Arrow-Head’s Virus + Spazz’s attempted redemption

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I’m not sure how, but smessy found the link to the virus Spazz sent to him (made or downloaded by Arrow-Head I assume) and exposed it as the pathetic attempt at malware that it is 😉 while Spazz seems to be playing innocent again and has proposed to LavaBall a plan to “attack” Arrow-Head … with the help of ihatepenguins. We shouldn’t trust him.

Now let’s take a closer look at just what that virus was ^__^ …

… on mrsmes’ profile …

Ivor Biggun wrote:

“Mrsmes, if you still have the file, contact me as I would like a copy of it. I can disassemble it and tell everyone who really coded it. Its either a lame little c++ system command or its been downloaded and written by someone else. My money is on the latter.”

mrsmes wrote:

“well if I could remember the address to it, I believe it was hosted on some sort of new and weird wacky name for a site, it did seem slightly new and odd suspicious and I never heard of it before if u could get them to give u the address to it, then I suppose, we could c where it came from and disassemble it, although something tells me that won’t be easy.”

I wrote:

“mrsmes, if you go to and find the PM Spazz sent you it will have the link in there. ^__^”

“… wait a minute, did you reply to the PM mrsmes? >.<”

mrsmes wrote:

“yeah, y?”

“wait, I found the damned link, few what luck, k Ivor Biggun, here is the link u need 2 inspect, just below here:

k, I inspected it myself, and it was just a shutdown timer, and it’s safe, other than that, pretty, darn good c++ knowledge, @spazz: not, bad even though not a key code generator, but well not a virus, but it’s safe, I think u can be trusted to help write this new OS.

LavaBall wrote:

“You call that good knowledge of C++?

Get over it mrsmes even a little hacker can do something that simple, It isn’t even C++ I think its just C but I don’t have a grasp of any programming language myself so I don’t know but the thing for sure is that a simple hacker can create it, So it’s not a pretty good knowledge at all.”

mrsmes wrote:

“v guy, can program in c, so it’s a start, K?”

I downloaded the virus myself, but AVG is being a bitch and keeps killing explorer.exe when I try to open it … although going on what mrsmes has said, the source code to this “virus” of Arrow-Head’s goes something like this …

#include <stdlib.h>

int main()





Next up is Spazz’s latest attempt to regain our trust – or more, mrsmes’ trust – although the things he’s saying here are likely to be lies, they *do* strengthen the possibility that Spazz was simply a confused outsider …

… on LavaBall’s profile …

Spazz wrote:

“lavaball i beg you to ignore arrow-head he is an idiot i know and he convinced mrsmes to not to open the C++ file i sent him so what if we join and attack arrow-head?

i think its a good idea and ihatepenguins can join us as well what do u think?

[something unconsidered here … IHP was a friend of Arrow-Head when he first joined YoYo, so could he have something to do with this?]

LavaBall wrote:

“And you think you can win my trust by rating all my games up?

You sir is a slave of other people just like Nekru(Or atleast he used to be a high-rating slave)

Anyway no I am not interesting in joining you so you can just leave me alone and don’t bother replying, I will not trust you got it!”

mrsmes wrote:

“@LavaBall: i trust this, guy I opened the exe, all it was, was a shutdown timer, and I even scanned it, before opening it, so I am, ok it’s not a virus, I bet Arrow-Head was just bluffing but, next time I highly doubt he’ll bluff about it being a virus.

and then after loggin in2 my computer again, still safe, and trashed the program, I knew it worked so It’s just a shortcut 2 shutting down which I don’t really need, 4 now.”

LavaBall wrote:

“So it was just a little script lol, I know SatanChild can never create something big and I got no doubt that he must have downloaded that simple script because he is too stupid to wright anything at all.”

… on Arrow-Head’s profile …

Spazz wrote:

“i am not a clown and i have nothing to do with the dickhead that ivor biggun mentioned so mrsmes dont mistake me with that idiot of arrow-head ok?”

mrsmes wrote:

“k, care 2 explain what was really going on then, and if the .exe was a virus or not and just 2 be sure I am going 2 virus scan it, and if any results of malware, or spyware, or viruses, or virus should come up then I no longer trust u, but if they don’t then I will trust u, but just remember u still 4got 2 say if u agreed 2 v agreement or license agreement as part of the company policy I put in place.”

“@Arrow-head: ur a clown. @spazz: sorry I called u a clown, can u 4give me, I guess, I didn’t know what was going around me, and it was all going a little 2 fast 4 me.

LavaBall wrote:

“I wouldn’t trust this guy, This guy is obviously hired by Arrow-Head or maybe it is the same person like AH’s alternate account.

Actually I am willing to say he is AH’s second account.”

[Could Spazz be SC? And what happened to my K?]

After a second look at what LavaBall said there, I’m thinking my caption was probably a misinterpretation and by AH he meant Arrow-Head, but I’m letting the caption stay, it rocks.

Lastly for today, it looks like we may finally be seeing tigerdude leave with the recent absence of TurboX …

… on Yesterday’s Post: “Arrow-Head and Spazz give up?”

tigerdude1993 wrote:

“wow. SC did fulfill his promise to me that he would return. too bad i wasn’t there to mess his little plan up.

looks like turbox is gone now, i think i may also go. i’ll check up the next few days, and if he doesn’t return, i may not either.



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  1. BAM! still here dudes!

    first week of skool is finally done! i have 6 projects about the olympics, how fun! …

    i’m going to be doing that but of course i will ALWAYS find time to at least read the blog 😉

    oh and big news here: I MIGHT BREAK UP WITH ALICE! (wait…how is that supposed to be exciting…) more details later if i actually do.

  2. new post at the blog!

  3. and one more thing. it would be awesome if you would post what heartagram123 wrote on tigergal’s profile and disprove it for all these retards who believe turbox 😉

  4. Heh tigerdude, I’m still on summer vacation. 😀 I don’t go back ’till the 6’th. 😉

  5. I don’t know WHEN I go back 😀 I left school in July and I have to enrol in college in 13 days time (29th August). ^__^

    Oh, and tigerdude, I’ll make sure to post what Heartagram wrote. 😉

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