inuyasha finally suffers the fate of the pervert club

June 20, 2008 at 13:24 | Posted in Everything | 9 Comments
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Yeah, all his posts got deleted. Which is annoying for me. :\ 6 days worth of inuyasha activity have been deleted from YoYo Games (although a lot of it can be found here and on tigerdude’s blog 😉 ) nothing remains between inuyasha’s spamming of Chris Rosenfeldt with “Your obsessed with people” [WTF?] 7 days ago and the turd that spilled from his digital mouth in the past hour or so.

There was an argument between him and yvarthecreator yesterday, and although none of inuyasha’s lamer input remains, I think it’s still worth a little quoting …

… on yvarthecreator’s profile …

[inuyasha says something?]

tigerdude1993 wrote:

“Yvar, ignore Inuyasha, he is another one of those “useless noobs” 😀 He’s probably just jealous that he can’t make a good Sonic fangame like you 😉 “

[inuyasha says something else]

tigerdude1993 wrote:

“Inuyasha you are JEALOUS. get off of Yvar’s profile, you’re going to be sorry if you don’t.

Yvar, I would just ignore him if I were you, right now I’m dealing with him 😉 “

miyvrey_team wrote:

“you`re right tigerdude! Look, what do you have on this, boy? good luck tigerdude 😉 “

yvarthecreator wrote:

“WTdaF is happening HERE!! DO yOU THink I STEAL GAMES??? OR SAy THAT EVERY OTHER GAMES SUCKS?? I HELP EVERYONE WHO nEEDS hELP. AND I LIKE TECHNO THE HEdGEHOG. YoU WIll get realllllllllly big problems Inuyasha. I am not a lifeless guy like you. Why should i spam??? Do you think am crazy??? I don’t spend time to put usseles comments on other people’s profile. On more bad comment and i’l hack your profile.

Like i did with squaregamer!!”

tigerdude1993 wrote:

“”On more bad comment and i’l hack your profile.”

do it! he deserves it 😉

oh and ill be doing something to inuyasha when i get back from the lake (2-3 days)!”

Over on inuyasha’s profile, he seems to have switched to a new identity with the recent comment deletion. Now his avatar is a guitar, and his description has been changed yet again. Allow me to quote …

inuyasha wrote:

“I’m back on this site. (Why is his avatar a guitar?) if your thinking that, thats because I play guitar (really, are you lying?) if your saying that, no I’m not lying. Anyways (I say it to much) but the b*st*rds on here think I’m Pokakka. Just because he is my friend. These people are to f**king stupid.”

[it’s probably a lie]

thankfully this time his change wasn’t accompanied by a third gayer-than-ever-before freewebs site. 😀

Somewhat fueling the idea that inuyasha is pokakaa, inuyasha has spammed pokakaa with only THREE comments. I can now, say, with little doubt, that pokakaa is one of inuyasha’s accounts. 😉

inuyasha wrote:


i’m spamming Pokakaa.




[that’s literally it, 3 “SPAM” comments]

I wrote:

“that’s not spam, that’s 3 copied-and-pasted comments. You’re just making it look more and more like this pokakaa is one of your extra accounts.

We all KNOW it’s you now.”

dragonzrkool101 wrote:

“Congratulations on making out the obvious more obvious.”

Over at YoYo HQ there has [somewhat surprisingly] been a response to the fact that Instant Play doesn’t work in the new Firefox version 3. YoYo asked Mozilla to make changes to Firefox so it would work, and obviously, the small starting-out company was ignored by the much bigger, richer and famous one that managed to conjure over 8,000,000 downloads of one program in one day while YoYo took months to spark mere thousands of downloads (or plays) of the vast range of (generally sucky and noobish) games that it’s community makes.

YoYo haven’t fixed the Instant Play problem just yet, but if there’s anyone out there who likes the slow-and-buggy new Firefox, read the latest Glog Post.

[yes, I don’t like Firefox 3, for me it runs too slow compared to Firefox 2 … which coincidentally, I didn’t like either]

An lastly for today, to see what will be replacing tigerdude’s usual news posts over at his blog for the next 2 days while he’s at the lake [with Alice, obviously] read his post: “First Timed Announcement WOOT”. 😀



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  1. Now THAT is a short post. 😀

  2. I think we shuould finish inuyasha off.I mean,hack his computer.What do you say AKH,me and you could well hack into his computer.

  3. We could connect, but could we get any further? For all we know, inuyasha could be a prank account … which would make things very difficult, with nothing to go on in the way of getting his password.

  4. “inuyasha could be a prank account”

    i don’t think so…oh and im back 😀

  5. that asshole…

  6. WTF? I go on and find this……. wtf MY ACCOUNT WAS MADE BEFORE HIS ACCOUNT DUMB A$$E$

  7. I mean wtf? My account was made 2 months before his LOOK AT THAT YA JERKS……

  8. wow this is so old, and now you’re responding to it?

  9. well dude I found it when I googled Pokakaa lol

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