A raging sea of theories + mrsmes becomes a pessimist

August 20, 2008 at 12:20 | Posted in Everything | 17 Comments
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After YoYo’s downtime yesterday, it’s loyal users flowed in to find the expected WordPress upgrade and glog merging sitting alongside the deletion of Arrow-Head and Spazz’s posts. The two haven’t said anything since their second, and this time complete comment deletion, but the theories regarding who they (or, just maybe, he) truly are are burning strong and in the space of one day many more have emerged … let’s take a look at those, starting with the comments on Yesterday’s Post …

… on Yesterday’s Post: “YYG Goes down on it’s users + A new theory on the true identities of Arrow-Head and Spazz”

tigerdude1993 wrote:

“nice post! but i have one more thing to say. maybe arrow head wasn’t SC, but at school (or wherever they know each other from) arrow head gave him the password. maybe arrow head was legit, then he gave SC the account.”

VOR wrote:

“I see from the source on your blog that the C++ program is allegedly a system call. A very lame (and bloated 500k for the exe???) way of doing it.

I knew it would be a simple system call in C.

Theres an even quicker way to do it in asm pushing a few values into a couple registers then performing an interrupt.

You could assemble the exe into less than 1k rather than that bloated c++ rubbish that SC claims to understand. Although we all know he doesnt understand much, and Id be amazed if he could spell the word “C++”.

“Satan Child – The guy who was owned by Mrsmes””

I wrote:

““nice post! but i have one more thing to say. maybe arrow head wasn’t SC, but at school (or wherever they know each other from) arrow head gave him the password. maybe arrow head was legit, then he gave SC the account.”

it’s possible, but it looked like we converted Arrow-Head the first time we saw him, so why would he have given the account to SC if he was on our side?

“I see from the source on your blog that the C++ program is allegedly a system call. A very lame (and bloated 500k for the exe???) way of doing it.”

I couldn’t access the actual file, the source was just guesswork :\ but I assumed that’s how it was done, it’s the easiest way (excluding batch files). ^__^

tigerdude1993 wrote:

“your right. it could be that this whole time he’s been tricking us.”

… in tigerdude’s post: “More Theories From Me…I’m Like a Friggin’ Philosopher Now”

tigerdude1993 wrote:

“I’ve got some more theories about SC. This time, the one we start with starts out with reformed lamer that we haven’t seen much of lately. Could Inuyasha be SC666?

We all remember the day that SC9999 was created.”

“this could easily be a frame.”

“Which leads us to the next theory. Maybe SC is smarter than we think. Maybe he’s just playing us on until we fall right where he wants us. I mean, IHP isn’t as dumb as he looks. (err…maybe not) He doesn’t talk like he types. SC could be the same way. And SC may just be sending stupid viruses that he could easily make, but what if he’s just fooling us there? If he is smart enough to frame someone for something he did, and is smart enough to set up all of these little plans, maybe, just maybe, he’s smart enough to do other things. If we don’t watch him, he may (one day) send us a virus that isn’t so harmless and crappy.”

“Here’s the final theory. Arrow-Head may be SC, but I’d rather say that he’s a friend of SC’s. It’s believable, maybe Arrow-Head and SC were best friends in real life. When I exposed A-H to the truth about SC, he got pissed at him. Now, maybe SC’s convinced him otherwise. I know how SC gets people on his side. He tells lies about us to get people on his side. Anyways…this theory could also be wrong, this could be another clever setup by SC.”

I myself am in more of an agreement with tigerdude’s penultimate theory – I believe SC is most definitely more intelligient than how he’s trying to look here. He’s shown many signs in the past that he’s not as stupid as he makes out, and even right now there are things standing out at us – whenever he posts here, he uses a proxy to hide his identity. Arrow-Head also used a proxy, a different one to the many I’ve seen SC use in the past, and you can take that either way – you could see it as proof that SC is not Arrow-Head because Arrow-Head used a proxy that SC doesn’t, or you could see it as a sign of underlying intelligience from SC – disguising himself further with a different proxy to before (this also raises the question of whether or not Enrai was SC, although I doubt that’s the case). Even yesterday, a potential clue left by SC [Dr Spazz’s password being “SPAZZ”] was found. Could there be more?

Just after SC’s second spam attack, back in February of this year, he signed up the SC666III account and claimed to have an IQ of 154 whilst discussing legal matters and saying that he was effectively immune to the law, despite posting pornography on a forum used by children, because of the cost required for an international trial – also revealing in the process that he is from Europe. He didn’t specify a country. Now, you’re probably thinking the IQ is a lie, which it undoubtedly is, but could it in fact just be an exaggeration? Let’s look at what he said …

Ivor Biggun wrote:

“Did you know SC, if you lived in the UK, you would have committed a criminal offence if you exposed a minor to hardcore pornography?
Did you know, if you lived in the UK you could be placed on the sex offenders register for behaving like that?
and how do you think the young people and parents would feel if they witnessed your posts? For that the decent thing would be to a least come back with a different handle….by coming back with SCIII you show you have no respect for the people you may have upset and rules which you failed to abide by.”

SC666III wrote:

“*Thinks*”Na, I dont care a <removed>”

Anyway, my computer works fine so I will leave this ruined forum as its full of idiots *points at Ivor*. I dont care a <removed> about what I did. Because you jsut started insulting me straight away on every possible way. Seeming you didnt learn at all from what I did. And btw its me here on the forum having an IQ of 154 so why should I care posting on this Forum? Atleast I know thinks about History, Politics, Qautum Mechanics, biology, Philosophy, ect. And you dont. What you know? C++ and 10,000 other Programming langauges. Thats fine with me, and I dont insult you. But dont insult me for not-knowing things(*points at my page*). Because?, do you know anything about Darwin? Da Vinci? Casanova? Einstein? or Irrasmus? NO! But I dont insult you, but you call me noob because I made a wrong virus? Wich I dont care anyway. And why should I post games on this site? They will not be reviewed and jsut be rated 1 because people cant survive a bit of porn spam. Cmon guys, there children of 14 having sex and thats normal? please, cmon. What I posted is just 1/10 of the Hardcore scale. And if you where so smart little Ivor Biggur you would know that the court wouldnt do that for a case this small. Trials cost lots of monney and an International-EU trial would cost tenthousends, if not hundred of thousends of Euros/Pounds. I know a lot more then you know atleast I can say I speak Japanese and Spanish. I speak fluint French. And you? I have enove of the people here on the forum, 99% are narrow minded ingorant people that dont care a <removed> about the world. And <removed> those kids here, I am sure they have ever heared a explitive word once in there life time. In other words: Screw you noobies.”

[censored by Nailog]

Forum Topic: “Spamming and Flaming”

You see how intelligient he sounds there compared to how he is now? SC’s current speaking style is false. He slowly morphed it into what it is today. I strongly believe that he’s smarter than he shows us and that he was going to use our perception of him to his advantage one day.

I caught you out, SC! 😀 With the help of tigerdude and VOR, or course. 😉

Another theory that looks pretty accurate is the theory that YoYo Mods do not have the power to remove posting permissions. >.< Here’s what moderator ZekeGames had to say after deleting all of Arrow-Head’s posts for a second time …

… on Arrow-Head’s profile …

ZekeGames wrote:

“Agreed, sigh. Please, arrow-head, don’t post stupid comments.

Next up today comes mrsmes’ newest theory, not about Arrow-Head this time, or a fifth dimension, instead about the existence of actual qualifications in socializing >_> Luckily for mrsmes, they don’t exist.

… on Heartagram123’s profile …

mrsmes wrote:

“@BetaByte: thank ugh, very much.”

TurboX wrote:

“you did’nt just misspell the word “you””

Sinister96 wrote:

“oh, but he did”

mrsmes wrote:

“it was 2 catch attention, and yes I did that intentionally 2 spell v word you(y o u, or u), as in if u sinister96, want 2 prove u have changed 2 me, u will need at least a socializing certificate at tafe that hasn’t been faked to prove it 2 me.”

… on LavaBall’s profile …

mrsmes wrote:

“Yes but, I also 4got 2 ask does he have any certificates, in programming and socializing with peers, and other people in the community and yes, @spazz: I do want 2 c those certificates from a real tafe, or university, I think I’d know if 1 is forged, or faked, or anything like that.

And in related news, thanks to LavaBall, mrsmes is now a pessimist :> …

… on TWilson’s profile …

LavaBall wrote:

“He is gone smes and I hope this guy changes his ways with me once he returns as I’m no longer the way I used to be back then, I don’t think this guy ever returns or cares about yoyogames anymore tough.”

mrsmes wrote:

“yeah, I’d like a piece of him, 2 but look, I have changed my ways 2 a pessimist and I will try 2 be a little 3% tougher so I c I remember u telling me, I am 2 sweet, and I need 2 toughen up so it wasn’t that I was doing something wrong but I needed 2 be tougher well I can do that, say 3-5% a day look I am a pessimist so I keep my anger limited, and occasionally drop it, when I feel v time is right.

[I don’t think he understood the term “pessimist” 😉 ]

… on rogerrog’s profile …

mrsmes wrote:

“NAL, Doesn’t check out, I checked his forum status, and other various ones and profile, status and forum status, and judging by no moderator star, or star of Authority or any description under his username saying moderator when he types his posts 4 any1 who notices this kind of behavior and imposing a moderator, is unwelcome and happily ready 2 be reported how ever I don’t mind if he is acting as a pessimist or anyway like that, but if he starts derailing and going moderator mode, please alert a moderator, at once, or once or tell me so I can report this shady character.”

[that’s kinda hypocritical there, who remembers when smessy pretended to be a mod? 😛 ]

And lastly for today, I’d like to end this exceptionally long post with a link to a game. For all of you who found themselves wasting countless hours playing Crimelife 2, you’ll be delighted to see the appearance of the higher quality, better gameplay, Crimelife 3!!! it’s currently in a beta stage, and was made public yesterday. I want it known that I was the 95th person to play this. ^__^

And now, to introduce this game I’ll copy over my mini-review from yesterday. Crimelife III is set to be YoYo Games’ next #1 game. 😉

… on the game “Crimelife III”

I wrote:

“I can see that this is going to be a great game, the graphics are amazing and there are some fun new additions already (crashing into things with the motorbike rocks :D) Well Done, this is going to be much better than Crimelife 2 when it’s finished. ;D”

I recommend you play this. 😉



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  1. I wonder why Mrsmes has gone to posting on old accounts? Lavaball as well, it appears to be about 200 days since that profile was used.

    and what the hell is a Tafe? Did we ever find out.

    Mysteries are afoot. Thinking about the SC conundrum, and I would say hes just using a gateway site for his proxy. Its very simple, as theres plenty of websites that allow you to “surf out” from their pages under an anon IP. It was funny reading the list of SC’s “skills” as most of them he couldnt spell.


    Forget the rubbish Yoyogames competition, this one is far better. The prize will be – something.
    All you have to do is answer the following:

    What is a Tafe?

    Answers on AKH’s blog please.

  2. Who’s VOR?

  3. Voice of Reason AKA Ivor Biggun. (Takes a bow)

  4. I don’t doubt SC has an IQ of 154…just not in the way of an American IQ test. =/ Some IQ tests are out of 200 and some out of 250(or 260, I forget).


    And just a heads up for everyone: tomorrow’s post will be a little later than usual, and with luck I’ll have some good news to start it off with.

  6. I dont think SC’s IQ comes any near even 50 (no matter what scale you use) if his IQ was any higher, he would have realized that his plans always fail, he cant spell and he was is the only person in the history of yoyo to be owned by Mrsmes.

  7. @AKH: =D Yep, I’m here for a bit. Won’t be around too much, but probably like once every 3 days or sumthing ^-^ Sorry I didn’t even e-mail you…I had no idea whether to use your AOL e-mail or your HOTMAIL e-mail XP and well, I was uber busy(still kinda am =/)

  8. VOR, I’m thinking by Tafe Mrsmes means a university or some type of school. also, i really do believe that SC’s gonna get us one of these days when we’re not aware that he’s smarter than he acts. maybe he makes all of his plans fail on purpose. and hey Firefall 🙂 the biggest news from me that you probably missed was, I left yoyo but i made a new blog, darkvengeance.wordpress.com, and me and turbox aren’t fighting anymore. AKH, i like early posts since I can check them before i have to go to school, but if it’s going to be a really great post then i can wait 😉

  9. […] Turn To Mess With the Smes First go read the awesome post on the AKH Log V4, “A raging sea of theories + mrsmes becomes a pessimist“, where not only AKH’s views on my theories are displayed, but also AKH’s […]

  10. Tafe: http://www.tafeonline.org/

    Lol I didn’t miss it. XP I read everything. I personally found it just a big huge ego trip…I’m so glad I left…I don’t think I would have stayed sane here @_@. But then again…>.> my boyfriend drove me to insanity the whole time I spent with him, so it might have been not-so-crazy here XD. Oh, and about this arrowhead guy. =P Someone should make a virus and give it to him. I bet even the smes could convince him to use it. Seriously, AH isn’t seeming too bright by what I’ve read, and it would be the easier way to get him to leave lol ^-^

  11. “Oh, and about this arrowhead guy. =P Someone should make a virus and give it to him.”

    Anyone who knows how to write batch files can crash a computer that is Windows-based (e.g. AKH) . I read on this blog that AKH once accidentally deleted his desktop with a batch file. My friend wrote a speedy, destructive virus. And I wrote a simple loop.

    Yup. My friend and I know batch.

  12. yeah, but it won’t work if arrowhead knows thats what we’re sending him! he reads the blog remember?

  13. “yeah, but it won’t work if arrowhead knows thats what we’re sending him! he reads the blog remember?”


  14. 😆 think about stuff BEFORE you write it, i learned the hard way 😉 not going to mention what happened though, although i will tell you it had something to do with PP a while back

  15. lol he’s an idiot anyways. I doubt anyone would have too much trouble convincing him to open it XD. But w/e I was just pointing it out

  16. Go on… waist your idiotic time on a virus if you send it to me all you will be doing is cooperating with me as i will not be stupid enough to open it but to send it to some innocent fucker and maybe submit it as a game to yoyogames so many innocent fuckers will download it

    go on cooperate with me i dare you to send me the virus you bunch of slaves

  17. “waist your idiotic time on a virus if you send it to me all you will be doing is cooperating with me as i will not be stupid enough to open it but to send it to some innocent fucker and maybe submit it as a game to yoyogames”

    I knew it, he isn’t as dumb as we think. Didn’t I tell everyone this already? Firefall, have you even thought about what I said when I was talking about how SC is just fooling us with his poor grammer and his crappy viruses? (which are both fake) So go on, give him some virus that he can use against us. This could be the part when he outsmarts everyone (to our surprise).

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