TurboX’s Blog Discovered!

August 2, 2008 at 11:20 | Posted in Everything | 19 Comments
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You know that secret blog he had? The one we were supposed to PM him for?

TurboX wrote:

“Finally after like a year off bullying those kids on yoyo you’ve finally quit, I’m proud of you, anyway I’m bored of u lot now, ure all the same from what I can see, but if u would like to read my blog, drop a PM on yoyogames”

Well, it’s not a secret anymore.

… on Yesterday’s Post: “Peace on YoYo, but not on the blogs

tigerdude1993 wrote:

“turbox, if you have a blog just tell us what the address is. i gave you mine. if you want i wont even comment on yours.

i want to see what you’re posting.”

Pilotteaml wrote:


I rant about stuff on my blog.

Btw, I think TurboX’s blog is http://turbox.wordpress.com/

I wrote:

“I don’t think so … it only has the default “Hello World” post, and if you look at the title it says “Turbox’s Weblog”, TurboX always writes his name as TurboX. ;) But, looking at the date it was started (July 22nd), I suppose it shouldn’t be ruled out. ;)

… on Peace on YoYo?

TurboX wrote:

“Making a blog is not a bad thing, but using it as a way to insult people behoind there backs is, and no I am not gay or a sheep, i am how u say a “normal” but to me that speaks non sheep or shepard”

Nekru wrote:

“I found Turbo’s blog…

First I went to:


And there was a link to:


There is a page about Tigerdude here:


And it also has a link to Mingmoo’s blog:


I think that’s all the important links…”

[bolding done by me]

Well done Nekru! 😀 Great find! Now, let’s take a look at that post …

TurboX wrote:

My Theory On Tigerdude1993

Now this may seem unbelievably childish and in some ways it is, but I feel what with all this pointing the finger charade that maybe Tigerdude1993 needs to wake up and see that he himself is what he calls a lamer. So anyway I am just going to write about what I and so many others(who wish to remain anonymous) Think.

I believe tigerdude has many issues such as social, material and self esteem issues. From what I can see he is one of those typical spoilt Americans(not being racist or discriminative) who think that life is just easily served on a plate, and if he doesn’t get his meal he loses his temper, an example of this behavior is our recent argument, during the aftermath of the whole Dr Spazz incident I decided to switch accounts to get away from tigerdude’s temper and goal to become an idol on the net, for more than a week everything was great i could play and rate games and not get into an argument, tigerdude could carry on as normal until someone told tigerdude about my new account, which led tigerdude to pestering me about how he feels stupid about the whole Dr Spazz ordeal and how he wants to be my friend, so I told him straight and explained that I just want a quiet time here like my friends had advised me to but dear little spoilt kid couldn’t handle the word No and lost his temper(on the net I might add), which led to his own defeat by being cocky towards me and later MiNGmOO who merely expressed his opinion”

“Now I know your all thinking that this is no better than his “enemies” list and your probably right, but hey I want to show you all what I think, so there.

Anyway just by reading this you can tell he his obviously in shock that for once in his yoyogames life he lost an argument and is denying it to make me look bad when anyone with a brain can work out he is ashamed, mainly towards the fact that he was so confident that he was the most intelligent person in his school, and then to be owned by two british teens, I mean hey I’d be pissed If i were him. Now he’s relying on AKH to finish the fight( dun… dun dun) but no offense he would lose as well, the only intelligent member in tigerdudes little group is Ivor B and even he realises that tigerdude brought it on himself by mixing his personal and online life together which = Low Self Esteem

I really could go on but I’d rather not waste my time on this fragile individual.

Note this was not to humliate him, but to merely show you all who are blind to his fantasy world, I mean get real tigergal with the overuse of the word like who was he trying to fool.”

Yes. I read that bold part too.

And yes, I just had to respond. Who wouldn’t?

it looks like TurboX’s blog has the default WordPress.com settings, my comment is awaiting moderation, so just in case he decides to delete it I’m pasting it here:

I wrote:

““Now he’s relying on AKH to finish the fight( dun… dun dun) but no offense he would lose as well”

… WHAT?!

OK, I’m going to give my opinion on this whole thing here and now. The only point you two seem to be making is that tigerdude has “social, material and self esteem issues”, and all the YYG members who he knows IRL are made up by him because of these. Although this is *completely* untrue – and you know it – you keep hammering it at him because you know he won’t prove you wrong. When he came here, he hid his real name from us all. if IHP had never revealed it to Enrai, we wouldn’t know it today. tigerdude is trying not to mix his personal life with the internet and the only way he could truly prove you wrong (in a way without loopholes you could fabricate) would be to mix the two further together with photographic evidence of these people’s existence (and him knowing them). You know how reluctant he is to share anything about his personal life with us (and rightly so) and you’re taking advantage of it.

When tiger asked me to continue the argument, I was thinking about it for days. When I’d worked out what was going on, I realised that there was just no way I could prove you were lying (such that you couldn’t find some way to deny it) without the involvement of tigerdude, tigergal, IHP, and possibly bballstar or Ihatetigerdude1993 …and that is why I’ve stayed out of this. Even now you have this blog, we still need at least tigerdude and one other person he knows in real life to comment here to give you proof, and even then you’d probably make up something about different computers or proxies.”

Lastly for today, as I was perusing mrsmes’ *latest* near-incoherent ramblings I’ve come across a gem of a game – it looks very promising and it’s being made by dmitko and Fox USA (I assume Fox USA is taking a backseat though, this game is good, after all). it’s called Rextro 3D and for a GM Game, it has astounding graphics. it’s already had people say that it’s better than Hovertank 3D (By FredFredrickson) and it’s only in a demo stage! I have to say I agree with them, but I never liked Hovertank 3D anyway. 😉

And now, to end this 1200+ word post with the link you’ve all been waiting for: Rextro 3D.



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  1. I thought you were way smarter than this AKH, your actually believing all of tigerdude’s shit, come on its obvious its just a way for him to seem “cooler”

  2. *sniff sniff* I smell a TurboX impostor. That’s not the same avatar I’ve seen before, and you wrote your name wrong.

  3. Go jump in a lake. you aint loved anymore.

    lol. the looser deleted his blog!

  4. I was talking to turbox, pilot just posted at about the same time as me.

  5. lol. i just don’t understand, why does he still come back to pester me? everything you are accusing me of, you go right back and do it.

    turbox, just stop this nonsense. it doesn’t make you look any better (even though you don’t look good at all right now anyways) in fact it makes YOU look like the idiot.

  6. Darn he as deleted the blog… MINGmOO hasn’t though… but his has jack shit, so meh!

  7. nekru i can’t believe you were a lamer…lol i never really met you though. nice job. i found mingmoo.wordpress.com and turbox.wordpress.com a few days before you though, i just couldn’t post my draft on my blog until now. and the reason, i would tell you but turbox would use it against me.

  8. Yeah me either… I thought someone else might have found it before me… I just posted first I guess.

  9. i do give you credit for finding turboxv5.wordpress.com though, i didn’t even notice it 😉

  10. I need to make this post real quik, I know a trick to digging stuff out of deleted blogs 😉

  11. let me try something:


    if my theory is correct, we can see any post/webpage a few days/weeks/months after it has been deleted.

  12. Hi all. The blog is gone. Deleted by someone close to me after an argument! (im spending too much time on it apparently!

    Shame, it was getting fun since my hits were getting higher.

    Its a funny coincidence that tigers blog also recently was deleted.

    So whats next for IvorB? I was about to post some good news, Ive been asked to contribute on a really great opensource project that is aimed at providing functionality for certain software in developing countries who have had PC’s donated to them.

    Ill still be about, but to be honest Im fed up of this silly IvorB name, that I simply made up on the spur of the moment so long ago. I think ill go back to calling myself VOR or Voice of reason, which was what Ive spent so much time arguing under on various emails/forums.

    In regards to the comment on me being the most intelligent, thanks for the compliment, but Im really not and despite what disputes have happened in the past, I believe AKH & Tiger are both very smart and clued up individuals (as well as yourself turbox) At the end of the day this whole community is digital and not real, I hope nobody takes anything personally that anyone says here.

    None of us will ever meet, nor should we. We have a computer life and a real one and at the end of the day, who cares whats said in the computer one?

    I dont like playing the part of peace maker as it makes me sound holier than thou, but we challenging that we’ve done was towards users who acted inappropriately, now those users have gone, why are people arguing with each other?

  13. *edit* “but we challenging” should have read “but the challenging”

  14. Righto, having just read some of my emails, it seems that the Python coverage was more popular than I thought.

    If you dont mind AKH/Tiger I will be posting articles here in regards to it. A few weeks ago, I got wind of the project I mentioned above, and got myself a little more involved in other Opensource languages.

    I would also like to say to jamieap, that if he still has questions on getting Ubuntu DEB packages installed get in touch again (I mistakingly deleted your email)

    Oh and sorry AKH for taking over your blog for a few minutes!

    Regards all,

    VOR (previously known as Ivor)

  15. “*sniff sniff* I smell a TurboX impostor. That’s not the same avatar I’ve seen before, and you wrote your name wrong.”

    it’s not an impostor, in fact the I.P. Address is *exactly* the same as it is for the comments posted by TurboX a few days ago – 😀 Although he did change his email address and name, so that’s why he has a different avatar.

    “Im fed up of this silly IvorB name, that I simply made up on the spur of the moment so long ago. I think ill go back to calling myself VOR or Voice of reason, which was what Ive spent so much time arguing under on various emails/forums.”

    it’s only 2 letters different, but it’ll take some time to get used to. :\ Shame to see your blog got deleted too, VOR. 😀

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  17. (I just had to let that one through XD)

  18. Hello, I think your website might be having browser compatibility issues. When I look at your blog site in Safari, it looks fine but when opening in Internet Explorer, it has some overlapping. I just wanted to give you a quick heads up! Other then that, awesome blog!

  19. Thanks, but I think that’s an issue to take up with the theme’s creator, not me (though I doubt they’d do anything …). For the record, it looks okay to me in IE, but that might be because I’m on XP and testing with IE8 and 7 (cause of compatibility mode).

    And thank you! ^_^

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