DiamondDynamite has no friends + mrsmes’ continuing dreams

August 27, 2008 at 12:18 | Posted in Everything | 7 Comments
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First of all, for those of you who logged in to YoYo today to find the “DiamondDynamite removed you as a friend” message in your inbox, he doesn’t really hate you 😛 just send him a friend request and you’re bound to be re-accepted. 😉 Now let’s take a look at the explanation for him having no friends XD

… on DiamondDynamite’s profile …

Chris Rosenfeldt wrote:

“=O u removed me as a friend!!!”

DiamondDynamite wrote:

“look every one i did a MASS friend removaly and just deleted all my friends

if you reslly wanna be my friend just send me a request”

[that’s not the explanation 😉 notice anything different about the way he’s talking?]

Chris Rosenfeldt wrote:


You have already requested DiamondDynamite to be your friend in the past 24 hours.”

food_ wrote:


saige_ra_2008 wrote:


Sinister96 wrote:

“omg chris has the most friends now

chris is the new nerd of the site”

DiamondDynamite wrote:

“look every one i did a MASS friend removaly and just deleted all my friends if you reslly wanna be my friend just send me a request

@sinister – nope Nekru does”

[actually, Nekru only has 209 friends, so the “most popular” member of YoYo Games is currently Chris Rosenfeldt with 251. ^__^]

quiznos00 wrote:


Ariodas wrote:

“Oh, okay.”

smile_a_lot wrote:

“ohhh thats why :P”

crimestarter wrote:

“i think im gonna kick ur metal ass”

supercarson7 wrote:

“i was deleted!, im sad”

crimestarter wrote:

“same here

why the hell did u do this

i reported my self”

[and now for the real explanation …]

DiamondDynamite wrote:

just add me as your friend

my sis deleted all my friends ='[

ʛʈ ʛɛɛʞ ʈɛɾɾɨʈȯɾɏ wrote:


[DUDE DUDE WTF IS UP WITH HIS NAME :O One of the rare instances where I copy and paste the name instead of the message into my post there 😉 ]

stupid guy person wrote:

“y did u take me off ur friends list :c”

“oh sry it wuzur sister lol :I”

roccm0nster wrote:

“Why did you remove me as a friend!!!! ='[!!
I don’t like you!”

Silverspark Games™ wrote:

“Why did you remove me as a friend as well? *sobs*”

roccm0nster wrote:

“WHY!!!! *sobs*”

thirtygig wrote:

“He removed me… THATS NOT FAIR”

I wrote:

“”my sis deleted all my friends ='[“

Oops. I wondered why you removed me. Imma send you a friend request now. ;D”

Silverspark Games™ wrote:

“Oh, sorry. Your sis did it.”

mrsmes wrote:

“So it’s not my actions or anything I done wrong, it was that u forgot to log out, before letting your sis your computer, or deal with her, or somethin, sorry if I made a mistake here.”

[lulz, what does he have about “dealing” with people?]

And on that smes-ish note, it’s time for your daily update on his funny-if-you-can-understand-what-he’s-saying comments on YoYo.

Today it would appear that his Microsoft-crushing aspirations have got the better of him again, and he’s been talking with Ivor Biggun (VOR) about programming …

… on mrsmes’ profile …

Chris Rosenfeldt wrote:

“why does sinister h8 u?”

Ivor Biggun wrote:

“Mrsmes, yep no problem. Id be happy to go through a few basics, although first of all, consider what type of application you would like to make. If it is a game, then because of your previous experience with GM, it will probably be easier in that. If you want to make an application, you may want to consider Delphi/Lazarus, it is similar in some ways to GM and is alot easier to learn.

If however you still do want to go down the C++ route, Id suggest first of all some really good sites. If youre interested, pm me. They will take you through at a pace that is suitable to you.
A few tips, when you start off, think small. Make simple programs that you can add to and build on. Nobody is able to jump into coding and write a masterpiece immediately. Have patiences and youll get there in the end.”

mrsmes wrote:

“Can DelphiLazarus, be used to make a newer language to expand the expand the functionality of a device, so long as the two devices are provided and the new OS, and software I am making for them are installed to the computer?
hmm… i’d like to discuss the rest over a pm.
@Chris Rossenfeldt: it’s because he is/was or may still be a bad member, look all I know is he has been known to give many, many people soo many problems on this site.”

And lastly for today, thanks to a late addition from me, yesterday’s post was the longest in this blog’s history at a staggering 5,044 words – twice that of any previously considered “long” posts. 😉 There’s also a tornado heading for tigerdude’s house, so he didn’t make much of a post. 😛

… on Yesterday’s Post: “mrsmes’ 13-15 year old brother (can’t remember) + Ivor Biggun’s LAGE Vocabulary”

tigerdude1993 wrote:

“OMFG TWO RECORDS! one AKH gets his longest blog post ever (pssh not even close to my 8000+ words enemies list, haha D ), and two a yoyogames member actually has a girlfriend! hahahahahahaha jk (except for the record AKH just made ;) )

a tornado may hit my house :0 if i dont post like i usually do, i’m dead ;D”

… in tigerdude’s post “OMFG TORNADO”

tigerdude1993 wrote:

“i think a tornado heading for my house is a good excuse for me not to post today.”



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  1. Ha, I didn’t know DD had so many friends… I don’t care about the friends list anymore anyway 😀

  2. OMG
    SC just sent me a PM with “If you take it with a grain of salt then the things will return and will haunt you” written in French.
    His newest account is at http://www.yoyogames.com/members/AKH%20I%20have%20an%20answer%20is%20that%20is%20that%20OK.
    The post count of General Chat is finally returning to normal (as of my post, it’s at -9 – just a few more and the forum will be fixed) I hope SC can’t break it a second time.

  3. Great news, everyone! General Chat has at last recovered from SC’s spam attack! 😀 The YoYo Games forums are fixed! ^__^

  4. i made an early morning post today, to make up for the no post yesterday…the tornado never formed around my house (thank god), but i really thought it was gonna hit. i haven’t seen a storm that bad in a few years.

  5. […] That’s all for today, thanks for reading. I edited the post and now I’ve got a link to AKH’s newest blog post. Click here to go read it. […]

  6. […] on Yesterday’s Post “DiamondDynamite has no friends + mrsmes’ continuing dreams&#8221… […]

    What a great quote by me.

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