A new spam enscription + A new t1gergal? + mrsmes’ massive SHOW DOWN COMPETITIONS + An AKHLog Anniversary + Nerds :\ + the end of the world? A disturbing connection.

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Starting off today’s news-packed post is the birth of a new PM spamming tool – one that finally worked – after 2 failed attempts to break SC’s inbox.

Technically the third one was a fail too, since he still managed to PM me, but at least the program worked ^_^ He didn’t say how much he spam he got this time. 😉

… on Yesterday’s Post “My Experimental Spamming Fails + A New SC account on the Horizon?”

I wrote:

“After launching this new script, I’ve worked out why my old one didn’t work so well. When you send an awful lot of PMs, YoYo doesn’t send them in a batch, it sends each individually while you’re viewing the “your message has been sent successfully to [member]” page. Each time that notice turns green at the top, it’s sending a message or two. The longest it stays at it’s deepest green, the more messages it sends.

And now for some background on my new script ;) it’s designed to send a single batch of 10,000 PMs, and it’s doing well so far by the looks of things. Taking a long time, so I might have to just stop it mid-spamming, but I think I’ve done enough. ^__^

tigerdude1993 wrote:

you gotta lend me that script sometime ;)

… in my inbox …

tig3rdude1993 wrote:


“but yet again you foolish mortal you cannot harm me the 20 messages didn’t dent me >:D i am smart no you are the one who ivor big cannon needs to teach about enscription am i the only one who can do it correctly yes >:)

my mech is still powerful without comment spam but i shall make a new account and you are my first target the yoyocity will GO DOWN MWAHAHAHA

[I think he’s going to comment spam me again >.<]

LavaBall wrote:

(PM title “Yo the idiot sent me this message”)

“i shall destroy yoyocity with a lucispam606060 combo thats right something you never seen before i shall destroy yoyocity and its gamers with my all powerful enscription and mech and you are the second to go akh is the first >:D all i need now is a new account and how easy is that it is very easy you go down lavaball MWAHAHAHA

In my inbox today from tig3rdude to [cut]destroy the world by the LHC[cut] make more of his ever-failing plans.”

Trollsplatterer wrote:

(PM titled “Darn, O Darn”)

“Hello AKH,

as I told you before, it took me quite some time to remove your 70 pages of spam. Imagine what it’ll take me to remove 1000 pages of tigerdude-spam 🙂
We’ll find another way of deleting the junk he’s creating.
Until then, I hope you can forgive me not removing the spam…

Have a nice day,
————– Trollsplatterer”


… back on Yesterday’s Post

I wrote:

“Dude, I suck at spamming D:
it seems the maximum batch I can get it to send is around 20, so I only sent SC 20 PMs. :\ From now on, I’m testing this stuff on myself before I use it on SC.

I have a newer and more traditional looping spam script on it’s way, I’ll PM it to you when I’m done tigerdude. ^_^

Oh, and it looks like SC has added a new word to his speaking style – enscription. it was in my PM and one he sent to LavaBall (thanks LavaBall for sending me that by the way ;) ).

OK, done. I PMed you the script, I’ll be spamming SC later today. This is fast ;) I sent my self over 800 PMs while I was testing it (on another account, of course). Sometimes it doesn’t send all too many PMs, sometimes it sends the maximum 21.

if anyone else wants it, PM me. ^__^

… [aside from 21 being a lucky number of mine, 21 was the size of the batch I PMed to myself on the test account] …

“mmmkay, 30 minutes of spamming done.

tigerdude1993 wrote:

“thanks. sucks that the other one didn’t work ( i thought we were gonna have some new “ultimate secret doomsday spam enscription code”, as SC666 puts it D

… back in my inbox …

tig3rdude1993 wrote:

(PM titled “Re: THIS TIME I WIN D:<“)


you cheated you stool the enscription the sacred “running riot” i shall kill you bastard my new account will be the roxors >:D

Next up today is a new account on DDNN that belongs to either a real-life friend of tigergal’s (and tigerdude seems to recognise her a little) or SC. We probably won’t find out which (for sure) until tigergal says something about it.

The account name is elisson and the introduction topic (which was moved to Announcements, I’m not completely sure why) can be found here. elisson posted using the same IP Address as the t1gergal account, so the chances of this not being SC actually look pretty slim.

tigerdude wrote a post about it, also including a little about the Large Hadron Collider’s second test run yesterday, and thinking about that lead me to something that’s actually a little scary :\

… in tigerdude’s post “Another Person I Know From Real Life?”

tigerdude1993 wrote:

“I really don’t know if I know her. If so I just remember the face. So anyways. Everyone started calling her SC666, but for good reasons. She had the same IP address (which of course was a proxy) as the “T1gergal1993″ account. I really couldn’t say, so I’m guessing she isn’t. But I’ve been wrong before. Remember Lumine**?

Alright, let’s move on to something big that went on today, something that made me think I was gonna DIE. Lol.

Remember, earlier this year when I talked about the particle smasher/ particle collider on the blog? It did its first test run today. But remember the rumors? That a micro black hole would form? The theory had a chance, a 23% chance. And trust me, my ENTIRE school was scared as hell.”

[the first test run was actually on August 8th, this was the second]

jango0821 wrote:

“I was scared as fuck about that particle smasher too. The real thing happends in october. If it’s succesful it will give us a whole new understanding of everything about the universe, if it’s not we’re all gonna die 0.o”

AkmaYo wrote:

“:O they were wrong about 2012 >_> also, when I was on the cb on DDNN last night (others were on as well, including ellison) so, ellison said she was best friends with tigergal in real life o_O

[AkmaYo saying 2012 got me thinking, and I did a little research …]

I wrote:

“if the particle collider does make an earth-eating black hole it won’t be instant death P we’ll get like, 4 years or something. 


Also, the LHC’s first real run (what it was designed to do) will take place on the 21st October 2008. The Mayan Calendar ends exactly 50 months later – to the day – on the 21st December 2012.”

And now, after possibly spelling doom for humanity, I present you with the news that today is the 1 year anniversary of the AKHLog’s move to WordPress.com …

One year ago, the AKHLog (then going by a different name) had only one regular visitor and commenter, and today he is now known as VOR.

In those days SC was normal, mrsmes was percieved by all as a fool, not a severe autism sufferer, and tigerdude hadn’t even joined YoYo Games.

When you look at the hit counter at the side, it’s counting the hits from that day.

What the next year has in store for us, I don’t know.

And don’t ask about why I did this on the same day as the 6th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, from what I remember it’s just an awkward coincidence. >_<

Next for today, mrsmes provided new detail in his description of Nasty Virus …

… in the Forum Topic “viruses:(“

mrsmes wrote:

yeah, yeah I heard of nasty virus, you open the file and then, it gets your
wallet from the real world and buys things you don’t want, like strappy sandles,
if u r a boy, or also a teenager, and then it deletes anti-virus, and then it
prints out the MESSAGE ” LOOK BEHIND YOU ” with your printer and there is shifty
cartoon like character with a top hat, on your screen when you first open it,
and it says in red writing on a yellow patch of your screen just next to the guy
in the top hat, it says “YOU GOT VIRUS”
and when you r reading the message that says ‘LOOK BEHIND YOU” it, then has the
same thing as on the screen except written on THIN AIR and instead of saying
“YOU GOT VIRUS” IT SAYS “YOU LOOSE” and whacks you with a hammer, it’s like on a
2d image written on thin air, and it moves you into the computer and over to the
recycle bin, and clicks empty recycle bin.
that is after you undo the explosion and everything and yes, the monitor even
still works without the fan which comes flying out of the computer smoking, as
it ejects from the computer, after you put the bomb in it.
after that, it laughs, when you’ve undone everything with the computer and yes,
then it’s laughing fades, and goes “He-He-He-he-he… ” as it drones away
undoing the download but then before it leaves, yes it stays and does the whole
LOOK BEHIND YOU, process and then the “YOU LOOSE” process, and then after that
your computer is fine and the virus is gone and you r deleted.
THE VIRTUAL TRASH CAN, in which you r in, and yes I do believe that was for the
mac, but for windows, I how ever yet, do not know.

He’s also set up some massive SHOW DOWN COMPETITIONS …

… on and tigerdude, you’re a judge, just so you know. >_> tigergal too.

… on mrsmes’ profile …

mrsmes wrote:

“Were having 2 massive SHOW DOWN COMPETITIONS, sorry I had 2 catch attention to get competitors:
http://forums.yoyogames.com/forums/3/topics/16626 (V best of V best In Hits)
http://forums.yoyogames.com/forums/3/topics/16627 (V Biggest Search 4 V Ultimate Hit, & Were Going Universal, Not Just Global but Better Than That.)”

… in the Forum Topic “The Biggest Search 4 the Ultimat Hit, & Were Going Universal”

mrsmes wrote:

“I thought i’d compile both topics, and the whole lot, into one massive entry
section, for those two competitions, but still not completely in ‘ UPPER CASE ‘
I First start this topic by voting for, ‘ I want it all ‘ u only get one vote
out of the whole Competition & the Top Song in the end get’s used for the newer
& Latest remix’s. So give them big Votes. Link 2 the song on YouTube/Song must
be provided, in your post, so with out further to do I have started us off, &
here is the link:
remember we aren’t talking anti virus programs here people.
Sorry @Nailog: is this better, any way if anyone of the mods want to compete I
don’t have any problems with that.
any way, the deadline is on November the 31st.
U can add bonus hit’s but that’s all and nothing else that is a bonus hit gets
judged, so I’ll give the words to the song I entered since it can’t do any harm
by the way there is 15 judges, and I am a judge.
I want it all, I want it all, I want it all, And I want it now, I want it all, I
want it all, I want it all, And I want it now.
well I won’t spoil v rest.
but u competitors and judges and the audience get 2 view the entries, and how
good u think they r, and if we call in on a audience vote, for once every 3
rounds, then that, means the audience gets to act as judges but one vote for
each person in the audience.
Remix’s and more.
Here Is My Remix, it’s just like the music contest(here in this link here
http://forums.yoyogames.com/forums/3/topics/16624) where we find the best of v
best except with remix’s, and Anti-Virus battles and desktop wars, and more.
here’s my bonus video:
The one I am Actually voting for:
u c we don’t 4bid, bonus videos so long as it’s not the one u r voting for that
is the bonus video.
don’t 4get to give the names next to the file, and what they r called.
u even get to make your own hits and compete with them but only one of them, and
the rest are bonus hits, for a second competition and you may get a chance of
your hit going on YouTube.
The judges:
Try to make your way into the top 3, in either competition or compete in both of
them, and for the next competition I am entering a simpsons remix, with the
song, ‘ I WANT IT ALL ‘ & U kind of get the picture, the song I want it all, “I
want it all, I want it all, I want it all, and I want it now, I want it all, I
want it all, I want it all, and I want it now”
and if u enter and win, u can have a link to another song remix, in your
signature called ” I WIN IT ALL ”
“I win it all, all I win it all, I win it all, and I win it now, I win it all, I
win it, all, I win it all and I won it now”
it really literally is bragging rights, and if one of our Judges so happens to
know java, or flash then You can have it embed, in to your signature, with some
The Rules:
You have Until November 21st to submit your entry.
when posting the entry do it in this T-o-o-o-p-i-c, or You could end up like
this, in this video Here on YouTube:
that was a bonus video, & u can have as Many Bonus videos as u want if we get
Around 500 Bonus videos each member, we will have a final show down with a
Fin-ally, On The Semi Final stancial grounds, Where we Find The Top bonus video,
there will be about 30 Judges this time,
so if u aren’t one u can qualify 2
Become 1.”

[the deadline changed during the course of him writing that awfully long post :\]

Killgore wrote:


big post,”

mrsmes wrote:

“oh… please I have seen bigger posts.”

[he’s seen bigger]

As we approach the end of today’s post, I’m going to quote part of a topic I found through mrsmes. it gives us a further insight into the minds and surprisingly existant lives of YoYo Games’ resident nerds 😉 …

… in the Forum Topic “Nerds?”

DT-170x wrote:

Marbman301 wrote:

“when i was ya’ll age i was smokin weed and doin blow lol, go outside kids.”

We do go out side to work. I am 19 year old. Not qualified as a KID (my parent still think and people say I am 15 year old) :)”

[that’s not something to brag about >_>]

Marbman301 wrote:

“ok well your one of the few lol im 23 with 2 kids…. 2 differant moms too. work blows but most the ppl on here dont know about all that yet lol
stay in school and study!!! the more you know the more money you can make. unless you sell crack, then you just gotta have a couple guns and some crazy crackhead homies”

DT-170x wrote:

“Jumbo works and not fast food.”

Marbman301 wrote:

“…..im very happy for jumbo….”

Jumbo wrote:


DT-170x wrote:

“I put out 30 job application watch this.

I put a job application on Food lion waited and they hired 5 people and never called me and they didn’t updated their site.”

Jumbo wrote:

“some times they just look at you and they just don’t like you.
sorry DT Man i try over 15 jobs and i find one PS not a fast food place.
most of my high school friends work in fast food.”

[all this talk of fast food is making me hungry D:]

DT-170x wrote:

“But they are not nerds. I out Tomorrow I need to reprogram mom computer From a Windows ME to a XP professional edition.”

Marbman301 wrote:

“lmfao wanna know what ido for a living…. i work at a place call genpak… i make foam trays lol. i make 17 an hour to opperate a few machines. Easy money but child support kills me lol. yea, i make foam for a living”

DT-170x wrote:

“It a job…”

Jumbo wrote:

“Crap that hurts.
But you make a foam for a living.
see you people later i need some sleeping to do

DT-170x wrote:


[Read the whole topic for some more (and better) nerd pictures, courtesy mostly of DT. This is a good one.]

aracnoX wrote:

“Well if you ever fall just know that you will have something soft to fall on…”

[… not funny?]

DT-170x wrote:

“if you can understand this you are a nerd

smp wrote:

“i didn’t understand this.
also i’m not really a nerd. i just am a bit interested by electronics and whatnot, and i come here to mostly chat, and to improve my graphics skills.”

mrsmes wrote:

“simply put I am a geek. A computer geek. not, your average geek, which people think of, as ‘ oh… it’s that geek again, he’s such a dork ‘ kind of geek.”

[… smarter than the average geek?]

smp wrote:


Ivor Biggun wrote:

“A geek or nerd can apply to any hobby or skill. You will find that a “geek” or “nerd” will have dedication to an interest that will bring them rewards later in life. Being a geek or nerd is a good thing.

Sure, the people who consider themselves “cool” are great at the moment, but later in life it will be them working at Burger King serving the “nerds” burgers.

I would consider myself both (Geek and Nerd), and Im very proud. Its why I can verbally get the better of most people I speak with, and why I can be so arrogant. Its also why I can afford the latest rigs, my house is paid for and my car is the type of one a “cool” person dreams about.

By the way a dork is called so because he/she has a love of a topic that others dont understand.

People will call others dorks because they are too embarrassed to admit, that they dont understand the subject that person has an interest in.”

mrsmes wrote:

“I ain’t stupid I think I know that, but it also has the same defenition as gay, also known as uncool, like ‘ L0L u r such a retarted ‘ or something like that.”

pilotteaml wrote:


tecno40 wrote:

Wow it seems like you have a sad life.

I guess I’m a geek. :)”

Ivor Biggun wrote:

“Mrsmes, I think you need to rethink some of your “ideas”

There is nothing wrong with being gay. I have many good friends who are and they are far cooler than I could ever be. In addition the word “retarded” is a very offensive one.

For me, following what everyone else does is “uncool” I have far more respect for people who do not follow the “mainstream” and be their own person.

The world is full of different people and thats why its so diverse, the only “uncool” people on this planet are the ignorant bigots.”

mrsmes wrote:

“yeah, but try saying that to my brother Robbie White, aged 13, and man he’ll beat u so hard u can’t breathe another breathe.”

luke_escude wrote:

“This sounds like an argument I should be in 🙂

Mrs. Mes, he could probably beat YOU up like that. Most of us on these forums probably wouldn’t be affected by your 13 year old brother.”

[are these insults deliberate now or is luke confused about more than just his sexuality? >_>]

On a related note, I’d like to show you NakedPaulToast’s latest post, complete with smes-ish mistake …

[click for full sized image]

OK, this required an explanation, even for me. The phrase “it’s not a bug, it’s a feature”. And the car has a yellow boot labelled “feature” thanks to it’s owner.

… right? o.O

And lastly for today … This is Chuck Storm.




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  1. This is also the blog’s 900th post, by the way. ;D

  2. sorry i didn’t link to your post today, i dedicated it to the victims of 9/11 and did a sort of summary about the attack.

    i think elisson is legit, the only thing wrong with this is the IP Address.

    sorry ivor biggun, you have some messed up theories on social class. im not gonna be serving any dork some burgers, i’ll be sending them to jail. seems like in this age the nerds are the complete idiots, and most of the time they’ll do bad stuff in order to impress people that are higher in the social class than they are. and trust me, they aren’t as smart as they claim. cool people just dont brag about grades all the time. and there is nothing wrong with gays? i could spend hours on end in a religion war about that, a social war about that, any kind of war against gays. don’t even make me. and i’m getting sick and tired of you thinking that you can just go around saying how awesome dorks are. ha, most of your kind work at these fast food restaurants, unlike what you claimed. get your facts straight and get in with the times, ivor. and just because you know some coding, doesn’t mean you’re smart. you just took the time to learn something.

  3. lol im a judge

    lol chuck storm

  4. “i think elisson is legit, the only thing wrong with this is the IP Address.”

    … Which unfortunately puts the chances of elisson not being SC at around 1 in 4,143,972,361 (that’s an actual calculated figure) since she didn’t claim to know what a proxy is.

    elisson could be genuine however, if there was a bug with the forum software or website cache. 😉

    “and there is nothing wrong with gays? i could spend hours on end in a religion war about that, a social war about that, any kind of war against gays. don’t even make me.”

    if you’re not religious, you don’t see a religious problem with gays. VOR is atheist as far as I know, so he and a lot of other people (me included) won’t care what christianity or any other religion thinks, with little to no factual base, is right and wrong.

    And a “social war” about how gays are wrong is kinda like a social war about how black people are wrong. Someone does not choose if they are gay, someone does not choose if they are black, so why should someone be punished for something out of their control? Should a rich family buy and demolish your house to make you homeless just because you’re (I assume) middle/working class?

    And if you want to be technical about what you think is wrong with gays, I don’t know, like how about “they won’t have children of their own to keep the human population running”, then I suppose you’re also opposed to the mentally disabled, the physically disabled, and the horrifically injured.

    if you wanna go down the “they’ll make other people gay and cause humanity to gradually go extinct” route, if you would even be one of the people stupid enough to believe that that would happen, then you are grouping every gay person as one of the extreme few who do not outwardly appear the same as everyone else.

    (just two of the many arguments I’ve heard in the past)

    Homosexuality is not isolated to the human species, it is part of the animal kingdom and nature, it cannot be stopped and it must be accepted. if humanity could not adapt to change it would be extinct, and this is just another change it needs to adapt to.

    (this isn’t really a dig at you, I just don’t want to appear in support of what you said there). 😉

  5. actually the things you posted about “gays” in your last comment is not what i thought about them…oh well, it’s fine, just read the rest of this comment.

    i understand when it comes to religion.
    OFF TOPIC: by the way i respect people’s ideas and i won’t be all like “YOU GET SAVED NOW”, that’s the type of christian spriter12 seems to be >_> and i know that you wont just do something because some guy on the internet tells you. if you want to be saved, get saved, if you dont, then im not gonna make you 😉

    but the social aspect…yeah that’s definitely NOT what i meant, they just don’t get a lot of respect, here in america. they get bashed on a ton. usually you’ll always here someone who’s all like “that’s gay” or “that’s homo”, idk if that’s the way it is in britain. oh and i would hate to have a gay guy friend, what if they started hitting on you? >_< *shudder*

    and by the way…some gays are born that way, but you have to realize that some people choose to be gay…it’s not like they have to, but for some, it kinda is…pretty hard for me to explain, i don’t know how the gay mind works 😀 i don’t ever want to either…

    yeah i knew you weren’t trying to start an argument or anything, i like listening to the ideas of others. i like being able to compare opinions on things and maybe rethink what i previously thought. so it’s fine 😉

  6. I hadnt had a chance to read the comments, I have now so Ill post a response. Tiger you did the courtesy of making a post (which you obviously feel strongly about) without the use of obscenity, which for that reason alone deserves a measured response. Thank you.

    First your definition of Social Class. I think this may be a barrier of language. Im not quite sure what the US definition of Social Class is, but in the UK, its an outdated method to describe someones status (usually related to pay/life) I will explain: (here are the three social classes)

    Working Class – Traditionally coal miners, factory workers etc.

    Middle Class – White collar worker.

    Upper Class – Inherited old money, lords, land owners etc.

    The comments I made in regards to dorks and geeks are as much as a generalization as the terms themselves.

    Tiger, Im quite sure if you went into one of your sports lessons and admitted to your fellow teammates the extent of your computer skill, you would be called a “dork” or a “geek” I remember you even getting interested in hacking and posting that on this blog (in terms of what non-computer users label a dork, hacker is probably right up there at number one)

    The point I was making in my comments, was that the people who are calling others “dorks” and “geeks” is because they dont understand the subjects.

    I believe the term you use for a person who goes down the sports route at school is called a “jock” (these people are labeled “cool” at school)
    but how many actually go on to be pro and make money? With my limited knowledge of US pro sport, id say it cant be all. So its not far fetched to believe that these people without accademic results, who dont make it in sport have a very limited career choice.

    As I said before (and on your blog) you can be both.

    Tiger is not the coding that made me smart. Its my 8 GCSEs at A+B grade, its my 3 A levels at A and a degree in Computer Systems Engineering (Major)(Minor) 2:1 that makes me smart. Its over 6 years of further education. If thats bragging about grades then so be it. I worked damn hard to achieve them.

    I think the main problem between our views is that our definitions of Nerd and Dork are completely different. I consider a Nerd and a Dork someone who has education. What you describe as a Nerd and Dork, suggests they dont, if thats the case then no wonder they end up working in a restaurant.

    If you read my post carefully, you will see that I allways encourage the study side of anything. You will be very lucky to get a good job without the grades. Next we move onto the Gay subject, which I will make as a separate post.

  7. AKH is spot on. I dont have a religion. I believe this makes me a very impartial person, as I dont favour any particular religion.

    I cant really comment on anything youve said on the Gay issue, as to me everyone has a right to be happy. I have gay friends and I have hetrosexual friends. I have friends that are Muslim, I have friends that are Christian and friends that are Jewish.

    We are all human at the end of the day, and I personally would challenge any religion that seeks to single out and persecute a group of people.

    Tiger, If I may qoute you: “but you have to realize that some people choose to be gay…it’s not like they have to, but for some, it kinda is”

    I dont see your point. I dont know if the above is accurate but even if it was, why does it matter?

    I heard these comments before. They are very dangerous. I honestly believe Tiger, that you are a good person, and these comments are coming out wrong, as the above remarks sound like something out of the book Mein Campf.

    The other reason I like to show my support for the Gay community is because, there may be some people who post on the yoyo forums who are a little confused about their own sexuality and I dont think it helps them when they see other users belittling the Gay community with off the cuff remarks.

    Despite being an arrogant old sod, I do have a heart. and I would not like to think of some Yoyo user getting upset in regards to their life.

    And thats the VOR take on it.

  8. Oh and sorry AKH, Ive never thought about the subject as in depth as you have. What a decent article!

  9. Moving on now, I will give AKH an exclusive update on what ive been up to these past few weeks.

    As you are aware from a while ago, I have been helping with a GNU project which aims to gets people with disabilities using computers, in particular in developing countries.

    As I said before a friend of mine has been “working in the field” so to speak, and by all accounts is living a little like a hobbit at the moment (literally in a hole in the ground)

    You may also have noticed that the Ivor Biggun profile has taken on a distinct Linux flavour, this is because of the upcoming Software Freedom day on the 20th (connected with the project) and its hopefully going to be the day that the computer user gets some power back from the large companies that have controlled it for so long by switching to true open source applications.

    If anyone is interested in Software Freedom day and its affiliated project they can go to http://www.fsf.org/ and check out an excellent video by Stephen Fry.

    It would also be appreciated if people would sign up to: http://defectivebydesign.org/

    “Software is like air conditioning, open Windows and it doesnt work”

  10. […] “A new spam enscription + A new t1gergal? + mrsmes’ massive SHOW DOWN COMPETITIONS + An AKHL… […]

  11. Ivor, about the quote that you took from me, i guess it came out wrong. i meant that some people aren’t born gay, some are. but i’d rather just stop discussing that issue.

    your welcome for the post, and thanks for the compliments about me not using vulgarity. i saw your comments over on my blog and edited the post (took out the “if i were your child” part). if there is ANYTHING you want me to edit, i will change it to your liking.

    i apologize if i have been sounding harsh lately, my mood is horrible right now, i haven’t had decent sleep in days.

  12. and i’ve been wondering, ivor. what is linux, besides the fact that it’s an operating system? do you have to buy it? can you install it on a windows 98 system? i got tons of questions, if you have the time 😉

  13. Firstly as I said on your blog, no need to appologise, its sorted and for the readers here please go over to tigers blog, for an interesting and dignified set of posts.

    What is Linux? – I wont go too deep, for fear of boring all. But I hope some may get some answers about an OS that sounds like its for the elite computer user and in reality isnt.

    Linux is a complete operating system, maintained upgraded and distributed by enthusiasts. Its free, and better than that you can completely customize it if you wish.

    Linux has a front-end so that when you are using it, it is similar in look to Windows. Two common frontends that are used are GNOME and KDE.

    There are many different versions of Linux (and this sometimes confuses people) These are known as distro’s and you’ll see names such as Red Hat, Ubuntu, OpenSUSE.
    Just think of these as different modifications of the same OS. A little like the catch the clown tutorial that loads of people modify on yoyo. Its the same code, just slightly altered.

    The best Linux distro, for anyone who wants an easy life is probably Ubuntu Linux. This has the best hardware support and you can be up and running very quickly with it.

    So why should you change OS?
    Good question. If you are a games player (in particular DX10) then forget it. You can run Windows software (I run WOW through Linux) however you wont get the same compatibility YET for DX10 games.

    If you are like the average user, where you have a console for games and you use your PC to wordprocess/program/surf then Linux is for you.

    So what advantages does it have?

    Before thats answered, Ill ask you. How long does it take to boot Windows for you? about 1min? longer? and how long does it take to shut down?

    I can boot (on a 4 year old PC) the latest version of Ubuntu in about 15 seconds. Shutting down takes about 10.

    Next up, in Windows are you fed up with your system pausing and your hard drive churning like mad, just because youve created a folder whilst having a few programs running in the background?
    No such thing in Linux. Infact you can even load Linux completely into memory.

    Lets take another example. Packages written for Linux run on my systems at least x2 faster than their windows versions. (Example: Eternal Lands)

    Next up, there is an open source version of any package you currently have. Use MS Word? or Works? Linux has ABIword and Openoffice and unless you are some sort of Word superuser, ABIWORD and openoffice have all the features you need.

    People often think that Linux is all “dos type commands” and “you have to type everything in”

    Have a look at this demonstration of Ubuntu Linux and tell me how you think this compares with those statements.


    So what are the drawbacks?

    Yep, there are some. Firstly, hardware support can be a problem. There may be some items that you have that Linux will not like, and you will have to get “your hands dirty” check a forum for help then dive in to sort it out. Having said that, will the many Ubuntu distro’s Ive installed the only hardware problems I came across were for “out of the ordinary” hardware, i.e lightpens and weird old dialup modems.

    Not sure? Dont want to remove Windows?

    Not a problem. Ubuntu comes with an installer that allows you to create a partition and then sticks a menu at bootup allowing you to select windows or Ubuntu. This is called dual booting.
    I forgot to mention, you have even boot Ubuntu from a DVD and have a play around with it, without installing anything.

    There must be a cost! Something so good cant be free, can it?

    Yep it can, Linux is maintained by talented good guys who believe software should be free to all people to modify and do with as they please.

    A few more facts to put across.

    1. You dont need a virus checker – Due to the many different distros and the permissions way Linux operates there are very few virus’s and even fewer that can attack your system.

    2. You dont need a firewall – mainly for the same reason as above, although I do use one, only because its simpler if i want to open specific ports.

    3. Linux is for computer experts – No it isnt, my wife has as much computer experience as a tortoise and she can install software/use/maintain Linux with no problems.

    4. Linux cant run Windows software – Yes it can, through a package called Wine. This is constantly being updated, and yes GM does work with it now.

    5. Linux takes up ALOT less space than Windows and requires less system resources.

    6. The Linux penguin logo is far cooler than that silly windows one.

    So there you have it. Linux 101.

  14. Well who said linux isn’t for the gamer?
    -katomic, kasteroids and potato man! (really katomic is still my favourite game type).

    Anyways I myself don’t have any experience with linux, however I do have some experiences with BSD (freeBSD with KDE/gnome I believe it was): It ran very “smooth”, Well not smooth but never really halted on a 133MHz pc – You could do like 1000 things and then wait an hour to open everything, but eventually it all worked!
    However we DO got a lot of problems with it: it was by far not as user friendly as windows: we had lot’s of problems to mount my usb stick. The problem was that you have to know the command set: it’s not really easy to get help without access to the internet (sure there are books, however windows just feels more natural).

    1. Don’t say that too loud: if a linux distro ever might become as popular as windows there simply WILL be virusses…
    2. Same thing as above…
    3. Sure once you set up everything it’s just as easy as windows: however setting up everything can be a pain!
    4. And I can run 100 km/h: in a train! Seriously, if you want windows software just use dual boot windows. Wine doesn’t run all software equally good and there are lots of bugs. (GM for example didn’t run till 3 months ago).
    5. Well there got to be a reason to use linux 😛
    6. http://img84.imageshack.us/img84/1245/takeittux2hk7.png
    ’nuff said (Beastiy ftw!)

  15. “actually the things you posted about “gays” in your last comment is not what i thought about them”

    Yeah, I didn’t think you would, but those were the first anti-gay remarks I’ve heard that I can remember off the top of my head, I thought I’d start with some examples. 😉

    “but the social aspect…yeah that’s definitely NOT what i meant, they just don’t get a lot of respect, here in america. they get bashed on a ton. usually you’ll always here someone who’s all like “that’s gay” or “that’s homo”, idk if that’s the way it is in britain.”

    Yeah, we use gay as an insult here in Britain too. Gay people can have hard lives, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t live their lives as they gradually become accepted (which is happening right now). I see the insult “gay” as a third meaning to the word 😉 the original being happy, and second being homosexual.

    And also, think about this: why would a gay person be offended at being called gay when that’s what they are? 😉 Yes, some take offense but there are a lot too who wouldn’t.

    “i would hate to have a gay guy friend, what if they started hitting on you? >_< *shudder*”

    … yeah … I’m not too sure that would happen much, but I’ve known of it happening to someone in the past (and it didn’t end well).

    A girl can be friends with a guy without it being sexual, and in that way straight-gay friendships aren’t any different.

  16. “And I can run 100 km/h: in a train! Seriously, if you want windows software just use dual boot windows. Wine doesn’t run all software equally good and there are lots of bugs. (GM for example didn’t run till 3 months ago).”

    Agreed and I appologise if I implied all software runs through Wine. It of course doesnt, but then except for the game issue, there is an open source version of probably any util you would want to run.

    Paul, in regards to your setting up comment, I think it is true for many distros to some extent however I would say that the last 3 Ubuntu installations I have done, have encountered no problems, and Ive downloaded all the dependancies and files with no probs.

    Certainly by the time Jaunty Jackalope is released I think the hardware issue will be a thing of the past.

  17. Am I confused about my sexuality?

    What? No, I am not gay, haha. Nor do I know what that has to do with Mrsmes’s little brother beating people up or something like that.

  18. You don’t seem all to manly, it has to be said. Stop making fun of smessy, he has autism.

  19. So by you acting like my mother and telling me what to do, who’s the manly one now?

  20. So by you actiing like my mother, telling me what to do, you are more manly than me?

    Oh, now I understand perfectly. You are jealous. It’s okay, the first step is admitting it.

  21. Oops, it double posted. Sorry.

  22. Hmmm … you know if you ever got out of that basement you live in, maybe got a job or something, you’d find out that telling people what to do is the kind of thing your boss does. Someone who has power over you. Not your mom.

    “Oh, now I understand perfectly. You are jealous. It’s okay, the first step is admitting it.”

    Yeah, I bet you Linux Programmers get all the ladies. >_> And to quote you:


    So what would this hacker program the virus in? ShellScript?

    (I just cracked myself up)

    it speaks for itself.

    And since you seem as stupid and unjustified enough to argue back by taking this literally, I’d like to point out that I’m being sarcastic.

    Now, your misinterpretations aside, I was defending mrsmes. I assume you, like nearly everyone on YoYo, don’t know the story behind the smes, but he only behaves the way he does because of his autism, and your response to what I said was completely immature. Do you even know what autism is?

    “Oops, it double posted. Sorry.


    How old are you, luke?

  23. […] in my post “A new spam enscription + A new t1gergal? + mrsmes’ massive SHOW DOWN COMPETITIONS +… […]

  24. Okay then.

  25. Hmm. I have never seen this place. Well I’m not sure I got everything (I didn’t read everything) but AKH, you shouldn’t talk about someones masculinity online and then talk about their maturity.

    Seriously, it makes you sound immature.

    Luke, don’t make fun of an autistic kid. -.-

    That’s low.

    @AKH I understand you were defending mrsmes but talking about someone sexual orientation is not the way to go.

    (Correct me if I misunderstood anything.)

  26. You didn’t misunderstand anything…

    People who have no lives like to make fun of people they’ve never met, so it just makes since AKH is retaliating.

  27. Shut up.

  28. that was pretty much just an insult, you know. Kinda like calling something gay.

    if you called a chair gay (for whatever reasons you may have <_< >_>) you wouldn’t actually mean that you thought the chair was homosexual.

    “People who have no lives like to make fun of people they’ve never met”

    you’re trying to bring me down with that, but it backfires on to you. You don’t know mrsmes. 😛 And I wasn’t making fun of you, I was defending him.

  29. Defending him by calling me homosexual?


  30. it was to provoke you 😛 and it worked.

  31. Well of course it worked.

    No doubt it would have. I’m just lucky I even found this place. I Googled “luke_escude” and found this blog.

  32. oh my god…

    daggumit, akh if i were allowed to delete comments you know that i would be deleting every last one of my old ones!

  33. and that would ruin the continuity of the blog. :/ it’s hard to read people talking to no one.

  34. that’s why i said if you would let me 😉

    I already knew the reason you’ve said it a million times, lol

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