mrsmes doesn’t hate tigerdude1993 …

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… But he’s yet to realise Ihatetigerdude1993 doesn’t either. 😀 Here come the words on the smes! 😀

… on Ihatetigerdude1993’s profile …

mrsmes wrote:

“the lot of u cram ur mouths and smash them and bust them, and have a bust off or I’ll do it 4 u and cram all ur mouths and smash em.

U also look strangely familiar like that guy off youtube who was afraid of his xbox, and was scared enough to just not even barely turn it on, he thought it was going to kill him, or murder him.

“yeah it is getting annoying turbox, every time someone new comes, i either lose friends or get into more arguments with people that i like…”
it happened with me sort of, in some ways and I told u it would eventually happen to u if u keep arguing didn’t I tigerdude, but u didn’t listen, guess some people have 2 learn the hard way, a bit like I did.

“nah im just here to be around hunter and alice!”
I c u r friends right, well if u mind changing the username it kind of makes me think u r against tigerdude here and I am friends with tigerdude and any friend of tigerdude’s is a friend of mine any way I’m sure u can compromise and it doesn’t seem like alice really likes u that much but she seems to like tigerdude better.

there is a little thing called karma and another little buddie of mine the chillpill so calm down and compromise, look that comment was aiimed at inuyasha and ihatetigerdude1993 who were getting into a fight so any way it’s not like i’d cram my buddies or cream any one or smash them or beat em up or bust em and cram there mouths, but i’d prefer we could just compromise for once in a while, is that much to ask. really, is it? u all appear to have a temper and bad taste for getting in2 fights, here, no seriously(that excludes, turbox, and tigergal) but u guys really gotta watch your temper if u meet up in real life like this one day some one is going to get hurt real badly, so let’s just end this now, ok.

wait a minute, tigerdude1993 I recall saying that if we got our selves in2 to one of these sticky, situations we would be having a little pm, a deep and meaningful chat about why we don’t do this and we try to avoid this kind of approach I’ll do it tomorrow as I can’t be screwed right now, and I feel like giving u another chance to do the appropriate thing and make up for this mistake, of a some what kind of incident that happened between u and ur buddie, ihatetigerdude1993.

@ihatetigerdude1993: I’ll also be having a deep and meaningful chat about why we don’t do this kind of behaviour if u don’t change ur(your) username by tomorrow.

[you cannot change your username on YoYo]

tigerdude1993 wrote:

“”U also look strangely familiar like that guy off youtube who was afraid of his xbox, and was scared enough to just not even barely turn it on, he thought it was going to kill him, or murder him.”

uh no? who do you think you are?! oh and he cant change his username dude, it is kinda…permanent?

mrsmes me and dylon arent fighting we r friends i know i didnt tell you, didnt have time.”

“god i sound retarded typing like this 😀 “

to find out why tigerdude had to type like that, read his latest post ^__^

“oh and y would dylon be the guy that was afraid of his xbox? random… 😀

“the lot of u cram ur mouths and smash them and bust them, and have a bust off or I’ll do it 4 u and cram all ur mouths and smash em.”

??? 😀 “

mrsmes wrote:

“”oh and y would dylon be the guy that was afraid of his xbox? random… :D,” right got it I understand now, k and well u can ask the guy that said that on youtube maybe he thought it was going to disable the bomb disable command on boot up and let it just explode and kill him, yeesh who ever said that on youtube must have been a whus to play on their xbox.

“??? 😀 ” 
Ez now tigerdude that wasn’t pointed @ u, k.”

He also took his time realising (despite her description) that Firefall is a girl. Then he went on to sort-of boast about how amazing his Dad’s job is and how many computers his (now confirmed to be big) family has. o.O Here comes more quoting! 😀

… on Frozenfire Firefall’s profile …

mrsmes wrote:

“this, firefall, guy needs 2 take a chillpill, eye just hope it doesn’t make his fall of fire freeze, ^(up), it’d be a real shame, cause then he can’t call himself firefall anymore he’d have 2 call himself frozenfire.

female/male(what ever) who really cares this guy needs 2 take a chillpill, @firefall: don’t u firefall.

“awesome, you finally got an account! welcome to yoyogames, the home of the lamers ;D” home of the lamers, @tigerdude: we don’t use that kind of language here, tigerdude1993, this is the youtube for videogames.

“like, i do get everything that i want ^^ ur just jealous =D” jealous, huh =D huh, well I get everything I want also so, I guess that makes even and atleast nuetral, u know I wouldn’t want 2 over do it, n get creamed 4 making tigerdude think that I’m anything more than sut freinds which would never happen, any way I already have a girl friend and I have a xbox, probably 16 of them in the one house, my dad has a awesome job(talk more about th@ l8r), we also have a nintendo WII, and a xbox 360

[isn’t he supposed to be anti-microsoft? XD]

Firefall wrote:

“o.O WTF? Mrsmes, what did I ever do to you? 😛 And me take a chill pill, haha, yeah right, I’m probably one of the calmest ones here -_-…it’s only people like Inuyasha and Enrai that piss me off, and that’s because they just take it a little too far. =/ Perhaps you should get to know someone before you judge them. All you ever have seen of me is my aggressive side. ^-^ I seem much nicer after a few conversations.

And don’t say I haven’t gotten to know these lamers so I shouldn’t be mean to them. I’ve been mean to Inuyasha, IHP and Enrai since I’ve been here(and Tigergal cause I thought she was IHP or someone like that).

I have a reason to be mean to Inuyasha, he kept on trying to convince me of crap on Tiger’s forums. He made himself a lamer, and is one. What he did was plainly stupid. And everytime he apologizes, he never keeps it.

I’m mean to IHP because he’s a dirty little liar, and always is trying to make Tiger sound like that bad guy, and that he PWNed Tiger. =/ He’s another one of those, I’m sorry but won’t keep it sort of guys. He is an epic fail.

Enrai: Umm wouldn’t you flame some random idiot that comes around and tries to stalk you and your friends? Whilst in the process, says very disturbing things.

=D Think about that before you post to me again, please.”

mrsmes wrote:

“yeah, k get the picture but calm down buddie u just bad mouthed my two buddies tigerdude1993, and IHP, IHP has changed now, he is a different person so calm down the only person giving u a hard time here is ur(your)self, so if u weren’t like th@ soo much of the time maybe things would be much easier 4 u, so calm down buddie. oh yeah and we have about the most computers in a household to be recorded(@tigergal1993: sorry about my bragging tigergal) oh, and dad ordered a new 8 inch mini lap top I got dad to order a new microphone to replace my one that broke and totally short curcuited and my dad has a real good job I mean he uses a program on a computer in which he makes a model of the mould he wants the machine to make so that other companies can use their moulds and make pieces for their new gadgets and devices and products they r releasing so it’s a important job and he makes a lot of money from it.

[that doesn’t sound like the kind of job that would be well paid, you know 😉 ]

I think the funniest of mrsmes’ words in the past 24 hours though, can come from nowhere but his own profile 😀 …

… on mrsmes’ profile …

Ivor Biggun wrote:

“Mrsmes, Its best not to give photo’s out to people you dont really know. You cant be sure what purpose people will use them.

Just a thought. Anyway.

Hope you are well Mrsmes and your getting the bugs sorted on your games.

Best wishes,
Ivor B

mrsmes wrote:

eugh… hope i’m well, that’s just creepy, but thanks I am fine and that person I showed the photo to was a freind and I was trying to decrypt a way past the xml keeping me from doing the right mouse button click to get that photo of my girl friend, I really went to soo much trouble with the gimp[ merging our 2 photos to make one with both of us in it at the high school ball that I went 2 and never really found her there she sought of had that kind of dress and look that was 2 hard 2 find out how he fit in with the rest of the crowd of people and I never really got the chance to have a photo with her because I couldn’t find her, but I did happen to find her photo on the internet a fellow friend of mine @ yoyogames helped me out, via msn with getting past the xml code and get the photos and decided he wanted to have a look c 4 him self, and show it 2 my friends here, but I tried to persuade him not 2 but he didn’t listen, 2 me I guess he really wanted the others to c our photos and allow them to c me, and one of my girl friend in it, and the other was just a pose to make the others jealous and also possibly get on the press of the news paper which is something very rare to happen yet they took my photo and yes that was me in the suite, how ever I was not able to remove that red ink effect from the photos with the gimp and it looks as though the photo was compressed into one image and so I had hard time trying to remove it, any help would greatly suffice, and be of great pleasure and joy, and if I could some how get a laminated like glazed look and make it seem like a photo with some kind of material they use for this job to make fake photos seem real, so I could slip the printed photo into it, since it would be on paper and not exactly photo paper and I may be able to give it a smudge effect with the gimp, to make it seem like it was smudged a little so you have to be very careful with it, as if it were a real photo.”


Ivor Biggun wrote:

“Mrsmes, “hope you are well” is just a polite way to conclude a message. It had been some time since you had last posted.”

mrsmes wrote:

“terribly sorry, but I mean it’s hard to tell when people are going oh how r u, 2 day r u feeling ok, as a joke, but well it’s just that I’ve been busy fixing up some problems with tigerdude and IHP, yeah they have now finally learned to get along, and compromise and firefall became like the new aggro version of tigerdude in progress and it was only 6 days ago that he joined this site so I think he has gone a bit mental(no offense)

mrsmes is online as I write this, and here’s a little anti-SC conversation I just found 😀 this is good …

… on tigergal’s profile …

mrsmes wrote:

“same, here I would happily send SC to a planet of mutants in outer space and watch those aliens kill him, but I don’t know where he lives and I don’t think I live any where near by, so I guess it’s up to some one else to do something to him cause I’d be in major trouble if my family(parents and brothers and sisters) noticed I was missing they would even send the cops looking for a search party for me and sooner or later they would catch me trying to blow SC off to launch him iinto the sun and Watch him burn up, into ashes and flames, and dust.”

tigergal1993 wrote:

“like lololol mrsmes ^^”

mrsmes wrote:

“I already know what lol means I’m not stupid.
*laghs out loud* *laughs out loud* k, there done the lolol 4 y0 tigergal.”

I think the best part of today’s dose of mrsmes is that it doesn’t include him saying that I’m obsessed with porn 😀 which he finally seems to have learnt how to spell right. XD

Now 2000+ words is enough of the smes for one day. 😉 Ivor B has started a blog about the demoscene … and before any lamers get ready to thrust themselves into more humiliation, comments are disabled 😉 …

Ivor B wrote:

“Ok, Ive just started a blog for the little group of oldtimers (the majority of Breakpoint 08 attendees!). Before anyone like sc/enrai thinks they can spam me up with silly remarks, comments are disabled.

I am releasing the link here in the hope that some of the more tallented readers here can start taking the steps into the demoscene.

The blog is NOT for Yoyonews nor is it for the battles of this place or tigerdudes, but is more of a venue for me to talk about more indepth the stuff that I was posting here. Its mainly about demoscene stuff.

Heres the link:

Before anyone asks, Im not releasing my handle…yet..

Maybe you’ll find something of interest on the blog. Maybe you wont. – Enjoy.”

7thRealm ReleaseNews



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  1. Unfortunately this didn’t break the post word record today, it’s around 2,350 words. 😀

  2. *sigh* I like how he tries to insult me with Frozenfire because my WALL of fire will be frozen. DX It’s not a wall, it a FALL. I’m not a Firewall -_-. I really don’t get this guy…it seems like he wants to pick a fight with me, even though I haven’t done anything to him, or the people he’s mention. I haven’t talked to or have been mean to IHP since his latest “transformation” XD…

  3. I recommend you choose a different blog template so people can easily tell where your posts start and end.

    I also recommend you write real posts instead of recording people’s arguments.

  4. Bobserge, I recommend you shut the fuck up 😀 Only a moron would be unable to tell when one post starts and the other begins, and please don’t ask me to write about Operating Systems again, you know how everyone laughed at you last time.

    “I really don’t get this guy…it seems like he wants to pick a fight with me, even though I haven’t done anything to him, or the people he’s mention. I haven’t talked to or have been mean to IHP since his latest “transformation” XD…”

    I don’t think anyone understands mrsmes. 😉 Remember that he’s autistic, so he doesn’t understand others a lot of the time either. :\

  5. Sorry. It’s just that the font of the title of the posts isn’t very big and it would be nicer (in my opinion; which no one cares about) if it was more distinguishable.

  6. if you can’t recognize the titles, you can at least recognize the date and tag list. >_>

  7. @AKH: Smes is autistic? To me, it just seems as if his typing is poorly spaced and improperly capitalized. If he’s autistic, I don’t think it would be severe. Just my opinion 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  8. I don’t think autistic people are that smart.

  9. Bobserge, I recommend you shut the fuck up 😀
    XD that was a good one AKH

  10. @Bob: Autistic people CAN be smart. Autism is a communicating disability.

  11. AKH,visit the moderator club at the AKHlog v2.Something urgent.


  12. Rightyo, Im going to answer a few questions.

    Firstly, why my change of attitude to “he who cannot be named”. Ive read (and still am reading) a series of books on asberges syndrome. Very interesting and it explains exactly why he behaves like he does. He responds well to a certain way of typing and I believe I have reached him at some base level.

    What you have to remember about asberges is that everything that is said is taken literally. So if you said “I got out of bed the wrong side” he would take it to mean you actually did get out of bed the wrong side. Emotions for suffers of Asberges find it very difficult to tell emotion. They usually have an obsession which will overide any sense of logic. It can be manifested in many ways, but usually at its core is an interest which the suffer has (ie computing, trains etc).

    Next up, Bobserge. If you enjoy talking about OS’s, Ill do a special section on my blog. I dont think you’ll understand though, as Im more interested in assembly, so Ill sum up for you here:

    Windows Vista = Crap bloatware.
    Windows XP = Lesser of two evils.
    Linux = (Red Hat) Good, but hardly supported mainstream.

    Best operating system? Easy, Workbench v1.3 (AmigaDOS) or possibly the GEM desktop frontend from the days of the Atari ST.

    Fancy an OpenGL v DirectX arguament?

  13. haha i miss all the good stuff don’t i 😀 im still grounded, might be ungrounded tomorrow.

  14. […] Read the Comments on Yesterday’s Post (now with 100% more Bobserge) […]

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