,
and have stuff everywhere, and it has plenty of room to fit well just about
everything a DOCK(u know the kind from mac, vista), could have in it, it’s like
a vista feature except for xp, and way better, and has more features, and the
price for the full version is rather cheap, it’s only $15.00, but I may consider
lowering it, on open source day only but to $10.00 unless I am feeling generous
and needy of more cash from the product which should be sold at say, $6.00
instead of $15.00 or $10.00 but still those prices are quite cheap, and if it
goes global, man this product will be popular and I’ll have a lot to deliver
via, email and send it to my customers, and of course that means $15.00 *15,000
members in one site=$22,5000
so if that’s only the beginning, then that means if
that’s only nearly a 8th of a city/state in population or larger or smaller then
multiplied by global marketing=$$$$ BIG CA$H. enough to buy up YoYoGames and
nearly enough to probably even buy, up Microsoft, and no I am not afraid to say
even enough to buy up, apple, and selling this product that I will make should
get me enough to pay the workers at all 3 companies I’ll triple their pay raise,
at minimum pay wage and 6 times that at maximum or slightly higher. If I should
have to resort to extreme marketing on open source day, then only because the
audience may think I am trying to make easy money instead of $20.00 it will be
only $15.00 but if it’s not open source day, and they need me to jack my prices
up so I get a happy audience which is what I want
then I guess, all I have to
do, is set the price to $20.00 which was Game Maker’s price, and so thus being
cheap even still just being glad that I am not lifting the price to $25.00 then
I still think that if you can afford Game Maker for $20.00 this should still be
a good price, for something so tidy yet, so efficient, and of course small and
neat in size on your desktop and shouldn’t be very large in it’s total file size
in bytes, it should only be about 32mb to 120mb or 240mb which is quite small.
also if what Stephen Fry says about sharing information is true such as facts,
and all that then the CIA, would be targeted by terrorists, saying if u didn’t
spill the information then that’s not fair, and no information behind science
that is not shared is not good science or good information, so the point being.
and basicly expect us, to spare every single piece of knowledge we have, and
even the government 2, I still don’t think that is fair or safe, and that way
they are basically giving up all defense to a country which can result in a war,
or world war, and so thus there is information that cannot be obtained by anyone
what so ever they do, other wise peace would internally be broken, and the
society would not be the way it is today, in fact if anything it would be mere
crumbling stones and rocks, and one man left standing and no1 else to be the
last man standing would be reality, and of course to eventually kill himself for
such madness, and being the last of his, kind would surely cause human life to
be extinct, and well that’s the end of it. Which means if we don’t apply this to
knowledge rightfully kept safe by the CIA, FBI, Government, so that way the
world is kept safe, even if we aren’t sharing all our knowledge and resources.
so if we don’t share all information but a few nice researches and studies, and
developments in the universe and time and space, and don’t share all knowledge
and share no forbidden knowledge by agencies setup to keep it safe and make the
world safe, we are not only sharing and developing but also, keeping the planet
safe, as well as our countries, now refusing to be apart of a mob, and calling
the police, about these people to stop them and all that and help be rid of
those who want to find other countries weaknesses, is being a hero, by doing the
right thing and refusing to join their mob, and instead tell someone about it,
no matter how angry with the, CIA, FBI, Government, you maybe, even if it isn’t
CIA, or the FBI, or the Government, what if it’s politics, no it’s still very
important and important information, which should never be touched, by anyone
and should be kept where it is, and it should remain undamaged, and
un-destroyed, no matter your intentions, because it could start a war, and that
is something we don’t want.”

… in the Forum Topic “American Holiday”

mrsmes wrote:

“Orange Box, Is a video Game shop, hmm… being a American shop u would have
thought it would be more catchy. Either way thanks for the tip, Yeah I know
Portal, sounds like a wicked game, and my guess is it will be. Hmm… where, u
ask @pilotteaml: my good, pal well, let’s just say California, in a few years,
and if my project THE HAWK’S DOCK, goes according to plan and works, and is made
successfully, then I guess what about a cruise around the entire globe, would
you like a ticket to, come also as u r one of my closest pals, we will catch a
plane to California, and meet there, all pals on my top 12, best pals, list who
wish to come for a cruise in 2 years time, meet me there on December, the 25th,
think of it as Christmas with your pal, and other pals, tigerdude1993, and IHP,
u can come if u like and u aren’t 2 busy, and tigerdude1993, u can even bring
your girl friend along with u, trust me, once the marketing plan works, and even
goes, within 2 cities, at the end of the first year, I’ll be in tafe, and I’ll
already have millions to blow, so we can go then and all the way around the
globe and back to California, from every country around on the globe and my
guess, is it to be awesome, and we will have enough, to buy tickets for 12
people, for this cruise so u guys, can also bring some friends, with u, and
aracnoX, TurboX, GmMkr, if u want I guess u guys can come and that should be
riding it, so just wait, until you find out that, I boosted the marketing to get
u all, something rather unique and, of course how do u guys feel about having
your own personal, Body Guard, each as well as a limousine and a shofer, to
drive your own personal limousine, u guys play, nice and I’ll boost the
marketing, even higher around another city of marketing and get u something
really awesome u have always wanted, although no I won’t allow any requests for
anyone to have a assassin hired to kill anyone, that is not on, and is strictly
prohibited, and of course the good news were going first class, u may want to
bring a check list, device so u can mark off, reminders and things u plan to, do
when we go on the cruise, all the way around the world.
I’ll have a rather sweet suite, with a suite case with me for marketing as we go
about the globe, and it will have my username on it, done in studs, of iron I’ll
buy this when I go over to California, so you guys that are coming should have
at least your name or username listed somewhere on a pass so, I know who you
guys are and who to give the tickets, to and then we head off, only to the top
of the line luxury cruiser, to go all the way around the world.”

“sorry to double post, this is just my last one for the moment to let pilotteaml,
know about the cruise if he is interested.
@pilltotteaml: if u r coming or not, if there’s something u want me to bring
back for u, just tell me what u want if u aren’t coming and seeing you r such a
big fan of the game, Portal obviously as I predicted I’ll get u a copy of the
game, but if u don’t want, it then I can always get u something else, besides
the tickets r on me guys, I’ll be paying for them. I’ll have used gel to spike
my hair, up and make myself, more appealing as a American type person and have
my hair done in black and so, I’ll bring a camera, if any of u want to take some
pics or some pictures, of the gang of us 12 hanging out all around the world,
it’s all on me, and I’ll get a laptop before I leave off for the flight so I can
use it then and yeah, I can do the marketing business, and jack up the money for
the awesome cruise and all that, and remember to stay close and let me know
where, your going and have your passports and if of ur friends are coming be
sure to keep them with us, to get on the cruise and party, like hell. trust me
my, friends, this will be the best Christmas u ever had, what could be more fun
than a luxury cruise with a gang of 12 friends, hanging out we will finally get
to meet each other in person, and hang out for once, why this will be only the
sweetest thing to ever begin, and my friends when my marketing audience is ready
and all of this kicks off, to a flying start we will, know it only gets better,
and better I mean heck I’ll buy, up Microsoft and apple, and be paying them to
work for me, so I’d have to be rich as hell itself not to be able to enjoy that
kind of a holiday with friends and if I don’t mind well, I’ll save the best for
last it all goes up beyond the skies limit, sky is no longer the limit my
friends, but what u r capable of, so who wants to go on the cruise, is everybody
ready, because I am, so who wants to go, on the cruise, let’s just say the
surprise at the end will be grand, a grand opening, and if not marvelous, it
will seem to good to be true, except it will all be true, why heck I’ll be rich
anything is possible then.
@techno40: Oh… the orange box, is a console my bad, terribly sorry, well I’ll
get it eventually if u want a copy of it, techno40, u only have 2 ask, or u
could come on the cruise with us, and I’ll get the console for you as well as
the game called, Portal if it’s the game u want or what u want or I can get u
something else, instead. also v fast food is awesome in America, and I heard
there was a bit of a water problem, a bit of a flood if u might call it one,
I’ll go for president of Australia, and fix that up, eventually one day and tell
them how we can fix this, flood problem as well as the water shortage problems
for other countries who need help with fixing that problem it shouldn’t be to
hard. But man I have heard how, awesome the fast food, and technology is in
America, man they even have super size and extra large, full class all the way,
well they might have once had super size, but still, extra large with fast food,
in America, that’s when your talking, but all the state of the arc, hi fi,
technology crammed in, with a mansion and everything and more, now that’s
talking big cash, as well as quality technology and food, and software, and
homes, around now that’s talking large money. Well what ever, orange box is, it
sounds great but It’s being with your friends, and having a wicked time and
taking all the fun, and more, and taking over businesses, that;s the real deal,
but big cash can also be a massively, huge thing.”

… on my profile …

Ultisoft Software wrote:

“hey buddy!

check it out:

[I think he was talking to mrsmes]

After a look at the site, it seems to be more of a YoYo Games-ish hoster going by the name of “Ultisoft Gaming Co.”, but could it end up helping to promote the Computer System he and the smes are developing?

Now, while browsing their site, I noticed something very interesting, something I’m tempted to copy, but won’t. Ultisoft has put an RSS feed for the YoYo Games Glog in his sidebar. 😉

You can go and read ultisoft’s blog any time you like from the blogroll here, by the way.

As I saw the Glog’s RSS, I saw the presence of a new post. Who could this one have been written by?

??????? wrote:

“However, when you add or replace a sprite resource during the running of the game the alpha channel can be taken into account. To this end you should use one of the following functions”

That’s Right. Mark Overmars. To read the latest YoYo Games Glog post “PNG Files in Game Maker”, click here.

I’m delighted to inform you that I’ve just recieved breaking news – Game Maker can cure cancer and AIDS!

… in the Forum Topic “A cool whacky particle made with Game Maker that looks retro”

mrsmes wrote:

“hmm… so it was, made with Particle maker and used in Game Maker and in a room
with techno music, and it’s great and somehow it cures some1’s cancer wow the
first Game Maker made, game and video game in history to ever cure cancer, or a
virtual effect within a .exe to cure cancer
I think that is wicked, the link is
here: http://64digits.com/games/index.php?cmd=view_game&id=4786
it’s creator: Alert Games
it’s Name: galaxy blue particle
side effects: I found it makes me rather dizzy, and it’s addicting, and if there
were some text giving me a command or mission statement I’d most likely obey it,
and most certainly if it said to go get a donut and enjoy devouring it, if there
were any in my house at the time. It also apparently cured AIDS, that is just
amazing, I don’t know how, but cool and wicked. meh… it made my spelling go
all whacky sort of, I think.
if anyone finds a cure made with Game Maker, for anything else upload it or
provide a link to it, and tell us what it is called, and tell us what people
have told you about it, and what they say it does, and well also name the side

smessy took a joke literally again. 😦

And lastly for today, another one of those phenomenal occurances happened! smessy visited the AKHLog!!! ^__^ As always, it was on an old post and misinterpretations followed >.<

… on “”No, u gay, u do not steal my creations” + SatanChild666 returns + pokakaa returns”

mrsmes wrote:


@TurboX: I never, wanted to peeve u off, I just wanted to make something u would enjoy, I am not lying seriously, I really thought it would be a great attribute, to your collection u made there.”

[I think I wrote something that doesn’t translate well into smes speak D:]

I wrote:

“Oh god mrsmes found the blog again. XD

This was posted 12 days ago, when it was happening, mrsmes, remember to check post dates when you find them on Google. ^_^

[I ❤ mrsmes in the most non-gay way possible ^.^]

… on TurboX’s profile …

mrsmes wrote:

“@TurboX: I am really sorry about stealing your idea, so I am cancelling it, and putting it on hold, and just to prove how sorry I am, would like to come on a luxury cruise around the world, with 1st class, treatment on Christmas day next year, once my marketing, strategy to make that kind of money to go on a luxury cruise has, been made with my new project THE HAWK’S DOCK, so I figured it would make good money and it would be rather new and handy, and that way I could make it up to you if, any of your friends want to come also, u can bring them along, p.s. I am paying for the tickets, and tigerdude1993, and aracnoX, and ihatepenguins(he’s normal now, i guess sort of), tigergal1993, are welcome to come also, there is going to be 12 tickets booked in so if u want more info on the cruise, the last post, on this topic, here: http://forums.yoyogames.com/forums/7/topics/15625?page=1#posts-173961 sorry for the triple post, and just this one last piece of information, 4 now if u need any more info than that on the cruise details, c my 2 posts, on the first page of this topic here: http://forums.yoyogames.com/forums/3/topics/16788  
just after, nicholasm80808’s posts.”

“sorry did i say nicholasm80808, I meant pilotteaml’s post.
terribly sorry I forgot which post number it was.
I’ll stop posting 4 now, and from this point until a few days have past, and someone replies, @TurboX: I am not joking, I really want to make this up to you, and make it, a great time for you to enjoy so we can get this quarrel, off our hands, and out of our way, and compromise, and enjoy a relaxing cruise and go first class, besides it should be fun and relaxing.”

TurboX wrote:

“You really do need help”

I wrote:

“Oh god, this is because he found my post. >.<“



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  2. Thanks for adding my site to the blogroll! I love your blog, and I hope mine becomes as popular as urs =D

  3. I for one am looking forward to the new OS.

    Well done AKH for advertising it on your blog.

    Theres been alot of people talking about what other features the new OS will have, but the main one probably is: what is the release date? Hell freezing over seems to spring to mind.

    I hope Ill get one of those luxury cruises that Mrsmes seems to be offering.

    Oh and AKH a very clever piece of literature. Your post does the job, as Im sure everyone else will “get it” 😉

    (and I hope you understand what I mean by that.)!!!

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