SC’s IPs in more detail + a misunderstanding + THE CHAIRS HAVE TURNED

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With a recent discovery that SC could actually be stupid enough to give away his genuine I.P. Address and Location [that being Malta], I decided to dig up all the SatanChild666 IP Addresses I could find from his past comments here on this blog.

They are …

SC’s most commonly used I.P. Address, which is also the one most suspected to be his real IP. it is from Malta.

Two more I.P. Addresses, also from Malta, used only once on this blog by someone commenting as “Satan mwahahaha”, and assumed, by name and speaking style, to be SC. Did he slip up and fail to use his proxy this time? Did he come here using a friend’s computer? was someone impersonating him? Or, is it true, are we dealing with more than one person here?

Now this one is interesting. it’s the seemingly genuine I.P. Address used by Enrai, it’s from the USA, and it’s complete difference from SC’s other addresses strengthen my suspicions that Enrai could have been a different person to SC. Although I still highly doubt it, as it wouldn’t be hard to find a proxy that gave you an I.P. similar to this one.

Our fifth and final I.P. is SC’s beloved proxy at There’s no way that this could be genuine.

Now, to show what information I could get on these, I’ll show you the tests I did and the results I got. I used two unrelated “IP Address to Location” tools online, and the first of these can be found at

(irrelevant table columns removed for image size reasons)

(irrelevant table columns removed for image size reasons)

And the second tool I used is at Let’s see how the results compare …

Ip Address is found in Malta
IP Address resolved to Hostname
Query took 0 ms
Init time was 1 ms
Guessed City: Sliema

Ip Address is found in Malta
IP Address resolved to Hostname DNS lookup failed
Query took 0 ms
Init time was 1 ms
Guessed City: Santa Lucia

Ip Address is found in Malta
IP Address resolved to Hostname DNS lookup failed
Query took 0 ms
Init time was 1 ms
Guessed City: Tarxien

Ip Address is found in United States
IP Address resolved to Hostname
Query took 0 ms
Init time was 1 ms
Guessed City: Louisville
Region: Kentucky

As you can see, the cities don’t match for the Malta I.P. Addresses, this is because it is (quite obviously) difficult to pinpoint an I.P. Address to a small city, I myself have never found a lookup tool that can guess where I live to the city, so don’t let this make you doubt the other results given.

if any of you were thinking that both LavaBall and SC being from Malta was just too coincidental to be true, then he’s cleared his name over on YoYo …

… on my profile …

LavaBall wrote:

“That Malta IP Could be me, Check this IP To see if it’s match, I Will PM You my IP Privately and see if it matches.

However rest assure that I am no SatanChild so if you got some idiotic posts on your blog with a guy from Malta then it cannot be me.”

I wrote:

“Nah, don’t worry, I knew it wasn’t you because I got the I.P. from one of SC’s comments. 😉 But thanks for that anyway.”

Next up today is the news of a misunderstanding between me and tigerdude (it’s all OK now though 😉 ) …

… in tigerdude’s post “Hmph”

tigerdude1993 wrote:

“Seem’s like someone doesn’t like what I say. Fine then. I’ll just let you others deal with SC666.

I’ve got other things to do.

So to all my readers…even though I don’t think I’ll be dealing with him much anymore I’ll still have great news. Hey, maybe this huge decrease in attention will make him leave.

Thanks for reading this quick little morning announcement, I’ll be making a post when I get home.”

I wrote:

“WTF? D:

You’re talking about what I said, aren’t you? >_<

tigerdude1993 wrote:

“Hey I’m not trying to sound mean there but yeah.”

… in tigerdude’s post “Sorry for the Misunderstanding”

tigerdude1993 wrote:

“AKH, sorry if I sounded like a jerk or something, but I was just saying that because I’m tired of always being split on the subject of SC666. And besides…He’s your worst enemy, not mine ;) So you stick with dealing with him, I’ll go find someone else to shame D Oh and the frequent use of certain emotes (you know which ones I’m talking about) made me feel like you were saying that what I posted was almost completely untrue. But like I said I don’t really care, I’m not mad or anything.

Now that I’ve clarified that, let’s get on to today’s post. I have recorded a part of our chat with SC666 as T1gergal1993[…]”

[08:44:08] tigerdude1993 : chris lets focus on whats important. i need to talk to sc.

[08:44:21] warioman654321 : kk

[08:44:22] samisam : and whats the Elite club?

[08:44:26] samisam : Im elite

[08:44:28] warioman654321 : irdk

[08:44:30] AkmaYo : Uh, so should we leave the chatbox then…@TD

[08:44:33] tigerdude1993 : and even though i hate to say this too…sc is right about alice >_< her real name is what he’s been claiming.

… [to read the full post, click here] …

samisam wrote:

“u tard get ride of the DD part SC reads this remember”

tigerdude1993 wrote:

“lol, it’s all good, I can handle this myself ;)

Pilotteaml wrote:

“Dude, I PMed Zeke with a new plan to see if that IP is real. I’ll keep it a secret for now.

Btw, that chat was fun ;) JK”

I wrote:

“Hey, it’s OK, I never thought you were being a jerk P I was kinda pissed off (at something else) when I wrote that comment yesterday, looks like I didn’t realise how much it showed through. XD

And lastly for today, SC has given the YoYo Games world yet another ruined english phrase ^__^ …

… on tig3rdude1993’s profile …

Ivor Biggun wrote:

“Ive had a cracking PM from Satanchild again. Hes making more typing errors, and pretending to have friends, heres what it had to say:

no the chairs are turned ivor big cannon it is i who has the laugh fool >:D you cannot comprehend my masters wrath and you know it you are scared and insecure and want to join the great sc666 elite team yes the elite team no longer the pervert club!!!!1!!”

I love that bit about “the chairs have turned” Satanchild, yet again you show how stupid you are.

Satan Child you moron, its “tables have turned”. LOL

Thanks Satanchild youve given me another laugh.

SatanChild – The pervert who was owned by Mrsmes twice.


If anyone gets any PMs from Satanchild or his many accounts, please post them on the AKH or tigerdudes blog. A Satanchild post is always good for a laugh.”

A little extra for today now follows … although if you’re not from the UK then it probably won’t mean anything to you 😉

As most [UK] people know, the final of Big Brother 9 takes place tonight. Starting, in fact, less than 8 hours after I make this post … so I thought I’d give my views on it – how I want it to go and how I think it will go ;P

  How I think it will go How I want it to go
1st Mikey (and not because he’s blind) Rex
2nd Darnell Mikey
3rd Sara Darnell
4th Rex Sara
5th Rachel Rachel


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  1. lol, I thought i’d mess with sc a little bit, this is what i got:

    “Me: attack me, I can take some spam from a guy who ate his testicles! give me all you got! I could use some pathetic action to laugh at!

    SatanCockfag: i am but the minion of sc666 your worthless messages do not effect me >:D

    Me: yup, you are sc. ha. AND you are chicken! c’mon! I dare ya!

    SatanCockfag: you are a worthless fool you cannot escape the coming wrath of my wrath >:D!

    Me: lol, you are so stupid. pm me again so I can laugh at you, satancockfag!”

  2. satancockfag is a nickname I gave to him.

  3. metaridley the frequent use of “cock” and “dick” is getting annoying and you sound like a fag yourself 😀 lay off the obsession of penises for once. 😆

    AKH, we have big brother in america. i don’t watch it because it’s just a bunch of stupid drama that makes no sense 😀 it may be different in the UK though…

  4. lol, can do.

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  6. “AKH, we have big brother in america. i don’t watch it because it’s just a bunch of stupid drama that makes no sense 😀 it may be different in the UK though…”

    Yeah, I know they have Big Brother in a lot of countries, but people from other countries don’t know anything about what’s happening in the UK version 😛 And by the looks of things, I didn’t either. :\ My prediction was off, and Rachel won.

  7. […] on Yesterday’s Post “SC’s IPs in more detail + a misunderstanding + THE CHAIRS HAVE T… […]

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