YAAAAAAAY + A bad time for Spamming + SC’s Messages

September 6, 2008 at 12:37 | Posted in Everything | 4 Comments
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I’m going to start today’s post with where I left off yesterday, the UK Big Brother 9 Final, but I still managed to squeeze some SC-related stuff in, so it’s worth reading even if you’re not from the UK.

Yesterday I predicted that Mikey would win Big Brother, with Darnell second, Sara third, Rex fourth and Rachel fifth …

[if you haven’t seen who won yet, click here now]

… I was wrong, but I love Big Brother Finals and I loved the unexpectedness of this year’s result, so YAAAAAAY! 😀 I thought with Kat’s unpopularity (6th place) and Rachel only becoming a real major character in the last 2-3 weeks, she hadn’t done enough to sway the public’s vote. I was nearly right, she won in a 51.3-48.7 % split.

You can see Rachel’s Best Bits Video here, and you can see her leaving the house to the usual winner’s fireworks here. I thought I’d also show you the Best Bits videos of the housemate I thought would win, Mikey, and the housemate I wanted to win, Rex. ^__^

Now to finish this part of the post with the comments on yesterday’s post, and a “How it went” table …

… on Yesterday’s Post “SC’s IPs in more detail + a misunderstanding + THE CHAIRS HAVE TURNED”

MetaRidley86 wrote:

“lol, I thought i’d mess with sc a little bit, this is what i got:

“Me: attack me, I can take some spam from a guy who ate his testicles! give me all you got! I could use some pathetic action to laugh at!

SatanCockfag: i am but the minion of sc666 your worthless messages do not effect me >:D

Me: yup, you are sc. ha. AND you are chicken! c’mon! I dare ya!

SatanCockfag: you are a worthless fool you cannot escape the coming wrath of my wrath >:D!

Me: lol, you are so stupid. pm me again so I can laugh at you, satancockfag!””

“satancockfag is a nickname I gave to him.”

tigerdude1993 wrote:

“metaridley the frequent use of “cock” and “dick” is getting annoying and you sound like a fag yourself D lay off the obsession of penises for once.

AKH, we have big brother in america. i don’t watch it because it’s just a bunch of stupid drama that makes no sense D it may be different in the UK though…”

MetaRidley86 wrote:

“lol, can do.”

I wrote:

““AKH, we have big brother in america. i don’t watch it because it’s just a bunch of stupid drama that makes no sense D it may be different in the UK though…”

Yeah, I know they have Big Brother in a lot of countries, but people from other countries don’t know anything about what’s happening in the UK version P And by the looks of things, I didn’t either. :\ My prediction was off, and Rachel won.”

  How it went
1st Rachel
2nd Mikey
3rd Sara
4th Rex
5th Darnell

Next up today, I bring news of a spam war between MetaRidley & BetterBen (I think that’s jango) and SC, with SC (as tig3rdude1993) spamming MetaRidley’s profile with 253 pages of “i am the great SC666 feel just a teaspoon of the wrath of my wrath i shall destory yoyocity with this method and more >:D”, “you cannot comprehend my powers fool!!!!!!!!!1!!!!!”, and “you hath messed with the wrong member you shall now learn a lesson >:D”.

… I think that’s a record.

And I’d be happy to effortlessly destroy it in a matter of minutes, but y’know …

… in my inbox …

Trollsplatterer wrote:

“Dear AKH,

If I ever catch you spamming again like you did on pokakaa’s profile, I’ll clean out your entire profile, comments, reviews and games!
I don’t care what you have against him, you’re punishing me instead. 70 pages of spam-comments take me 140 page-reloads and 460 mouse&enter-clicks.

Don’t do that again,
————– Trollsplatterer”

Now as tempted as I was to set my spam program on Trollsplatterer’s profile for an hour or so (I’m not sure how many comments YoYo profiles can take, but I’m pretty sure that would break it) and effectively commit YoYo-suicide, I thought better of it. He’d just delete all the comments I ever made and have his profile back to normal in seconds anyway 😛

I think today’s spammers are safe from trollsplatterer’s rage, since they haven’t been told, but from now on it looks like our days of comment spamming are over. 😉

in other news, SC has provided us (or more, me) with another of his french messages >_>

tig3rdude1993 wrote:

“you cannot hide what’s outside ivor big cannon i shall show the world what i can do the wrath of my wrath is coming the fate of the world is in AKH’s hands!!!1!!! AKH i have an answer is that ok? MWAHAHAHA try to decode my message i have wrote for you AKH it is my answer

La colère de ma colère est à venir et AKH Tigerdude1993 sont mes serviteurs, vous tourner vers le côté obscur l’équipe d’élite et de détruire yoyocity”

That message, “decoded” from French, reads “The wrath of my anger is coming and AKH [and] Tigerdude1993 are my servants, you [will] turn to the dark side, the elite team and destroy yoyocity”. Thanks for that tigerdude!

I don’t know what SC has planned, but I don’t think anyone’s scared of it anymore. >_> He looks to have given a hint at how he intends to make us side with him in his PM to tigerdude:

… on my profile …

tigerdude1993 wrote:

“look at my profile and see what tig3rdude1993 sent me in a PM. i posted it just a minute ago. it’s pretty funny 😀 “

… on tigerdude’s profile …

tigerdude1993 wrote:

“lol, “anti-hunter” sent me this:

“you must become part of the dark allegiance the dark side the “elite” team this will be you best decision

akh will be brought down his blog brought down you will be the best blogger there will ever have be and you can rule yoyocity >:D i will rule the world and you will be at my side

what do you say why not join the elite team? MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA”

He hasn’t sent me anything.

SC’s also been posting messages in the DDNN Chatbox – here’s a little taste of the logs tigerdude posted …

… in tigerdude’s post “More Chat Box Stuff”

tigerdude1993 wrote:

[07:48:15] t1gergal1993 : i am not 50 i am 12 you idiot i have been forsaken >=( i shall destory the yoyocity and the DeathDetonationNeurologyNuke Forums >:D

[07:48:20] AkmaYo : SC, I dare you to reveal your location

[07:48:33] samisam : yeah

[07:48:36] jango : yoyogames, dumass

[07:48:41] samisam : I DOUBLE DOG dare you

[07:48:45] samisam : Ohhhhhhhh

[07:48:55] jango : I quadruple dog dare you!

[07:48:55] samisam : you cant turn that down

[07:49:04] jango : gtg

[07:49:13] Bzilla has been disconnected the Fri Sep 05, 2008 7:49 am (session timeout)

[07:49:21] t1gergal1993 : i am the child of satan also known as damien i shall call upon my father to destory you all >:D

[07:49:32] t1gergal1993 : korea >:D

[07:49:33] samisam : um

[07:49:45] samisam : yeah right

[07:49:46] AkmaYo : Korea?

[07:49:55] samisam : I live in hell

[07:49:57] AkmaYo : North Korea Or South Korea?

[07:49:59] samisam : Do you

[07:50:10] samisam : Mabye i could visit your dad

[07:50:31] AkmaYo : Give us your real location, and if you do, i’ll help you destory DDNN D

[07:50:37] jango : back

[07:51:05] AkmaYo : I’ll help you destory DDNN if you tell us your real location >:]

[07:51:31] jango : so will I my master >Smile

[07:51:31] AkmaYo : Ugh…that plan didn’t turn out…

[07:51:41] AkmaYo : Well, how about for real?

[07:51:41] t1gergal1993 : my real location is hell you fools MWAHAHA i shall call upon my father >:D


[07:51:59] jango : cool bringm here

[07:52:12] jango : brb

[07:52:17] samisam : wow were in hell

[07:52:25] t1gergal1993 : hell is my location i shall not say it anymore

[07:52:38] AkmaYo : Screw you, you said you lived in Korea

[07:52:49] samisam : im in enternal pain couty, how bout you

[07:52:58] AkmaYo : Samisam, I think your SC…

[07:52:58] t1gergal1993 : i was lying you fool

[07:53:10] samisam : WHAT

[07:53:12] AkmaYo : You live in Italy SC…

[07:53:13] samisam : IM SC

[07:53:17] samisam : HES SC

[07:53:19] AkmaYo : Yup…

[07:53:24] samisam : IM NOT SC

[07:53:36] samisam : UNLESS I HAVE A CLONE?

[07:53:38] AkmaYo : Whatever you both living in hell gives me a suppison

[07:53:39] t1gergal1993 : samisam you will get raped i know the place it is familiar >:D but i live in the 7th layer of hell >=)

[07:53:48] AkmaYo : Shut the hell up SC…

[07:53:56] AkmaYo : Your not raping anyone

[07:54:11] t1gergal1993 : i do not live in italy i live in the 7th layer of hell except like now since im allison mitchell i live in texas ^^

[07:54:11] AkmaYo : Not even a godamn fence…

[07:54:37] AkmaYo : 1. Tigerdude does not live in texas 2. Your gay

[07:55:09] AkmaYo : End of story

[07:55:32] t1gergal1993 : i shall bring hunter out of hell and then allow him to speak to you about him living in texas >:D

[07:55:34] AkmaYo : -_-

[07:55:43] AkmaYo : …

[07:55:46] AkmaYo : Wha…

[07:55:58] AkmaYo : if he comes back saying…oh no…

[07:56:21] AkmaYo : No…no, that cant be…

[07:56:26] jango : NOOOOOOO

[07:56:33] AkmaYo : No..

[07:56:37] AkmaYo : WHAT THE HELL…

[07:56:38] t1gergal1993 : i have resurected tigerdude let him speak

[07:56:47] jango : He’s not gonna be bak, he cant

[07:56:50] AkmaYo : Shut up../

[07:56:57] t1gergal1993 : spit it out fools speak

[07:57:01] AkmaYo : You hacked him SatanChild

[07:57:06] t1gergal1993 : let him speak in 3

[07:57:10] jango : He didnt

[07:57:11] AkmaYo : 2

[07:57:13] AkmaYo : 1

[07:57:16] jango : TD’s not on

[07:57:19] AkmaYo : I don’t see him Poke

[07:57:21] t1gergal1993 : 5

[07:57:26] AkmaYo : 4

[07:57:27] jango : HAHAHA!

[07:57:27] t1gergal1993 : 1-

[07:57:28] AkmaYo : 3

[07:57:31] AkmaYo : 2

[07:57:32] AkmaYo : 1

[07:57:34] t1gergal1993 : >:D

[07:57:40] AkmaYo : XD, you fail SC

[07:57:47] AkmaYo : He…left

[07:57:56] AkmaYo : It makes me think you only hacked him


[07:58:08] jango : He’s not even on.

[07:58:09] AkmaYo : o_O

[07:58:15] jango : lol

[07:58:15] tigerdude1993 has joined the chat the Fri Sep 05, 2008 7:58 am[…]”

And lastly for today, mrsmes recently finished his dealings with TurboX, but now, just days later, he’s gone back to “dealing” with Sinister96 😉 …

… on ZekeGames’ profile …

mrsmes wrote:

“@Sinister96: If u really want to change your ways, so bad u could have just told me, a bit like IHP, came to me and owed up, and admitted he wasn’t proud of some of his actions, I can lead u down the right path, and get u back to good as new like IHP, another newer more normal socializing member, u can be 1 2, u just have 2 ask, and I can help, and well I’ll give u less of a hard time, deal and well friends I dunno I’ll think about be4 we go that far, first actually show me u r really sober and willing 2 change your ways.”

Sinister96 wrote:

“…..get outta here”

mrsmes wrote:

“not 4 1 second until u change your ways.”



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    Two so far, the first one was massive, and I haven’t heard a crash of thunder so loud and long … ever. O_O

  2. the worst part for today looks to be over now, but fuck, we’re getting meteorologically owned. >_>

    I have to walk to college on Monday. I just know it’s gonna be OH-SO-COLD and rainy. >.<




    Two so far, the first one was massive, and I haven’t heard a crash of thunder so loud and long … ever. O_O”

    damn! that sounds pretty scary

    great post, btw 😉

  4. Weather seems OK today, it’s not raining, just cloudy right now. >_> with luck it’ll get better, but somehow I don’t see that happening just yet. 😛

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