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July 26, 2008 at 15:00 | Posted in Everything | 5 Comments
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YES! it’s me, Administron again. Looks like AKH didn’t get back in time … that or the holiday laziness bug got to him. Don’t worry, I’ve got something to put in this post, AKH quotes! šŸ˜€ the kind of which you’ve never seen before. šŸ˜‰

“When I get back, my Moshi Monster is going to fucking kill me.”

“if you put something small in a baby’s mouth, it automaticaly starts to suck – one of 3 things you shouldn’t tell Nekru or his little dumbass buddies. The other 2 are ‘I’ve merely been using you all this time’ and ‘your problem is not that people don’t want or know how to comment, but that there is no one here to comment, because you see everything you make is total shit.'”

“The day I saw NakedPaulToast get owned by Zezuken was the day I realised that everyone, even a non-blog-updating-argumentaholic can be beaten by their inferior. And you know what? it made me scared.”

AKH will be taking over from me tomorrow šŸ˜‰ in fact he’ll probably be posting some comments later today šŸ˜€ Until then, you’re stuck with me, an all-powerful yet all-unknowing robot restricted to the task of administrating this blog.

Tomorrow’s Post: The Return of AKH



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  1. I knew I wouldn’t be back in time to find out everything that happened in the week while I was away, so I made this extra scheduled post before I left. šŸ˜‰

    I’m back now, with much more than I expected to return to. This place is going to be different without tigerdude, Firefall and tigergal, and I’ve got some business to take care of for tigerdude as well …

    I’m currently looking through everything that happened last week, with all that I can get my internet-hands on. My post will be, as Administron said, tomorrow. I haven’t decided how it’s going to go just yet, but get ready for something big …

  2. hey i only said i was leaving yoyo šŸ˜€

    i’ll still try to get on here, and maybe even make a new blog soon…i’ve got the export file from my old blog.

    oh and maybe you need to mention to turbox that he never “owned” me and that i didn’t leave because of him and mingmoo.

    also, he claims that i started this by insulting mingmoo, but mingmoo’s the one that started on me:

    “hey hey, im here to reduce ur self proclaimed reputation to cinders”


    also, he hated me using emotes, and he then used this one: ~_~

    what a hypocrit. one more thing, he came on my game website ( and deleted my homepage, being an immature jerk. of course i had a backup and fixed the entire thing in minutes.

    hope you can survive in yoyogames without me ;D

    I read most of that argument, it went on for like, 40 pages. XD

  4. Are you hanging around here to get away from YoYo (or more, TurboX and MiNGmOO) or is it OK if I tell people there you’re still around?

  5. […] on Administron’s Final Post […]

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