IHP’s plotting continues?

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Here is the PM I got from him last night (I wasn’t online), entitled “my new plan AK(bitc)H” [which I assume is a reference to SC666 calling me AK47 Bitch] …

ihatepenguins wrote:

“yeah, all though i must and shall stop telling my closest and now worst friends my plans, now i will tell; you this one. please read it and give me your feedback. oh and if you post this, i will make you take half credit for plotting it. so if tigerdude finds out you must take half credit for the plot i will tell you. understand adam, if that is your name. yes. good. you have now made half of the plot for me. you want to get revenge on tiger too, i see. so lets get started.

i will get my friends tigger, jake, lucy, jim, joel, marcus, luke, and anthony and my girlfriend lucy to suit up in all ghillied up suits, carrying high powered paintball machine guns which hurt like my own punch, we will stake out in the forest and wait for tiger to come. he will come because i will force his friend to send him a text with directions to the forest. act like it will be his friends, party i guess. tiger will come like a cat, attracted to the string which is his friends party. in the forest. ok, now we will shoot him when he comes. he will run and we will chase him through the neighborhood, to his home. maybe in his home. then we will tie him up and shoot him in the nuts until he passes out. then we will take him to the forest. then i will get his friends and they will see the new tiger, the one without balls. oh and maybe i can do something else to tiger, dress him up like a nerd. that will make me popular again, like kindergarten days. yay!

if you tell him about this, you take half credit for the potential danger we get in. you also get credit for coming up with some of the ideas of, my choosing, i think. have fun and call me sometime, boy we are great at planning evil things.”

Whether this is genuine or just another IHP lie to confuse us all, I don’t know, but I do know that if IHP supposedly doesn’t lie right after tiger beats him up, then it looks like he’s planning a second and bigger paintball gun attack.

And of course, regardless of what this says, I did not help to plot it. >_>

Anyway, in other news, while IHP’s plotting looks like it’s continuing, it’s doing so without the pretty much innocent-all-along inuyasha :/ looks like we made a mistake there. Here’s the entire conversation between IHP and inuyasha, courtesy of Allen Richards (Ih8penguins), IHP’s younger brother:

inuyasha wrote:


ihatepenguins wrote:

“you’ll love me when you find out tigerdude1993 will die tomorrow because my rocket will hit him. it will be filled with explosives when it hits him, and he will die. then i can finally know that i got my revenge. then you’ll be accepted here. then ill be accepted here. works for both of us.”

inuyasha wrote:

“Your not even sure it will hit him, but I’m still not helping you. If your ploof rocket kills him, fine by me. But don’t let him know that your rocket will hit him.”

ihatepenguins wrote:

“you 2 know that you want this, that revenge is the only way now too compormise with mr. tigerdude, he must die and you will take half crdit for his death and shall be blamed if i get caught. ok?”

inuyasha wrote:

“Ok then.”

ihatepenguins wrote:

“good. we wil comense with this tomrow when i see hm at skool.”

inuyasha wrote:

“TurboX Just said your rocket is “shitty carboard””

ihatepenguins wrote:

“thnks for being a friend and telling me this, ill get him for this.”

inuyasha wrote:

“Crap, I shouldnt be doing this, but I’ve gotten into lots of trouble latley. But i’m not going any more. Cause if I do things will be much worse.”

[thanks to Allen Richards/Ih8penguins for getting hold of this, and thanks to tigerdude1993 for posting it]

tigerdude’s post: Horrible Mistake – Inuyasha’s Innocence

Lastly, in some more unexpected PP News, they’re “looking at ways of using social networking sites to market Pokeplushies”, and a poll [which isn’t the type of poll you’d expect on a forum] has been set up by Cyde. There’s also been a myspace account set up to see how many PP members really use MySpace on a regular basis.



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  1. “carrying high powered paintball machine guns which hurt like my own punch,”

    and if they hurt as bad as his punch, i won’t feel a thing 😆

    im still waiting for the text, havent got it yet. my paintball gun’s ready 😉 ill be taking it with me.

  2. […] IHP Plots To Kill Me, Again Posted May 30, 2008 This is getting old…Matt thinks he’s going to kill me (or at least humiliate me) by paintballing me while alone. Here’s what AKH received yesterday and gave to me today. Read his post about it by clicking here. […]

  3. AKH,check out the allies list yes youve read right the allies list on tigerdude1993s blog!

  4. Ha ha, I saw it Zeon, don’t worry. XD

    And before you ask, the forums aren’t up today either. I haven’t got a reply from my hosts. I’ll try again later today and if I don’t get a reply then I’ll look somewhere else. 😀

  5. Adam,please read the comment I left in The Soulware
    Daily News.Its important.Please read it and leave a commment.Thank you.


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