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it might be too early to talk about this, but I think I know what happened, with a little help from me, something that should’ve happened a long time ago … and that’s all I’ll say for today. 😉

All of Arrow-Head, Spazz, and Lumine**’s comments have been deleted (again), and there hasn’t been a word from him since, nor from any other of the believable members of his “elite team” – those being Lumine**, SatanChild666, Enrai, ihatepenguins, Arrow-Head, Sillyboy (also known as dnny420 and gamemaker420420), Tentusa (suspected to be SC’s account a looooong time ago by LavaBall), and Spazz.

Now, a lot of those are definitely all the same person – SatanChild666, Arrow-Head, Spazz, and Lumine** are all the person who originally went by SatanChild666. Tentusa (who has many unused double accounts with a similar name – remind you of anyone?) was suspected by LavaBall to be SC all that time ago when SC had his *first* account. The story of Tentusa is that he came to annoy LavaBall (by downrating his games and insulting and annoying him – this is shortly before the days of spamming) from the forums, where he was a mod, and that’s where SC seems to have got the idea of pretending Makke is helping him (Makke was also known for coming from

So, assuming Tentusa was SC (and if you remember how Tentusa acted and wrote, you would), could SC be any of the other people on his “elite team”? sillyboy – with two obvious alternate accounts known as dnny420 and gamemaker420420 – is known for creating the terrible “megadroid” games, trying to make them look as if they had the “#1 Staff Pick” award (which never has and never will exist) through simple edited screenshots, and rating them up with many multiple accounts. Could this have been SC? I don’t know. But SC’s knowledge of the account’s existance, their speaking styles (from what I can remember) and the times when he and it were most well known in the YoYo community coincide quite well and form a good theory – has YoYo been the victim of just one spammer all this time? Obviously, ihatepenguins is not SC, tigerdude knows him in real life and SC spammed YoYo well before tigerdude probably even knew about the site. The chances of IHP being SC are in the millions-to-1 category, but IHP has never been a real spammer, just an unfunny and easily silenced (by tigerdude 😉 ) mrsmes impersonator.

We all know how bad Enrai became, and although until very recently I have maintained that Enrai is a different person, I’m now starting to think I was wrong all along.

How did I prove Enrai was a different person to SC? I got him to comment here and I checked his I.P. against all other IPs used by commenters in this blog’s history. His was unique, and nothing like SC’s, so under the assumption that SC had used his real I.P. address at least once, I said that Enrai and SC were different people. But we all know now that SC ALWAYS hides his identity.

Then what happened? Do you remember? Enrai turned on us within days. And shortly before Enrai “left”, his speaking style had become *identical* to that of SC’s (it was just like how Arrow-Head and Spazz talk now). My friends, I propose to you that Enrai in fact HAS been SC all along, and that all this time we’ve been dealing with just one surprisingly clever spammer. >_> He already proved that he can do a double act (the undeniably SC Arrow-Head and Spazz).

What do you think to this? The only person on that list that, in my opinion, has a chance of not being SC is sillyboy, on the grounds that he seemed to have much worse English than SC and he didn’t comment as much … but we’ve all seen how SC can manipulate his own online speaking style, and that all took place in earlier days, back when SC was first finding his spammy feet on YoYo. 😉

And now it’s time to move on to the YoYo News.

tigerdude today has made a post on his blog about his time before YoYo – and the regret he feels about it.

… in tigerdude’s post “Truth Telling Time” …

tigerdude1993 wrote:

“Ok. This is going to be one of my saddest posts ever…and I don’t mean *cry cry* sad.

I know you all love coming to my blog, reading about how me and AKH and VOR, along with the others, shame lamers from Yoyogames. Well it’s time that I gave you some of my ‘net history, some of the things that happened BEFORE I came to Yoyo.

This is, unfortunately, a sad tale. Back before I even knew about Game Maker, before I became a middle schooler, I used Club Penguin.”

… [Club Penguin – a terrible thing. Oh wait, there’s more …] …

“By 6th grade, which is middle school, all my friends quit Club Penguin because of the immense amount of users. I didn’t quit. I soon got bored. “What to do?” I asked myself. Then it hit me. Why not act like I’m a stalker to get a good laugh?

I got a good laugh the first time, I chased these two girls all the time and they got really pissed at me. Well they got boring, I moved on to more people. The list kept growing…

Well one day I came across this guy named “Max123″…he was a trouble-maker user, banned 3 times for reasons unknown to me. He started chatting with me, and we started talking about my little “stalking career”. We formed this group called[…]”

… [to read the rest of this post, click here and visit tigerdude’s blog ^__^] …

I wrote:

^__^ Hey, it’s not so bad, I regret some of the stuff I used to do online as well. ;)

The important thing is that you learnt from it and you’re mature enough not to do it again. D

And lastly for today, mrsmes has been talking about his plans for Candy Crunch (what happened to SUPPORT™?) as well as giving out a virus warning, and quite interestingly, coming up with an actual GOOD IDEA (seriously ^__^) …

… on mrsmes’ profile …

“Candy Boulders will be a new edition 2 Candy Crunch.”

… in mrsmes’ Recent Forum Posts …

mrsmes wrote:

“thanks 4 feeling my pain, and besides, well here is something frighteningly
scary I found a report of on Youtube, this is a state of emergency, tell your
friends, tell your family, tell your uncle and aunt, and buddies, and best
friends any one u know:
calling a state of emergency, new malware product claiming 2 be anti virus
picked up with footage on youtube, c v video, link here:
name, of other application used in the video in the link above: Antivirgear
4 new threats Identified, SpyDawn, SpyLocked, SpyCrush, SpywareQuake, and here
is a link to all of them in one footage video, c link here:
fake antiviruses, listed and tested in this video here:

… [lulz, he’s been around YouTube again. And now for the Good Idea of his 😀 ] …

mrsmes wrote:

“A new rating part of it, humor.
why: many people 4get that a good game can also be a very funny game, which
makes it that bit more fun to play.”

it may have been in an unrelated topic, but who thinks humour would make a good addition to review scores? For some games, it would serve just about as much purpose as Story, but story is still there ^_^ and in a lot of cases it would be useful. ;D



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  1. yeah i saw the olympics 😉 pretty cool stuff. i had a project in school that involved me writing like i was a foreign athlete in the olympics. he was british and he did sprints. he got a gold medal.

    and hahahahahaha…club penguin had to be one of THE gayest games i have ever played…

  2. 😀

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