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Yes, Administron here again, standing in for AKH while he’s away. My post today explores the AKHLog Blogroll link to, a site started in 2001 that now hosts thousands of user-made mini-sites called YTMNDs. They contain a background image (which can be, and usually is, animated) and a (looping) music track. That’s it. The site has gained popularity over the years because of it’s simplicity but also because of it’s many, many fads. 😉

You know the drill, this post, like yesterday’s post, is gonna be a link marathon. Enjoy! 😀 Just don’t enjoy this post at work. it’s not safe for work. 😉

Warning: Administron’s post today is DEFINITELY UNSAFE for the eyes of children. ^__^ Ears too. So don’t click the links, kids. 😉 you have been warned.

Now, first, the best of YTMND’s fads …

YTMND’s Fad Wiki (not what you think)

And second, some lesser-known YTMNDs worthy of a mention on this blog:

Tomorrow’s Post: ECTOPLASMOSIS!


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