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“Fkn0wned is mainly a site for gamer nerds who waste their lives playing Counterstrike or whatever, I don’t go there for that, I go there for the Off-Topic section – Links/Humor, Debating, Random Tuts, the Tutorials Section in the Red Light District, oh and of course the porn, because I’m obsessed with porn.”


You’re gonna need to sign up to fkn0wned if you REALLY want to see what’s going on, since in most forums all the good stuff is surrounded by a [hide] tag and you have to reply to see what’s going on, although you can get around most of the Links/Humor section without a membership. 😉

And now, without further ado, I present fkn0wned’s best forums, in the opinion of AKH …


Being put up there first because of a lack of hidden content, you’ve probably seen a lot of the stuff that gets posted there before, but you’ll probably find a gem of funniness or two if you look hard enough.


Not really the second best forum, I’m just going in alphabetical order now. You’ll find debates about all sorts of matters here, so it’s worth taking a look at every now and again. One topic that caught my eye is called “Britain’s Justice System…Fucked?!” And the obvious answer is yes. 😉 There’s no need for [hide] tags here.

Random Tuts

Now, on to one of the many places where you will encounter [hide] tags, the Random Tuts forum. And like it’s description, it is random. You can find tutorials on nearly ANYTHING here … I’ve even seen bomb-making ones before :\ so it’s worth a look every now and again … But now we’ll go on to something you should REALLY be checking if you want tutorials …

Red Light District > Tutorials

You have to sign up and vote for fkn if you want to get in there, so I’ve just linked to the Red Light District section. Last time I checked this place, the tutorials didn’t seem to be of a much higher standard than those in Random Tuts, but there were pages more, so it’s worth a look. 😉

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