Arrow-Head and Spazz give up?

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We all know SC’s type aren’t down for long, but today neither Arrow-Head nor Spazz seem to be trying to do away with the smes. Arrow-Head claims to have a life (I don’t think so 😛 ) and Spazz looks to have backed off a little, claiming in fact to have nothing to do with Arrow-Head, and although that doesn’t exactly help us work out who he is, it’s probably a lie anyway. 😉 No one can act that much like SC without knowing who he is.

Now let’s take a look at how it all happened, as well as some things that could be ahead of us, starting on Arrow-Head’s profile …

… on Arrow-Head’s profile …

LavaBall wrote:

“Satan Child you ungrateful son of a…
You never give up do you >:|”

Arrow-Head wrote:

“LavaBall fuck off”

mrsmes wrote:

“@spazz: It failed, good thing I lost v link 2 it.

@LavaBall: time 2 teach v others I am still a good person by getting u out of this mess, even though still sort of think u don’t deserve it, what can I do, 2 give u a hand here?”

LavaBall wrote:

“Fuck you Arrow-Head.”

Arrow-Head wrote:

“lava and smes are both giant computer nerds with no life anyway unlike me so both of you get a life before you offend me thanks”

Ivor Biggun wrote:

“LOL – Spazz and Arrowhead just got owned by Mrsmes. These two clowns are so lame they couldnt even convince someone to run an exe!
On a related note, that program is probably written by someone else. I will hopefully be getting a copy to disassemble and then Ill let everyone know where it came fron.

Oh and Spazz and Arrowhead, cant you think of a better come back?

Come on losers lets see your next attempt! One or both of you has to be satanchild, nothing ever goes right for him, and none of his little ploys ever work.

and arrowhead or should I say d*ckhead I am a little confused by your remark “O NOW JUST THE F*CK UP IVOR BIGGUN!” – I think youre missing a word. Ill help you, its “SHUT”.

And these two clowns claim to even know what C++ is? LOL”

mrsmes wrote:

“@Arrow-Head, @spazz: u 2 r clowns and I am not going 2 be involved in this childish kind of situation any longer I quit, but will keep v community safe, and a safer place 2 be here.”

Spazz wrote:

“i am not a clown and i have nothing to do with the dickhead that ivor biggun mentioned so mrsmes dont mistake me with that idiot of arrow-head ok?”

… on mrsmes’ profile …

Ivor Biggun wrote:

“LOL Good for you mrsmes! I didnt think you’d be silly enough to fall for Spazz and Arrowheads silly little scam.
@Arrowhead + Spazz – Youve given me the biggest laugh Ive had for ages, not only do I know you have not the first clue with C, but you couldnt fool mrsmes with it! LOL
I think mrsmes just owned the two of you.

For everyone else, theres plenty of nasty little programs you can download off the net (I wont give the address) The two clowns Spaz and Arrowhead have just downloaded one of these!

Mrsmes, if you still have the file, contact me as I would like a copy of it. I can disassemble it and tell everyone who really coded it. Its either a lame little c++ system command or its been downloaded and written by someone else. My money is on the latter.”

mrsmes wrote:

“well if I could remember the address to it, I believe it was hosted on some sort of new and weird wacky name for a site, it did seem slightly new and odd suspicious and I never heard of it before if u could get them to give u the address to it, then I suppose, we could c where it came from and disassemble it, although something tells me that won’t be easy.”

I wrote:

“mrsmes, if you go to and find the PM Spazz sent you it will have the link in there. ^__^”

“… wait a minute, did you reply to the PM mrsmes? >.<“

… on Yesterday’s Post: “A second attempt on mrsmes’ internet life”

bobserge wrote:

“I don’t think it’d be hard to create a ‘virus’. Just create a program that deletes %windir% (I think that’s what it’s called.) Unix is much better because it uses Unix file permissions. (Unless you start the program as root, which is a very bad idea.)

I don’t understand how I’m suppoosed to set up a proxy in FireFox. I wish I did.

I really am disappointing with your blog. AKH505 had some non-flaming content, but all this is YOYO args:
int main (int argcv, char** argv) {
    return IntegerOverFlowError(”too many arguments”);

tigerdude1993 wrote:

“ooh i thought by spazz you meant dr. spazz…sorry. nevermind then. but i’ll keep that in the back of my head.

bobserge unlike past arguments some of these ACTUALLY MATTER ALOT. like the ongoing thing between me mingmoo and turbox.”

VOR wrote:

“LOL. Spazz and Arrow-head couldnt get the better of Mrsmes. I think Mrsmes may have owned the pair of them!

Theres no way Spazz or Arrow-head have any clue about C++ They will have gotten the source from somewhere or they would have just downloaded an exe.

If they had any knowledge what so ever, they could have tacked the exe onto a GM.exe and convinced mr smes that way.

One or both of these losers has to be SatanChild, he never has any luck with any of his plans. He’s a little like the Coyote from Road Runner, great plans, but they never work.

So Mrsmes hasnt stopped posting, and they lose!

Owned by Mrsmes – I think they’ve just sunk about as low as they can get.

I think the pair of them should stick to the dominatrix game they seem to be playing together.

I wonder how “master” feels now that he realises they are both failures!

Lets hope the entertainment continues.

After SC’s warning of returning, all we’ve seen is a few posts with poor spelling, a kinky sort of dominatrix game being played between Spazz and Arrow-head and Mrsmes getting the better of both of them. I think their dreams of being master hackers are a long way off.

but lets give Satanchild a little credit. He has now managed to spell his name correctly.

If Enrai and SC are indeed different people, my money would be on Enrai being Arrow-head and SC being Spazz. The reasoning behind this is as follows:

1. Spazz has a very poor grasp of spelling (just like Satanchild)

2. Arrow-head likes to be called “Master” similar to how we saw him before.

If Im wrong and both personalities are SC, then he’s very good. His spazz persona comes across as someone with severe learning difficulties and Arrowhead comes across as a kinky dominatrix. If this is the case then SC has created two diametrically repugnant characters and should get credit for that alone.”

The path to finding Arrow-Head and Spazz’s true identities has twisted some more today, but hopefully smessy will be able to recover the link to the virus and we can expose the two of them as the idiots they are. 😀 Not that we really need to. ^__^



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  1. wow. SC did fulfill his promise to me that he would return. too bad i wasn’t there to mess his little plan up.

    looks like turbox is gone now, i think i may also go. i’ll check up the next few days, and if he doesn’t return, i may not either.

  2. […] on Yesterday’s Post: “Arrow-Head and Spazz give up?” […]

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