Conflict is Back!

August 6, 2008 at 11:50 | Posted in Everything | 7 Comments
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You all knew the peace wouldn’t last! 😀 After 5 days of life, the peace both on YoYo and on tigerdude’s new blog has been shattered in the space of a day. 😉

I’ve begun arguing [I think] with TurboX over on tigerdude’s blog, and good old mrsmes made a death threat over on YoYo. ^__^

Smessy and Ultisoft Software’s “A++” project still seems to be going strong, in fact they look to be focusing on the financial side of things now … Let’s take a look at the latest public opinions on their work, and read what they’ve chosen to reveal today about their plans …

… on Yesterday’s Post: “mrsmes: Reading your mind and your DNA … how hard can it be?”

VOR wrote:

“First off AKH. Check my IP, its my new provider its 7.50 a month for 10mb speed. (Cheaper than AOL and quicker)

Secondly it was the “I know DOS” comment that threw me. DOS as in what? Writing console programs? (and please readers, no silly Xbox comments, I mean DOS console.) Or making DOS command batchfiles?

It also puzzles me that hardware is going to be built specifically for this “creation”. Pilot is joking around, isnt he? He isnt really helping with this idea?

Because we all know the condition of “he who cannot be named” Im not going down the route of pointing out the flaws to him. Its harmless, and im sure in his mind its all possible. But I didnt think for one minute he could drag anyone else into this fantasy aswell.

I must be missing this joke.”

Pilotteaml wrote:

““making DOS command batchfiles?”

.bat extension? Yes. Converting them? Yes.

Either way, I’m not playing a large part, I’m writing small appilcations that could make trialware. D So yeah I’m involved, just only as an app writer with some code I know.”

VOR wrote:

“Ah I see. You do realize that he is intending to make an entirely new operating system (and hes hinted on hardware for it as well). That being the case DOS batch files would not be any good converted or not.

When you find out what system this new OS is based on, youre going to have to get yourself Masm or similar and code the new commands in assembly, that poses a problem as Masm requires MS-DOS to run.

The only way this operating system is going to get off the ground, if it is not just a frontend for DOS/Windows is going to be hardcoding it in raw machine code (based on the processor architecture he is intending to use)

I have the opcodes list for the 68000 family of processors should Utlisoft be considering basing his new system on that processor. – I dont want to put an end to anyones dreams here, but this aint going to happen. Its even more far fetched, than the “Im going to make a MMORG” threads on the Yoyo site.”

[hasn’t that been obvious from the start? 😀 ]

… on mrsmes’ profile …

LavaBall wrote:

“Right so this system can read mind and thoughts now, Mmmm I wonder why that hasn’t been implemented yet lol”

Ultisoft Software wrote:


yes, it can, we are going to make special hardware for the computer system as well with that, such as a new keyboard system without the annoying “click” “click” “click” on it when you type.”

LavaBall wrote:

“Please tell me you are joking Ultisoft >_<“

mrsmes wrote:

“@LavaBall: oh, we aren’t, and u can also join the team and make around nearly $75,000,000 a impulse.

[I don’t know where they’re pulling these figures from, but it’s not a clean place]

the_cheese_boy wrote:

“what do u want?”

mrsmes wrote:

“@the cheese boy: I don’t like it when people give my friends a hard time, so I’d suggest u learn 2 cool it and fast, or maybe one day I might hire a assassin to kill you.

lulz, he’s already thinking like an über-powerful billionare. 🙂

Now to end this post with the argument that started today between me and TurboX 😉 …

… on tigerdude’s post “National Cynics Union?”

TurboX wrote:

“Sorry but I’d rather not have you lot making a post about my every post I make, I mean you already keep track of my comments”

I wrote:

“Alright, whatever. There’s no point in talking about this anymore.”

[and by that I meant that his blog deletion can’t be undone. I didn’t feel it was worth blogging this yesterday, it was only two comments and there was nothing interesting going on]

TurboX wrote:

“Yeah Just because you know I’m right


I wrote:

“Ha ha ha, TurboX you fag, of course you were right, you just admitted to deleting your blog because you’re afraid of people reading it and talking about it. P That’s not a good thing.”

it has to be said, that was unexpected. >_>



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  1. I must admit, at first I thought they had simply become confused and thought that making a new frontend would be called an operating system.

    I thought it was just simple ignorance of what an OS was that made this delusion begin.

    Now I see that they do mean a new OS. What can I say? There cannot be any reasoning with that level of delusion. Its as bad as SC thinking hes a hacker. Its just…..wrong. I wish I could think of something witty to say, but this whole idea is so outrageous, it beggers belief.

  2. “lulz, he’s already thinking like an über-powerful billionare. ”

    omg like were all turning into alice! holy crap its happening to me too! haha

  3. Nah its not much of an arguement more of a unfriendly discussion

  4. ich bin ti pulesko

  5. “ich bin ti pulesko”

    We waited 2 days for that?

    Oh dear. SC, has anyone ever taken you seriously?

    At least you can now spell “Satan”. Maybe if you take another day off you can learn “thanks” next, instead of the way you spell it “tanks”

  6. me like tanks :p

  7. yep, im sure you do.

    You really are a child. You crave attention and will get it anyway you can. Just for you then, we will have Satan Child day.

    Will everyone pay attention to Satan Child please, like a child he needs to be center of attention.

    Because he has no skill with computers whatsoever he gets attention with silly posts (the only thing he can do), so can we all take time to compliment SC on these posts. You’re so clever SC. What an amazing guy you are.

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