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I have recieved, through PM, from an anonymous YoYo Games member, a copy of an email sent to them by mrsmes … 😀 Check this out:

mrsmes wrote:

“right, I get it now, sorry it’s just seemed very, very famililarly like some one, I met on th@ website/Chatroom/Forum what ever you call it, so any way I’ll Have to remake it, but getting the sprites and some of the images used from the game with snapshots might simplify getting it back in shape, and up and running, I admit the combination checking system wasn’t the best but a clearly one combination alone working system done in d&d but that still counts as a record, the sound effects, and sprites well I really didn’t use that many resources, but trust me I have ran, much much larger projects than that, and the larger the more successful, is the case that I came accross some how, and the smaller the least successful I don’t know why, perhaps maybe I should report this as a bug, In Game Maker7.0 which I found and well, what ever that maybe it simply isn’t normal, and has never happened b4”

… in a sudden change of topic, mrsmes now starts talking about IHP …

“Where did I get that from well u appeared to be fighting and even arguing with IHP alot l8ly, and IHP just wants 2 fit in, like every 1 else but, when u and other people keep at him and go constantly bulling him, of course he will get wound up, and angry about that and get revenge at times, I know it seems like I am only going off @ u, about this, but I have had words with him In Private,and if he does anything stupid, just tell me, and I’ll have a word with him and straighten him out, but right now u need 2 calm down and straighten out your attitude, I am not saying go real dead sweet, on him and psarchastic as if u r talking to your girl friend but u like, every one else just need to be normal, I can manage it, AKH can manage it, except he seems to like Porn, and so ok, I agree there are some normal yet, sick weird people on the internet but that is natural, Take Ivor Biggun’s socialiizing style for example, he is now normal, fine cool, calm we made up with each other in the end and said sorry it’s really not that hard 2 do so Y can’t u do it, with IHP, I know very well he started it, but if you appologise, I am sure sooner or later deep down in there he will find it in there 2 appologise, and u can just pretend that hole thing never happened and move on with life, and even well this is optional, but u don’t have 2 if u don’t want 2 U can be friends and leave it at that.”

[WTF? is he calling me a pervert? o.O]

… and lastly, mrsmes had prepared to send our anonymous friend the editable version of his latest GM Failure HYPER GEM $MA$H …

“right the file, here it is:
damn, I can’t find it, If I find out one of my little brothers went about deleting files and projects of mine on my computer I will make them wish they were never ever, born now I don’t even have that editable file, with the game inside it damn, I even checked my USB man this is really annoying if this was a prank of some kind some one is playing on me or was playing on me, it isn’t funny.”

[I’ve now got even more of a reason to believe that mrsmes is an unloved part of a large family 😦 ]

There’s been some more Moderator Action against Enrai – all his posts have been deleted [that means I have little to quote ^__^] and I hope for YoYo’s sake that they have some measure in place to stop this blatant pervert from posting again.

Strangely, still in the YoYo Pervert Club is inuyasha, but he DOES look reluctant to stay. Possibly because he fears tigerdude. Like last time, YoYo haven’t deleted his all of his posts [if any] so I have some quoting to do [this is very strange]:

… on Enrai V2’s Profile …

inuyasha wrote:

“Enrai, why can’t you be normal? Be like the non-lamers.”

“But I might aswell be under your control.”

… on tigergal’s profile …

inuyasha wrote:

“Err…um…tigergal…you…um…suck? Umm…Enrai…told…me…to…do…this. Bye…bye. (I’m going to die, ENRAI TOLD ME TO DO THIS!)”

“Dang, I take it back. I don’t want to get creamed by tigerdude!”

it’s like Enrai has some sort of hold over him. I don’t see how. it’s not like Enrai could actually find out something inuyasha wanted to be kept secret and blackmail him with it … or anything else that would render inuyasha as his slave … I think this is just come classic inuyasha stupidity. 😉

And lastly, I’d like to end this post with a link. Check out tigerdude’s latest [and shorter than usual … see why when you read it] post, “I’m Obsessed with Tigergal1993”.



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  1. Now THAT is a short post. 😀

  2. I say so.

    Inuyasha’s got 3 days to stop being a lamer before I PM the moderators to delete his comments. Boy, he’s gonna go under in flames.

    Oh, nice post by the way. 🙂

  3. AKH: That was an interesting email (haha 😀 ). Still a nice but short post, which I like 😉 .

    Now about Enrai…i know you weren’t able to see his comments before they were deleted, but i was. Here’s a few things he said about me. First he said he would rape my girlfriend all night after killing me, then he called me a jock-wannabe…>( I wish that punk would show his face here again…

    Also, you missed the comment where Inuyasha “iRapes” her (he put numbers beside the sentences that were in a nasty sequence), I’m going to spam him for doing that.

  4. […] you can read some other great news (such as an email from Mrsmes) at the AKH Log V4’s post, SMESMAIL! […]

  5. it looks like we have a new super-lamer in town 😀 going by the name of SC9999.

    Despite the name, I don’t think this is SC, it’s nothing like him … and it actually [PM] spammed me. o.O Seems to think I’m Enrai.

    Needless to say, I’m going to delete those messages (I have a PM deleting script just so you know 😉 ) and auto-spam him back 😀 with 400 messages. ^__^

    Whether this is SC or not, I can’t yet come to a decision. He’s talking like SC very well, but unlike the SC we all know he actually has the ability to spam … and isn’t acting as (completely) stupid as he usually does.

    Due to the number being WAAAY out of sequence and looking at the stuff he’s saying, if this actually is SC, it will be the very last we see of him. 😉

  6. my post is up!

  7. I saw 😀

  8. god, i hate that son of a bitch. inuyasha’s gonna pay when he gets on his inuyasha account…>( why am i so pissed? he told alice to show him her tits >.< he’s gonna die…

  9. HI all,

    Great few days work, and Enrai has completely wasted his time again getting all his posts deleted. He must have nothing better to do than make pages of empty threats and then get them deleted.

    Good work all.

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