Enrai Returns

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His posting permission wasn’t even taken away. He’s still Enrai V2. :O That’s some complete stupidity on YoYo’s part.

Contrary to what most people believed before, Enrai is not gay – he’s now stalking tigergal. >_> The list of people who’ve already (after 3 days) argued with tigergal and/or tigerdude is now 6. :\ And I assume SC will make that 7 soon, what with his brief return yesterday.

Now, here come the quotes 😀 …

… on tigerdude’s profile …

Enrai V2 wrote:

“how convenient, my enemy has a girlfriend >:D im going to find that bitch right now and get her”

tigerdude1993 wrote:

“…YOU BASTARD. i may have let you get away with trying to “irape” me, but now you’ve crossed the line, acting like your going to do the same to my GIRLFRIEND. YOU THINK YOU LIVE IN HELL, WELL I’M ABOUT TO SHOW YOU MY VERSION OF IT!”

… on tigergal’s profile …

Enrai V2 wrote:

“im the stalker of yoyogames and now i’ve put my crosshairs on you! MWAHAHA im going to find you and you know what happens from there 🙂 “

tigergal1993 wrote:

“omg, ur sick. like, go away, u arent kool enough to come to my profile ^-^”

Enrai V2 wrote:

“come a little closer 🙂 “

tigerdude1993 wrote:


tigergal1993 wrote:

“ya, like, ur so disgusting. like who would like a stalker? lol u like think ur getting attention, well actually ur just making urself look bad =D”

tigerdude1993 wrote:

“that’s right. enrai, fuck off, and don’t ever come back. im sorry about this alice, that kids…strange…”

tigergal1993 wrote:

“like superstar, thanks for helping, but like i couldve handled that on my own ^^ like oh well, u sooo scared him off ^-^ ur my hero superstar =)”

tigerdude1993 wrote:

“haha sorry alice, didn’t mean to act like i was protecting you 😉 ah well, love you 🙂 im going to get off now 😉 “

Enrai’s sexually suggestive rampage ended there yesterday, I have little doubt that I’ll be writing about how it continued tomorrow.

Over on YoYo, the Competition02 (Ancient Civilisations Competition) results have been announced and Competition03 is official. it’s deadline is August 24th, 2008 and with the head start so many people have been given (the theme was decided back at the beginning of May) some games are already finished and entered. XD

And now, I’ll paste my views on the result from the comment I posted on tigerdude’s blog last night, right after Sandy posted the winners and runners-up. There are spoilers ahead, if you’d rather see the results on YoYo first, then click here.

I wrote:

^__^ Competition03 is *finally* official, and the Competition02 results got announced with it, over a month and a half after the competition closed. :\ Surprisingly, RhysAndrews’ Caveman Craig (which everyone thought would win) came second to an Ant game by RedSystem (who I’ve never heard of). Coming third was an egyptian puzzle game which looks to be about a temple rather than a civilization. it wasn’t mentioned in anyone’s predictions as far as I know, but it was made by KC LC – the GMC and YoYo mod. Makes YoYo look corrupt, that.

Which they probably are. >_>

in the runners up section is 65 million and one B.C. (which at least deserved second or third) and Robbie Swifthand (definitely not my type of game, but a lot of people seemed to like it).


Speaking of tigerdude’s blog, over there Ivor B (or “Grandpa”, as he now likes to be called 😀 ) has started a series of tutorials surrounding the warez scene and programming (specifically assembly language). Today he started with the basics of the warez downloading scene – like bittorrent. So let’s all gather around a metaphorical fire and metaphorically listen to (and by that I mean read) Grandpa’s tale 😀 …

Ivor B (AKA Grandpa) wrote:

“Ok, for everyone that knows, please ignore this post, but ive had loads of PMs which (for reasons Ive given before) I havent responded to. The common theme to the questions asked is “how do I get into warez and the cracking scene?” These are the first basic steps. So here is lesson 1. Although this is for information and point of discussion only, I, tigerdude nor this blog condone the downloading of copyrighted works that you dont have the permission to do so.

What are warez?

Warez are cracks/rips/copies of the latest games/movies/music.

How do I get them?

Mainly now (for the novice) on the bittorrent protocol, but to some extent IRC and if youre lucky FTP.

What is bittorrent?

Bittorrent is a protocol, a way of sending a file. Imagine the following example. Say you wanted to send a 100meg file to 10 people, sending it to each one in turn would take a long time…here comes the bittorent protocol:

Bittorent works by connecting (in the above example) to the 10 users and sending random small packets of data to each of them. The users recieving these small packets then swap them with each other, whilst still recieving new random packets from the original sender. The user that has the file is called the “seeder” and once users have 100% of file they become seeders and further increase the speed in which others can download the file. The people downloading are “peers” until they have the file. The whole bittorrent system relies on sharing, so once the file is recieved, its expected that the person recieving it will continue to share.

How and where do I find files on a bittorrent network?

Firstly a client (or program) is needed. There are many, and probably the best one is utorrent. It works in the background, similar to if you click on a media link on a webpage and windows media player opens up.

Files available to download with bittorrent are listed on what is called trackers. There’s many, but a common one is Piratebay. Once you see a file you want, clicking on it will bring up utorrent client and download will start.

Whats a private tracker?

These are sites where you have to register, this is to ensure that you share the files that you download and dont just take (known as hitting and running) The advantage of private trackers is that they are faster due to more people sharing (if you dont keep a good share ratio you get banned from the site)

What is Xvid?

Xvid is to movies what mp3 is to music. You can get a near DVD qaulity rip into about 690meg in xvid format. Most modern (and cheap) DVD players now support xvid/divx format so it means you can have many movies on one dvd.

What is the difference with Xvid/Divx?

The Divx and xvid “war” was similar to that of the GIF/JPG one. To keep it short Divx went comercial so lost support and Xvid format is opensource, so its the most commonly used one.

Whats a screener?

This is something you may come across. A screener is a version of a movie that is sent to magazines for review/ shops to play…etc…It is usually released WAY before the original hits DVD (sometimes before cinema) it is DVD quality and are often leaked. With these versions you sometimes get “Copyright” etc printed at the bottom of the screen or “property of”…

Whats a CAM?

A cam refers to a “camera in a cinema” you all know what I mean. You get offered a pirate copy of a film by some shady guy and when you get it home is been filmed by someone in a cinema. The quality of these is not too bad these days.


[ 😀 ]

tigerdude1993 wrote:

“Wow, this is all pretty awesome, but couldn’t you get jailed for a long time by doing this?”

Ivor B (AKA Grandpa) wrote:

“As Ive said, this is info only. All this info can be found on google with a little searching.

Obviously the downloading of copyrighted material is illegal (sort of) but there are legitimate uses for the bittorrent protocol (for example linux distros, freeware etc)


The downloading of copyright material is illegal, but falls more into the remit of civil law rather than criminal. If you are selling copies of copyright work, then you can expect the cops to get involved, however in the “spirit” of the law, downloading a movie is no different to taping it off the TV. The fact that it is a new movie doesnt make it more copyright than a 10 year old one.

This is a whole grey area, but when you consider how many million users are downloading stuff its a difficult job to keep track. The anti-piracy groups are more interested in shutting down the trackers and taking to court the people who first upload the screeners. The cops are more interested in bringing to justice the traders of indecent material (and rightfully so)”

“With yours and AKH’s permission I hope to run a series of tutorials “Back to roots” if you will.

I have, for the past few years writing a book teaching the basics of computers, which in these days of GM and modern languages is being lost. With my copyprotection tutorial, it is not going to be a step by step guide on how to pirate software, but its hopefully going to explain HOW programs actually work at a base level, in a more interesting way.

I will make it clear, I support opensource/freeware only. Bittorrent is an excellent way to share opensource/freeware without having to pay hosting or bandwidth costs. (Infact a mainstream band has just released its album for free on the bittorrent protocol)

I will ask again though, can people stop asking me questions privately. I do not like private messages, and any questions/queries can be answered here in the open. I hate ignoring private messages so thats why I mention it again.

By the end of the assembly language tutorial, it is hoped that you will make a basic asm executable and probably the smallest executable you will ever make.”

tigerdude1993 wrote:

“I thought that companies that don’t want their stuff pirated (such as Microsoft, which I’ll use in the example) would purposefully make a fake download that had an exe in it, that, when run, would give the downloader’s IP to Microsoft. Microsoft could then give the IP to the authorities, and, then the downloader would get arrested. Does this happen with warez? If it does, then could I be at risk by using Limewire?”

“I just saw your second post, that sounds cool! Are you going to post it here, or are you going to publish the book? I think it’d be a good idea to publish that book since you’ve been working on it for so long ;) I’d be interested in it ;)

Ivor B (AKA Grandpa) wrote:

“Its going to be here and AKH’s blog aswell. If you tagged it, then people who are not interested need not see the post.

The book is a long time in the making, maybe its because I would have liked to have got into teaching , but to me if I can get a new generation into coding then it will be worthwhile. I may even just release the book on bittorrent.

Us coders are a little like polarbears, we are now becoming extinct, partially due to things like GM, blitzbasic etc. If this knowledge is lost then the whole community loses as they will be dependant on the dev tools that big companies release.

Learn restrictive highlevel languages at a cost of $100’s or learn how to code with nothing more than a freeware assember/c++ compiler for free. Learn how to make an executable that in GM would be megs in size or learn how to do it in a low-level language at around 60k. — Sorry Im going off on my rants…

Ill answer your second post in a second.”

“Technically yes. Downloading copyright works is theft.

Microsoft obviously doesnt want their revenue lost and they could approach your IP, but under dataprotection they are NOT allowed to give your personal details out. The only way that can happen is with a court order under criminal investigation circumstances.

I would personally stay away from things like Limewire, at the end of the day, if you share a copyright file you are breaking the law. The Xvid format I mentioned earlier is great because with a few utils you can backup your original DVD’s and have many movies on one disk. – Technically making a backup copy is illegal, but then if you are not giving it to anyone and own the original, I dont think many people would be bothered.

The thing you mentioned about Microsoft sending a fake file would never happen. It would be unlawfull for microsoft to “trick” you and then effectively hack your computer in order to get your IP. Even if they did do that, no court in the land would accept evidence under those circumstances (IMO) and to be honest I believe Microsoft are more interested in the original suppliers of their works.”

tigerdude1993 wrote:

“Oh, ok. Thanks for the advice! And can’t wait until you release that book, I could actually learn something other than GML D

To read all the comments that preceded Ivor B’s warez posts, as well as find out about inuyasha’s NEW site “flameofdestiny.com” (freewebs.com/lightoffire) >_>, which was recently spammed by pilotteaml 😀 all the while reformed lamer MetaRidley spammed inuyasha’s profile 😆 , click here and read tigerdude’s post. 😉

And Lastly for today, I noticed 2 comments from May 29th that *seem* to be telling us the identity of the hacker …

“Liam” wrote:

“guru is the hacker

mcvmbk,bnlmnlk kl kcvlvjvn jhvxcjzhxcxvczxjhvgcxjhvbxcjvxcbvhxcjvgbcxhjvbcxhvbxcvjhxvbxcjhvbxcjhvbcxhvjxcgb”


I checked PP for the member “guru”, nothing was found. I think this is (or more, was) just another stupid mini-hoax. I don’t think anyone knows who the hacker was. >.<

And how did I find out about these comments? bluebell_rose posted a hacker warning there …

bluebell_rose wrote:

“also, there’s a crazy hacker on the loose and the suspect is a demoted mod on pokedox. >_> be careful, he hacked Pokemon Gateway just because the admins refused to give him admin powers”

I don’t know if there’s any danger there, but I’m staying wary. 😉


And so ends a 6-link, 2405 word post. :O Have a nice day. ^__^



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  1. Here’s an obvious competitor for the longest post ever 😀 although I think my other 2400-word post a couple of days ago was longer than this. ^__^

  2. guru…want me to try and find this guy? i bet with the information i got from the blog post, i could find out something. 😉

  3. didn’t find anything…ah well.

    anyways, inuyasha deleted his website, again.

  4. […] greatly from mine today, with a lot of stuff I didn’t post about. Go read his newest post, Enrai Returns. It not only discusses Enrai’s return (which I sort of blogged about in today’s post), […]

  5. “inuyasha deleted his website, again.”

    Predictable 😀 I hope he just stops making new websites since he can’t make one that doesn’t suck 😉 but we all know he’ll have a third up soon.

  6. well, I’m glad he’s making all these websites. usually when he makes a website i blog about it and the post gets a lot of hits 😉 i think the first post about “mystical light” titled “inuyasha exposed” has gotten me 70 hits 😉

  7. python

    goodbye to your ‘100$’s for learning restrictive languages’

  8. Just to let everyone know, tomorrow’s post will be later than usual. I have French exams. Two of them. >.<

  9. AKH: ah, that sucks 😉

  10. Hahahaha! Enrai is trying to target me now :lol:. I can’t help to laugh at him for it, even though I know he’s going to start saying some REALLY weird stuff. 8D I wants to see just on what he’s going to try and do, I want to laugh at him >_> a lot. =D I just know he’s going to say something stupid, and if he has any sense of what the hell is going on, will be pretty embarrassing.

  11. AKH: Aww, that sucks. ^_^ Goodluck with the exams.

  12. Right, I have some info on a POSSIBLE name for Enrai. I have contacts “in the know” who have suggested a possible name for this Enrai character.

    I will stress this is only POSSIBLE and I cant say anything more about how I got this info, but if anyone is doing any enquiries on Enrai its something to consider.

    The name I have been given (real life name) is Tyrone. Please dont take this as abolsolute fact. and any enqs you are doing on Enrai, continue but at least its another line that I can follow.

    Ill let you know if I turn up anything.

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