Yet another look inside the house of the smes

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Yes, thanks to Bobserge we’ve been given yet more information regarding the life of the smes. Further confirming my suspicions that the smes is a somewhat neglected member of a big family, Bobserge [A.K.A. Bob the BlueBerry] has revealed today that mrsmes is one of 10 children! I’m not sure if smessy is the oldest, but considering the amount he goes on about his little brothers and sisters, and the fact that he’s 17, it can be assumed he is at least one of the eldest children in his family, if not the actual oldest.

… on Yesterday’s Post: “mrsmes’ nightmare”

Pilotteaml wrote:

“He prefers YoYo than home, and gets pushed around on YoYo less than at home? Poor smes.”

Bob the BlueBerry wrote:

“I knew long ago that he had 9 siblings (but I kind of forgot until just now). You could really learn a lot [or smes crap] by talking to him.”

And talking of smes crap, LavaBall seems to have had his fair share of it over on YoYo, and today he continued his string of insults >_> someone had to get in there and defend the smes …

… on mrsmes’ profile …

mrsmes wrote:

“@LavaBall: then let me ask u this being me in this situation what would you have done, to make things right but still be honest and fair, and avoid this situation? because I honestly didn’t know what to do at the time, and when some one brings something up about consoles, I think the words “MICROSOFT”(MICROWSOFT!!!) and it just angers me, and makes me want to do a really humiliating version of a song and make it up about them and seem as though they r always failing, just for some fun and it really cheers, me up & look I am sorry about that and it’s going 2 stop and I’ll end this, k I will personally fix this, but what should I do when I am really fed up with topics like that and need to be honest when reviewing a game?, if it’s not that good I can’t help it, but I say positive things about the game 2, and ways it can be improved, but I mean seriously this is going a little, over board, over one thing don’t u think, but honestly it’s not funny I know u h8 the things I have done in the past but if it takes 5 long posts like this just 2 get a point across 2 u, I just don’t know what to do, any more, I have been honest, I have compromised, heck I have even helped others and suggested ways to make their games better, and all and made good reviews, what more can I do 2 change?, but I can change those other points u don’t like about me, but if it takes 5 or so or more posts 2 get a blinking message across 2 some1, I will do that, so if I can’t what would u have done being put in, ‘ my situation being me, and I was u?”

LavaBall wrote:

“If I was in your situation I just give up and never come to yoyogames again, That’s what and you should do it mrsmes, Right now thanks to gmmkr and killgore you are as much hated as SatanChild so make us all a favor and get out of yoyogames, If I was a mod I would have taken your posting permissions a long time ago and permanently too.”

I wrote:

“OK, LavaBall, that’s enough. Just stop it. I of all people know how annoying mrsmes can get, but it’s not like he’s spamming up your profile or even causing much of a nuisance on the forums. if you hate him so much then stop coming to his profile. You do know he has severe autism, right? He can’t help being the way he is.”

Now, who remembers the new commenter LisaAa from a couple of days ago? it was a hater in disguise! 😀

… on “the story behind the smes’ assassin + YYGTV?”

LisaAa wrote:

“Hi, I would like to send you an email but can’t find a contact form.

Could you give your email adress please?”

I wrote: ^__^
I don’t think I know you, but it was great to have someone comment. I don’t know why it suddenly went quiet around here. :\

I already have my email address available here in many places, and a search of the blog would’ve revealed it, but I decided to post it again anyway.

I logged in to hotmail today to find out I’d been signed up to some spam mailing lists. Well GUESS WHAT?

😛 I have my turd folder for people like you. ^__^

Lastly for today, I’d like to share with you a C++ program I’ve been writing over the past few days. Utilising the awesome function SetFileTime() it changes the Creation, Modified, and in most cases Accessed dates of all files on your Desktop, usually to something in the future [often over 1000 years into the future]. Not really much use, I agree, but fun to play around with.

it runs silently in the background with little memory usage [1,200 K for me] and little CPU usage [maximum of 1% for me]. it takes a second per file to change the dates [this is because I use srand(time(NULL)) and the value of time(NULL) only changes once every second, so I have to make it wait] and although it creates two files in the C:\, it deletes them when it finishes.

I *could* have used some C++ libraries to get a list of files on the Desktop, but I decided to simplify things a little LOT and make a VBScript to do it for me, as a result, this only works on Windows, but there would have been cross-compatibility issues had I used another method anyway, and this at least works on Windows Vista [I assume] and most versions of Windows prior to that.

Now, without further ado, I present you with the program’s Source Code! 😉

#include <windows.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include <time.h>
#include <string.h>
int main()
  FILE* a=fopen("C:\\t.vbs","w");
  void* d;
  char e[999];
  char g[998];
   fputs("Set a=CreateObject(\"wscript.Shell\")\nSet b=CreateObject(\"Scripting.FileSystemObject\")\nSet c=b.GetFolder(a.SpecialFolders(\"Desktop\"))\nSet d=c.Files\nSet e=b.CreateTextFile(\"C:\\l\")\nFor Each f in d\ne.Write VBcrLf&f\nNext\ne.Write \" \"",a);
  FILE* f=fopen("C:\\l","r");
   return 0;
//DeskTopWarpTime Copyright © 2008 Adam Hinder

[And yes, if you were to use remove(g); it would delete the desktop. Don’t do that].


Link to EXE:



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  1. Looks like WordPress took the \0s out of the memset() functions. I’m not sure if that’ll work. if it doesn’t, change lines 33 and 34 to say

  2. Dumb spammers. 🙂

  3. Are you sure it’s autism the smes has?
    And if it was ‘severe’, I doubt he’d be able to do anything more with a computer than play brightly colored point-and-click spaz games.

  4. Eh, I consider it severe. And mrsmes himself has said twice now that he has autism, it has been confirmed on this blog by people he knows IRL, and he shows the exact signs of autism in the way he reacts and the things he says (taking everything literally, for a start).

  5. […] on Yesterday’s Post: “Yet another look inside the house of the smes” […]

  6. so I am what a science experiment to you or something AKH? Because really this isn’t funny and has to stop.

  7. autism or however the fuck you spell it and psychpath are the same thing

    autism is just an excuse as the real word is psychopath and they should belong into a mental asylum this goes for you mrsmes

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