“Who was the Hacker?” Revisited

May 28, 2008 at 10:03 | Posted in Everything | 17 Comments
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Well, it turns out that yesterday’s assumption that Disturbed was our hacker wasn’t as solid as we first thought DX since yesterday’s post investigations have developed further and in my view, Cyde is the one who did it, although Disturbed is still a possible suspect.

Other possibilities have arisen too – could it be that, like I originally suggested but did not seriously consider, our hacker wasn’t a PP member at all, and was in fact a talented spectator that tried to help PP out by hacking me? To be honest, I still don’t seriously consider that, I think if an anonymous internet bystander to these events cared enough to help out PP by hacking them, they would’ve at least become a mildly active member of the site.

Although it could be, as I have silently thought possible, that Cyde, or someone else, did not hack the site themselves, but instead got someone else to do it for them, paid or not. Either way, the hacker then wouldn’t be emotionally involved, and I’d have no care for who it was, only for whoever made the hacker hack 😉 now for some quotes, just to show how these developments came about …

… on tigerdude’s post, E-Drama

Firefall wrote:

“No, he [Disturbed] didn’t hack you. That was someone else. I doubt the person who hacker you is from PP. He was the one who ratted is what I’m saying =/.”

… on “Who was the Hacker?”

Firefall wrote:

“Ahh, no no no. T-T Disturbed didn’t hack. I told Disturbed all about what we were doing, and with what’s Cyde saying, the only person that makes sense is Disturbed. P The person who hacked I doubt is even from PP.”

I wrote:

“So … Disturbed told Cyde about what we were doing and that made Cyde ban Chipmunk? That puts Cyde and Disturbed back as suspects.


What makes you think the hacker is from outside PP?”

Firefall wrote:

“Because no one on PP is that much of a fucktard to spell like that, and if they are, they aren’t the type to code. I know one person who would actually beat the odds for that, and he wouldn’t do anything for PP, as people were being mean to him there :P. So yeah, that’s my reasoning XD. Who knows, it could have been someone from PP, I just have a hunch it isn’t ^_^.”

I wrote:

“I’ll tell you what I told Zeon ;)

if you hack somewhere, it’s a good idea to conceal your identity so you’re less likely to be found out. Although changing your I.P. is the first way, not leaving your name and changing your speaking style (which anyone can do on the internet, IHP proved that) helps as well.

Few on PP can hack or code, and the few that can, wouldn’t do this sort of thing, I agree, but I still think it’s someone on PP, what with this coming so quickly after my post, our banning and our plans to hack being revealed to Cyde, resulting in Chipmunk’s ban.

I’m not going to give up on this, nor completely rule out that this could be someone outside PP, but if it were someone outside PP, who could it possibly be? I haven’t offended anyone on YoYo with those sorts of abilities in months, if in fact, ever. Outside PP and YoYo, I’ve offended no one enough to make them want to hack, so in my view, this has to be at least PP-related, even if it wasn’t anyone from PP (although I still think it is a PP member, I just have no idea which one).”

Anonymous wrote:

“ah but you guys forget, there are people that aren’t on PP forums and aren’t even registered but lurk around the place. One such person may have seen it and decided to help the admins out.”

I wrote:

“Anonymous, that was a possiblity I considered but dismissed due to it’s unlikeliness. it’s much more likely that a person who hacked us to help out PP would’ve at least, at some point, signed up there.”

… Back on tigerdude’s post …

Firefall wrote:

“-_- Ok then…two confused people deserves an explanation :D. Let’s all assume for a bit that the hacker was from PP. Now, the main suspect is Cyde, correct? So…depending on who told Mr. Darlington about the hacking could affect who hacked us. Disturbed has been known for trickery, so as a way to confirm things, Cyde would probably have wanted to make sure for himself(maybe, I’m not the behavioural expert, these are just my thoughts). But, if it was someone else that ratted, Cydd might not have bothered, or have gotten someone to do it for him. =/ And I know, I’m probably confusing you guys more, I know I’m confused already XD.”

Despite the massive amount of possiblities, I [currently] think this was [or was at least organised by] Cyde, although that’ll probably have changed by tomorrow. >.<



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  1. seems like it keeps going back and forth with the suspects…

    i may have something that will prove that the suspect was a reader of your blog. Maybe it’s just a coincidence, maybe not. When we went to the forums, remember reading that message the hacker left us? “SPAM SPAM SPAM SPAM …” I think that your hacker may have read about the time Mrsmes tried to spam you and tried to copy him. Possibly, to frame him. But of course, I have no idea if this is true or not, I’m just guessing and trying to help figure out who hacked you.

  2. I was wondering about that too >.< it’s the only thing I can’t link to anyone on PokePlushies. Except of course for Cyde, who as we know reads this blog. 😉

  3. hmmm…….
    Hey!Maybe it was one of those lamers that were your first enemies!Have you forgoten ragnarok?

  4. XD No, it wouldn’t be any of them. ragarnak isn’t the type to hack, and I never offended him technically, it was a civilised argument.

    Which I won. Obviously 😀

  5. Maybe it was someone who we wouldn’t expect…that’s the way it happened with me and IHP…at first I thought he was just another guy trying to annoy me, then the next month I find out he’s actually Matt Richards, which was so unexpected.

  6. maybe.but,ill think only time will tell.

  7. guru is the hacker

  8. mcvmbk,bnlmnlk kl kcvlvjvn jhvxcjzhxcxvczxjhvgcxjhvbxcjvxcbvhxcjvgbcxhjvbcxhvbxcvjhxvbxcjhvbxcjhvbcxhvjxcgb

  9. also, there’s a crazy hacker on the loose and the suspect is a demoted mod on pokedox. >_> be careful, he hacked Pokemon Gateway just because the admins refused to give him admin powers

  10. Eh? I never saw this before. :\

  11. >_> a couple of forums received hack threats from this guy already, and believe me he can hack. Just ask Firefall. >_> He hacked Pokemon Gateway already. He may have hacked and destroyed other forums before so I’m saying be careful of this guy. He may surface back up around here though. He’s done that on the forums I seen him hack.

  12. Hmmm … time for a forum password change. :\ just to be safe (yes, I was using the same password everywhere). Although if his interest is Pokemon forums I doubt he’ll care about the AKHLog Forums.

  13. not sure, but he’s done PP too. >_> he manipulated Cyde into thinking it was you guys when it was really him.

    I’m not sure, but he’s hacked other sites that don’t have anything to do with pokemon.(I heard this from my msn contacts) >_> he gets a perverse kick out of destroying forums.

  14. Excuse me? I don’t recall ever being manipulated into thinking these guys did anything to our forums.

    I’ve never made any accusations about AKH or anyone here hurting our forums in any way at all. All we did was ban them because they broke the rules.

  15. er, sorry about that Cyde, I was talking about the stolen adoptables not the forums. >_> thought it was Firefall but in reality, it’s really Harry, a demoted mod on pokedox. Have no idea why he did that though. He seems to have stopped now though.

  16. >_> he maniuplated me into thinking it was Firefall behind it. Ugh. Just be careful. >_> he gets a perverse kick out of messing around with websites.

  17. You guys need a life. Baaaadly…

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