tigerdude1993 VS ihatepenguins Round 4?

May 31, 2008 at 11:00 | Posted in Everything | 14 Comments
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Although there’s been little word on whether or not IHP’s plans yesterday were just to try and scare us [which obviously wouldn’t have worked, but this is IHP we’re talking about here] tigerdude [with the help of Firefall] has a retaliation planned.

Firefall wrote:

“DX Holy crap dude. I just woke up and you’re already done exams. P Lucky guy. I still have to do midterms O_O.

Anyways…about this IHP stuff, why not tell your friends that he’s inviting you guys to go paintball with him? >D And then all you have to do is track down IHP and beat him up. Perhaps pummel him with some paintballs. P And then you=free. XD Just my idea.”

Zeon wrote:

“tiger,if you want me to help you in the painball fight i will


you know i dont know where you live”

tigerdude1993 wrote:

“firefall: thanks for the idea! i cant wait, im so doing that D ill get a few people to go with me, and we will bring tons of paint ;) ihp’s punishment wont end until we run out ill be texting my friends right after im done typing. oh and exams, we’ve been doing them all week, but today was my last one ;) so im officially out of school!

zeon: your welcome ;) and i knew you were just joking ;)

tigerdude’s post

Over on YoYo, IHP, with massive help from mrsmes, has tried to civilly end an argument that is already over … in true smes style. *sigh* here comes the quoting 😀 beginning with YoYo mod RhysAndrews’ comment on IHP’s profile a few days ago …

RhysAndrews wrote:

“This isn’t an instant messenger. Leave a comment but stop having in-depth discussions.

Most importantly, stop using profane language and disrespecting each other on here.”

TurboX wrote:

“Rhys, This all started because the member, Ihatepenguins, has been threating the member tigerdude1993, calling a member a girl and insulting everyone else, if you could sort this member out, then we’d be happy to stop with this long arguement.”

ihatepenguins wrote:

“turbox this, is not what it seems; if you would like to leave a message, do so after the beep, not before.”

mrsmes wrote:

“woah, woah, chill out guys, I leave 4 5 hours 4 a break expecting everything to return to normal only to expect another riot to start up.

@tigerdude, @turbox: take a chill pill and compromize or go do something else to get rid of the stress like read a comic, watch some tv, play a video game, make a video game, or get to work on one of your projects u don’t have to bully others to amuse yourselves or to impress me, or make me think your funny it only makes me think you r stupid when you do those dumb things so once you have stopped doing them like IHP has learned 2, then I will be impressed with u and will have also regained my trust, in which I can not offer to those who bully my other freinds, and give others a hard time, so this has 2 stop right now.
k, good c u l8r but don’t think I will turn a blind eye on u 4 1 moment, i’ll find out about these riots sooner or l8r.

@IHP: this includes u 2, when u or any get in2 fights or arguments like this just do the right thing and compromize.

ok, this is pushing the limits 2 far, now I want this fight to end right now and everyone to compromise or i will get a moderator over here this instant.

said 2 days ago

Report to Staff

Rhys, This all started because the member, Ihatepenguins, has been threating the member tigerdude1998, calling a member a girl and insulting everyone else, if you could sort this member out, then we’d be happy to stop with this long arguement.” yes they would all be very happy if it stopped and ended, so if IHP, tigerdude don’t compromise now, or sooner or l8r then I will get a moderator over here right now, so IHP, I’ll here your side first how much of this is is true?
Ok, now tigerdude wait your turn and don’t but in u can tell us your side of the story, and then we will work out from there what exactly happened(we want the turh and the whole truth here and nothing but the truth) and then we can work out how to solve this problem, gees this one is harder than challengo(a game on this site rather good, difficult challenging game), but I am sure we can compromise and solve this problem some way or another can’t we guys? well?”

tigerdude1993 wrote:

“mrsmes, well…its over. we already cleared this one up already.”

HA HA! 😀 mrsmes wrote nearly 2 YoYo-Pages there just to find out that the argument is over.

in addition to tigerdude’s Enemies List, he’s also now added an Allies List (which was Zeon’s idea). Right now it’s far from complete, but it currently has TurboX, me, Zeon and Firefall on it. 😀

For those of you who remember the times when the AKHLog Forums weren’t down [hopefully I’ll be able to get them back up soon 😉 ] you may remember Zeon’s topic about Beachboy, he is a PokeCommunity.com mod who unexpectedly didn’t ban Zeon … until now. XD

Here’s what’s been happening and what just happened …

Zeon wrote:

“Hehehe…ive been banned from pokecommunity.Fortunately its not permanent.Its a long story,but i want you to read it and help me:

I shall begin:

Beachboy and I were once really good friends.He helped in everything he could.I remeber asking him all tipe of question.He ws a really nice guy

One day he became a moderator and everything changed.At first,I was going to PM him,congratulating him for becoming a mod.I had welcomed someone twice in the same thread.(that person later on became my pair)Turns out,thats not allowed.I was infracted.Later,i received a PM,the title being:
“Dear O.M”(O.M. stands for Orange Meganium.thats what im called at pokecommunity)
The content was:”I no longer want to be be friends with someone who breaks the rules.Take me of your signature.”(I put my friends in my sig)
I was enraged.First,i tried to convince him,telling him”let me show you I deserve to be your friend”
But,I later on took him off my sig.

Today,I left a message on his profile saying:
“your avatar and sig suck”
I was replied by:thank you O.M,I really appreciate the person who did them for me”But you dont appreciate the friends you betray,do you?
Fed up with his coolness,I told him to never show his face on my proffile again,I then told him what a heap of a worthless moderator he was.I got infracted”for being disrespectful to a member of staff”

Well,ill be back at pokecommunity on th 14 July 2008.”

Zeon’s comment on tigerdude’s post “IHP Plots To Kill Me, Again”

And speaking of forums we’re all banned from, PokePlushies’ recent Promo Thursday gave them the most hits they’ve ever had in one day …

PokePlushies Announcement wrote:

Promo Thursday update: The first Promo Thursday was a huge success. Thankyou to everyone who took part. Because of Promo Thursday we managed to set a new daily page view record of 402,296 pageviews. Let’s make next Thursday even bigger!”

But with a good announcement has come a bad one too. And a competition.

First of all, another (legal) restriction on Unofficial Adoptables …

Quetzal wrote:

“I don’t know where people are getting the idea that they can swipe another person’s art and make unofficials out of them. THAT IS UNACCEPTABLE.

All of you who did NOT draw the images made in your unofficial adoptables must remove them. You have 24 hours. If you don’t do this, I will have the mods remove them and your account put on a temporary ban.

I know many artists, and I do not want this community’s reputation tarnished because some people think it’s okay to take art from another person’s site and (even without giving them credit!) create unofficials out them. That is not fair.”

Full Announcement

Lastly, PP have set up yet another competition, and this time confirmed that all entries meeting the right criteria will get a promo. it’s another thread you can all post “THATS NOT FAIR I CANT DO IT” [Cyde’s words] in, the PokePlushies Fansite competition.

You simply have to make a PP fansite.

Cydewinder wrote:

“It’s time for a new competition, so we sat down and thought about what we could do. We’ve heard you all complaining and moaning about how you need to be Picasa to win anything here, so we’ve decided to hold a fan site competition.

The rules are simple (and the benefits are amazing). All you have to do is make a Pokeplushies fan site. It can say or be anything you want. Maybe your adoptables museum, maybe your own version of the encyclopedia, maybe you’ll compile a list of the top levelled adoptables of all times, maybe you’ll make a guide on how to get all the Dinomon. It’s up to you, you can do anything you want.

You can use any hosting you want. I’m sure people will suggest some great free hosting sites eventually. I’m afraid I’m a little out of that loop.

We’ve compiled a pack of graphics that you can use on the site, But it is by no means compulsory that you do. You’ll find logos and large versions of some of our most popular adoptables in it. You can download that by clicking on this link: http://www.pokeplushies.com/fansite.zip

Now, the things you CANNOT do.
You can not copy the Pokeplushies layout.
You can not claim to be “Officially part of Pokeplushies” or anything else
You can not claim that the images are your own
You can not make a site with the sole purpose of getting clicks for your adoptables
You can not make a site containing material inappropriate for the Pokeplushies audience”

Announcement Topic



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  1. Are the forums back up yet?

  2. akh, im still waiting on that text. when he does, ill call up my neighborhood friends and we’ll go together with our paintball guns. you know what happens next 😉

  3. tigerdude, I can’t wait 😉

    Zeon, looks like you can’t wait either. XD

    Don’t worry, when the forums are back up I’ll let you know. I emailed my hosts this morning, but I haven’t got a reply yet.

  4. dang, he still hasnt texted me…looks like we wont be fighting today. maybe tomorrow? could be, since tomorrow is sunday. that’s the same day he tried to paintball me last time, remember? (the 2nd fight we had)

  5. AKH,andrew left a comment on my blog saying”My vote is the only one that couts,and thats good riddance”
    What does that mean?

  6. AKH,andrew left a comment on my blog saying”My vote is the only one that counts,and good riddance”
    What does that mean?

  7. AKH,andrew left a comment on my blog saying”My vote is the only one that counts,and I mean good riddance”
    What does that mean?

  8. Woah, triple post. >.<

    He means what I’ve been telling you all along.

    No matter how many people vote for you, he is the only one who can unban you, and he won’t do it. He’s just not like that. I told you that even if you got everyone at PP to “vote” for you that it wouldn’t make him unban you.

  9. ….ok…….
    When i go to a proxy website,all i get are IP adresses.What do i do with them?

  10. Whoever deleted your log AK47 Bitch I hope he will he will he will do it again as life was heavens without your blog on air

  11. @ SatanChild666:Fuck off,motherfucker.Just because you got raped by your own family doesnt mean you have to call AKH a bitch.
    @ AKH:When i go to a proxy website,all i get are IP adresses.What do i do with them?

  12. Zeon, what are you talking about? *sigh*

    Just go to a proxy website, like http://thefreeproxy.us , enter pokeplushies.com in the text box on the page, and click the Go/Submit/Whatever button. it will take you to PP unbanned, with luck.

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  14. […] identical for every post the spammer made, it was, and this links it to the recent Nextgen SC666, but also to an Ivor Biggun impersonator appearing back on Februry 29th of this year […]

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