ihatepenguins and Ih8penguins return???

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Well, it looks like we’ve no more need for interim lamers, which is good, because iobasoss is yet to emerge from the mound of elephant feces he calls home.

Now to cut to the chase, I visit YoYo today in my usual search of news and I find 2 comments on my profile, one from ihatepenguins and the other from the also-suspected-to-be-IHP Ih8penguins …

ihatepenguins wrote:

“hi can we now make amendments and end the fm=amily feud? im sorry but we should be like bros now, imagine me and you living in peace and harmony.”


Ih8penguins wrote:

“shut up matt, hey dude um listen i am not matt i am allen, his bro. ill be actually using this account now, so do not blame me for what my bro does as ihp. ill try not to let him get on this acount. and if you do not believe me ask tigerdude1993, he will tell you that i am not as dorky or wierd as my bro.”

Ih8penguins has also visited some other profiles … and just after ihatepenguins by the way … here’s what’s happened elsewhere …

on TurboX’s profile …

SonicTHDX11 wrote:


[*refuses to make a comment about the emote now it returns for a third time*]

tigerdude1993 wrote:

“whats up wit the … ? its so damn annoying!”

ihatepenguins wrote:

“hey great seeing you again”

Ih8penguins wrote:

“shut up matt, sorry if he disturbd you turbo, im matts bro allen and he used my account to get back at yall folks, so im not him and definitely not as dorky, you can ask tigerdude.”

… Next, tigerdude’s profile …

ultimatecritic1993 wrote:

“Ooh, I’m real sorry about what i said about the whole Ihatepenguins thing. i was wrong, he is the bad guy. going around acting stupid to get attention? i should have listened to you. im sorry if you hate me…”

[nice to see an eventual turnaround there]

Ih8penguins wrote:

“thanks for not shooting me last month, im sorry if matt has to be such a nerd sometimes…well ill be using my acount more often now, so do not confuse me with him please. i do not want to be called matt here, it is so anoying when people blame me for what my bro does.”

[as you can see, no comment from ihatepenguins there … something to do with tigerdude’s rules? (no communication)]

… the next profile to be commented on was mine … then finally Ih8penguins turns to ihatepenguins himself …

ihatepenguins wrote:

“I lied again, thanks too, tigerdude well heres the thing the big west move was a lie i have grandparents dying in the west and had too see them before they died, i did, now im back with tigerdude and will see him at skool in too days where we will make a peace treaty in the stones outside class and shall make up a peace treaty engraved with gold pen on the rock outside the class where all can see that i am not a failure and can spell, where is tigerdude we will start the treatying in too days.”

Ih8penguins wrote:

“get a fucking life matt. stop being such a nerd, i am so ashamed to be your younger bro…faggot”

At this point we can also see that ihatepenguins has taken his continuous mrsmes impression around some of the games on YoYo, as well as the idea of a ploof bath …

First, on TurboX’s newest movie, SPARTA

“i can some this movie up with one word: utter ploof appliciciation. amazingly beautiful, especially when tails gets a ploof bath you know this would also add to the definition of slavery since tails is always getting made fun of 6/6”

on TurboX’s Sonic Dance 2

“what did i make a movie then we could be like bros you know best buds. well great movie is the stuff inside the jar ploof this would add a great twist to the story and maximise sonic’s beauty and sheen. 6/6”

on mrsmes’ HYPER GEM $MA$H

“i think this is a success i enjoyed clicking on the error message it provides hours of fun while waiting 6/6 for originality i think the eror message is puposeful and is the actual game.”

And lastly on my game, Twaz 2.3

“AMAZING best yoyoyogames gameiest game ever and its amazing the stunning 2d 3d graphics the stunning sound fx and most impoortnatly the explosives you rock with gm and it deserves 6/6/5 and gets it, how about 6/6 its that good so 6/6 and why dont you add to the drama by adding a ploof bath to the options, mr. twaz would turn light blue and then we would expose him even further and eventually he would turn into the light blue hedgheog in tigerudde1993’s movie”

I don’t think any of these 6/6 ratings were actually given, but then that could be expected looking at IHP’s past history with game comments. >_>

From the looks of the whole situation, it would appear that Ih8penguins is actually the account of ihatepenguins’ younger brother, Allen.

But is it really? as we’ve seen today, IHP is often one to impersonate another [mrsmes], and it’s been long known that ihatepenguins is [or at least has access to] the Ih8penguins account. I think the only thing we [or at least I] can do is wait for what tigerdude has to say, what with him knowing if this is true … or at least, possible. Unfortunately the whole fiasco seems to have taken place when tigerdude was offline … although he did get a text from IHP as can be seen in his post for today:

ihatepenguins texted:

“Looks like ill be mooving on back to my old house now well we never really moved i just went west to visit my dying grandparents which put me throo much emotional instaballities so please fogive me for not telling you this so ive moved back and iil see u at school tomorow.”

[this message was sent on a Saturday >_>]

this whole “dying grandparents” story is hard to believe, but maybe there could be some truth in it somewhere … maybe IHP will return from his western home … we’ll have to wait a little while to find out.

While you wait, why not try out tigerdude’s FINALLY finished music video!

tigerdude1993 wrote:

“the video was never messed up with timing issues. It was some stupid error of mine. I put Sonic from a different scene into the chorus which screwed up the whole movie.”

expectedly, this too has been touched by IHP …

ihatepenguins wrote:

“by making this i imagine that since im not being made fun of in the movie that we are now friends, well good use of the timeline and alarms in the game especially the new light blue hedgehog, is his colored condition due to exposure to ploof, this would add to the replay value of the movie because it would be exciting to figure out where the ploof was applied to the light blue hedgehog 6/6 for the great new appliancication of ploof.”





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  1. Hey, I’m not believing everything he tells me 😉 of course I’m keeping suspicious of him. ^_^

  2. No.


    How’s the script I sent you working? is it sending now?

  3. nah, you’re not doing anything wrong, it’s stopped working for me too. 😉

    I’ve got a new script sorted out, I’ve sent it to you along with some new instructions, this one is tested, it works for me (I’ve tested it twice just to make sure) so it should work for you. 😉

  4. AKH,dont beleive everything ihatepenguins tells you!IHP and IH8P are the same person!Since when has a younger brother been smarter than an older one?!

  5. And,I have another theory.OK,this may sound idiotic,and shitty,but here goes…I think tigerdudue1993 MIGHT just be i hate penguins!

  6. Not at all,mate.Ive sent you a message telling you what I do,how I load imacros,and when.Read it,
    maybe IM the one doing something wrong,i dont know.

  7. It worked perfectly!But how do i get it to send
    say 60 mail in one go?

  8. zeon: “And,I have another theory.OK,this may sound idiotic,and shitty,but here goes…I think tigerdudue1993 MIGHT just be i hate penguins!”

    hell no 😀 that was very idiotic and shitty 😀 lol, gave me a good laugh though.

    akh: he does have a little brother, i do believe ih8p is allen. allen is sorta strange, i think he was in 6th this year. at least he had some friends…ihp didnt have any normal class friends at all…

    and about that script you and zeon are talking about, is it the spam script? could you send it to me too?

  9. I just wanted to spam this guy that didnt beleive spammming machines existed.

  10. What is this kids obsession with “Ploof” its an annoying name from some nerdy kid, get over it, it does’nt work or exist

  11. zeon: i wanted to know if i could get the script from you, it may be better than the one i have now 😉

    turbox: its all because hes trying to impersonate mrsmes with his own theory (gamme ray theory) and he wants to act like mrsmes. thats why he keeps talking about ploof, i guess.

  12. tigerdude1993:

    it is for email spamming ^__^ And it’s not the best of scripts >.< there’s a problem with entering text in the body of the email, but at least the email can still be sent.

    And Zeon, read my PM on the AKHLog Forums 😉

  13. akh: ok, well i dont need to spam with email, so i dont need the script. i thought you had made a new yoyogames spam script 😉 .

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