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June 22, 2008 at 10:31 | Posted in Everything | 29 Comments

I got a bold post title in today! 😀 I’ve tweaked and un-tweaked my connection but I’m still getting “Line Busy” errors. I can’t be sure of the cause of this, so I can’t be sure when I’ll be back online. I’m working on it, though. 😉



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  1. These posts take FOREVER to write. >.<

  2. Sorry to hear that.

    In brighter news, if I can get our artist to hurry up with the logo gfx, I should be able to show some WIP screenshots of our release on the blog.

    Having written the tunnel code and the scroll text Im just waiting for logo so it can be bounced around the screen in a foray of effects. Heres to hoping.

    Talking about releases, check out the latest winUAE release, and find out what Atari are doing about people who give bad reviews on their software!

    Look out for the Rewired 2008 competition results and party news – coming in the next few days!
    Your introduction into the bigger world wide web.

  3. Now onto AKH blog relevent topics.

    What the hell is this ploof thing IHP keeps mentioning?

    Is it something to get attention? I cant understand his thinking behind these childish rants about a madeup word “ploof”

    and whats he doing speaking to Alice like that? Shes not remotely interested in the slimey coward that is IHP, why does he continue to make a fool out of himself?

    IHP will be getting special mentions, but in the meantime AKH, when you get a minute, could you post all the IP’s of people who have acted the fool on this blog. Ill get the PG bans list updated and do a special feature on my blog.


  4. and that also reminds me, who is the lamer Clyde?

    Is he the admin of that tragic Pokoplushies?

    He needs verbally bringing down with his silly little site. For the record, I dont believe anyone who reads this has the skill to have hacked your blog. What I believe has happened is some admin/mod on one of the sites you visit, has access to the passwords and because you said that you used to use the same password on all sites, hes probably just tried his luck.

    Pumpkin hasnt taken up the challenge of engaging me here, niether has Jolly Green Giant. I am disapointed, Pumkin is so “superior” on the yoyo site…maybe thats because he is only able to feel superior when talking to people under 11.

    Jolly Green Giant has also failed to come here, after making a silly remark about why should I challenge people, and being oblivious to the behaviours on the site hes apparently a mod on now, he obviously agrees with me and has given me the “green” light to continue.

  5. hope you can get it fixed akh 😉

    ivor, im still reading your blog every day, and it’s pretty interesting 😉 oh and you said something about ploof…it has something to do with his stupid “gamme ray theory”, you should read about it on the lamer dictionary page on my blog.

    PS: “who is the lamer Clyde?” it’s actually Cydewinder, Cyde for short, and his real name is Andrew.

  6. Thanks tiger, I was very interested in the pyscology behind IHP’s made up word. I presume gamme ray theory” is some sort of take on gamma ray theory? Maybe he adopted this childish little set of names after watching the incredible Hulk?

  7. btw tiger, did you have any lamer IP’s you wants included in the bans lists?


    Check out the 7rlog, an interesting article where a woman behaving as you do, has been charged under the Computer Fraud & misuse act!

  9. “Maybe he adopted this childish little set of names after watching the incredible Hulk?”

    TurboX thought the same thing 😉

    “did you have any lamer IP’s you wants included in the bans lists?”

    sure, ill post them as soon as i can. and ill go see your post, sounds interesting.

  10. Ivor B:

    SC666’s IP on My Blog:
    Inuyasha’s IP’s on My Blog:

  11. Thanks for that. If any trusted readers here want to add to that list, please just post the IP’s.

    Ive already spoken with a few of the main distro list creators and they will be adding any IP’s I send them.

    In addition 7rlog will have its own bans list. If we cant get these fools off the internet completely, we can certainly limit the enjoyment they get from it.

  12. nice, hope the bans list grows over the next few days 😉

  13. Hopefully when AKH returns he will be able to add to it.

  14. Well you’ll probably just scream at me but why is it that you only have YoYo args (char** argc)? (You might as well just print out the YoYo forum database.)

  15. If I understand you correctly, you asked “Why do you only have yoyo arguaments?”

    Not a bad question and a simple answer, because I feel the need to challenge certain yoyo users as to their behaviour towards minors. I have nothing to offer GM or yoyo other than that, and I dont think a serious tech chat would be suitable for here as it wouldnt be at a level many could understand.

    These posts and the blog are a lighthearted attempt to make light of the foolish and laugh at the lame. If in the process a few users get steered in the direction of more serious computer use, all the better.

  16. “Not a bad question and a simple answer, because I feel the need to challenge certain yoyo users as to their behaviour towards minors.”
    You know that sounds pretty hypcritical considering all bashing toweards “he who may not be named anymore”? 😛

    Anyways I’m never been a fan of doing permenant bans: and especially not on dynamic IP adresses (who knows: that provider could hand out the ip adress to somebody else someday!).

    btw I read “your” blog today ivor biggun, just a small guess: you’re the one who wrote it? – To bad I can’t reply there or else I would’ve brought my age-old argument of pseudocode up again (well maybe it’s better that way, the discussion wouldn’t go anywhere anyways :P)..

    Some good news for you: I’m starting to get annoyed with gm’s limits more and more (the more I read about C++ actually).. Actually programming is a lot easier in a good C++ ide. Gamemaker’s IDE for scripts/code pieces does actually nothing more than simply code-highlighting, even the automatic indentation is bad, and it doesn’t give tooltips to “extra” scripts (which are gm’s equivalent to functions) at all!
    The only point where GM beat C++ for me is when trying to make graphical programs. – And the fact that not 3/4 the examples I found are incompatible!

  17. Firstly the comment you made about minors. “He who cannot be named” is not a minor and before it was known about his condition it was believed that he was a joke account. He posted many homophobic remarks that were not something that would have been expected from a minor. Once his condition was identified and confirmed attitudes towards him changed, and rightfully so, infact after he made a friends request to me I accepted, and I even sent him an email appologising.

    Hypcritical? – No I completely stand by all my actions and have already fully justified them.

    Right moving on, Er yep one does tend traditionally to write ones own blog….I even announced it here first….maybe ive missed a point you were trying to make…

    Moving on again, youve made some very valid points, just not in the way you intended.

    Gfx routines (and Im not talking lame SDK’s) are the more advanced side of any proper language, and unless you are some sort of genius I would expect at least a year getting to grips with memory addressing, the stack, registers interupts and many other c/asm basic techniques and concepts.

    I am not blaming you Paul, your attitude is typical of todays culture, in that if something cant be done immediately, then it isnt worth doing. Gfx take years to master, and even then only at a base level. In order to be an effective gfx coder a maths qualification of AT LEAST A LEVEL OR SIMILAR IS NEEDED. Ive studied mathematics for approximately 8years in one higher education form or another. Its probably more of a requirement than actually learning a language.

    This is what prompted me to write about the games industry. Most of the people I see on yoyo banging on about delusions that they are going to “make it big” dont even understand trig and its implementation in a 3d environment.

    Pending the -BAn- release, take a look at the Fairlight demo on my blog. This was not created with any animation package, it is coded and generated in realtime, now imagine the mathematics required to achieve that effect and you will get an idea of what level is required.

    Psuedo Code – Yeah, I enjoyed that debate we had on Yoyo. The one thing that you have got right so far is your attitude to structured and organised coding. You cant be faulted for that. At the end of the day, project managers usually have the sorts of skills you have, in that they take a structured approach to a problem and organise the coders their relevant jobs in relation to that structure.

  18. Woops, well I got confused with the fact taht also “7rlog” posted here (and that in the gamemakerblog multiple people post).

    Anyways: the maths isn’t really the thing I’m worried about personally – doing physics at a bachelor degree mathematics is like a second nature for me! True the mathematics is a bit different. But taking your demo for example (Wow, you sure like flashy graphics!) I could ‘easily’ describe all movements/lights there: using torque etc. And even describing a 2d location on the screen from a 3d virtual environment (that’s what all that 3d programming is about) shouldn’t be impossible: it would give me only a headache for a week (or maybe a month/year :P).

    However the actual implentation into a programming language: that’s the difficult part for me!
    (and the fact that I try to do too much of a function-based -C- approach instead of an OO approach).

    However I think that “computer science” is simply too big of a subject to be called 1 thing: you should split it always up into different parts: just like we at physics make a difference between quantum mechanics and classical mechanics you should also make a difference between the game-design and technical aspects from programming. – I’ve read Mark’s blog about gamedesign a few times, and well if that’s what the study is about I really wouldn’t name it a “beta” study.

    Ow and about people’s dreams: well those are just fun 😛 – I’ve been giving help at the GMC for years already and well the amount of people who think that they’ll make the next DOOM made me almost lose faith in humanity!- But they’ll learn soon enough make_awesome_game() isn’t a valid function.

  19. Paul, in respect of Physics, I would be very interested in having a debate there…I wonder if our theories on quantum tunneling would be compatible. Physics has been an interest of mine since I read Stephen Hawkins – Brief History of Time…

    Moving back onto topic, torque really is not doing it properly…Not so much now, but in years gone by gfx routines were completely written from scratch and were the closely gaurded secrets of the coder..In todays scene, for the most part its a mishmash of C and various other highlevel languages, however once you start doing the 64k compo’s this is impossible and asm is the only choice….

    “the amount of people who think that they’ll make the next DOOM made me almost lose faith in humanity!” – I know exactly where you are coming from. The question is, should these people even be developing games in the first place & who on earth plays GM games? from what ive seen the community makes and comments on its games, the rest of the internet go and get their freeware games from developers that are making 3d games years ahead of anything GM does…I am of the opinion (and Ive yet to be proved wrong) that the only people interested in GM games are the ones using GM to make their own.

    Just an observation. But next time you are on a non gm forum, just mention the name. You’ll either get a torrent of abuse or a “whats GM?” reply.

  20. this cant be doing a wouldbe programmer any good being led down the garden path with GM, and its certainly not of interest to the wider gamesplayer….so whats the point?

  21. “so whats the point?” – fun?
    Also not all D&D programming language are looked down on: take labview for example, it’s even more visually orientated than gamemaker yet it’s THE choice whenever anybody programs the interface with external devices (like actually all measure devices we use at the TUE, are connected to our pc using the same program -tueDACs-). With the upcomming multiple-processor-computers I think labview-type languages (I believe the language is called “G”) have an even brighter future: where programming in conventional languages is only linear, using different “lines”/processors comes natural in labview you’re actually “2 dimensional” programming..

    And if people are “flaming” me for using gm: I’ll just ask them to create an A* algorithm and show my very bad attempt at it (I’ve already found like 10 optimalization points but can’t be bothered to update it anymore: gm is too slow for it), most of the time they shut up then. (and the type of people who actually are capable of making A* in the course of a day I tend not to get into a flamewar with :P).
    Anyways: at indiegamer GM is actually pretty respected as a way to create games. And also at they’re not really bashing gm (they’ll just say you should move on at some point)

    ow btw: with torque I mean the what engineers sometimes call “momentum” – not a programming environment: it’s the rotational energy a certain object has, shortened by the greek letter τ

    But quantum physics have never really been my strong point in physics: I’m much more orientated towards the classical/relativistic physics than anyone else at the tu/e :/ (I’m considering doing my master in the mechanical engineering instead of physics).

  22. Torque! LOL

    I thought you were refering to the GDK (since you seem to support highlevel dev-packs) Yes, I understand its other meaning.

    I would challenge the comment about “” not really bashing GM, but I have not been there for quite some time as I dont see any merit in endless conversation about “How do I….?” and in anycase the disease of the highlevel language is spreading to there aswell.

    I had never seen forums until you directed me there, however after a cursory surf of the pages it appears that the same delusions exist on that forum aswell, written by people with no real clue.

    Now you probably all think that I come across as rude and “know it all”. I work for a software house I do not own one. I know of collegues who went on to make a living writing games, and Id say that in terms of probability, there is more chance of someone becoming a rock star than a games programmer, as there are more rockstars about.

    Writing games for fun? Why cant that same enthusiasm be directed towards learning to do it with a real language? Its a little similar to watching startrek or studying physics. One is fantasy and the other is reality.

    Now Paul, I can tell you are an educated person and I have to afford you respect in the area of Physics, which I dont doubt, you are far more advanced than I have delved.

    F(phi) = ξphi2

    anyways moving on from Tensor Dynamics, the point I would like to ask you why you bother with GM at all let alone try to justify it? Your background is Physics, your career intentions do not seem geared towards a coding one, why do you waste your time with a backwards language helping people who in 90% of cases wont even be able to grasp the concepts we have been discussing here?

    My intentions here are to expose the dodgies on the net and hopefully steer some people to a more rewarding coding path…It supprises me that you would bother with GM, seems like a waste to me.

  23. and shortly after I posted my message, I discovered this little “gem” on the yoyo forum which gives probably the best example of the delusions that GM software seems to bring out in people:

    This guy is great, he thinks a multi-national company will spend millions developing a game they’ve nicked from yoyogames…..this guy should be a comedian on TV with that act.

    I wonder if qoutes of the week is still running?

    If this is fun (as was suggested by Paul) then its a poor state of affairs to think people are sitting in their rooms having fun fantasies of Sega nicking their creations…..There seems to be a common theme here….theres quite a few yoyo users who think the large software houses are after their GM work…. No prizes for guessing who.

    I dont think anyone can argue that this type of mentality can only damage their chances of ever progressing onto anything…

  24. oh and a plug for the 7th Realm site: (Sorry AKH, but you aint here to complain!)

    For the scene news and a little bit more, get yourselves over to:
    “Slapping you with a suicidal haddock since 06/2008”

  25. UK Police helicopter pursues UFO reported by the Army. – If some of the yoyogames members havent convinced you that aliens are visiting earth, check out 7rlog for a story thats stranger than a yoyo user being realistic…Its war of the worlds time, lets just hope Tom Cruise doesnt pop up to save us.

  26. Well I’m just a 2nd years physics student (who hopes to pass his last 1st year tentamn friday)..

    But isn’t it clear already? – The main reason is that gamemaker has a headstart, a headstart of about 6 years.
    And for 14 years old people C++ isn’t that easy to learn (the language won’t really be the problem but the way the books are generally written will be :P). Back then I learned JAVA and gamemaker during my highschool education I choose gamemaker cause our JAVA ide was only a “demo” version. (I didn’t have internet back then so I hardly even KNEW about C++ other than from friends).
    Writing in GML has just become a “second nature” for me: much like talking english is.
    Another reason is that I’m a very visualy orientated person: whenever I have to solve something the very first step is to visualize it. Now when programming in C++, like you said, visual stuff is only really understandable after “a year”, but command-prompt-based programs don’t really have a “point” for me.

  27. sorry to burst your bubble about ufo’s: but it probably was just some strange thing they saw. – And if it was that close to the ground a helicopter could follow it at least some good pictures should’ve been taken!

    And about apaches etc packing: well for me it’s more likely they’re just preparing for zimbabwe :P. (there was some rumour that the UK had 2 invasion plans earlier this week..)..

    *starts wondering what happened to AKH – maybe the ufo’s took him? :P*

  28. Not really a UFO believer, so theres no bubble to burst there. There are a few things that you should know. Firstly Apaches would not be preparing for any conflict around London, they never had and they never will. Any military vehicle with a full payload would not be “preparing around a built up area” especially not the capital. The only exception is when there is an important visitor, although LBC 97.3 has had reports of these helicopters since November 07, so its a hell of a long visit if that is the case.

    I purposely didnt make my opinions on the article and offered the 4 possibilities for others to decide. For me though, any of the answers are quite frightening…

    “but it probably was just some strange thing they saw” – I have no doubt, thats why its a UFO, its not identified. It would be nice for the government to say something though or atleast say that they dont know what it was.

  29. Paul You dont have to justify yourself to me. You are not spouting the delusions others do. It just struck me as strange that someone that is studying physics would find want to use GM as youve obviously got the mental capacity to learn other languages.

    The other thing I meant to mention was this. I am not one of these crop circle conspiracy believers (as I said on my site) however I find it strange that someone with a physics background would be dismissive of the possibility of life elsewhere, coming here. In terms of probability and our currenkt growing understanding of the universe it is more likely that we have been visited than not.

    But thats probably a debate for another time. The whole blog entry was meant as a lighthearted change from the norm, hence why I had the alien from the Simpsons to represent the story. I am certainly not sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for contact from ET. If I want to contact strange new forms of life, I just start responding to some of the users on the yoyo forums.

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