Quetzal Says: “Woof”

May 22, 2008 at 16:59 | Posted in Everything | 16 Comments
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Because she’s a TOTAL BITCH! XD Not my words, but the words of Firefall.

As some of you may know, Firefall is leaving PP, and will not return as a mod. Here is the email she sent me saying why. And before you ask, I do have permission to post this:

Firefall wrote:

“Steen and I were just talking one day on MSN and we came accross the topic of modding.  So, since I sorta didn’t like how one mod handled things she started bitching to me that we oh members are like dirt to her and if a mod screws up boo hoo the member, who’s actually doing the right thing, should go jump off a cliff and slit their wrist practically.  And then, we came to the topic of me modding again.  And I know for a fact that I made sure when I told her to take me off the mod list that when I came back I would get my position back, but no, she “relived” me then I no be mod anymore.  Then, she started giving me the bullshit line of people will only get promoted if reports are sitting for 4 hours+, which is NOT true.  I know that because 4 mods were promoted while I was modding and I never left reports for 10 minutes when I wasn’t asleep, and when I was asleep they would only be sitting for 2-3 hours(other mods got online shortly after I logged off).  NEVER 4 hours.  So yeah, total bitch.”

I’d like to see Quetzal (Steen/Christine)’s reaction to that, does she really think of us members as scum? Will she deny it, or will she do the honourable thing and admit the truth?



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  2. Congratz on Tom being a mod.

  3. Woah, I didn’t know that both AKH and Firefall got banned.

  4. Firefall,just because YOURE a bitch doesnt mean you
    have to tell Quetzal shes one.You told me that if i had any problems with you,i should tell you directly
    Fine,now i will.You are the bithciest bitch i have ever stubled upon.

    Sincerely:Fuck off.

  5. Steen’s a bitch.. i fucked her, and her pussy is kinda overused…. and smelly too.

    Quetzal’s a bitch…. why? she thinks that PP members are her puppets. Bitch..

    ~Real Name: BITCH..

  6. Man, I can be such a dick when I post here. Gosh, can’t believe that I would type something like that. I’m so ashamed.

  7. *For the Record, the first Cyde comment wasn’t the work of the newly-returned SC666, but of someone who has never commented before*

    One Post on THIS coming up 😀 HA HA HA

  8. […] As you may now have guessed, thanks to my post yesterday, I am banned from PokePlushies, and so is Firefall. […]

  9. Zeon, don’t take the side of the PP admins, not only did they write the rules that got you banned [and insist on only 1 chance for new members that break the rules], but they banned me as well 😉 so you’d be siding against me. Since you can’t seem to accept Firefall banned you fairly [I know you said it, but if you meant it you wouldn’t still be like this], just stay out of this.


  11. yeah,but ive got a plan that will let us backa t pokeplushies,but with a different name…
    for more info see the AKHlog forums:”Why did they ban me from PP”

    gwahahahaha im so wickedly cleverXD

  12. Dumbass. We (the PP admins) check this site. It’s not a super secret clever plan if you tell us about it.

  13. *stares*

  14. Andrew,im not telling you,you priceless mortal,im telling AKH and Firefall at the AKHlog forums.and im telling them in the moderators only club,so even if you register,you wont be able to see it.

    Now get lost,motherfucker.

  15. Yeah the mods/admins on pp are real bitches. I could say several things that they have done wrong but then I would just reveal who I am and I still want to be a member. -_-

    Note: Flow isnt my username but some of you might figure out who I am anyway.

  16. who cares.

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