Arrow-Head and Spazz fail again

August 16, 2008 at 11:09 | Posted in Everything | 9 Comments
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This time our dumbass duo decided to set their targets a little higher than mrsmes, after seeing this blog, they chose a fight with ME. 😀

Although it may surprise you, they did seem to have the intelligience to realise that PMing me a virus link wouldn’t work, so using all their brainpower they came up with a plan that was just phenomenal >_> … Yesterday I got my first death threat! ^__^ I love the internet. Arrow-Head also thought he could convince me that he of all people had the power to bring my blog down … and more importantly, that I would care. 😉 I logged in to YoYo to find that all of Arrow-Head’s and Spazz’s comments in the last 20 days have been deleted (and that their posting permissions have probably gone with them), but I made sure to save a copy of Spazz’s PM and my response, and thanks to my buggy cache I recovered the words of Arrow-Head too ^__^ You won’t find this anywhere else on the internet, so Enjoy! First comes Arrow-Head’s comment, then Spazz’s PM …

… on my profile …

Arrow-Head wrote:

“so you are the punk who are making logs of our posts on your blog right?

ok either we are gonna do this friendly or violently AKH

stop posting our posts on your blog and move on to something else or else you wont like what we would do to your blog oh and by the way its not just me and Spazz i have more friends then you think and they wouldnt hesitate of destroying your piece of shit blog you have motherfucker

keep this as a warning stop recording our posts on your blog or your blog is bye bye”

I wrote:

“My blog was hacked 3 months ago, and I recovered in one week. 😛 You’ll have to do more than that to scare me!”

… and now, a PM from Spazz …

Spazz wrote:

“i warn you asshole stay out of this!

if you make another post about what am i and arrow-head are doing on your blog i will kill you!

got it? you better do asshole”

I wrote:


What can you do? Send me a virus link in a PM? Call me names? You couldn’t even do anything to mrsmes, how do you think you can scare me?

This is gonna be great material for tomorrow. ^__^”


Next up today, tigerdude has some news and a new post at his blog – I’ll introduce it with a look at the comments on Yesterday’s Post 🙂 …

… on Yesterday’s Post: “Arrow-Head’s Virus + Spazz’s attempted redemption”

tigerdude1993 wrote:

“BAM! still here dudes!

first week of skool is finally done! i have 6 projects about the olympics, how fun! …

i’m going to be doing that but of course i will ALWAYS find time to at least read the blog ;)

oh and big news here: I MIGHT BREAK UP WITH ALICE! (wait…how is that supposed to be exciting… ;) more details later if i actually do.

new post at the blog!”

… [Click here to read tigerdude’s post “HAHAHAHAHAHAHA” :>] …

“and one more thing. it would be awesome if you would post what heartagram123 wrote on tigergal’s profile and disprove it for all these retards who believe turbox ;)

Pilotteaml wrote:

“Heh tigerdude, I’m still on summer vacation. D I don’t go back ’till the 6′th. ;)

I wrote:

“I don’t know WHEN I go back D I left school in July and I have to enrol in college in 13 days time (29th August). ^__^

Oh, and tigerdude, I’ll make sure to post what Heartagram wrote. ;)

And lastly for today, you guessed it, we’re gonna take a look at tigergal’s profile! ^__^

… on tigergal’s profile …

jango0821 wrote:

“He could have easily used 2 comps.

And some of the stuff he had said about those fights, come on…… that couldnt have happened.”

Chris Rosenfeldt wrote:

“no, he couldn’t be, TurboX is a liar”

jango0821 wrote:

“Ya, i found that out yesterday, after i posted those.”

AkmaYo wrote:

“So, tigerdude is tigergal, XD

Wait, if tigerdude is tigergal, then where the hell did he get those pictures?”

[if TurboX and what are now his sheep were to respond to that, they would say “Google” … but has anyone found any pictures? No. it is not a valid point.]

Heartagram123 wrote:

“HA i know now tiger is pretending to be his gf so it can sound like she loves him more than she actually does.

HA HA What a nerd

plus how would she all of a sudden find all the friends tiger has thats a bit suspicious”

AkmaYo wrote:

“Heartagram123, I don’t really think tigergal is a fake, I somehow know that tigergal is real. Besides, tigerdude wouldn’t make up things.

if there is a point that still needs proving to you TurboX fans, then think about this: Has TurboX or any of you ever found proof of what you say? With no evidence, your claims are worth nothing. All you’re showing currently is that TurboX is a Liar.



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  1. thanks for doing that turbox part of the post for me! if i would’ve done it, it wouldn’t have mattered, because the turbox fans would think that i was lying 😆 .

    and in school…i have 3 more years after this one to finish before i get into college 😉

  2. and guess what? turbox returned! and he said something about you on darkvengeance, on the mingmoo exposed post. it’s very stupid!

  3. Please ignore those first two comments, me and turbox are done. go read my new post, “apologies”.

  4. I cant wait for the blog attack by D**khead and Spazz. We all know they cant and wont do anything, they have all the IT skill of a goldfish.

    Poor old SC, he has a case of Inverted Midas touch. Instead of everything he touches turning to gold, in SC’s case it turns to sh*t.

    Keep us laughing SillyChild,Spazz,D**khead or whatever you want to be called.

  5. hey ivor i saw your comment, anyways…although my fight with turbox is over and we’re now friends, turbox said he and mingmoo could take on akh while we were arguing and akh saw it. so now, looks like akh and turbox are going to fight. i think im gonna stay neutral and defend both of them…

    i bet there’s gonna be one heck of a blog post tomorrow.

  6. Its a shame if it cant be sorted out between AKH and TurboX, they are both decent people. I think alot of the time things are badly understood when they are posted, this is a fault of the internet and not the poster.

    For example:

    Hey, You lamer!


    Hey, you lamer.

    which one of these is said in jest, and which one with meaning? For me the top one would be a joke to someone I got on with. The bottom one would be an insult. Other people have different ideas.

    Im not saying that the dispute between AKH and TurboX doesnt have any basis, but at the end of the day we should be able to get along, we all have the same common interests:

    A hate of SC and his behaviour.
    A hate of Enrai and his behaviour.
    (oh and hopefully a love of Negs Urban Sports)

    and a simple appology in private on both sides goes a long way.

    Take care all.


    (Edit by AKH: Akismet thought this was spam. 😦 )

  7. All i did was defend myself, tigerdude said that you could beat me up, and naturally i would say otherwise

  8. Screw them.

    Check my blog at my freewebs, I’ve got something there worth posting.

  9. […] on Yesterday’s Post: “Arrow-Head and Spazz fail again” […]

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