mrsmes’ 13-15 year old brother (can’t remember) + Ivor Biggun’s LAGE Vocabulary

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That title will make more sense once you’ve read this post. 😉 With the beatiful absence of SC upon us, there are no arguments in the YoYo Games Community today, and in light of this, I’d like to show you all an entertaining forum post I’ve come across (with a little commentary from me ^__^) but remember that this post has a serious note to it as well – especially at the beginning …

… in the Forum Topic “Story of yesterday (scary + sad)(PG-13)”

DJDej wrote:

“Ok, basically, i had a INCREDIBLE day with my gf yesterday. We did things i thought i’d never do. But after she left around 5, some kids knocked on my door. They were 17. I’m 16. I never seen them in my life. So i opened the door, and they wanted me to come and hang out. They lived across the street yet i never seen them o.O… Anyways, I went over there, and they did things i wanted to get away from. They did just about every drug, drank alchohol as a daily habit, and like, Insane crap like that! And i’m glad they didn’t offer, cause i would surely decline. Drugs killed my dad, brother ran away cause of drugs, and my mom abandoned me cause of drugs. SO, the last thing i wanted was to see more of what tore my life apart. THAT wasn’t the bad part. They had a hunting rifle (REAL! NOT BB GUN) and it was loaded! I’m like “<removed> i could die here right now, i don’t know these <removed> people!” and we all went into the woods, i just tagged along to see how dangerous they were. and it turned out, they went hunting for squirrels, and somehow ended up pointing that gun in my face. So. When they come to my door again, I’m gonna say “My life is messed up as it is, i don’t want new friends right now” so they can back off. gf wants me to call the cops, but i’m gonna wait until they are tresspassing. I’m even afraid in my own home right now.

pilotteaml wrote:


Call the cops! Pointing a rifle + and underage drinking=arrest!

(offtopic: My NoScript deleted the ads 🙂 )”

Peter Porky wrote:

“Lol, what kind of drugs did they do?

Weed can’t kill you. I’m for the legalization of that.

Other than that… those guys are pretty messed up…”

tdub311 wrote:

pilotteaml wrote:

“(offtopic: My NoScript deleted the ads 🙂 )”

what do you mean”

pilotteaml wrote:

“It was off topic, does it matter? (The browser extension I had deleted the adds on this site!

Peter Porky wrote:

“Weed can’t kill you. I’m for the legalization of that.”

I’m guessing you’re a fan of mind-altering drugs? 😛 “

Dinsdale wrote:

“Things you thought you’d never do?
What are those?


DJDej wrote:

lol very personal things dinsdale. things you won’t know about for another 5-6 years ;]

I know, But not yet. I dont want to get caught up in drama. cop call = one of them getting arrested and telling thier gang friends = my house burning down -.-

@Peter porky
They said they did weed, and cocaine. yet i seen used needles laying around, indicating they did heroin too. I could only imagine if they did meth and stuff too.”

Peter Porky wrote:

“it said that they did every drug imag”


Dinsdale wrote:

“5-6 years? When I’m 21? O_O”

JAk HAk wrote:

“That’s scary. I’m glad I don’t have neighbors like that.”

NAL wrote:

DJDej wrote:

“Ok, basically, i had a INCREDIBLE day with my gf yesterday. We did things i thought i’d never do.”

Did she take you bungee jumping?”

aracnoX wrote:


pilotteaml wrote:

“I wanna go bungee jumping! 😦 “

GmMkr wrote:

“I think we all know what he’s saying they did.

Now the question is, is it true?


Also, maybe it’s not as big as we think.

[I don’t know what he’s talking about there, and I’m not sure I want to.]

OmegaKrai wrote:


DJDej wrote:

Lol its not sex you pervs, but its close xD. But yeah dinsdale, you got some ball dropping to do 😛 and John(GmMkr), Grow up xD. and yeah NAL, she did a special bungee jump XD”

[come on, admit it, it was anal fisting, wasn’t it?]

GmMkr wrote:

“O.o I didn’t say anything.
It’s your dirty mind assuming.”

DT-170x wrote:

“Sick perv”

DJDej wrote:

“Who said it, dealt it D:”

aracnoX wrote:

DJDej wrote:

“Some kids knocked on my door. They were 17. I’m 16. I never seen them in my life. So i opened the door, and they wanted me to come and hang out. They lived across the street yet i never seen them o.O… Anyways, I went over there… “

“I’m like “<removed> i could die here right now, i don’t know these <removed> people!” and we all went into the woods, i just tagged along to see how dangerous they were.”

You got some great logic there,(and if no one noticed major sarcasm)”

DJDej wrote:

“Well, I never judged a book by its cover. and boy did it pay its price.”

aracnoX wrote:

“I would if the cover was hideously ugly.”

DeathandGrim2 wrote:

“Diggity Damn I had a similar story that happened 8 years ago, except the guys tricked me into thinking we were being stalked by a killer, while we were way up high in a treehouse. That was f^%#$% up when found out it was a trick.

And DJ i’m sorry to hear that your about family man, my condolences

also with neighbors like that? WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU LIVING DAWG? Brooklyn?”

The Smooth wrote:

“Why would your neighbours thinks of taking drugs”

[He’s 10]

Dinsdale wrote:

DJDej wrote:

“Lol its not sex you pervs, but its close xD. But yeah dinsdale, you got some ball dropping to do 😛 and John(GmMkr), Grow up xD. and yeah NAL, she did a special bungee jump XD”

Been there done that bought the t-shirt.”

[your left hand doesn’t count 😛 ]

NoBull Maker wrote:

“Dudes just remember there’s younger people using the site.”

The Smooth wrote:

“yes… like me
I’M 10”

DJDej wrote:

“they use drug references in spongebob squarepants, whats a dose of reality gonna do? make 9 year olds do drugs? its thier choice to read it. I just thought i would give everyone a good laugh or scare.”

NoBull Maker wrote:

“I’m not neccesarily talking only about you but just keep it in mind.”

The Smooth wrote:

“I know you’re not I’m just trying to make your side of the argument stronger”

DJDej wrote:

“Here, I got a an idea”

[this is about the time (PG-13) was added to the title]

BillyGoat_and_1CoolCat wrote:

If you didn’t know the people how did you know how old they were?
If seemingly all your immediate family is dead then who do you live with?
@ other
if anyone sincerely believed what this guy said, then they should think a little bit harder next time someone tells them a story like this one.”

DJDej wrote:

“Lol if this is a joke as your saying, its one stupid joke. I would rather say a dane cook joke then this long story lol. But, anyways, They told me how old they were, it was mixed in the with conversation of the drug usage. And i live with my sister, but shes a medical assisstant, shes never home.”

NoBull Maker wrote:

“I meant that towards DJDej. By the way PG-13 if young people even understand that it’ll just make them want to read it more, no offence.”

mrsmes wrote:

“Argument, Woah I can c where this going 2 derail I’ve ridden that train b4 and it crash landed and went smack and blew 2 a zillion I survived it though, and yes incase any1 was wondering I meant we r sliding off topic and that kind of train crash and got twisted and bended through the loop and gone round the twist of some insane minded members, of whom I shall not speek they know who they r, and man that’s a scary situation, 2 be in @DJDej: call v cops already, they were even tress passing, any way I may not have mentioned this b4 but when about to take a shower and just getting in at home, my bastard(possibly drunk) brother aged 13-15(can’t remember) pulled v bath room door off with his bear hands and I was so scared and disappointed and just frightened, and he was like, “Move…” and bloody hell I got my stuff out and ran to my room and got changed, that’s v last time I am ever getting in v shower first thing in the morning, at v top of my day, and that’s a true story no matter how much of a horror story it may seem, and please don’t get this the wrong way I was not naked, at the time, if any of u were wondering. I won’t mention his name as he will probably smash me, and give me a lecture as 2 why I even posted this true story about the event on the internet, but it had 2 be told and yes right now I am thinking, “Call, v cops, Call v cops”, “Call, v cops, Call v cops”.”

Nailog wrote:

“Let’s keep this topic clean. Simply putting (R) in the title wouldn’t save a topic from a lock or deletion. Neither will (PG-13).”

DJDej wrote:

That was the hardest thing i have ever read in my life ._. I dont see really how junkies across the street have to do with you taking a shower, but whatever floats your boat.”

[Am I the only one who understands the smes? D:]

OK, as it seems pretty obvious to me that a lot of people don’t speak smes, let me translate for you.

Smessy went to get in the shower when his younger brother (whose age he can’t remember – definitely something to do with his autism) of, most likely, 15 either pulled the door off with his hands (who believes that?) or simply opened it and forced the smes out (which wouldn’t have been hard, physically or just with words [which is what happened here]).

As is pretty obvious, mrsmes didn’t understand the situation and got scared, although it’s not exactly the kind of thing you could do to a normal person, here we have proof that a lot of mrsmes’ family abuse his condition to get their way.

This is not right.

Now, on with the show.

shadow_111 wrote:

“Dude, if what you are saying is true, YOU ARE A COMPLETE IDIOT!!! Why in the world would you ever do any of the things you said you did? I’m 13, but I mean HOLY CRUD!
what were you thinking?”

DJDej wrote:

“I told you, i respect other people way too much, So i give them a chance. and they took that way to thier advantage. in other words, yeah, i am a complete freaking idiot lol, but i learn from my mistakes. lesson learned is dont make new friends.”

NoBull Maker wrote:

“Trust me, not making freinds ’cause of one bad apple isn’t a good idea.”

DJDej wrote:

“Well, I had 1 friend all my life, and it isnt that bad. no drama that way xD”

NoBull Maker wrote:

“Yea but you won’t learn to deal with a wide range of people and what if you want to throw a party?”

mrsmes wrote:

“@DJDej: I am just so glad that your not like LavaBall, he is 2 to confusing 2 understand he is, either be more soft, or be a little harder on the guys around here, or in between, @ times, but as long u keep v game simple play I can keep in line with the style of game play u want, let’s not go to advanced, U realise this has do with socializing, and it’s not junkies across v street with me, it’s my 13 year old brother ‘ Robbie White ‘(does v name ring a bell), he is a junkie, he claims to want to grow up to be a gangster, and taking the shower door off was not the first move, he has made threats to kill me, or smash me with in 1 hit so hard I will never breathe again if, I don’t obey him and his orders, such as ‘ move ‘ the one he used when I was getting out of the shower, he is a type of person who appears to always be aggro.

if you’ll allow me to take over again …

So, here we have a name. A different surname to that of the smes (mrsmes’ real name is Aaron Wise) not an uncommon thing, but it adds on to my “mrsmes is a small part of an unhappy family” theory. We also have an age. I highly doubt a 13 year old could pull a door off with his bare hands, I think what I said earlier (he just opened it) is more likely, but hey, maybe they have weaker doors in Australia.

Do you see how confused mrsmes’ real life makes him?

OK, that was my last interruption, I’ll carry on now. ^__^

DJDej wrote:

“Im sorry to hear that, must be frightning everyday.”

mrsmes wrote:

“thanks 4 feeling my pain, and besides, well here is something frighteningly scary I found a report of on Youtube, this is a state of emergency, tell your friends, tell your family, tell your uncle and aunt, and buddies, and best friends any one u know:
calling a state of emergency, new malware product claiming 2 be anti virus picked up with footage on youtube, c v video, link here:
name, of other application used in the video in the link above: Antivirgear
4 new threats Identified, SpyDawn, SpyLocked, SpyCrush, SpywareQuake, and here is a link to all of them in one footage video, c link here:
fake antiviruses, listed and tested in this video here:

[OK, so that’s not exactly scary, but it shows how much mrsmes uses computers to escape the real world 😉 ]

luke_escude wrote:

“Yeah I recently got that virus, unfortunately. I got rid of McAffee, and now I have Norton 360, and it is doing perfectly.

Also, Mrs. Mes, What does V mean? In the posts I’ve seen, you have a strange v where the word “The” is supposed to be.

Just wondering”

[ha ha, that was unintentionally very insulting.]

Ivor Biggun wrote:

“I think the simple answer to all this, is not install software unless you have a link and a recommendation from a legitimate site. Its very easy for anyone to create a flashy website and advertise a program which is really a piece of malware.

Its like picking up food off the pavement and eating it. You wouldnt do that, so why do people insist on downloading malware?

Its the same with websites, if you click on a link that tells you to install anti-virus software, should you do it? Would you accept food off a stranger in the street? I hope not. Have a bit of sense, have a firewall, take precautions these are all very easy and obvious steps to take. Or alternatively you could switch to Linux which is secure enough not to even need a firewall.”

DT-170x wrote:

“You and you Linux, Linux will get virus and you need a firewall on everything. NO “OS” is perfect.

Ivor Biggun are you bias or what you got a problem everything else then Linux.”

[while you just have a problem with everything, DT-170x. ^__^]

luke_escude wrote:

“Well Unix/Linux don’t have viruses, because no one was ever able to make viruses for those OS’s.

Ivor Biggun and I are not saying it is impossible for Linux/Unix to get viruses, just it is highly improbable… Just like Mac.”

DT-170x wrote:

“Every one is using Windows so they tend to have lots of virus. Linux is not very popular so they don’t have that much viruses. It like demand if Linux popularity go up so does the viruses. But all computer can be hack upon.

[anyone know what country this guy’s from?]

luke_escude wrote:

“Linux is extremely popular.

WalMart, Target, Grocery Stores, Clothing Stores, most companies, and regular people use Linux as their main OS or as a base OS.”

DT-170x wrote:

“Really, I don’t see Linux I only see a Soup up Dos graphic on a screen.

Is Linux can read Windows if so they can get windows viruses.”

luke_escude wrote:

“Linux Cannot read Windows

There is a Windows emulator for Linux called WINE… The Windows OS on Wine can get viruses, strictly because it is Windows.”

DT-170x wrote:

“Then some one told me a lie.

I hope Linux get a anti-virus software before a MAD hacker start planted virus on a unprotected OS.”

luke_escude wrote:


So what would this hacker program the virus in? ShellScript?

(I just cracked myself up)

[OK, this is getting geeky now >_> actually I think it got geeky as soon as the word “Linux” was mentioned …]

DT-170x wrote:

“Is that a joke.”

luke_escude wrote:

“A Linux programmer would take it as a joke.

If you tried Linux, you would understand our joy in using it”

DT-170x wrote:

I am proudly a windows person and stay that.

[you’re making us all look stupid! D:]

luke_escude wrote:

“Awesome. I respect your opinion.”

Ivor Biggun wrote:

DT-170x wrote:

“You and you Linux, Linux will get virus and you need a firewall on everything. NO “OS” is perfect.

Ivor Biggun are you bias or what you got a problem everything else then Linux.”

Ive had to quote you, as you obviously dont understand what I am trying to say.

I love a debate as much as anyone, however when one party bases their argument off a “half knowledge” then it sort of ruins it.

Firstly, you obviously dont understand how and why linux works, otherwise you wouldnt have made that silly remark. A linux distro is built upon a compiled kernal, that is mostly unique from other distros. In order for malware to infect a linux system, it would first have to dynamically modify itself to the code structure that your distro is using, then once it had done that it would have to find a way to get the relevant permissions to start altering your system. It is very difficult in Linux for even the legitimate user to accidentally mess it up. (This is a very basic description of why Linux is a virus/malware secure, but since youre working off half knowledge I thought id keep it simple)

If you take a look at my other Linux posts, you’ll see Im not Linux biased and infact encourage people to continue using Windows if they are happy with it.

You were right (sort of) in one respect in that no OS is completely secure, however if malware and virus’s are such a worry to you, wouldnt you be better off with Linux? BTW Linux’s security features have been copied by MS in its Vista release (although badly) and if you look at recent tech press, there is an unsolvable exploit in Vista that is far worse than any XP hole. Just google the topic.

If I am biased towards Linux in your opinion, fine, but please, if you are going to debate with me at least do me the courtesy of having a proper knowledge on the subject. I wouldnt debate about Windows if I didnt know much about it, but since I have over 12 years (not to mention the time spent as a hobby) in the computer industry, I believe I am qualified enough to debate the matter.

Oh and can I add DT-170 you DONT need a firewall to run Linux. It is secure enough, and whilst there are firewalls out there for Linux, running it without one is far more secure than running Windows with one. If you doubt what I say, again, google it, and whilst youre there, learn a little about Linux and then when you come back we can have a coherent argument.”

luke_escude wrote:

“Ivor Biggun, you have the LAGEST vocabulary of anyone in these forums.”

[it’s so lage]

Ivor Biggun wrote:

“Thanks, I think.

Its not difficult though. Im sure the majority of people here are just as capable of the same posts. To be honest its really more of my posting persona to use longer words, its sort of similar to the “peoples eyebrow” (for those WWE fans)

I can assure you I dont speak like this is real life, although I do believe that taking care over ones vocabulary and grammar is a matter of politeness when speaking with someone.”

GmMkr wrote:

“Not to mention that he’s not the only one here who knows how to spell.”

Ivor Biggun wrote:

“LOL – No I dont.

Its called a firefox plugin!

But thanks for the spelling compliment!”

GmMkr wrote:

I can spell because of the plugin.
I don’t use it anymore because I got used to typing without error.

Still when a word comes across that I have no idea how to spell
the plugin is right there.”

aracnoX wrote:

“Why is this topic still alive.
It’s completely off-topic now.”

Ivor Biggun wrote:

“Maybe because people have moved the subject on and its now a forum for a friendly chat with like minded individuals?

If thats enough to lock a topic, then fine. But thats not a decision for us to make.”

NoBull Maker wrote:

“Wow, dude even that guy from “V for vendetta” would think you have a big vocabulary.

(in case you don’t know “V for vendetta” is the awsomest movie EVER (besides the Born series (and “Casino Royale” (and a few others))))”

OK, now Imma give you a little something extra, even if it is coming late in the day.

it’s an edited version (read: more detail, more events 😉 ) of the account of what I can officially say was the worst day of my life. 😀

AKH presents: the Worst Day of AKH’s Life ^__^

Date: 24th August 2008

6:55 AM: Wake up

7:15 AM: Pec push-ups, relying on my phone’s stopwatch for timing.

7:57 AM: Jogging, relying on my phone’s stopwatch for timing.

8:21 AM: Bicycle crunches

9:00 AM: My mom walks in, after the usual knock and are-you-masturbating-or-not wait even though I’ve never been caught (although it did save me one time! ;D). Oh, and in the words of mrsmes, “don’t get this the wrong way I was not naked, at the time, if any of u were wondering”. ^__^

9:00 AM: Mom: “I’m just gonna walk the dog, Ad, will you have used the bathroom by 20 to 10? I’ve got to wash my hair yet and we want to leave for the safari park by 10.”


9:00 AM: Thought: “… Looks like Mom wants to use some of those cheapo ‘day-out’ vouchers and go to that crappy zoo off the TV. *sigh* Hey, maybe I can get a picture of a penguin on my phone. I could make a joke out of that.”

9:00 AM: Thought: “I won’t even be dressed by 9:40, and I wanna tell them to go without me, but lying down and bending over as if engaging a vain attempt to suck my own cock is not a position in which to talk.”

9:00 AM: Me: “Yeah … well, I’ll be using it …”

9:00 AM: Thought: “We should be back by about 4:00. Man, my blog post is gonna be laaaaate.”

9:21 AM: Tricep push-ups, relying on my phone’s stopwatch for timing.

9:24 AM: Thought: “if I tell them to go without me, Mom’ll be unhappy, which will make my stepdad unhappy, and he’s always working away from home. Imma have to do this for him. *sigh again*”

9:24 AM: Thought: “Fuck, I’m gonna miss the last day of the Olympics and all.”

9:24 AM: Fury. The mattress beside me was punched several times.

9:41 AM: Flop on to the bed to dry off (push ups make my back reeeeeal sweaty ;D).

9:43 AM: I Put on a T-shirt and Jeans.

9:44 AM: I open my bedroom door.

9:44 AM: Mom arrives back in the house.

9:44 AM: Mom: “When are you coming down Ad?”

9:44 AM: Thought: “Why does that always happen?”

9:44 AM: Me: “Right now!”

9:45 AM: I Go downstairs and grab breakfast.

9:46 AM: Mom: “I’ll wash my hair first, then I can dry it while you use the bathroom.” (in response to me eating) ”Don’t rush, don’t rush!” (Trust me, I was in no hurry to go, I’m just a fast eater).

9:47 AM: Drink ~300 ml of milkshake.

9:52 AM: Drink >300 ml of water as cup 1 of 8 for the day.

10:00 AM: Mom finishes washing her hair.

10:00 AM: Drink >300 ml of water as cup 2 of 8 for the day.

10:01 AM: Thought: “One more to drink before we go to keep up with my usual before-12 amount. GRAAAAH!”

10:01 AM: Use the bathroom.

10:12 AM: Drink another 300 ml+ of water as the third cup of the day’s eight.

10:15 AM: We get in the car and leave.

10:20 AM: Using the power of my phone, I attempt to put a comment on this blog for you guys.

10:22 AM: After successfully guessing the URL to yesterday’s post, I find out that the “Document” is “too large”. >_>

10:23 AM: I decide to try and leave a message by writing a post. “HTTP 403 Forbidden” digitally shouts my phone.

10:23 AM: I close the phone to make it disconnect. The phone breaks. I’m not fucking kidding you. D:

10:24 AM: I try to revive my phone, to no avail.

10:26 AM: Thought: “Man, I really am starting to believe this whole karma thing.”

10:30 AM: The result of drinking over 1250 ml of water starts to set in.

11:15 AM: Thought: Naked girls.

11:16 AM: Thought: “An erection does not fend off the urge to pee! D:

11:30 AM: I think of yet another reason why I shouldn’t have gone on this trip.                    –-> Missing that *LIVE* pissed me off more than missing the end of the Olympics, and that only happens once every 4 years. ;)


12:00 NOON: Thought: Naked girls.

12:00 NOON: Thought: “Hey, it can’t hurt to try it again.”

12:15 PM: I tilt my head to the left and rest it on my shoulder in my cross-legged pain. I must’ve looked like a wide-eyed Stephen Hawking without the glasses and bad hair … and machine that talks for you … which I could’ve done with! >.<

12:20 PM: it takes a strong man to hold 1250 ml of water for 2½ hours, but I just had to go. NOW. D:

12:21 PM: the moment of release begins.

12:21 PM: Thought: “Man, I have never felt my bladder so hard or seen my penis so small. That thing must’ve be down to like, 2 inches … maybe even 1.5, I don’t know, I don’t carry a ruler around with me.”

12:23 PM: the moment of release finally ends. Ahhhhhhh …

12:30 PM: it starts to rain.

12:30 PM: Thought: “Fucking hell, I just know we’re going to end up walking around this place in the freezing fucking rain … maybe I’ll break my all-time smallest penis record again today. D: it’s not fair, I don’t have a layer of fat keeping me warm like they do!”

12:45 PM: We arrive (late) at the Safari Park and *I* discover that it is in fact drive-thru. At this point the rain subsides, by the way. >_>

1:20 PM: Lunch. And about fucking time too.

1:40 PM: Our Safari venture begins, and the only the thing that might be remotely interesting during this journey – the commentary and music on the radio – is killed in favour of a pointless CD provided by the park (obviously as a way for them to make more money). To all the employees at Longleat Safari Park: I hope you die in a furnace. Especially you, Darren Beasley, could your voice get any more annoying? (jk ;P)

1:40 PM: Thought: “Fuck this, I’m going to sleep.”

1:40-3:10 PM: Sleep fail. (

3:15 PM: “We” decide to look around the gigantic mansion of a man born in to riches but belonging in an insane asylum. I just know I’m not going to get back for 4:00.

3:30 PM: Thought: “Lord Bath can suck my balls.”

4:10 PM: We leave at last. >_>

5:00 PM: A traffic update on the radio interrupts one of the world’s greatest songs, Sam Sparro’s Black and Gold. >_<

5:50 PM: Mom: “Do you fancy a chinese?”

5:50 PM: Thought: “The decision is already made. >_>

5:50 PM: Me: “Yeah, OK.”

6:15 PM: We get back home.

6:16 PM: I plug my phone into it’s charger to see if that can revive it. Insanely, it does – the phone turns on again to my delight. Looks like it’s just a charger issue.

6:20 PM: We eat.

6:35 PM: “The Planet’s Funniest Animals” comes on TV. As Bobserge might say, “injury+=insult” (it’s adding insult to injury).

6:40 PM: I get online to write this post.

7:45 PM: Thought: “Dude, this is the LAST time I go on a day out with my Mom and stepdad. I am just too old for this crap now, however much they want me to go with them. I hate it when people waste not just my time, but my entire day. D:<

7:47 PM: I hit the Publish button.

20:01 PM: Thought: “Dude, I need to eat again (you know how chinese food is 😛).”

20:14 PM: Time for my usual flawed logic – a shower before a night time workout. Hey, it’s not like I’m sharing my double bed with anyone. >.<

20:30 PM: Out of the shower at the usual too-early time, despite efforts to change it. *sigh*

21:00 PM: The TV Show Big Brother comes on, and after allowing more than enough time to dry my short hair, I start my nightly workout with my awesome session of 20 minutes’ Bench Dips.

21:42 PM: After finishing my workout I take off my sexy weight-handling sock-gloves (I’m a master at playing with socks) and throw myself on the bed to relax for the last 15 minutes of any good night time TV.

22:00 PM: I unplug my fully-charged phone to see if it can work independently. Predictably, it doesn’t. At all. I didn’t think my day could get any worse but there it just went. >_>

22:00 PM: Thought: “Dude, it’s like I’ve been thrown up into the air and smacked back into the ground. This is so much like that stupid ‘Grant a wish, only for it to be corrupted’ forum topic it’s not even funny. ):<

22:05 PM: Lastly, for all those who need closure, I get in to bed for an early night. And fuck, did I need it. :(



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  1. DUDE. 3,618 WORDS.


  2. Nice post. A true record.

    Btw, I think mrsmes likes my games, because he made a comment on my guestbook saying nice things about my games. And it didn’t take 500 characters. 🙂

  3. I just added in an edit of yesterday’s story, that makes this now the longest post in my blog’s history at 4,997 words! 😀 ^__^

  4. One thing I’m amazed at is how no one’s said “TMI” yet. 😛

  5. >.> Yeah well….I didn’t want to be rude DX.

  6. OMFG TWO RECORDS! one AKH gets his longest blog post ever (pssh not even close to my 8000+ words enemies list, haha 😀 ), and two a yoyogames member actually has a girlfriend! hahahahahahaha jk (except for the record AKH just made 😉 )

    a tornado may hit my house :0 if i dont post like i usually do, i’m dead ;D

  7. “Ok, basically, i had a INCREDIBLE day with my gf yesterday. We did things i thought i’d never do.”

    lol he’s probably lying. wait, i take that back, if gf stands for “guy friend” 😆

  8. “>.> Yeah well….I didn’t want to be rude DX.”

    HA HA 😀 I was wondering why you weren’t commenting. 😛

    Oh, and everyone, in defense of
    “20:14 PM: Time for my usual flawed logic – a shower before a night time workout.”
    it’s the kind of thing that you don’t realise has happened until it’s too late >_> And I make up for any smell of man on me with *a lot* of body spray. Too much, even (it makes me feel sick when I lie in the area I was in when I sprayed it 😛 ) I’m saving any routine changes for when I go to college (that’s just over a week’s time 😉 ) it’s extreme procrastination.
    Oh, and in the words of the smes, when my Mom walked in in the morning “don’t get this the wrong way I was not naked, at the time, if any of u were wondering”. ;D

    After the addition of that (as well as a little ending), the post is now 5044 words long. ^_^

    And I promise everyone this is the last taste of my life you’ll get. ;P

  9. “And I make up for any smell of man on me with *a lot* of body spray.”

    lol i do the same thing. i got a bottle of axe for school, for gym class 😉

  10. […] on Yesterday’s Post: “mrsmes’ 13-15 year old brother (can’t remember) + Ivor Bi… […]

  11. XD Ewwww! Mass amounts of body spray make me gag @_@. =/ oh well….better than smelling like you haven’t put deodarant on ^^’ I guess…

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