IHP Returns

June 18, 2008 at 10:53 | Posted in Everything | 11 Comments
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Yes, IHP is back. And so is his embarrassing picture.


(it’s his new avatar)

I think I’ve lost count of the amount of times tiger has beaten him up :\ But I know it’s going to happen again today! 😀

it’s not completely clear what it’s all about, but I’ve a feeling this PM I got yesterday from IHP (which I sent to tigerdude) has at least something to do with it 😉 …

… and in mrsmes style, he addresses my supposed love of porn >.<

ihatepenguins wrote:

see i now have hatched a counter attack plan and you will be the co-operater and will take half credit for
everything said so below the line i make in this that is what you take credit for. now lest get started i will text tigerduuude tomorrow and he will come, not expecting the big guns and the forest, now listen here akh i will shoot him and he will have paint all over him, then we will tie him up. we will force him to call his girlfriend to get her to come out there and then when she does she’ll get tied and ill kiss her and makeout,

yes makeout then ill love it like mcdonalds ooh yeah ok back to tigerdude i will then shove a lemon in his mouth and then put a spider on his head, too scare him. now listen here he will then be thrown in the creek where i got hurt oww anyways then ill make alice jump in with me and we will swim off together yay. now then i hope you like my plan better than the porn you like to look at well actually this is our plan now. look for the line if you cant figure it out stupid sorry i had to say that to you mr porno. oh and thats all i hope you respond and take half credit yay”

Unlike the last few times, there wasn’t much of a build-up to this fight [which should be happening later today, hopefully tigerdude will be able to blog it, he’s still grounded >.<], but I did manage to find a little 😉 here’s some of the comments on tigerdude’s profile in the last 16 hours …

ihatepenguins wrote:

“i will play fair now if i win the battle tomorrow i get your girlfriend which i will yay”

dragonzrkool101 wrote:

“This is funny… IHP thinks he can win Tigerdude’s GF… LOL”

I wrote:

“IHP PMed me with his “plans” that he says I have to take half credit for. *sigh* He also called me mr. porno :\ I sent you a copy of the PM, it’s probably not going to happen, but I thought I should tell you in case it does. ^__^”

dragonzrkool101 wrote:


Hunter M wrote:


tigerdude1993 wrote:

“thanks AKH, im glad you showed me that. even if it doesn’t happen, im still kicking his ass tomorrow.”

TurboX wrote:

“What is he planning”

tigerdude1993 wrote:

“turbox, i don’t want to reveal it until after the fight tomorrow.”

Hunter M wrote:


[ 😀 ]

… over on tigerdude’s blog …

tigerdude1993 wrote:

“announcement: im whooping IHP’s ass tomorrow. don’t ask, ill explain it when i post about the fight.”

if you can’t wait for the real-life IHP that tigerdude’s no-doubt-awesome post will bring today, then here’s a taste of it for you 😉 …

tigerdude1993 wrote:

“I have a feeling some of you threw up while reading this.

Now it’s time for real life IHP, who’s been away from Yoyogames for quite some time. This happened in the neighborhood, while I was chillin in my pool. He and his friends were walking down the street and I noticed that they were all carrying Nintendo DS’s. Nerds. They sat down in a circle in front of MY house, and started to play something…I decided to mess with them. I got out of the pool and filled up a ton of water balloons (say goodbye to those DS’s) which I threw at the nerds. They got pissed off and chased me down the street (they left their DS’s sitting in front of my house). By the time I got to the next street they were too tired (too fat D ) to keep up with me. Well, a car drove in front of my house (uh-oh) and ran over the DS systems.

tigerdude’s post: “Save Alice!”

With the return of IHP came a short-lived return of Enrai. Unfortunately YoYo were quick to deal with it – all his comments and all the (insulting) comments on his profile were deleted. it’s obvious he shouldn’t be allowed to post, so why don’t they just take his posting permission away, permanently? He is a pervert, along with SC666, and YoYo has people as young as 8 on it … so why are they still allowed to use the site when it’s obvious what they’ll do while YoYo lets them sign up second accounts and post even after all their comments have been deleted several times in the past week?

And lastly for today, Ivor B has some news:

Ivor B (AKA Grandpa) wrote:

“Just a reminder to all that Firefox V3 has been released today. Help make a world record by downloading it today!!!

7thRealm is now associated with -BAn- demogroup. Visit the blog and get all your scene/p2p news.

Sorry about the shameless plug AKH. If its any consolation, tigerdudes getting one too.”

I wrote:

XD I don’t mind at all, if you noticed, I put you on the blogroll. ;)




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  1. my computer is too crappy to be able to download firefox 3…

    moving on to the IHP news, i’ve got the text from him (it’s early, 8:39 in the morning) and he wants me to go to the forest. sound familiar? ill bring two high powered automatic paintball guns just in case. and if he touches my girlfriend…ill fuckin kill that bastard.

  2. “ill bring two high powered automatic paintball guns just in case. and if he touches my girlfriend…ill fuckin kill that bastard.”

    Yeah! 😀

  3. im back 😀

    ive got a few bruises, but, other than that, im fine. ill be typing that post about the fight now.

  4. Glad it went well, but then, I always knew it would. 😉

  5. […] this plan about? AKH sent it to me, and posted it on his blog. I suggest reading his post: IHP Returns. IHP tells him that he gets half credit for helping him make the plan…a very lame and stupid […]

  6. “Glad it went well, but then, I always knew it would. 😉 ”

    of course 😀 thanks.

    oh and that post is done now 😉

  7. Well, you defenelty made me sound like i’m clueless.

  8. Not much happening today. I was hoping for a debate on GM over on Tigerdudes blog, but nobody seems to be up to the challenge.

    Not even Bobserge has responded to me, I was all ready for a conversation with him. I had a chance to look at his blog but didnt post due to him not appearing to update very regularly.

    Im not quite sure what point he was making about asking you to talk about something else here. His blog talks about other subjects and he hardly gets any visitors.

    AKH: You may be the leader in hits at the moment, but Ill catchup!!!! Ive just been pimping my blog on my forums, since Ive left my old crew, Ive got alot of people to inform about where I am now.

  9. Ive tried to bait Pumpkin into coming here. For those that dont know hes a GM user who thinks he can highlight other peoples faults…..silly boy.

    Lets see if the lamemaker user will come here and engage in a little debate.

    I wonder how many posts it will take me to shame him?

    I reckon I can do it in 6. But if he is a determined lamer and resorts to the f*** you type posts, it may take a few more…those people need to be told something numerous times before it sinks in…I look forward to his post.

    and remember readers as always, I can tell you prior to his posting:
    “The way of the lamer, they always come back”

  10. Ivor: “AKH: You may be the leader in hits at the moment, but Ill catchup!!!!”

    youll have to beat me too, im in second place! haha!

    sorry you didn’t get challenged by bobserge today, i wanted to see that…

    oh and can’t wait for you to shame pumpkin, it’s always fun to see you argue with someone (like Alice, that has to be the funniest argument ive seen you in 😉 ).

    AKH: ill be gone for the next few days, to the lake with alice. ill set timed posts for each day, the first being an announcement, then regular posts will follow. i think ill be gone for 3 days, so i’ve set three posts to go off at exactly 9:15 AM (in britain, 2:15 PM).

  11. Though I’d give google a shot for finding your new blog, worked wonderfull! (why didn’t you leave a link in your old blogs page btw akh?)

    getting desperate to find a new target? ivor..

    Anyways as for FF3: it seems to have a bug in it that some download extensions can’t be used. (the DTA version I use and yoyogames’ instant play for example). – So I’ll give it a miss till that is fixed (I know I can go into the config and disable all protection: but then it’s even less secure as the firefox 2.x I’m using now).

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