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Yes, today saw the coming of SC’s big thing that he told us about yesterday – unfortunately, it wasn’t as impressive as I’d hoped for.

He successfully hacked mrsmes (on what is now his second attempt) and LavaBall, and he’s aiming to do it to ihatepenguins too, but how good is he really at this? has he finally shown the intelligient side we suspected him of having, or not?

… on Yesterday’s Post “AKH I have an answer is that is that OK + DiamondDynamite actually doesn’t have any friends : + tigerdude isn’t dead ^_^”

tigerdude1993 wrote:

“that timing of SC making a new account and the general chat coming back are just too coincidental. he’s gonna do it again. we should stop him.

diamonddynamite…the same thing happened to me (almost). oh and who cares about DDNN, all it’s become is some stupid nerd forum. i am one of the few survivors that hasn’t fallen into the trap of rick rolling and mario emotes. lol

yeah that brotherhood group…i’ve tried talking with the supposed group leader, Fireballice, about how stupid this group is now, but he hasn’t responded yet.”

Cheeze wrote:

“so guys how do i hack into another yoyogamers account?

how do i get his/her password and hack his account?

i want to hack nekru, smes and lavaball’s accounts so i need to know their passwords how do i do that?

thanks in advance”

I wrote:

(if you haven’t guessed already, Cheeze is SC)

tigerdude1993 wrote:

“AKH: i’ve got some important info about SC. i sent it over PM on yoyogames. I have reason to believe that SC is just a prank account. (sorry but that’s not in the PM…i’ll tell you later)

Cheeze: hey Sara D

I wrote:

Hmmm … well, the first of the links wasn’t our SC, I’m guessing SC are her initials and 666 is just put on the end because it’s a short/possibly common name (I’m known as AKH666 myself on one site) … as for the satanchild666 on DontStayIn, I don’t know, but it’s most likely a coincidence ;) the capitalisation isn’t right for a start.

The rest of the links are things I already knew about (although they’re before you joined YoYo) especially what I like to call the normal SC – he used to be pretty ordinary, in fact I didn’t know him until his second spam attack (with his first account >_>) and the release of the AntiSatanChild666 game you linked to (that’s when I really discovered who he was and got involved with the situation he’d caused).

if you ask me, it’s highly obvious that SC is a prank account P and I’ve believed that all along. ;) No one can genuinely spam twice and ask for forgiveness twice unless they have some sort of mental disorder – and believe me – SC doesn’t, he managed to fool us into thinking Enrai was a different person to him for all that time.

I don’t see how he got accepted by a majority of the community the first time, let alone twice … I’m telling you, this kind of thing only happens on a site where most of the users are 12 years old or younger. >_>

But anyway, thanks for the links, they should make a good addition to tomorrow’s post, and it’ll be good to see what other people think of them too.

[tigerdude’s PM coming up later today ;D]

tigerdude1993 wrote:

“ok, but are you sure that the website “” wasn’t him (or whatever the hell SC is)? seems like the speaking styles match. and do you know when SC first joined yoyo? not an exact date, but a year?

i just found this:

and one more thing. did you notice that SC666 is way more famous than me or you? if the SC account isn’t a prank, it’s probably just an attention stunt. and right now, we’re the ones keeping it going…”

paul wrote:

“Well I for one know that satanchild “knows” dutch (or at least: knows how to use a dutch translator): he tried to flame me once in dutch……”

I wrote:

““ok, but are you sure that the website “” wasn’t him (or whatever the hell SC is)? seems like the speaking styles match.”

I don’t know, it seems too fast if you ask me, there’s no punctuation.

“and do you know when SC first joined yoyo? not an exact date, but a year?”

Well, that’s easy ^__^ YoYo only started up in 2007, so that’s the year. I can’t put an eact date on it (although I could if the original SatanChild666 account hadn’t been deleted) but looking through General Chat, his first spam attack took place on October 23rd 2007. Judging by his story (he joined a role playing topic, broke some rules, got ignored and started to spam) he probably joined either at the beginning of October or sometime in September (I THINK it was October).

“i just found this:

… 404. : it’s not there, and I can’t find it on Google either.

“and one more thing. did you notice that SC666 is way more famous than me or you? if the SC account isn’t a prank, it’s probably just an attention stunt. and right now, we’re the ones keeping it going…”

Exactly. But I think it’s kinda fun P he doesn’t cause anyone any harm anymore, and since we’re the ones keeping it going, we get a share of the internet fame. XD

Whether SC is a prank account or not, he crossed the line with the type of spam attack he launched on a forum used by children (porn spam). I don’t know if he’s genuine (although that seems very unlikely), and in a way I’m not sure I care. ;) as long as we don’t lead him into spamming again, it makes for good blog material and little “fun”. >_>

“Well I for one know that satanchild “knows” dutch (or at least: knows how to use a dutch translator): he tried to flame me once in dutch……”

Yeah, I saw how he “knows dutch” too P maybe he used a translator on the french stuff he said to me. I’m gonna check that out, if he did then that makes things pretty confusing …”

[and I forgot to add: he deserves everything he gets off us, either way]

paul wrote:

“About his time being at yoyogames:
Deleted user SatanChild666 wants to be your friend. 357 days ago Delete

That was still way before the yoyo-attack, even before the site-move… He’s been at least a member for around 1-2 months before he asked to be my friend….”

[357 days ago was early September 2007, putting SC’s join date at either July or August 2007 (with YoYo starting 30th January 2007 – this is the join date for the people who pre-registered their GMC Forum Names there)]

Arrow Head wrote:

“mrsmes is no more and not even lavaball, i just hacked those guys and now i am in the process to hack ihatepenguins and all he has to do now is reply me his email and password as i told him i would help him on his goof or whatever crap D i bet he believes he falls for it too”

tigerdude1993 wrote:

“AKH: about the myspace…I swear I saw it, I’m going to check it again, if it comes up I’ll print screen it and put it on my blog.

Arrow-Head: Go ahead and hack IHP. that would be awesome ;)

I wrote:

“it’s true:

Looks like SC put a keylogger on them, then logged them out of YoYo so they had to enter their passwords. They have their accounts back now though by the looks of things (when your password is changed, it’s sent to your email address to combat people like SC).

Considering the insecurity of YoYo’s website, and the time-wasting manure that is the YoYo Games Virus Scanner, this wasn’t a hard task for SC. I assume he uploaded a GM Game which exported a keylogger (not made by him) to their computers when run, taking advantage of GM’s Include Files feature, then he just had to draw smes and LavaBall’s attention to it. I’ve experimentally gained access to people’s accounts before with a similar (more direct) method involving cookies.

A Warning to Everyone: if you see a game that looks like it’s targeted at you, do not play it. SC could be looking to hack your account, just report the game and leave it alone.”

… on AKH I have an answer is that is that OK’s profile …

I wrote:

“Not saying anything? Come on SC, we’re waiting for those “big things” you were talking about …”

Ivor Biggun wrote:

“Its the new profile of Satanchild!!!!

For those that dont know him, this is the guy that was outsmarted by Mrsmes.

This guy is not a hacker (so dont believe his lies) and knows as much about computing as a goldfish.

Oh and his spelling is terrible.

Have fun watching what he does next. – whatever it is, it wont work.”

mrsmes wrote:

“i hacked mrsmes so take your words back ivor biggun”

“No u didn’t SC, or who ever the hell u r, I wass still logged in, and this time after hearing about it, I changed my password, and now u r owned, LOL 4 v first time, by mrsmes.
that other guy who previously posted, was my imposer.”

[I love it when an account is fighting with itself, it’s hilarious. A rare occurrence too.]

… on my profile …

LavaBall wrote:

“AKH I am starting to think that the guy with many names is smarter then we think he is, He just hacked my and mrsmes account and deleted our games.”

I wrote:

“I know, check your sent items : he sent me a PM from your account. Did you play any games recently that looked like they were targeted at you? Or did anyone tell you about a game? Because if that’s the case, then it was probably SC (who’s newest account I see is “yyg staff” >_>).”

[make the connection]

… on mrsmes’ profile …

mrsmes wrote:

“any1, know who this member, yyg staff is, please let me, know because I’m not sure if this is right I got this letter, requesting from yyg staff, to give my email address, and password, to upgrade my account to a deluxe version, and I don’t know if this is a scam or not.

[it was]

And so, it is revealed, SC isn’t stealing accounts with intelligience, hacking skills, or the exploitation of YoYo’s vulnerable system of trust among members, but instead playing on the gullibility of the account’s current inhabitants.

if LavaBall had found out as we recently did that SC isn’t completely as stupid as he makes people think, then I don’t think he would’ve fallen into the trap.

Sinister96 wrote:

“shut up im a 5 year old? atleast im not a nerd, have games with terrible graphics, time to do whatever you want, i dont have time for the stuff you do with your big fat *** on the computer all day in the basement i would probabally like it better without all of that”

Ivor Biggun wrote:

“It is possible to take control of a webcam, but it would not be possible to make it snoop on you in other places in the house (it could only view the area it was pointing at)

That level of hacking is very advanced, and anyone with the level of knowledge to do that, wouldnt be wasting their time just snooping on random users. It wouldnt happen.

Mrsmes, if you are that concerned about your webcam snooping, either unplug it or cover it with a cloth.

Oh and Mrsmes that email you received is a scam. If they were really from Yoyo games, they wouldnt need to know your password.

If you get anymore, just ignore them.

mrsmes wrote:

“too late ivor biggun i just hacked into mrsmes profile >:)”

“Good thing, I didn’t log out, and I changed my password, he, he now this imposer called yyg staff, won’t be able to hack my account again and now he only knows my old password, and I gave him a fake new password, and I have the real password, he, he, Iwin again, @Arrow-Head: U will for ever be known as the idiot that got owned, not just once but twice by mrsmes.

… [^.^] …

i still have your account bitch


LavaBall wrote:

“Damned that son of a B…
SatanChild or better yet the guy with many names have crossed the line 😡 I will report yyg staff to the REAL Staff and have him banned, Mrsmes you should support me in reporting this idiot as well, He hacked my account and deleted my games and I see he deleted yours too.”

mrsmes wrote:

“he has 2 log out sooner or l8r, or I am going to tell a staff member, and he is going to be dead meat, when I hire a Assassin, I hope this idiot named SC dies, severely, in a slow painful agonizing death.

I just reported him already, and changed my password, and this idiot, still hasn’t logged out, my he is going to be in trouble, that son of a bleeping B…

[this stuff is hilarious]

LavaBall wrote:

“A message to the guy with many names

Even tough you hacked AND Deleted all my games you did next to no damage because I have a hard-copy of my games stored on my PC and on several websites for a start the famous so E.V.E X Is there and I have the .exe version of ZoniK Alpha stored on my computer and I have the source code of E.V.E 2 stored on my computer so you failed again SatanChild

Now for the uploads, I won’t upload my past games so E.V.E X And Alpha will not be on yoyogames anymore but E.V.E 2 Will be on yoyogames once I have another beta to show up(Don’t ask when will it happen, When I am in the mood of it I will work on it)”

[and for those who do get hacked by SC, mrsmes as always has a guide to help you out …]

mrsmes wrote:

LavaBall: I know how to deal with guys like this, I have just got rid of him this time I confirmed my password after changing it after logging out and then checking what he changed it to, when he logged, in and I don’t believe he actually called it Liquid, but he did, and it was just so funny because now that he is logged out and I am not telling him my new password he will never have access to my account ever again, never so u should log out and then check your email inbox, and then log in with the password he reset it to, and then change it, when logging back in, and he is logged out then and he no longer has access to your account because once the password is changed, well if he doesn’t know it then screw him.

Basically, he’s telling you to check your email address for any password changes SC makes. in 146 words. XD

You know what I noticed? Something terrible. Something horrible. SC changed the password on their accounts to “Liquid”. LIQUID. FUCK.

Do you know what this could mean? When the blog and forums were hacked, it was made clear to everyone who visited the forums that at that time I used the medium-to-low-strength password “water1” – water and liquid sure are similar. is SC leaving us another clue, or did he know I’d freak out like this, and decide to make it look like he was our hacker after all? For now I’m sticking with the latter, but if SC proves himself to have the intelligience he claims (which he certainly hasn’t done today), then I just might change my mind. <_< >_>

Next up today comes the matter of tigerdude’s PM. You may have seen me talking about it on yesterday’s post – the situation is that he’s been doing some research on SC, and yet more theories as to who he really is and what he’s really doing have been born. I replied and gave my views on what he said yesterday, now I want to see what everyone else thinks of what tigerdude found. I’ll paste the PM here, and before you see it, here’s a little background information: A lot of the links tigerdude found tell out the story of SatanChild666. He was originally (as I said yesterday) quite a normal user (although he did make a lot of typos) he took part in the Roleplaying Cinema topic in General Discussion back when it was still around. One day, he started to (as you will see from one of the links) “power play”, which basically is causing things to happen in the game that would not realistically (or by the game world’s “laws”) happen. He was ignored by the other members and this made him mad. In a strange turn of events, he then started to spam and from that day forth he was known around YoYo as the infamous spammer we look upon him as today. He came back with a new account (SatanChild666II) even while he could still use his old account and pleaded for a second chance. As most people already know, those with sense rejected him – and if NAL had been a mod at the time, we may have been saved the trouble of ever seeing SC again – but a few naive young christians gave someone who’s username still contained the word “Satan” a second chance.

After his second spam attack, the same thing miraculously happened for SC, with both opposing sides, the gullible and the responsible, waging war on a much bigger scale with more people, SC was still allowed another chance by many due to the powerlessness of YoYo’s moderators and the ignorance of YoYo’s Admins.

The Abadon account (which you’ll see a link to below) was one of SC’s first known multiple accounts that didn’t identify him as SatanChild666. You may also see links to SC’s games. I was never interested in those, but it is a known fact by a lot of YoYo “veterans” that SC made a war game or two both before and during the time of his spam attacks. Was he originally a genuine YoYo Games user? Had I been hanging around the YoYo Forums before things got interesting, I’d probably have more authority on the subject.

tigerdude1993 wrote:

“I’ve found tons of links that may reveal something about SC…could he be a girl? I’ve been out of school (upset stomach) and I’ve been looking for info about him…i’ve found this by looking through almost every link i could find that had something to do with sc.

look through every link, (maybe not the yoyo ones, you’ve probably already seen them). the last few links are pretty important.

so i’ve been looking at satanchild666’s profile on xanga and on this other place (dontstayin), and i’ve got a high suspicion that sc isn’t a guy (unless he’s gay of course :D)

if SC is a girl, she’s a prep, which means we’re pretty much on equal grounds (shudders at the thought)…except according to some emo looking freak, she’s a wannabe (hahahahaha. i hate wannabes).

well i’m gonna give you those links now…i’d rather you do a post on them, he is your enemy 😉 just make sure to credit me:


(this is from some website with the title “Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll”, i forgot the link)

SC666 said…

I am the President of the Association of traffickers in Damaia, and member of the national council of traffickers. I thus refute the assertion that when you said “I went to buy drugs damaia.” In Damaia no drugs, not selling drugs. The staff there is poor and has no money to buy or tobacco or vacuum cleaners, and so wound cigarettes on the banks of the garden and share with friends, to keep the house clean aspire to the nose all the dust of the house. Many of them are poor will not have money to go to the nurse, and apply their própias injections.

And lastly, tigerdude made a post on his blog. To read “Mrsmes Loves Alice”, click here. :



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  1. 3,405 words. 😛

  2. “Its the new profile of Satanchild!!!!

    For those that dont know him, this is the guy that was outsmarted by Mrsmes.

    This guy is not a hacker (so dont believe his lies) and knows as much about computing as a goldfish.

    Oh and his spelling is terrible.

    Have fun watching what he does next. – whatever it is, it wont work.”

    omfg ivor…i am gonna LAUGH MY ASS OFF when he hacks one of you next. i see it coming, I’m not gonna get hacked. you know this is the first time that i think you’re being ignorant, ivor. this is THE INTERNET. anyone can lie here.

    Fireballice responded (the leader of the Brotherhood) 😀 read it:

    “HEY! THE BROTHERHOOD IS A CP ARMY! [notice the all caps, and notice the comment about CP army, it’s already gay enough, you just made it worse] IT IS NOT A “CLUB PENGUIN FAN CLUB!” [yeah, it is] MY SITE WAS DELETED TWICE, SO THAT’S WHY THERE ISN’T MUCH THERE! [and why do you think it got deleted twice?] WHY DO U EVEN CARE ABOUT ME? [because you fucked up the brotherhood] AND CP ARMIES ARE 1 OF THE MOST POPULAR THINGS ON CP IF U EVER WENT ON! [CP is gay, so you must be really gay if you are popular on CP] AND I DIDN’T COPY THE NAME FROM ANYTHING! I MADE IT UP FROM SOMETHING AT SCHOOL! [nope, it’s a game, like TurboX said] GO DO SOMETHING ELSE! DON’T JUST MAKE ME LOOK LIKE A FOOL! [what do you think you’re doing right now? hahahaha!]
    “All for One and One for All!”! [do you have to put that in all of your posts and comments?]
    ~Fireball Ice
    P.S.WHY THE HECK R U EVEN DOING THIS!?” [cus you made the brotherhood gayer than CP, which is pretty hard to do]

    and lastly, i have to give you the link to the post fireballice made about me 😀

  3. […] Let’s get back on track. SC has returned (again) under the name “yyg staff”…He hacked Mrsmes, and then hacked Lavaball, using a KEY LOGGER. Ivor Biggun, you’ve been horribly mistaken. SC is smarter than you think. AM I THE ONLY ONE WHO UNDERSTANDS THIS? And what the hell is with the “You got owned by Mrsmes”? Read this quote I got from the AKH Log V4 (see the post, which is extremely awesome today, by clicking here): […]

  4. SC’s activities are just silly. What I dont like is when people put the word Satanchild and hacker into the same sentence. SC IS NOT A HACKER. He is a scammer of people with autism and a password guesser. THAT IS ALL. What he does, could be done by even the most challenged PC user.
    Lets look at his “skills”

    1.0 He can use a proxy. – Wow, do a search and you can find lists of insecure proxies. To use them, you can either find the “use a proxy” option on your browsers preferences menu, or there are many sites that you can enter a website into and they will re-direct you there via a proxy. You can even search for your own proxies with a package called Proxyhunter (and its free)

    2.0 He got into Mrsmes’s account – Wow, he sent a scam email which unfortunately Mrsmes fell for, however the real supprise was Mrsmes got the better of him again and stayed logged in. Getting the better of someone with Aspberges syndrome hardly makes anyone a hacker, and when he was outsmarted by him again, what does that make him?

    3.0 Posting porn to a forum – If posting pornography to a forum visited by children, makes someone a hacker, then SC is a grand master. I doubt it though, it just shows what a sick, perverted sexual deviant he is.

    4.0 He can create multiple Yoyo accounts – Does everyone think this is a sign of a hacker? Again, I doubt it.

    At best SatanChild is a pervert who got lucky and got access to an account, but then he was foiled again, and shows what level his intellect really is at.

    Please, lets go back to calling SC what he really is, that is a pervert nothing more.

  5. and adding to that. If rumours are true that he used a keylogger to get lavaballs password, you do all know that there are many programs out there that will create a keylogger which sends text to a specific email address. They are very simple to use and produce an EXE which will work if you can find someone to run it.

    Im sure that SC wouldnt have written a keylogger himself, just look at his previous form of half knowledge thats made him look silly in the past. If he really had that skill he would have done this ages ago.

  6. and to SatanChild who will be reading this and loving all the attention, a quick message:


    Come on SC lets see you hack the Ivor Bigguns account.

    His silly little stolen keylogger program wouldnt even work, I use Linux.

    So theres your challenge SC, get into the account of Ivor Biggun and then you can prove to us all youre so great.

    – Ill give you some tips Satan Child, if you cant get into my account, try brute forcing it. (search google and then you can learn another lame skill). Ill give you another clue, my password is over 10 characters long, that should mean if you use a sequentially increasing wordlist, it will probably take a decent brute forcer about a few months of solid work to guess.

    Come on people, we’ve seen the games that both Tiger and AKH have put onto the yoyo site, are we really saying that SC is smarter than these two and able to “hack”. On every occasion SC has been mentally “owned” by AKH and Tigerdude (and others)

  7. @everyone: I’m reallly, really wondering if “you were there during the first attack” :P.. If you were, you wouldn’t be so afraid of him.

    I still remember uploading his virus which he “learned to make from real hackers”.
    It was a file called: “virus.txt” which held this line:
    format c:\
    I remember explaining him that such a thing wouldn’t ever work at the yoyogames’ site! (I even felt a bit sorry for him. Everybody was laughing at him). Soon after that the “bug” was discovered at which people accidentally posted like 5-10 times at the same time (was just refreshing your browser while posting): and that’s when he killed the forums.

    THAT was his story ^.^ really, there was (and is) nothing to worry about SC.

  8. Yeah I forgot about that one. If he’s poor skills were not highlighted with my list, they certainly should be with Pauls comment.

    I remember now, he wasnt even sure of the term batch file. LOL.

  9. edit “he’s” should be his.

  10. Great… he wants to hack me. Good luck.

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