the mrsmes story continues (slightly) + PokePlushies Errors?

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First of all, I’ll open with a continuation to the recently-developing mrsmes chronicles [if you will]. We begin with a comment posted yesterday [not sure of the hour] directed at Ihatetigerdude1993 asking him to change his username or find mrsmes coming out of his monitor and punching him in the face [stupid spriter12 >_>].

mrsmes wrote:

“@ihatetigerdude1993: U better take changin ur username and attitude into account or leaving or some one is is going to c some1 go flying out some1’s monitor and smashing that person in front of the monitor, don’t u get it u little retarted we all h8 u no1 likes u. @Ivor Big Gun: what’s hangin, or shoot I say shooting?”

Was this a comment I missed yesterday? it definitely was. :\ Next up is something fresh, from today, in the same place as the previous comment, Ivor Biggun’s profile, this time directed at the long-absent IHP:

mrsmes wrote:

“@ihatepenguins: yes u r now accepted and I think tigerdude is over that now when ever he thinks about getting into a fight with u or some one he decided to think about how much him and tigergal had together, yeah those two are luv birds, and what’s a good community like yoyogames without a few who find a few friends or even closer 1s.”

Lastly in today’s injection of smes comes an explanation of his condition, courtesy of Ivor B …

Ivor B (AKA Grandpa) wrote:

“Firstly, why my change of attitude to “he who cannot be named”. Ive read (and still am reading) a series of books on asberges syndrome. Very interesting and it explains exactly why he behaves like he does. He responds well to a certain way of typing and I believe I have reached him at some base level.

What you have to remember about asberges is that everything that is said is taken literally. So if you said “I got out of bed the wrong side” he would take it to mean you actually did get out of bed the wrong side. Emotions for suffers of Asberges find it very difficult to tell emotion. They usually have an obsession which will overide any sense of logic. It can be manifested in many ways, but usually at its core is an interest which the suffer has (ie computing, trains etc).”

Read the Comments on Yesterday’s Post (now with 100% more Bobserge)

Now for the second part of my title. PokePlushies Errors. I’m not referring to errors with the server nor any errors (although there were some) regarding the very recent server move (yes, I have been watching). I’m talking about the latest topic, naming and shaming mass adopters of a new promo Uxie adoptable, which I assume was released in the top-of-forum announcement only hours ago, and has now been completely deleted from PokePlushies because of the mass adopting.

So, I’m looking at the list of mass adopters and guess who I find …

Cydewinder wrote:

“So, you’re probably all wondering where your promo Uxies went. I’ll tell you where, I deleted them.

Remember when the announcement was at the top of the screen? Remember how it said one per computer, then under that it said that obviously I meant one each? You do? Good. Then I hope you’re not one of these people:

Gropius: 20
Whitedragon: 2
viztra: 2
Taylink: 2
Raider5800: 2
pokemongirl898: 3
pokefan123: 2
PlushieKnight: 2
Plush_Person: 2
NaasuKat: 2
Mira: 2
Mario: 2
Lt. Jessie: 3 (1 as guest)
Doneth: 2
dark_cow1: 2
Dark ace: 2
Celi: 2
Cats_Go_Meow: 3
Black Rose Dying: 4
!gnition: 2
eggert cool0: 5 (3 as a guest)
Mailman of Death (aka AKH): 3 (All as a guest) <— HERE
Tom: 2 (1 as guest)
The_Raven: 19 (all as a guest)
ziNc: 3 (all as a guest)
Kempton: 223 (all as a guest)
Skitty4: 108 (107 as a guest)

DGee: 10 (9 as a guest)

Along with a few more “guests” who I suspect were just forum users using a proxy who adopted 100+ each.

So there you have it, those are the people you can blame for us never giving away promos freely again. Never. This is it, we’re done. There will be no more free promos for everyone ever.”

I have no care for PokePlushies since my banning, I have strong reason to believe that I was either away or asleep for all of the time the Uxie Promo was available, and yet I am there on the list of mass adopters having supposedly adopted 3 of these Uxie Promo adoptables.

Since my banning I have never visited PokePlushies other than to check news, which I do when preparing material for these daily posts, at around 9:30 – 10:30 AM GMT depending on when I wake up. I assume the Uxie promo was made available in the top announcement either at some point yesterday after that time, or at some point during GMT night/very early morning, because otherwise I would have seen it and [probably] written a little about it.

So … what could have caused this seeming mass adoption on my part? Someone using a 92.20.x.x IP address [that is the IP I used with Mailman of Death, it is not a proxy] and mass adopting as a guest? Multiple people in that IP range adopting only one Uxie, as guests, and it being blamed on me by an oh-so-eternally-suspicious Cyde? Or, are they just trying to put even more of their members against me, with more lies, as if they haven’t damaged the blog’s reputation at PP enough? Either way, excluding the few adopters-of-two that there are, I believe that potentially all these “(as a guest)” adoptions could in fact be genuine, innocent guest adopters getting only 1 (or in few cases 2) Uxies for themselves.

Ultimately, the scenario looks to be that PP recieved traffic to the forums from guests, who were sticking with the rules laid down, adopting only 1 Uxie each, and then PP assigned these guest adoptions to members with similar IP addresses, especially those who gave in to the temptation of adopting a second adoptable.

if you ask me, this was yet another of PP’s many stupid decisions that will push it further down the Pokemon fansite food chain until it ultimately closes.

I would’ve posted something at the forums, but the topic is closed, and I’d have to sign up a third account (since my current two are permanently banned) only for my words to be replace with the all-too-common words of “User Banned“. I can only hope, that as I silently watch PP, someone at PP is silently watching me.



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  1. I’ll be grounded the rest of this week, but since my parents aren’t home right now, I decided to sneak on 😀

    I think Cyde’s just really suspicious of you. After all, you did try to hack his forums 😉 .

  2. […] your Yoyogames news for today, what I didn’t cover is already on the AKH Log V4 post titled “the mrsmes story continues (slightly) + PokePlushies Errors?”, where you can also find news about something that happened at […]

  3. Not “similar” IP’s. Exact IP matches.

    The ones that guests made were also all timestamped, I left plenty of that list that were more than an hour apart and wrote it down to coincidence. The ones on that list were all adopted bang, bang, bang.

    As for the one you were attributed, someone was using the exact same IP as mailman of death to adopt them, and three were adopted in the space of half an hour.

  4. Just a reminder to all that Firefox V3 has been released today. Help make a world record by downloading it today!!!

    7thRealm is now associated with -BAn- demogroup. Visit the blog and get all your scene/p2p news.

    Sorry about the shameless plug AKH. If its any consolation, tigerdudes getting one too.

  5. “As for the one you were attributed, someone was using the exact same IP as mailman of death to adopt them, and three were adopted in the space of half an hour.”

    Whatever, I have a dynamic IP (which has obviously changed since I used the Mailman of Death account) so someone else is using the Mailman of Death one now.

    “Sorry about the shameless plug AKH. If its any consolation, tigerdudes getting one too.”

    XD I don’t mind at all, if you noticed, I put you on the blogroll. 😉

  6. I am one of those on that list down as being a mass adopter of the Uixe…

    PP are lying, i adopted 3 (yes i know a rule break) but they claim i adopted more which is just total BS, its like as if they needed to justify where they where doing, so they just made up some names and numbers and of course all the Pom Pom Squad members on PP believed everything the admins say..its pathetic, lets hope Valenth reopens soon 🙂

  7. Pokeplushies is getting out of control, the love us worship us or get a big friggin X , we are ALWAYS right, please tell me again how great my art crap, we can give, but ha ha we can also take, they all need to get a life


  8. Yeah! Two people from PP that haven’t been turned into brainless sheep following the PP admins! 😀

  9. […]Just a slight hint of a PP rebellion being formed (or more, some members with sense are leaving the site after some poor duplicate adoption checking and/or framing from Cyde 😉 ) … […]

  10. can anyone giv me some good pokeplushies? or gbc/s?

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