Interim Lamer of the Day: SonicTHDX11

May 17, 2008 at 09:42 | Posted in Everything | 16 Comments
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While we wait for a special kind of Lamer, the one that will argue for days on end and not realise how much they’re getting owned, we must settle for interim lamers, sometimes the more stupid species of lamer, the type that won’t fight. First there was iobasoss [who’s yet to return to YoYo and see what I had to say back to him], next came MetaRidley86 [yesterday] and today we have SonicTHDX11 and his useless sonic platform engine.

Today’s ownage took place in the most unexpected of places, madsgrau’s incomplete game, “Game Heros”, [it’s spelt Heroes] which uses SonicTHDX11’s engine. Without further ado, here come the quotes, beginning with the words of TurboX:

TurboX wrote:

“I say that you use, a better engine or maybe your own, as this engine is very “un sonic” like, due to mario physics, no accerlation or sprite changes in running”

SonicTHDX11 wrote:

“turbo, you hate all my games.. Think if i rated you games 1/6 and bad review!

and turbo you want none use my engine!”

inuyasha wrote:

“Okay, your kidding me right? This not even close to sonic. This is one of the sonic game rip offs. Oh and SonicTHDX you need to work on your spelling.”

TurboX wrote:

“I never said I hated it, just giving out advice”

inuyasha wrote:

“Because this comment you made:
and turbo you want none use my engine!
makes no sense, you were probably trying to say:
And Turbo you want no one to use my engine!?”

TurboX wrote:

“And I hate most of your games because, 1 your first one is a tutorial rip off, 2 your second one was poorly made and 3, your engine is more of a platform engine than sonic”

inuyasha wrote:

“If you hate all his games, and they suck it means SonicTHDX11 is new to GM.”

TurboX wrote:

“He’s been using it for a few months now”

inuyasha wrote:

“If he has then he shouldnt be posting example rip offs!”

TurboX wrote:

“Thats why he’s a noob”

tigerdude1993 wrote:

i think sonicthdx11 is actually someone we know and love. (sarcasm). i wont say anything else, figure it out for yourselves 😀 “

SonicTHDX11 wrote:


[hey look, the emote makes it’s return]

Now, carrying on from yesterday, tigerdude’s music video is still unfinished due to a timing bug:

tigerdude1993 wrote:

“I bet you’re all wondering if the movie’s done yet. It is. But there’s a major problem with the timing, which has to be fixed. So it may be a couple hours or days before it gets finished. I am also yet to give out a link because I have no clue when it will be done. If you haven’t heard about the movie yet, it is going to be a Sonic music video playing to the song “Rockstar” by Nickelback.”

tigerdude’s post: Go Rough on My Ass

And it looks like it won’t be finished until at least tomorrow, since tiger probably won’t even have the time to write a post today …

tigerdude1993 wrote:

“i wont be on much tomorrow, all my friends are coming over and we’re going to be doing stupid stuff (like shooting each other) outside all day. ill try to fit in a post tomorrow, but i cant guarantee it, so if you would could you let everyone know in your post tomorrow? thanks ;-) .”

Sounds fun. O.o

Now for one last piece of news, Bobserge has made a return to the blog! He didn’t get too great a welcome though 😉

Bobserge wrote:

“These YYG never ending fights are pretty boring.. can’t you think of something else to write about? (Like Operating Systems)”


I wrote:



Damnit Bobserge, my regular visitors (note by that I don’t mean you) have no interest in what Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and whoever it is that makes Linux [which I’ve reason to believe is a waste of time because it makes them no money] have to say about what their respective OSes are gonna do when they finish their next versions several years ahead of their already-several-years-into-the-future deadlines [or whatever it is that they talk about]. That’s the kind of thing that I don’t even think an extreme GM Geek (the kind who spend their time expressing their sexual frustration on the GMC by insulting people who make typos or don’t indent their code in the way they find themselves “intimate” with [and yes, I have seen someone use the word intimate to describe their familiarity with some thing code-related]) would find that remotely interesting.

if you want to talk about Operating Systems, a Community centered around a program that, along with it’s products, doesn’t work on anything outside Windows 98-to-Vista at it’s best is the worst place to start.

You’re very bright for someone of your age [13, right?] and you use Java. YoYo is not the place for you, I can see it even more now you find Operating Systems interesting enough to think I might possibly end up writing about them in my spare time.

Speaking of which … this blog takes up an hour (usually more) of my time each day, it’s too much, I have other things to do and the least I want is something else to write about …

… This blog has become known for what I write about every day and I can’t just go around changing things. I’d lose visitors and I’d be in the state of mind of someone who can’t stick to a project – I’d end up abandoning the blog if I kept starting again with new topics to write about every week and a reputation (and search engine ranking) to rebuild.

… And remember this: No matter how “boring” it may get … you’re the one reading it, I’m the one who has to write it. ;)

“I’ll be studying Operating Systems as a small part of a college course in (possibly) over a year’s time. Until then, I have no care at all for them and by then I doubt I’ll even want to make or join the slightest conversation on the topic. it’s just not me. I know things (lots of things) and [or possibly because] it takes little effort for me to understand or remember something, in fact as I’m going over stuff now in preparation for my GCSEs (that’s proper end-of-high-school exams here in England, one of my 15 I’ve already sat ;) ) I find that it’s happened subconsciously (without effort), or that it’s just become common sense to me [in most cases]. Because I’m amazing [but I don’t like to brag, obviously].

Thanks to this I don’t focus too much on any form of work (simply because I rarely need to) and I can have knowledge in an area without too deep an interest, so I’d rarely ever talk about something properly IT-related (like Operating Systems) outside a classroom, because I just don’t care about it, among other things [such as … it’s not normal ;) ]. So you see, writing about it is something I definitely wouldn’t do.”

tigerdude1993 wrote:

“yeah, bobserge, you seem kinda lame…this isnt computer geek’s territory…im what most of you nerds call a “prep” and i think talking about computers all day is just geeky…

i wouldnt change a thing in this blog, i look forward to the posts everyday. its awesome to read about lamers being stupid -D

a spark … but will it cause a fire?



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  1. The movie didn’t work still, some more timing issues. This time, I’ll be more specific. The chorus was too short and it made the rest of the movie go off by about 5-10 seconds, which made some of the animations look weird. And then there’s one more error, when the chorus plays a second time, it won’t go to the scene after the second chorus. It goes back to the first few rooms…

    And we won’t be shooting each other now, I shot out a kid’s tooth with my airsoft gun and got it taken away 😀 . I was scared that I’d get sued 😉 .

    I’ll be on for a while today, actually, because I changed the time that I’ll be with my friends from the morning to the afternoon. So I’ll go ahead and make a quick post.

  2. “And we won’t be shooting each other now, I shot out a kid’s tooth with my airsoft gun and got it taken away 😀 . I was scared that I’d get sued 😉 .”


    “I’ll be on for a while today, actually, because I changed the time that I’ll be with my friends from the morning to the afternoon. So I’ll go ahead and make a quick post.”

    😀 I’ll be sure to read it as soon as I can.

  3. Why dont you read the message i sent you at the forums?

  4. talking to me? ill check it and see if i got one from you, zeon.

    and akh, my friends never showed up 😦 none could come. but i did finish the movie! go to the blog to get the link!

  5. “Why dont you read the message i sent you at the forums?”

    I wasn’t online! XD

  6. it takes me an hour to write my daily posts, I’ve only just finished those 😀 I’ll start the script now, it shouldn’t take long at all. 😉

  7. OK, Done! 😀 I PMed you the script on the AKHLog Forums. ^__^

  8. I have some ideas to sort the problem out 😉

  9. Have you finished the script yet?

  10. I need urgent help!Be sure to check the message ive sent you AKH!

  11. now it should 😀

  12. It dont work…

  13. read the PM i sent you at the forums ok?

  14. whoops, zeon, i thought you were talking to me.

  15. “whoops,zeon i thought you were talking to me.”


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