tigerdude1993 & inuyasha VS TurboX ???

July 6, 2008 at 12:09 | Posted in Everything | 10 Comments
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it sounds completely insane, but that looks to be the scenario over at least the next few days. :\ What will come of this, I have no idea …

I assume most of you are wondering how this started.

After a little searching around, it’s clear that the Dr. Spazz account has been insulting tigergal over the past couple of days (although the comments written within the last 24 hours seem to have been deleted by a mod) and no more than 12 hours ago it was revealed that TurboX was the only person in control of the account during that time. This commenced tigerdude’s onslaught in which he decided to become friends “for a little while” with AkmaYo (one of inuyasha’s many alternate accounts) 😐 and things will probably get more confusing than this as the days go by.

TurboX hasn’t been online yet to respond to any of this, but hopefully we can expect to see something from him in a matter of hours. Now it’s time for the quoting, starting on TurboX’s profile and moving on to the Dr. Spazz profile …

… on TurboX’s profile …

tigerdude1993 wrote:

“you took talking shit too far and then blocked me out of dr spazz. what the hell were you thinking.

you, not a lamer, but you…what the hell is your problem? talking shit while i was gone…shows how much of a friend you are.

you better hope that you didn’t fucking mean any of those things you said to alice.”

AkmaYo wrote:

“also TurboX, I cannot believe you actually got smart and did this (Pretending to be me). Good idea. But its not the end of me yet. I need to do one more thing. Insult the mods.”

tigerdude1993 wrote:

“i honestly never imagined saying this, but…inuyasha, looks like we’re going to be friends for a little while.”

AkmaYo wrote:

“TurboX, why did you pretend to be me? Come on, I was trying to tell everyone that I had nothing to do with Dr Spazz. But no one beilved me. But now they know I’m not lying. TurboX, you really do seem to hate me. TurboX I’m sorry about everything that I did to you. I’m trying to get out of being a lamer, it is possible. This Noone I made up just ruined everything. All of those lies made me even worse. Now I’m not going to lie anymore (Well all try not to)”

tigerdude1993 wrote:

“Lets all laugh at how Inuyasha is now a better person than TurboX.

Inuyasha, you’re exactly right. And you know what? If you can just not be lame for a while, I’ll redeem you through my blog and maybe you’ll be accepted again 😉

TurboX it’s too late for you, I’ll expose you on the blog tomorrow when i get the chance. Did I not tell you dont mess with my girl?”

… on Dr. Spazz’s profile …

AkmaYo wrote:

“oh and that video on youtube (you banging your head agianst a locker) makes you a crazie person. Inuyasha is gone now, i’m someone else. like really, the name Inuyasha was stupid Inuyasha’s other website names would be Noma13. he thought it was gay so he used inuyasha instead. and inuyasha is gayer!”

tigerdude1993 wrote:

“i can’t believe im saying this, but inuyasha, we’re going to be friends for a little while.

oh and that video of him banging his head on a locker, classic normality. trying to be funny, but failing ;D

PS: inuyasha, just stop with the lies ok? if you even want me to accept you in the slightest, stop lying. it may redeem you from lamer status. btw, you’re lamer status being empty means that i can add someone new (who could that be?)”

AkmaYo wrote:

“Tigerdude, I’ll try to stop with the lies. There’s no reason for them anymore. There just useless.”

tigerdude1993 wrote:

“”Back Now, My little “I am Inuyasha” Act is getting boring, time to come clean, I am Dr Spazz, I gave my account to TurboX for a few days whileI was away camping, anyway I’m back changed my password so TurboX and anyone else who knows it can’t get back on.”

you’re an idiot turbox, you didn’t even change your english style when you wrote that description. and you blocked me out, why? afraid i was going to do something to you?

“You arent that hot, my girlfriends way more hotter and she isn’t a shallow piece of shit like you”

haha, turbox, you don’t have a girlfriend, you told me that earlier…oh wait you do, your pillow. oh and for calling her shallow, here’s my small yet perfect description of you: your just a normal who thinks he’s mr comedian, hate to break it to you but your jokes suck.”

There’s been a lot of speculation as to how YoYoJim’s Keylogging was truly carried out, as well as the return of Firefall, another appearance from paul (paul23) and a spam attack … possibly from someone at YoYo, but we can’t be sure. The IP address actually looks a little SC-ish. O.o

Here comes the quoting! 😀

Pilotteaml wrote:

“Well, the game carring the keylogger is probably disguised as a click-the-ball game. My current subject is Hit the Teddies, a game with an installer. The link is at http://www.yoyogames.com/games/show/36699. Maybe you could run tests on a virtual machine?”

Marco and Norris wrote:





[that was laying in the spam comments for most of yesterday, but after a look at it I couldn’t resist putting it up there. Hilarious. XD]

I wrote:

“WTF??? A second blog spam attack? *sigh*”

7rlog wrote:


I seen my share of expose’s in my time, but I have to say that you have produced one of the most facinating and well reasoned/investigated pieces corporate unprofessionalism I have ever read. It will be interesting to see how Yoyo responds to this.

I am betting they will make no comment. Perhaps a punishment for the staff concerned, perhaps a rethink on their entire system.

It does though highlight one thing, and for that I have an appology to make. I did not think it possible that a yoyo user would come close to retrieving that keylog info (providing it is legit) and that goes a long way to maybe make me rethink the type of person that can be attracted to GM.

I wonder if anyone will take credit for the keylogger and maybe explain how they did it. I am very interested in how it was achieved.

Strange about the spam attack, but its not as if it can stop people reading the post.

Its funny that I was talking the other day about when a my old group released their patch, I had always admired that coders online coding work (the patch enabled you to cheat at the online game XXXXXXXXX)

A thought occurred to me though, maybe this wasnt a trojan in a program, but a discruntled employee? After all, you can buy usb keyloggers and he could have achieved it very easily if he worked in the office.

AKH, you must try to get the person responsible for this to comment here. It would be facinating.

I would have loved to do an article like this on blog, Im sure I could have got my hits a hell of alot higher. Out of professional courtesty though, the expose is yours, I will though link to it. You deserve credit for the detective work and for putting it in a clearer format.


paul wrote:

“Uhm I would be perfectly capable of “keylogging” someone by creating a gm program:

There will be undoubtfully some “free” virus code laying somewhere at the internet, and with a simple server and a simple game I can download a file (virus) from my own computer.. – The yoyo virus scanner only checks if the GAME doesn’t has a virus, not if what the game does doesn’t create virusses. I could even delete the whole “my documents” folder without any problems/any virus scanner giving a problem.

The main question I have is: why? – Why do people resort to this, why do people waste their “talent” by trying to hack? I really can’t understand those people..
Don’t say that “they want to just point the vulnarabilities” because, well if no one ever wanted to “hack” their was no need for safety at all: so the only reason vulnarabilities are bad is just because of them, of those people who’re so called “doing it for the good”.
Maybe I could explain it better with a real-life anology:
At my home I do have a big enough knive which I could use to rob my neighbourhood. Yet I won’t do it: it’s simply immoral to do so and I’ve learned to respect other people’s property.
Or maybe better: I do have camera at my home, and across my home lives a pretty nice girl. Now should I use that camera (keylogger) to photograph her? (to “keylog” someone)…. I dont think so: not only do I love someone else, but I would be called “perverted” and it’s again: immoral.

Now at the internet: is that whole sense of privacy and immoratily gone? And do people simply turn into beasts???

I wish it wasn’t……”

tigerdude1993 wrote:

“well akh i thought i would return to the usual lamers of yoyogames…however, like everything around here, there’s a twist (inuyasha and ihp are perfect examples).

dr spazz has flamed my girl with useless shit (examples: your a prostitute, you aren’t hot, you’re shallow). and guess what? i know who dr spazz is. and he’s the last one that i would expect to do such a thing…i’ll pm you… >(

i don’t want to say this too early, but i have a feeling something bad’s going to happen.”

Pilotteaml wrote:

“I agree, Tiger. Something bad is coming this way…. o_O”

Firefall wrote:

“*yawns* Haven’t been here for a while, and it seems I really haven’t missed much. Same shit different pile I guess =/. I’m not one bit surprised at the unproffesionalism really. YoYo games seems like a place where the staff are idiots and are just there because they’re power hungry and want to be in a little friend group to have fun above others. Meh, I doubt they’ll do anything…what someone does probably doesn’t matter to them, as long as “they’re doing their job”…which seems to be just as useless as they are…

@Paul: Ah, so you’re saying if a 100 dollar bill fell out of someone’s pocket and their phone number you wouldreturn it to them? A hacker justifies what they do by usually twisting words…and the truth itself. There’s nothing illegal about taking free access things…so hackers are just allowing free access to them. Being a former hacker myself, that’s how I think. =/ I did it out of curiosity. ^_^ Let me use part of your example…the girl and the camera. Ok, you aren’t going to take pictures, neither would any hacker taking information from let’s say…a secured bank site that they got into. But of course, you would look, and the figure would be in your mind. ^^ The hackers that I find are the best and are the most efficient are the ones that memorize the information, and have no proof against them anyways. So let’s now finish the example here…the hacker is in a bank site, perhaps well…viewing his neighbour’s account. The purpose could simply be they’re asking the hacker for money, and seeming like they need it badly. The hacker woul then memorize the information, and be able to approach his neighbour in a more fitting way than before. I probably don’t make much sense right now though, so I’m sorry if that sounds piecy…I havent slept for over 48 hours now…

Skimming through that, I realized I forgot to mention, any “hacker” who hacks without a purpose shouldn’t even be considered a hacker. Hacking without permission is completely illegal, and if they’re doing it without a purpose it’s more like someone thieving than hacking. I thinkat one time the two got mixed in with each other XD. IMO Hackers are people getting information to broaden their knowledge, respond to situations better, or to bring down a rival. They do such with code. A thief ismore like someone who steals accounts, money, information and all that stuff. Most of the information just because “they feel like it”. Once again, I tried, but I doubt if that sounds correct while I’m in this state if mind…

Anyways, I bid you all a farewell again. Life calls ^_^. See you all soon(or maybe later…who knows…).”

7rlog wrote:

“@Paul, maybe you can, and maybe Im speaking about a more secure computer system being hacked. Making a memory resident keyloger isnt much of a problem (although when GM files are traditionaly 1meg in size, it would make it difficult to use GM to make a TSR without being noticed) The more difficult part of the keylogger is getting the information out without the “victim” noticing. For example I do not use outlook, its not set up for email. My AOL client is not the easiest thing to externally control from another program and my firewall warns me should a program try to access the internet, regardless on its port or how its trying to do it.

Maybe this information has been retrieved in a very lame way, but as usual Paul takes a topic and exaggerates it out of all proportion, voyerism is completely different to what has been produced here, there are no personal details and at the end of the day its only a log about an office party. Sure its a breach of privacy, but is it on the same scale as a voyeur watching a female? I dont think so.

The simplest way to make a keylogger harder to detect would be to attach it to a program already granted access for the net, although I dont think this would be too easy with GM, since the runner needs to be present with the GM and any virus checker thats worth its money would notice the huge change in filesize of the exe.

@firefall: I completely agree on “Hacking without permission is completely illegal”, however as I said on my blog before introducing and linking to this article, once the damage has been done who can resist at looking at it?
I cant condone the actions of the person or persons who has done this, but its still very interesting article.”

paul wrote:

“Well I might be blowing things out of proportion – it’s just that anyone who threatens to break my “privacy” triggers something in my mind, making me thinking not really clear anymore: privacy is for me the most important ideal. (Though I’m not the kind of people who blackens his windows and uses thousands of proxies, it’s just that if I want to talk privately – I should be able to — easily)… And I’m getting more an more tired of those so called “security” people are programming (like with vista, and now also FF3): sure it’s a good cage, nothing can get in. However it doesn’t do what I want anymore. – If I want to run a certain program (or plugin) I should be able, I shouldn’t have to wait for some “permission” from a 3rd party. The programs are build to serve me, the users I’m not here to serve the program!

Ow and about hacking: well I’m not that bothered with it. As long as they’re “tastefull” – Like with keylogging that “logger” (or how do you call a person that keylogs) could’ve made insider jokes like saying: “well he’s probably still a headache from the officeparty so he can’t reply”. (Alright I’m a bad joker – but I hope you get the point, such jokes wouldn’t really harm the privacy since only the logger and yoyojim would’ve understood it :P)..

ow and @creating a keylogger in gm: of course gm isn’t really usefull for that (it would for example use 100% of your processor at any time).. However what I’m suggesting is that your gm program silently downloads a file of the internet -which is a keylogger-.”

And lastly for today’s post, over on tigerdude’s blog is the second of his automated posts, this time about a man in mrsmes’ town of Perth, Australia who sold his entire life on eBay. 😀 click here to read “Has Mrsmes’s Family Lost It?”. 😉



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  1. 2,791 words! 😀 I think that makes this the blog’s longest post so far. ^__^

  2. nice 😉

    i’ve actually seen a change in inuyasha…i told him if he can keep this up, i’ll think about de-lamerizing him (haha is that even a word?). he truthfully told me that he was NOT pokakaa, i asked him for the truth and i wouldn’t be angry, blah blah blah, and he said no.

    and about turbox…what a douche fag (not a misspelling), he’s going to get what’s coming to him. and to think that he was one of my best friends on yoyo…it’s weird how all of these lamers are redeeming themselves and trying to be normal, such as IHP, Inuyasha, and SonicTHDX11.

    I’m only scared that TurboX will have technosuperguy and mingmoo on his side, but it doesn’t matter, i’ve got you guys 😉

  3. “he truthfully told me that he was NOT pokakaa, i asked him for the truth and i wouldn’t be angry, blah blah blah, and he said no.”

    Ha ha XD well, even though pokakaa wasn’t inuyasha after all, he deserved at least part of what I gave him. 😉

    “I’m only scared that TurboX will have technosuperguy and mingmoo on his side, but it doesn’t matter, i’ve got you guys 😉 ”


  4. well it turns out that i have jumped to conclusions AGAIN and blamed turbox for all this, and he’s innocent…

    the real culprit is sonicthdx11…he got on his account and said he was dr spazz. dr spazz said he was sonicthdx11.

  5. The Matters over, well most of it, We still don’t know who Dr Spazz is, but it was defiently not me

  6. And no I would’nt get MiNGmOO or Technosuperguy involved

  7. well turbox, sorry about all this, my bad.

    sonicthdx11 is the only one left to blame, he keeps asking me if i hate him…

  8. A HA! I KNEW TurboX wouldn’t do this sort of thing!

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