Peace on YoYo?

July 31, 2008 at 12:09 | Posted in Everything | 22 Comments
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After yesterday’s post and my response to SC faking his account being hacked, he seems to have left … again. With luck, he’ll come back within a week or two.

Like he always does.

BUT, for now, we are rid of SC, and as he went, the last conflict on YoYo Games went with him too. For the first time in months (maybe even more than a year) I can’t find any fighting on YoYo … which was somewhat predicted over the past few days. How long this will last, I don’t know, but don’t worry, you won’t be short of this blog’s usual material 😉 …

First of all, I present to you what YoYo News I could find … starting with mrsmes’ latest fantasies of a successful and “nifty” [his words] GM …

… on mrsmes’ profile …

jango0821 wrote:

“C++ is an exellent programming language, I want to learn it someday.”

LavaBall wrote:

“That’s good but that’s gonna take you years of learning to create something satistifying tough oh and by the way ignore mrsmes he just think Game Maker is the best game designing tool ever which it obviously isn’t, Infact it’s far from it.”

quiznos00 wrote:

“Too many comments.”

[here come a whole lot more quiznos 😀 ]

mrsmes wrote:

“@LavaBall: Don’t worry, Game Maker soon will be the best Game Creation tool ever & don’t come whining to me, saying mrsmes u were right it is the best Game Creation tool ever, will u teach me how to use those, nifty features there is too many for me to remember, and they are so awesome, and amazing, well U will have help from v manual my friend so long as U can find it for that matter of a fact, in the program, or should I say the help file.

@LavaBall: my friend I think we all know I watch Youtube, a lot and watch computers get infested with viruses and trashed by them, and sometimes YouTube, thinks I am looking for videos on how to make viruses, but actually I am not and I accidentally ran into a tutorial on how to write a basic virus and every one knows that the more code they have in them the worst they are and the harder to delete they are, there is also a line of code which hides viruses from a virus scanner but, I would never Create a computer, virus instead I will make a computer system, so I can be creative, and not destructive.”

LavaBall wrote:

“No mrsmes you have gone to your Game Maker is superb thing again, I will never take it that Game Maker will be the best tool in creation ever, The only reason to use it is to make a game with easy and not that C++ Junk, I don’t care how many times you will say it but Game Maker is crap when it comes to power.

Learn to be destructive mrsmes, Being evil for a bit won’t hurt at all but if you will exaggerate you will find yourself in jail and then again many of the warez sites pretty much have viruses on them and I don’t suppose the guys get arrested for it.”

Next up, let’s go to the comments on Yesterday’s Post

… on Yesterday’s Post …

Nekru wrote:

“Ha ha… You can instantly tell that tigerdude didn’t hack it… just by the shitty grammar and overall suckiness (is that a word?) XD

I lol’d at that gamma ray thing as well…


7rlog wrote:

“Well done for rumbling him AKH.

I would have fallen for that on the basis that before tiger left Yoyo we had a long discussion of Brute Forcing and if the password had been rockman it would be an easy one to crack. (trick there for all your readers, when you choose a password add a set of numbers to the beginning or end, a lame brute forcing attempt will probably never crack it.)”

tigerdude1993 wrote:

“lol…i didn’t hack anyone other than enrai v2 and don’t have any intentions of hacking anyone else.”

TurboX wrote:

“I know this is off topic but why arent u allowed on yoyo, MiNGmOO thinks ure just cowering away but whats ure real reason”

[that’s not the second bit of news, by the way]

7rlog wrote:

“AKH, youve probably already dabbled with this, however some of your readers wont have, so Ill pimp my sites latest feature: (warning: Blatant advert ahead)

PYgame v1.8.1 – A module for the Python language that enables you to create some impressive 2d games, is featured over at the 7rlog. So if you have an interest in game making and would also like to see your creation compatible on MAC, Linux and Windows, get yourself over to the log to find out what your missing.
“Bringing you the freeware alternatives””

MetaRidley86 wrote:

sigh… I wanna hear about me in the news again…

[Speaking of which …]

… on MetaRidley86’s profile, 3 days ago …

MetaRidley86 wrote:

“you know, I am tired of gamemaker, yoyogames, and almost everybody here. I am done with this site for screwballs. see ya.”

Sorry I missed you leaving YoYo, MetaRidley. XD

At last, for one day, everyone is at peace on YoYo. Which is somehow a bad thing … :> 😈

As a finale to this post, slightly [OK, exactly] copying one of 4 posts on the 7thRealm ReleaseNews yesterday, here’s a selection of videos from one of the smes’ favourite sites (YouTube) showing Neg’s Urban Sports. if you don’t know who Neg is (which you probably don’t, the UK is a small place) here’s a little description:

7rlog wrote:

“Next up we have Neg’s Urban Sports.  Here is a guy that goes around and preys on innocent members of the public, all in the name of sport.  (Warning, adult content)”

He’s been an act on the TV show Balls of Steel since it started in 2005, and although he’s *not* my favourite, it wasn’t hard to find some of his best work … if it can be called that. 😀 Here they come!

First, from 2005, Neg’s Urban Sprinting …

Second, Following on well, is Neg’s Burger Bowl Off, from 2007. This is AWESOME! 😉 …

And Finally, from this year, it’s Neg’s Knock and Don’t Run. 😉




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  1. actually, I made another account, because the mods deleted everything i say. I was trying to make the mods think I was gone! :p

    meh, but I changed my mind. I AM done with yoyo,t least until angry toaster comes back, so i can spam him, or when tigerdude comes back to yoyo.

  2. stop with the friggin “SPAM SPAM SPAM SPAM IM SO AWEZOME I C@N SPAM” it’s annoying.

    turbox im not going to tell you, the reason being i dont care what that mingmoo normal loser thinks, and that he should find out the way i told him to in my information. oh and have fun fixing your website turbox, hope you had a backup. i did exactly what you did to my website, except on a much larger scale.

    mingmoo, hey turbox. i know you’re just turbox on an alternate.

    oh and here’s my new blog everyone:

  3. wtf? I’m not turbox!

  4. and the reason i want to spam angry toaster is because he spammed my account so much and reported me so many times that the mods delete everything i say, therefore, destroying my original yoyogames accoun, making me ditch the account “metaridley86” forcing me to make “metaridley1995”.

  5. LoL I just got on, and how the tiger’s still in servier denial, u just left because u could’nt being bested, and no I am not metaridley, I am only just TurboX/TuroX/Blazevelocity but TurboX is my most common name. And ure info tells us to ask either ivor or akh who both have no clue why u left, though ivor thinks ure just hurt for the fact u mixed ure personal life on the net which is stupid thing to do. Come on is there a real reason or can u just not argue properly against me and MiNGmOO, if it makes u feel any better, the arguements over.

  6. never said you were metaridley.. and i seriously dont give a crap anymore…god all you lamers were just a waste of my summer. i have hopes that ill have a better one next year.

    and im not in friggin denial, i just dont get where you get that from. you just cant accept that i dont care about you anymore.

  7. Go Tiger! Tell TurboX off! 😀

    Well, you just did tell him off 😉

  8. By the way, I has a new site now. Click on my name to see it 😉

  9. cool.

    akh, hopefully you’ll engage turbox in an argument here…although if you don’t want to, i’m cool with it. who wants to waste all of there time fighting with people they don’t even know?

  10. Finally after like a year off bullying those kids on yoyo you’ve finally quit, I’m proud of you, anyway I’m bored of u lot now, ure all the same from what I can see, but if u would like to read my blog, drop a PM on yoyogames

  11. “hey turbox. i know you’re just turbox on an alternate.”

    you said that to metaridley, u just hate being proven wrong

  12. “you said that to metaridley, u just hate being proven wrong”

    he *clearly* says “mingmoo, hey turbox. i know you’re just turbox on an alternate”. He addressed MiNGmOO, he wasn’t talking to MetaRidley. Stop playing stupid, TurboX.

  13. […] … on Yesterday’s Post: “Peace on YoYo” … […]

  14. LoL i have to see this “TurboX Blog”, he said something about blogs earlier, so now he’s being extremely hypocritical 😀

    and look at turbox, who claims i’m a sheep when he sits there and “admires” mingmoo…lol. im no sheep im the leader 😉

    PS: either turbox is gay for him or he’s a sheep…

  15. Making a blog is not a bad thing, but using it as a way to insult people behoind there backs is, and no I am not gay or a sheep, i am how u say a “normal” but to me that speaks non sheep or shepard

  16. I found Turbo’s blog…

    First I went to:

    And there was a link to:

    There is a page about Tigerdude here:

    And it also has a link to Mingmoo’s blog:

    I think that’s all the important links…

  17. :O Great find, Nekru! 😀

  18. I win… lawl…

    New post on mah blog btw…


  19. btw im not insulting you behind your back, i KNEW you read my blog and expected you to see it. hell i even told you about it! that isn’t talking behind someone’s back turbox.




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