the Fights that never were …

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First of all, TurboX VS tigerdude came to a halt for a second time, and right now things are looking good – with luck the two won’t be fighting again this time tomorrow 😉 especially since TurboX is taking a break now …

And second of all, the potential real-life fight between bballstar (Brad Thomas) and tigerdude that materialised over the last few hours was cancelled and all problems look to have been resolved … even if it *did* need a threat to call the police from Ivor B/7rlog … >_>

… on Yesterday’s Post

TurboX wrote:

“That was only just a point, Yeah anyway I am just announcing my final leave, me and tigerdude have sorted things, so I’m gonna just take a break”

tigerdude1993 wrote:

“yeah, it’s over, me and turbox talked through pm ;)

see ya turbox, i’ll be taking you off the enemies list and…i don’t know what else, but i’ll think of something.

akh: brad…i guess you didn’t see his comment to alice. that one pissed me off…but i’m really angry that IHP is the one who told him, looks like he’s still a lamer after all.”

“oh and i’m thinking about fighting brad…i’ll need some luck this time, unlike with IHP D , and hopefully he won’t have all his friends with him…”

… on tigerdude’s post “Brad Has Arrived”

7rlog wrote:

“Just saw the profile of bbalz, what an idiot. It wasnt bad enough that he came here and insulted someone autistic, but then he starts believing that anyone actually cares about what he says.

The only nerd here is the ferrel street kid that is Brad.”

tigerdude1993 wrote:

but…he insulted Alice and badly…if it wasn’t for that i wouldn’t fight him tomorrow.”

7rlog wrote:

“Im sure you are aware that his insult was purely envy. He is probably not very confident around women and finds the only way to relate to them is by insulting them.

Im sure Alice would rather you didnt get involved in fighting Brad and after recent incidents involving Yoyo I would hope you see now how things that start off harmless can go wrong. Dont rise to him.

After his friends visit all these sites where he has posted, and realise that their “cool” friend Brad spends his time playing Gangsta and insulting people with autism, Im sure he wont be as popular.

If you be popular in Brads area means you have to be cruel to people with aspberges then Im sure Brad will gain alot of respect. Somehow though I doubt it, and any one of Brads friends with an ounce of decency will not be impressed. – Oh and seeing Brad sending petty insults at females wont do him any favours either.”

“Brad, if you are reading this, please be wait a few mins, this next post is taking a while to type.”

tigerdude1993 wrote:

“look 7rlog, not only is brad freakin out over all of this, but i am too, if my parents find out about this they’ll discover the blog and i’ll be in immense trouble…please, don’t email the cops.”

7rlog wrote:

“Brad: I dont know you, you dont know me. I wont bore you with any history as to why I turned up at yoyo, suffice to say its not the place I go unless I feel I need to challenge some inappropriate behave by others.

The yoyo site has many young members, some of these have issues and some are very vulnerable. They do not need your type of insulting behaviour to contend with.

Brad: A few facts for you young man. Firstly Im probably twice your age (and a bit) I have my own home and a wife and family. Ive been there and done that, I am not insulted by any remarks that you can think of, and I am certainly not bothered by any “image” I may or may not have. You think Im a geek? That was decided long before you arrived and to be honest Im actually quite proud of being a geek. I really dont care about any name I am called. If it was original though I might even adopt it as part of my other posting handle (Ivor B AKA Grandpa)

I will not email anyone at the moment. If you tell me that the fight is not going ahead then Ill take your word.

However, should anyone email or PM me with even a rumour that it did go ahead, I will be emailing the police station immediately without any further warning. I am over 30 and a proffesional (in my line of work) I will have no problem being taken seriously by any Government agency. BTW youve already broken a few federal laws under the computer misuse act. (and Im from the UK and dont know much US law)

That being said, in future, just think to yourself “is this really worth it?” one silly fight which goes wrong could ruin your entire life. So what if youre popular? In a few years time you will be worrying about work, feeding your family and paying for your mortgage, this will all seem so silly then.

Smarten up, dont make life any more difficult than it already is, and dont ruin your future by engaging in behaviour which could lead to a criminal offence.”

tigerdude1993 wrote:

“don’t worry, i won’t fight brad, promise ) anyways i think you pretty much scared him away ;)

7rlog wrote:

) Good, as I said by PM, Id never forgive myself if something went wrong and I had been in a possition to stop it.

You can PM me on the other matter now!”

tigergal1993 wrote:

“like omg yay ^^ like im like sooo glad u didnt fight him superstar =) like cant wait to like come over ^_~”

tigerdude1993 wrote:

“thanks alice ) i can’t either :]

and ivor i did.”

7rlog wrote:

) glad to see everythings worked out.

Get ready for another Ivor B – jerry springer type post!”


My feelings on GM and yoyo have changed somewhat over the last few weeks, but really its not something we need to go into again.

At the end of the day, Yoyo is a community however it can sometimes be a vulnerable one. It seems the mods dont have the time to keep track of all inappropriate behaviour, which considering how big the yoyo site is, its no wonder.

That being said, I rarely make an appearance over on Yoyo, firstly because I dont believe I have a right to be there, (I dont use GM) and secondly because the community as a whole is generally younger with different hobbies/interests than myself.

I will continue to return to challenge anything I deem is inappropriate and unsuitable. Yoyogames should not be a forum where people can arrange fights, insult others conditions or do any of the other things this blog and AKH’s have challenged in the past.

I know many of tigers/akh’s readers will hate me. They will hate my boring and long posts, my arrogance, my patronising typing style, but I really dont care. In a few years time, I can promise that all of you will have the same type of viewpoints and you may even take it upon yourselves to “look out” for the new generation of coders/IT enthusiasts etc.

Before anyone comments, I do not want to be a yoyo mod, as I said, I rarely post there and to be honest dont want to be associated at that level with the GM site. If I find another forum/site that has similar problems as the yoyo one, I will challenge people there aswell.

and now in true Ivor B and Jerry Springer type format, Ill end with:

“Look out for yourselves, and each other”

oh and my mandatory blog advert:

tigerdude1993 wrote:

““I know many of tigers/akh’s readers will hate me. They will hate my boring and long posts, my arrogance, my patronising typing style, but I really dont care. In a few years time, I can promise that all of you will have the same type of viewpoints and you may even take it upon yourselves to “look out” for the new generation of coders/IT enthusiasts etc.”

well i don’t ) i enjoy reading your opinions on things, and usually they’re always right ;)

7rlog wrote:

Thanks tiger, but I would hope everyone reads what I say, reads what others say, and then draws their own conclusions..I do not believe myself to be right all the time. I would hope my posts make people consider different viewpoints and perspectives, but I am actually looking forward to the day someone comes here and mentally “owns” me. We all have a right to an opinion, and as long as it isnt insulting to others theres no problem.

Anyways, moving on….Ive been pleased with my hits today and had some interesting recommendations of software. I will state now that anyone who is thinking of submitting their projects to me dont need to worry about me finding flaws in their work. 7rlog only has good reviews and if something isnt yet up to the standard of the other software there it just doesnt get reviewed.

Finally, you have to give Crayon Physics (the game) a go. Its listed in the news section on the blog, and its probably one of the best little 2d games Ive played in a long while. Support the author with some comments aswell.

In respect of crayon physics, I will be reviewing the engine it uses, I believe its an opensource lib. I am not sure if it will be compatible with GM, but after the review it will certainly be worth checking out. From what Ive seen its incredible well coded and provides a high quality mathematically bases physics system.

Also in tigerdude’s post were the PMs Enrai sent to inuyasha and how exactly inuyasha [reluctantly] became a member of the pervert trio. Well worth a read 😉 …

tigerdude1993 wrote:

I’d like you to see some of the PM’s Enrai sent to Inuyasha. This one proves that Inuyasha was not lying when he said Enrai told him to do something to Alice:


now listen closely my dear inufuck, you shall be called apprentice in the high order that is the pervert trio P we shall rule yoyo with a bronze fist MWAHAHA with the help of ivor bigass and sc666. you shall call me enrai and i shall call you inufuck. now here are your first instructions )

you shall go to tigergals profile and you shall give her these comments to complete your first mission MWAHAHA. here are the comments you must give her ) after each comment wait for her to reply P

1. yo tigerbitch love ya im gonna getcha one of these days )
2. tigerbitch found your location baby, im gonna find you and do what all of us trio members do )
3. tigerbitch it’s time, can you feel the love P
4. alright tigerbitch, i can’t miss this target P
5. did that make you feel good, i hope it did P it made me feel great.
6. now lets act like this never happened tigerbitch.

you must do this in order to stay in the trio. if you leave no one will accept you my perverted friend )


I’m sorry I just can’t do this. I’ve been to busy with school, I have a French test tommorw (i have to study for it) If I have the time I can give you “advice” and tigerdude lives In Teaxs. I’m not sure what city (I know this cause the way Tigergal talks)


MWAHAHA inufuck i knew they live in texas, i know everything my young apprentice P he lives in plano, texas! but you must complete your first mission soon or you will never become one of the immortal gods that is within the pervert trio! )


Really? I got el paso.


inufuck i know all ) inufuck you live in windsor, ontario, in canada! you shall be my apprentice and in being my apprentice must complete your first mission! you must complete the mission my young apprentice P


You know I’m only 11-12 =P


inufuck MWAHAHA you are bluffing my friend ) you cannot deceive the great deceiver of men my young apprentice ) you shall soon learn. so when shall you do your first assignment, you must or i shall discontinue your reputation as my apprentice.


What the heck does that mean?


you are lying my friend, you shall tell me your real age or lose apprenticeship. now go and get tigerbitch [how original] with the exact comments i gave you, inufuck, or lose your apprenticeship.


Look I AM 11!


MWAHAHA you are lying! you are really older than you say P now go and do what i asked NOW my dear inufuck )


No, I won’t. If you don’t believe me. But I will do it :)”

There was also a PM that made me die of laughter, and I just had to share it with you before I gave the account to whoever D . Here it is:

i congatulate you on your success with the mission. you have now become a general for the pervert trio! in a few more missions you shall become one of teh gods of the pervert trio, like me and sc666! MWAHAHAHA! would you like to see your next mission, general inufuck?

Inuyasha may have become “one of teh gods of the pervert trio” if he wouldn’t have changed D .

Lastly for today, let’s take a look at new YoYo Games member OZMOSIS (he joined yesterday). Although it’s likely he’s not some sort of prank account made by Enrai or SC, I find it strange that he doesn’t seem to have a working space bar. :\

… on Enrai V2’s profile …

OZMOSIS wrote:



… on AKH T3NNiS 😀 …

OZMOSIS wrote:


[was that a joke? I don’t know. I think AKH T3NNiS is good, anyway. 😀 ]

… on my profile …

OZMOSIS wrote:


His description is “IAMAGODSOYOUCANALLDIEKKTHANKSBYE” but his name is down as “OZMOSIS I AM TEH BHEST”, so he CAN use his space bar. :O

I don’t think this is a prank account, (I accepted his friend request) but the possibility is there, so I thought I’d share this in case it develops into something. 😉



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  1. what a day yesterday 😀

  2. AKH,upon oppening a program it says “error:problem description:the file blablablah was not removed”Ive
    tried searching for the file,but it says “no items were found”

  3. “AKH,upon oppening a program it says “error:problem description:the file blablablah was not removed”Ive
    tried searching for the file,but it says “no items were found””

    is that ALL programs or just a certain one? o.O

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