tigerdude VS TurboX finishes, AKH VS TurboX begins?

August 17, 2008 at 11:37 | Posted in Everything | 11 Comments
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Well, today’s big news, as you may already know, is that tigerdude and TurboX have at last stopped fighting. But TurboX isn’t clear of trouble just yet. >_> I saw what he wrote and for the first time in a while I’m back in the metaphorical ring to fight my corner.

it was on the MiNGmOO Exposed post, which conveniently for TurboX has been deleted, with it’s comments being made irrecoverable. I’m not sure if this fight will go any form of distance, because just like last time TurboX started things and now he looks like he’s trying to back out of them.

Enough of this, it’s time to quote. We’ll start with the comments on Yesterday’s Post and move on to tigerdude’s most recent post …

… on Yesterday’s Post: “Arrow-Head and Spazz fail again”

tigerdude1993 wrote:

“thanks for doing that turbox part of the post for me! if i would’ve done it, it wouldn’t have mattered, because the turbox fans would think that i was lying .

and in school…i have 3 more years after this one to finish before i get into college ;)

and guess what? turbox returned! and he said something about you on darkvengeance, on the mingmoo exposed post. it’s very stupid!”

… [during this time, I saw tigerdude’s comment and managed to read what TurboX said before it’s deletion] …

“Please ignore those first two comments, me and turbox are done. go read my new post, “apologies”.”

VOR wrote:

“I cant wait for the blog attack by D**khead and Spazz. We all know they cant and wont do anything, they have all the IT skill of a goldfish.

Poor old SC, he has a case of Inverted Midas touch. Instead of everything he touches turning to gold, in SC’s case it turns to sh*t.

Keep us laughing SillyChild,Spazz,D**khead or whatever you want to be called.”

tigerdude1993 wrote:

“hey ivor i saw your comment, anyways…although my fight with turbox is over and we’re now friends, turbox said he and mingmoo could take on akh while we were arguing and akh saw it. so now, looks like akh and turbox are going to fight. i think im gonna stay neutral and defend both of them…

i bet there’s gonna be one heck of a blog post tomorrow.”

[it’s the words of 2 people against 1 TurboX, you know what happened, stop lying.]

TurboX wrote:

“All i did was defend myself, tigerdude said that you could beat me up, and naturally i would say otherwise

[his side of this story. That happened, but only after he brought it up.]

Pilotteaml wrote:

“Screw them.

Check my blog at my freewebs, I’ve got something there worth posting.


… in tigerdude’s post “Apologies”

tigerdude1993 wrote:

“Me and TurboX have, finally, finished our little fight. Now I want everyone to know that TurboX was NEVER Dr. Spazz. NEVER. The reason we have been fighting this whole time is because of the way my personality changed while on Yoyogames. But we are finally done, and I want everyone to go back to being friends with TurboX )

I’ve deleted the post about Mingmoo, and he’s agreed to leave me alone and take back what he said about me being all those other people.”

I wrote:

“TurboX, your fight with tigerdude may be over, but you’re not finished with me. I saw what you wrote about me on the MiNGmOO exposed post before it got deleted and I’m not going to let it slide …

“No, I really doubt a AKH could take me or MiNGmOO, and MiNGmOO doesn’t even care about it.”

You don’t know who the fuck I am.

A 15 year old “long hair” type guy wouldn’t stand a chance against me, and I assume you’re not much different. You think just because I’m a good coder that I’m a nerd, don’t you? Trust me when I say that I have a looooot of time on my hands right now. ;)

if you’re such a big man, then prove it. You started this contest and you’re not going to get out of it just because you’re friends with tigerdude again. Your beef was never truly with me, but you made it that way today.”

TurboX wrote:

“Wow you took that really personally, come on get real I’m never gonna meet you so why get all pissy with me, I was just defending myself and yes your right i don’t know who you are, who knows you could beat me, but i could beat you

And why does long hair make you weak? some of the best rugby players have long hair, I know for a fact I am not weak and I have long hair so yeah, long hair doesn’t make any difference, and just to let you know that age doesn’t make much differece, I am stronger than some people older than me and weaker than some my age

oh and thanks tigerdude. and yes i am sorry for this whole mess”

tigerdude1993 wrote:

“i don’t know where i’m going to stand in this…

i’ll just stay neutral.”

I wrote:

“That had *nothing* to do with defending yourself in your argument with tigerdude. You even just acknowledged that whoever is bigger than who doesn’t matter in this situation. So why did you even say that?”

TurboX wrote:

“Hey you were the one who got all pissy by what i said. Tigerdude was saying that you could beat us up, in which I said you could’nt. I said it to acknowledge it, like you just said.

What is your problem? All i did was deny what tigerdude said, get over it”

tigerdude1993 wrote:

“I honestly can’t remember exactly what happened…sorry.”

[look back to tigerdude’s comment here right after the fight finished.]

DaggerHog wrote:

“um, weird…

yesterday, i was thinking, “what if tomorrow tigerdude and turboX become friends again?” and then, poof. it happens.

is this some kind of coincidence, or what?

I wrote:

““Tigerdude was saying that you could beat us up, in which I said you could’nt. I said it to acknowledge it, like you just said.”

You know very well that things didn’t happen like that. You’re just using the fact that the post is deleted to make it look like I didn’t know what was going on.

You brought it up, out of nowhere, tigerdude replied (saying I could beat up both of you) and then you said what I quoted in my above comment (the first comment on this post).

Lastly for today, we see a potential return of IHP – possibly because tigerdude’s been sticking around recently. As you can probably predict, IHP returned with a “new invention” and the first place he took it was the profile of the smes …

… on mrsmes’ profile …

ihatepenguins wrote:

“my ploofy buddy mrsmes how is life r, you enojying every mintue of it i mean, i, am i hav foudnt that t-t-t-t-tigerdude has left the ploof snoof era has begun u will lov my newest invention called the goof which is gamme rays and ploof rays put together but which name is better goof or gloof plase tell me”

Ivor Biggun wrote:

“I didnt have a chance to look at that program, however Ill stand by what I said before that Spazz and Arrowhead do not know C++. If the program just reset your computer, then do a search for “C++ reset system source” and youll easily find a short piece of code that will compile with Dev-CPP. No skill needed at all for a program like that.”

LavaBall wrote:

“Go fuck yourself IHP.”

[well put]

mrsmes wrote:

“well, I was, very busy working on the skin template, 4 it, and making it, so much more, super model, even a, matrix like skin 4, it, mean while I was on camp, @LavaBall: there is no need 2 get like, that, k & take a chill pill. @IHP: I don’t care what u call it, as long as it does not sound gay our target audience is not likely to buy something if it it sounds like ploof, or goof, it sounds like more of a drug, than technology or a device, or system or type of software, or what ever it is u r trying 2 develop, so calm down a little, buddie.”

[ha ha ha ha ha]

LavaBall wrote:

“I see you are a pacifist or a peace keeper, Sometimes it’s better to stick to fighting then being friendly smes, Especially with guys like IHP.”

… on my profile …

ihatepenguins wrote:

“it, is, over the reighn of the arch nemesis of the ploofiness the anti-ploof is over all, heal, arrowhead he has made t-t-t-ttigerdude leave it is the end of the era the ploof snoof era has begun i, cannot wait until christmas”

tigergal1993 wrote:

“like omg ur to nerdy to talk to akh matt ricardo ^_~ like get out of here.

like omg i just thought of like the cutest nickname for u akh ^^ bluey ^___^”

LavaBall wrote:

“I find it strange to see that IHP And Tigergal posts in the same day and it only passed 2 hours or so between each comment, Not to play the didective tough but I am starting to suspect something about tigergal, IHP And possibly bbalstar.”

I wrote:

“”like omg i just thought of like the cutest nickname for u akh ^^ bluey ^___^”

lol. :\

… 😀 “

[ 😀 My avatar is gonna haunt me for the rest of my YoYo Life! ^__^]

… on ihatepenguins’ profile …

“Get out of here IHP!

Actually I am gonna report you to a mod to remove your posting permissions and I am sure NAL Will remove your permissions.

And so, could this return of IHP be his last?



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  1. […] Original post by AKH […]

  2. great post 😉

    i’m not even gonna say a word about goof 😆

    lavaball isn’t that smart is he? me and alice were chatting with chris and his “internet girlfriend” 😀 on DDNN and Sinister Forums.

    btw…we’re still together! i apologized for what i did, and we aren’t gonna break up 🙂

  3. “btw…we’re still together! i apologized for what i did, and we aren’t gonna break up 🙂 ”

    YAY! ^__^

  4. yep! i’m really glad. so did i ever tell you what happened?

  5. I think you said it in a comment on your blog somewhere.

  6. k 😉

  7. AKH i want to fight you tommorow
    meet me in the Keldagrim Blast Furnace at 09:00 AM

    The Keldagrim Blast Furnace understood we’re gonna have some fun there and be sure to be precise

  8. Lol, D*ckhead – We all know youre idea of fun and want no part in it.

    Youre a bit of a celeb now Arrow-head. Youre the person who was owned by Mrsmes. CONGRATULATIONS!

    Thank you, youve given me the best laugh Ive had in years. Got any more “Virus’s”? LOL.


  10. so arrow-head, i thought that i had finally convinced you to come over to the good side…tisk tisk tisk. (lol)

    “we’re gonna have some fun there”

    i guess you meant rape, because if you meant beating up then that would mean AKH would be having fun kicking your ass.

  11. Well done, Arrow-Head, you remembered the word “shut” this time! ^__^
    Oh, and I googled the “Keldragrim Blast Furnace” everyone, it’s a place in RuneScape! XD lol.

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