Enrai got Pwned :D + yet another person tigerdude knows in real life joins YoYo + TurboX VS tigerdude starts again …

July 12, 2008 at 11:08 | Posted in Everything | 5 Comments
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OK, first in today’s colossal news mountain comes the hacking of Enrai – Well done to tigerdude! 😀 Although it was a pretty easy thing to do 😉 …

… on Yesterday’s Post

tigerdude1993 wrote:

“i just hacked enrai v2, his password was “enrai” XD

also the email was so simple… enraisc666@yahoo.com . well this is how i did it…i got on his profile and changed the password, and logged out. then i told enrai that if he logged out of yoyogames and then logged back in i would tell him tigergal’s last name and street address D the idiot logged off and probably felt stupid when he typed in “enrai” and it said “invalid password/email”

so now i’ll freely give away the account for people that want to mess with it, but before i do i’ll collect some info from his sent PM’s and his inbox…”

… Enrai V2’s name, location and description on YoYo …

tigerdude1993 wrote:

Name: Hacked by Tigerdude1993
Description: I’d like everyone to give enrai what he deserves. if you want you can PM me, tigerdude1993, for his password/email address and i’ll let you screw around with the account 😀 just don’t change the avatar 😉

… on Enrai V2’s profile …

Enrai V2 (tigerdude) wrote:

“alright, i’ve found some significant information from enrai’s pms…although it wasn’t much, it proves that our friend inuyasha didn’t really want to join the pervert trio at first…i’ll be posting this on the blog tomorrow 😉 “

Next up is tigerdude’s newest real-life-ex-friend to join YoYo (I think this is the third now :\ ) And predictably, he’s brought another threat to tigerdude’s popularity with him. His YoYo name is bballstar, and his real name is Brad Thomas …

… bballstar’s name, location and description on YoYo …

bballstar wrote:

Name: brad thomas
Location: yeah fuckin right.
Description: im here because that matt nerdy kid, whatever the fuck hes called, told me hunter uses this damn nerd site.
Registered: 11 July 2008

… on bballstar’s profile …

tigerdude1993 wrote:

“brad? should’ve known. jealous fag.

for anyone who is confused right now:

this is brad thomas, a kid that goes to a different school and THINKS he is more popular than me.

PS: looks like IHP didn’t change.”

… on mrsmes’ profile …

bballstar wrote:

“awesome! hunter also has retards as friends! this kid probably couldn’t even pass special ed! HA”

[ 😦 ]

mrsmes wrote:

“@bballster: watch how u talk about my friends and their friends bucky.

@Ivor Biggun: I need some help I believe we have antoher mental SC type of character talking on my guest book and he ain’t the friendly type, or like others u have dealt with before.”

[he made some comments on other people’s profiles as well, but I just had to include that]

What will come of this? I don’t know. Maybe nothing, but it doesn’t look like bballstar’s gonna move on straight away. >.<

Lastly for today, TurboX VS tigerdude has started again and looks to be ending soon … but this time, not in a good way 😉 …

… on TurboX’s profile …

tigerdude1993 wrote:

“and you are right…i shouldn’t be “gossiping”, first of all it’s gay (:D) and second of all it ruins friendships, i’m sorry about everything i said…i can make that up to you, by making a post and getting akh to make one…do you want that?”

“screw that, i saw those comments on the akh log.

i don’t want to accuse you of anything else, but it now seems like you want to turn everyone against me.”

TurboX wrote:

“Fine see ya, and no I am just defending myself”

bballstar wrote:

“ooh hunter getting into an online argument. how lame HA”

… TurboX’s description …

TurboX wrote:

“I’ll be gone for a while now, i’ll log in one more time tommorow and then thats it for a while”

… in tigerdude’s post “See Ya TurboX, Guess You Don’t Care”

“I had fun ;) You were a good friend…don’t know what happened. Oh well. And now, you’re trying to turn people against me? What the hell are you thinking? If you want to leave go now, instead of spreading shit that isn’t true (like how I would easily turn on friends).

Looks like I’ve gotten more prove that he’s Dr. Spazz, from AKH’s blog post, titled “tigerdude VS TurboX continued…” This comment:

I know, it just shows how easily tigerdude would turn on his friends, i mean even if i was dr spazz, loads of tigerdudes friends have insulted tigergal, such as zeon, and yet there still friends.”

Well, why would he care if he wasn’t Dr. Spazz? Proves it.”


MetaRidley86 is the newest YoYo Games member to start a blog, his is at http://ridleyslair.wordpress.com 😀 Although it doesn’t look completely YoYo-oriented, the words of a reformed lamer are always worth a look. 😉



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  1. That was only just a point, Yeah anyway I am just announcing my final leave, me and tigerdude have sorted things, so I’m gonna just take a break

  2. yeah, it’s over, me and turbox talked through pm 😉

    see ya turbox, i’ll be taking you off the enemies list and…i don’t know what else, but i’ll think of something.

    akh: brad…i guess you didn’t see his comment to alice. that one pissed me off…but i’m really angry that IHP is the one who told him, looks like he’s still a lamer after all.

  3. […] about Enrai Actually, for the full story, I’d rather you read the AKH Log. Go read “Enrai got Pwned + yet another person tigerdude knows in real life joins YoYo + TurboX VS tigerdude …“, which has the longest title in the AKH Log’s […]

  4. oh and i’m thinking about fighting brad…i’ll need some luck this time, unlike with IHP 😀 , and hopefully he won’t have all his friends with him…

  5. […] on Yesterday’s Post […]

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