Inuyasha Leaving YoYo Games?

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As of this morning, inuyasha’s description is:

inuyasha wrote:

“I’ll be leaving the site and might not come back on, so bye.”

So does this mean inuyasha is gone for good? only time will tell.

Now, time for what could be the final installment of the war between tigerdude and inuyasha, I’ll begin where we left off yesterday, on tigerdude’s profile …

inuyasha wrote:

“AKH is already spaming me up with 600 messages so its over….”

[Go me!]

tigerdude1993 wrote:

“thanks for helping out while i was gone, chris.

as for you, inuyasha, you arent fixing anything. calling turbox those things (you know what im talking about), calling me names (tigerass), ruining genuine blog views, lying. your not getting forgiveness yet.”

inuyasha wrote:

“So when will this end? Can I just end it my self by leaving yoyogames?”

tigerdude1993 wrote:

“you know what, why are you asking me if you can leave? do it if thats what you want. i dont have any control over you! 😉 sorta”

Heartagram123 wrote:

“dudes what is going on”

tigerdude1993 wrote:

“inuyasha has been lying over at the blog and here for the past few months. he is getting his punishment from me.”

But what truly lead up to inuyasha’s [potentially] final words on YoYo? Here are some PMs, courtesy of tigerdude, which explain inuyasha’s decision …

tigerdude1993 wrote:

“This is the last [spam] message from me, but i bet money you’ll get some from AKH and TurboX too. Did you learn your lesson? Now onto the argument portion of the game > -D Had fun yet? 300 messages…did you get them all? XD XD XD”

inuyasha wrote:

“I know, but its about to get much worse, much much worse. Are you ready tigerdude?”

tigerdude1993 wrote:

“40 messages isn’t much compared to 300, is it? Don’t think it’s over, you’ve got more enemies than me to deal with now > -D I’m quite the savage, don’t you agree?!?!? I’m insane right now, so excuse my behavior >)”

inuyasha wrote:

“You bet i did. I deserved it thanks for teaching me a lesson, a lesson i’ll never forget. I’m not mad at you or anything, just shocked.”

tigerdude1993 wrote:

“and im not done. you see, when you piss me off, you die. i thought i told everyone that by destroying heartagram123. he hasn’t shown his face to me since his fall. i wouldn’t show my face after dealing with me either, due to the humilitation i bring with the punishment. you aren’t safe anymore; this is total war and i can fight i til the end. and like i said, i wont be taking any apologies until i say the war is over. got it?”

inuyasha wrote:

“What do you mean “to the end”? Is it the time I die and get buried in the ground or does it mean unitl I leave the site and never come back? Oh and yes I got it. But just one more thing what if I leave?”

tigerdude1993 wrote:

“the end will be when everything is ok. and i am judge of that >;) don’t look at me like im crazy…when im in this state of mind i am all out evil, trust me ;) i havent felt like this since the heartagram123 incident, or the ihp paintball attack. lucky for you you dont live near me >D if you leave ill still humiliate you, track you down, anything to get revenge. so its still on, not the spam anymore but now the main show…where you get humiliated in front of yoyogames on countless profiles. this shouldnt be PMs, this should be on mine or your profiles. this is war, not conversation ;)”

[Lost PM from inuyasha]

tigerdude1993 wrote:

“…. Did you ever really get into the blog? I’ve made countless intel bases for Yoyogames members. I’ve been a very successful tracker in the past few months and helped lead to the discovery of Enrai’s location (given credit to you, one of the few things that keeps me on an equal scale with you). I’ve made kb’s for Heartagram123 and IHP and Enrai. IHP hasn’t been released yet, since he was practically living beside me, but now that hes left ive begun working on it again. you see, i could find so much about you using your ip’s and the five milllion emails ive seen you use on the blog, along with many other secret things i can use. you have no chance at beating me; this is why i “recently have taken a liking to arguments” >:D”

[A Second Lost PM from a dazed inuyasha thinking tigerdude was going to breakinto his house and threatening to call the police]

tigerdude1993 wrote:

“you are such a dumbass. why would i break into your freaking house? i am talking about making something that will reveal personal info about you, not coming to your house. that would be stupid and get me in jail. im smarter than you think, dude. just get over yourself, you know you deserve this. and to think you were once one of my best friends, what a joke.”

inuyasha wrote:

“It wasnt a joke, I never knew this would happen. I should let my 11 year old brother take over my account. Then it should all be over. One more thing my YYG life is not over i’ll still come on to play games and comment on them and rate them. Or like I said i’ll let my 11 year old brother take over this account.”

tigerdude1993 wrote:

“then tell me why you did all of this. that might calm me down. and even if you let some kid take your account, im still going to argue with it.

inuyasha wrote:

“Why I did this Sxp thing well its a long story but here:
When I first seen your blog I thought like cool, tigerdude made a blog! So I went and checked it out and when I seen this whole IHP thing that is what made me mad, fighting always gets me like this (honest) but thats not the real reason its because I was jealuos. I thought you were better then me. Thats the story.

tigerdude1993 wrote:

“I know nobody can meet me and not be jealous ;) but I still don’t understand the artificial hits thing. and since your so jealous, why didnt you act like that before the blog? did my change in yoyo status have anything to do with it?”

inuyasha’s story was his final reply there. is it really his last? I’m thinking yes, despite this coming after a long stretch of indecisiveness from the 19 year old with the yorkshire terrier avatar.

Adding insult to injury, TurboX gets his revenge on inuyasha just as he leaves …

TurboX wrote:

“WTF how am i emo, i bully emos, inuyasha your nerdy freak

And i think you have insecurity issues, you always go on about how “last night i did 100 press ups”, big wow. Your only doing this because you know you can’t do any thing except make shitty engines in GM.”

“Your a slacking freak

Oh and Me and MiNGmOO laugh at your engines you send us, espealily that corkscrew one, “I have been using C++ for 5 years now” what a load of crap, you can barely do any thing in GM.”

And that could be the end of Inuyasha. Make sure to read tigerdude’s version of this story over at his blog.

Enjoy! 😀



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  1. sorry about the lack of a post yesterday, unfortunately im still grounded so i wont be making a post today either.

  2. Grounded Again? What for this time?

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