Magdiel is (not) SC + TurboX’s New Blog + Google Chrome

September 3, 2008 at 12:40 | Posted in Everything | 5 Comments
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The past 24 hours have seen a potentially revolutional turn of events – first of all came news of the true identity of SatanChild666 – it all started with an IM conversation between AkmaYo and Magdiel …

… in tigerdude’s post “T1gergal1993 on DDNN and the First SC666 Revealed!”

tigerdude1993 wrote:


First the “who the fuck cares” news! T1gergal1993 isn’t the “real” SC666, just a copier (so is Tig3rdude1993), but anyways…t1gergal1993 spammed the DDNN Team but with no effect, as Dragonzrkool easily deleted the posts and Diamond Dynamite banned the account.

Onto the big news! SC666 is still out there folks, and all the accounts we have seen since the first…HAVE…




















“Just watch this video that I got from Akmayo, also known as Inuyasha. But please don’t credit me for this find…our good friend Akmayo is the one who filmed this clip:

I’ll just end it there and let AKH do the huge and definitely awesome post about this new evidence D

For those of you who find the video moves too fast to get the whole conversation, I’ve taken the liberty of writing it down ;D

AkmaYo wrote:

“Are you?”

Magdiel wrote:


AkmaYo wrote:

“lol, stop with the jokes”

Magdiel wrote:

“I stopped a long time ago though

someone else is foiling my name”

AkmaYo wrote:


Magdiel wrote:

“I’m not joking this time, I was SC

back then, I stopped now”

AkmaYo wrote:


Okay that’s it”

Magdiel wrote:

“Someone else is pretending”

AkmaYo wrote:

“Tell me now, stop


Magdiel wrote:

“I did

I said I stopped though

😦 “

AkmaYo wrote:

“To late. I told tiger :/”

Magdiel wrote:



I guess it’s time to bring him back”

AkmaYo wrote:

“He’s gonna hate you now, and it’d be your fault…”

Magdiel wrote:

“it’s not my fault, I said I stopped

last time was THE last time using the SC name”

So there we have the proof that Magdiel is SC, or at least has been in the past and may have shaped the ways of whoever is truly behind the SatanChild666 account today.

Now, at first, I believed this, like most people who read this will (that is, if you didn’t look at the title 😛 ) And I went to Magdiel’s account on YoYo to see what other people said about it.

There were no comments.

Where was the next place to look? DDNN of course, there must be something about it there instead of here.

What did I find …?

… in the DDNN Team Forum Topic “The: Magdiel =  SC explaination”

Magdiel wrote:

“Okay…..let me explain this the best that I can…

See, I was born in a way that makes me REALLY bored.

So, since I was talking to AkmaYo on yahoo, I decided to randomly say that I was SC, to see what happens.

I continued the sharade for….a long conversation, and, like an idiot, didn’t know when to stop.

This isn’t the first long boredom lie I’ve told, though :/

I’ve also pretended I was someone else that hacked me, ect.

I just get really bored :/ plus I was playing MS so I wasn’t paying attention to my human side.

So….yeah…..don’t be mad at AkmaYo for saying that I was SC, it’s completely my fault, for trying to make him believe that I was.

PLEASE, put all anger you have towards ME, okeydokey.

Sorry, and please understand that I’m an idiot :/


“btw, if you have no idea what I’m talking about, ignore this topic, or still put hate towards ME, pl0x”

Bzilla wrote:

“I HATE U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
wow…..well it was fun while it lasted”

Magdiel wrote:

“lol, wow.

Yeah, I need to think of better ways to entertain myself, a way that DOESN’T affect others 😛


Bzilla wrote:

“TO MY PS2 TO PLAY GU!!!!!!!!!!”

I wrote:

“YOU BITCH! D: j/k. I had my doubts it was you even when I saw the (poorly put together) video, although I’ve seen before how easy it is for you to change speaking styles, desu.

I’m kinda relieved about this really. if you had been SC all this time, then boy would that make me look stupid :\ … it’d also mean the end of SC, both on YoYo and on the blogs & forums, and things wouldn’t be the same without him. I, for one, have grown pretty attached to him. To me, he’s like a puppy with rabies. 😛 “

[for those who don’t remember, Magdiel used to end every line he wrote with “, desu”. I don’t think anyone really knew why, not even him. :\]

And so, you see know, we aren’t dealing with the exceptionally large scenario we appeared to be in – in fact, things are pretty much the same as they always were.

And I think that’s a good thing for me, the blogs, and our rabid puppy friend. 😀

Next up today we introduce what could replace the 7rlog as the third YoYo blog I often find myself linking to (the first and second being mine and tigerdude’s) – TurboX’s Blog! ^__^

And again, we will be following the story of the smes as his persistance to create a GM Movie to the tune of white n nerdy continues 😉 …

… on Yesterday’s Post: “”No, u gay, u do not steal my creations” + SatanChild666 returns + pokakaa returns”

tigerdude1993 wrote:

“lol. nice post today. and just in time, right before i have to go to school ;)

You missed something though! Tig3rdude1993 didn’t end his rampage on yoyogames…he went to a “copy” of DDNN, saigesforum, and spammed it with 50 topics. he threatened that he would go to DDNN, and spam them like SC666 would (wait isn’t he SC? but no, he’s me…damn i’m confused ) and everyone there’s freaking out D i made a topic about protecting DDNN from that porno freak, hopefully when SC’s account is created it will be instantly banned.”

TurboX wrote:

“I am sorry for never believeing you about mrsmes,WTF is his problem? its like he wants to piss me off

[to read TurboX’s First Post “Me messing with Tig3rdude1993”, click here.]

… on TurboX’s profile …

mrsmes wrote:

“yeah, I know P.S. I’m working on SONIC DANCE 3, WHITE N NERDY, right now it’s gonna be great.”

TurboX wrote:

“You have no right to make sonic dance 3, i created the dance series, make up ure own series, anyway u can’t because its a copyrighted song”

mrsmes wrote:

“yeah, so i beat u to making it, u haven’t made it yet, but really honestly if it can’t be Sonic Dance 3, let’s say it’s sonic dance 4, besides I have tons of roms to rip the resources from, and stax of songs, so maybe I could help out a bit, besides I got sprites from the sonic rush ds game, and edited them to look like sonic was dancing and singing, but honestly u got to love it, I am making it for u because I thought u would like it, because it’s funny and it fits in with the scene, I can so imagine sonic singing white n nerdy, that would be just wicked.”

TurboX wrote:

“I made sonic dance 3, but i got deleted because of copyrighted music, so fuck you, make your own series, I own the dance series, you autistict bastard

“Sorry about that last comment, but I get pissed off when people steal my ideas”

“I mean really sorry, but I get pissed off, when people steal my stuff”

mrsmes wrote:

“I just thought u might like it, so I was making it for u.”

TurboX wrote:

No, u gay, u do not steal my creations

mrsmes wrote:

“alright, I’ll give it another name like Sonic dance party, white n nerdy, I am really sorry I but I just wanted to make it a attribute to, ur series, but I suppose I can make my own like S0nic dance party, instead of sonic dance.”

TurboX wrote:

No. u will not even make a video

mrsmes wrote:

“well, can I make mario dance 1, white n nerdy and and that at the end as a bonus feature, to be optional, for those who want to watch it.”

TurboX wrote:

“just use mario”

mrsmes wrote:

“but I already edited a few sonic sprites, and made my own character called daniux, who is a hedgehog, a bit like shadow, except not as much attitude, but more silver the hedgehog like behavior.


LavaBall wrote:

“mrsmes just drop it, You can’t take a title by someone else as it’s like stealing candy from a baby, So use another title and for the sake of it don’t call it mario dance 1, The word dance is already stealing so call it something else.”

in pokakaa-related news, he’s still here. And he doesn’t seem to realise how annoyingly spammy he is. >_>

… in my inbox …

pokakaa wrote:

“I told you already My mom’s cell phone is not good with internet.”

[that bore no relevance, the PM I sent him yesterday was just a copy of my response on my profile]

… on my profile …

pokakaa wrote:

“I’m 12 what the fuck jeeze man just please in the future try to do some research first will ya

and I told you I did it on my mom’s cell phone”

[fucking idiot]

I wrote:

“Just get the fuck off my profile. I don’t care that you’re 12.”

[that’s probably deleted now]

And lastly for today comes the news I was supposed to start this post with – a new browser is like a new religion – I predict we will soon have twice as much preaching about which browser we should use now Google has released a (forcedly early) Beta of it’s web browser, Google Chrome. And in support of Google (or more, loathing of Firefox) I’ve downloaded it. You should too.



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  1. Chrome, another browser. I personally wouldnt download it. Appart from being no version for my platform, its been reported Chrome is full of security holes. Including but not limited to protocol handling through to allowing a page to download a file without prompting you.

    I have reservations about any browser that automatically searches on anything I type in and especially one that is from a site that makes money from advertising.

    Chrome may be open source (Chromium) but another browser from someone who has financial interests in commercial webpages?

    When Chrome does come out for ‘nix I certainly wont be considering it.

    BTW, AKH. Have you tested Chrome with Silverlight? Any problems?

  2. AKH, I have looked up all those IP addresses of Magdiels…they all lead to the same place (though i wont just give out his location here, anyone can see this). but I still have my doubts, why would anyone say that they were SC? isn’t that pretty stupid? the worst part was it wasn’t said on ddnn. if he said it on ddnn and then denied it, i would believe him. but he was chatting in private, and now he tries to deny it. and if you want some more of my little theories, then read my new post…i’m about to start making it now.


  4. […] lastly for today, go read the latest post on the AKH Log V4, and don’t forget to read the TurboX Log (which proves SC666 is Tig3rdude1993!). Thanks for […]

  5. try this for a theory.

    sc in his latest incarnation was typing in exactly the same style as he always had, so much so that it was the typing style that gave him away. Now imagine, if something has frightened him, maybe a warning from a website for his conduct. He panicks, he cant deny that his ip address is linked to sc, and he knows he has caused alot of trouble. with this in mind, he decides to take the blame foe some of the more recent efforts, but does not wantto be asociated with the whole lot.

    just an idea. sorry for the typos if there are any, im typing this on my mda.

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