SonicTHDX11 is Dr Spazz + dragonzrkool101 BACK!

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Yes, we’ve gone and done that thing so classic of the “merry men”, and jumped to a conclusion – as usual, it was the wrong one. TurboX was not the one in control of the Dr Spazz account, it was in fact SonicTHDX11 all along, although it has to be said that he did a great job of impersonation.

And now it’s time for the quotes that reveal SonicTHDX11 as Dr Spazz, and prove that TurboX had nothing to do with this after all …

… on tigergal1993’s profile …

TurboX wrote:

“Hey look I am sorry about what Dr Spazz has said, but its not me, he gave his account to loads of members, even tigerdude has it”

SonicTHDX11 wrote:


AkmaYo wrote:

“TurboX, I don’t beileve that ^_^”

Dr Spazz wrote:

“akma yo

hi im sonicthdx11″

tigerdude1993 wrote:

“sonicthdx11 has to be dr spazz, he admitted to it.”

SonicTHDX11 wrote:

“i asked turboX for it.. now it mine.. and turboX”

TurboX wrote:

“Wait I have no part in this thing with Dr Spazz, its a bad account, it may be good to insult inuyasha with, but its no good, SonicTHDX just leave it before you get in more trouble”

SonicTHDX11 wrote:


TurboX wrote:

“Don’t use the account, its obviouse someone has hacked into it, someone like enrai or someone else”

Sinister96 wrote:

“i heard that you hacked it turboX”

skygar9 wrote:

“Like, how do you know all this stuff?????? You like hack into other peoples acounts!!!???!!!???!!? Your like, super geniuse that you hack into peoples acounts!!! Plus I dont want you to hack into my account!

Like, omg!!!!!!”

… on TurboX’s profile …

“WTF fuck I leave for a day and you give me this shit, What the fuck have i done? all I have noticed is that someone changed dr spazzs account password, but i assumed that was you or him

Tigerdude1993 should’nt you get to know the situation first, first of all if you look i havent been on all day yesterday so I havent got a clue why your mad and 2nd, anyway this shows that you’d break a friendship without any eveidence”

Dr Spazz wrote:

“hi tigerdude i got spazz accunt! now im sonicthdx11

and turbo”

tigerdude1993 wrote:

“turbox: “anyway this shows that you’d break a friendship without any eveidence”

i never did anything did i? you can ask a lot of people, i told them i wasn’t doing anything until i had proof…

now i do…you aren’t dr spazz.

and anyways, you (and almost everyone else) know that i have a bad temper and press the comment button before i think about what i type 😉 “

TurboX wrote:

“Well I have been looking at my last 5 pages on my guest book

“Some normal kid with out a voice and girlfriend is a pillow””

… on Yesterday’s Post

tigerdude1993 wrote:

“well it turns out that i have jumped to conclusions AGAIN and blamed turbox for all this, and he’s innocent…

the real culprit is sonicthdx11…he got on his account and said he was dr spazz. dr spazz said he was sonicthdx11.”

TurboX wrote:

“The Matters over, well most of it, We still don’t know who Dr Spazz is, but it was defiently not me

And no I would’nt get MiNGmOO or Technosuperguy involved”

tigerdude1993 wrote:

“well turbox, sorry about all this, my bad.

sonicthdx11 is the only one left to blame, he keeps asking me if i hate him…”

I wrote:

“A HA! I KNEW TurboX wouldn’t do this sort of thing!”

Over on tigerdude’s blog, instead of the post he originally had planned (insulting TurboX), he’s written a half-apology to TurboX and moved all blame for Dr Spazz’s wrongdoings to SonicTHDX11 – the true perpetrator.

tigerdude’s post: “TurboX Is Innocent”

Next up is the news that dragonzrkool101 has somehow recovered his account from the unknown hacker and has vowed that “That bastard will die when I find out who it was” on tigerdude’s profile. 😀 Best of luck to you dragonz, I hope you do a better job than me at finding out who hacked you. 😉

… on dragonzrkool101’s profile …

dragonzrkool101 wrote:


Hacked, wtf?!?!

Well anyways, I’m a wiz at getting my password back…

So that means you guys can go….


But hopefully not that nooby 😀 “

Hunter M wrote:

“So, your back now?



… on Sinister96’s profile …

dragonzrkool101 wrote:

“Hey dude don’t yell at me that wasn’t me who spammed “I HACKED DRAGONSRCOOL! OMGOMGOM I SO NUBBY AND SMART XD I MUST BE 1337!!!!”

That was some idiot lamer who actually got me…

If I spam there is a purpose to it XD


I know no-one cares cuz I do suck don’t I?


Sinister96 wrote:

“lol… ok then…”

And lastly for today, we have seen a brief and spammy return from pokakaa >_> time to quote …

… on MY profile 😀 …

dragonzrkool101 wrote:

“I did get pwned, but then I pwned back 😀

Wellll….. ya. I need to find out who the idiot is who hacked meh >:(“

pokakaa wrote:

“I am not inuyasha I have proof I made my account 2 months before him it says it on the page so can you just leave me alone.”

[like I said before, not proof, but I have proof enough from tigerdude that pokakaa isn’t inuyasha anyway >.<]

“what are 5 like it matters to me about your 165.5 pages of spam am I even goi”


“what are 5 like it matters to me about your 165.5 pages of spam am I even going to read them. Did you have something to against inuyasha? I said I was sorry about the many comments my cell phone is stupid with the internet. i’m 12 what do you want from me.”


I wrote:

“Alright fine, I’ll leave you alone. tigerdude told me after the spamming that inuyasha said he wasn’t you after all, I can’t be 100% sure that it’s the truth looking at inuyasha’s record, but whether it is or not, you’ve had more than enough spam. I didn’t think my script would post so much in such a little time. >.<

And dragonz, it’s good to see you back! 😀 “



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  1. i felt so stupid yesterday 😀

    and here’s a quick announcement, from now til friday i have to help out the church until noon, so i wont be making early posts this week.

  2. Well i am not dr spazz, i just mean that i got his account, I got his account before he said all that bad, turboX sended it to me

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