tig3rdude’s spam dies when it looked stronger than ever + the Nerds yield an insight into the life of the funn-a mrsmes ^~^

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Until recently, the YoYo Games moderators have had the power to delete all of a member’s comments, and also all of those within a certain time range, but today it was revealed that they no longer (or possibly, never had) that now admin-reserved ability, and SatanChild666’s comment spam as tig3rdude1993 looked invincible …

… but then it died.

All his comments are gone.

… on tig3rdude1993’s profile …

ZekeGames wrote:

“If anybody has news on where the next account of SC is let me know so we can ban it before he fills the site with more childish spam.”

pilotteaml wrote:

“Can’t you just wipe all of his comments?”

ZekeGames wrote:

“Not with one button. That moderation power isn’t added yet. We have to do them one by one, now.

spork wrote:

“hi sc, im being accused of being you. Now, tell me….AM I YOU?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

dude, how is this guy not banned? HE WAS ON MY FORUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111″

I wrote:


his spam is gone?

Did an admin delete it, or did one of the mods actually take the time to individually delete collectively over a thousand pages of spam? :\”

Which case happened, we may never know. I hope I can update you on this tomorrow. 😉

Now, as you all know, yesterday was the 11th of September, and I feel now that I should link to tigerdude’s post written yesterday and dedicated entirely to the victims of the 9/11 terrorist attacks 7 years ago.

Click this paragraph to read tigerdude’s post “In Rememberance, A Post Dedicated to Those Who Lost Their Lives in 9/11”.

Next up today comes mrsmes’ first anime emoticon, included with an actually quite appropriate description of himself 😉 …

… on aracnoX’s profile …

Chris Rosenfeldt wrote:

“i forgot, who are you? lol”

mrsmes wrote:

“u 4got me, y I am MR.SMES! mrsmes, u know, ^~^ I’m funn-a.

[I don’t actually think Chris was talking to mrsmes 😉 XD]

And more importantly in mrsmes news today is the discovery of an obvious fact in the Nerds’ Forum Topic: mrsmes is part of a blended family …

… in the Forum Topic “Nerds?”

Ivor Biggun wrote:

mrsmes wrote:

“yeah, but try saying that to my brother Robbie White, aged 13, and man he’ll beat u so hard u can’t breathe another breathe.”

I dont know what to feel more insulted at, a threat of assault by a 13 year old, or the fact that it was posted here at all.

Mrsmes, I am an adult. I weigh over 13 stone. I really dont think a threat from a child who lives on the other side of the world to me, would worry me much. I wonder what your brother would think of you making threats on his behalf?

I do have a question though. I thought your surname was “Wise”, how come your brothers name is “White”?

Get your brother to post, Id certainly like to speak to his mother about his views. If he is so bigoted at 13, he is in need of a talking to by his mum..”

“Oh dear, I like WOW. I also like Eternal Lands and Oblivion. Heres the worst part though, I also love MUD’s (Im currently developing a level 12 Paladin)

I think that must make me a NerdyGeek.or a GeekyNerd. Whichever way round, Im happy.

But ive gone one step further.

Ive recently just purchased a “Linux Baby” baby suit for my very young lad, and he also listens to Gutsy Geeks (a Linux radio show) in the evenings to settle him.

and it doesnt stop there:

My MDA Mail has the Linux Penguin as a backdrop, and makes a Penguin quack as a ring tone.

I think I get the Yoyogames award for being the biggest Geek, Im also the richest.

On a serious note though, to everyone, be proud of who you are, excel in your areas of interest and to hell with what people say.

I forgot to mention, the richest person on the planet is a Geek (Bill Gates) so they cant be all that bad.”

… [it’s not related, but I just thought I should include that :\] …

mrsmes wrote:

“@Ivor Biggun: It’s because it’s a blended family, to families mixed into one, and yeah that’s what happened with my family.”

And lastly for today, there surprisingly STILL looks to be hope for mrsmes and Ultisoft Software’s A++ Computer System 😉 who remembers that? 😀 …

… on mrsmes’ profile …

Ultisoft Software wrote:

“hey buddy! whats up?”

mrsmes wrote:

“@Ultisoft Software: the simulator is almost done, and I’ve made the simulated installation, now I am on to the simulated running of the program and I have 2 final SHOW DOWN COMPETITIONS RUNNING, C POST BELOW YOURS.”



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  1. thanks for linking up to the 9/11 post 🙂

  2. ^__^

  3. The mods have never had any powers taken away….actually they will get a new set of tools when we YYG release the site refresh in a few weeks.

  4. AKH: I replied on yesterday’s topic, go read it 😉
    and my post is almost done, got a few more things to type up.

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