Revolutionary Use for Ploof Discovered

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*sigh* IHP’s idiocy continues.

Here is his full “gamme energy theory” [or “gamme ray theory”] … expectedly, it’s just another unfair stab at mrsmes. From what I know, this exact PM was sent to tigerdude and me, although it’s probably been sent to a few more people as well.

ihatepenguins wrote:

“Well since i have too explain my whoel theory to you since it is in this theory in which ploof makes its appearnance. gamme rays are good and ploof rays are the dark gamme rays of hell which only do nothing but kill and make sadness so thats now a figure of speech well gamma rays will be used to make cows produce more milk and save lives and so when i invest my money into ploof and reverse its effects we can thus open hell and then we can destory it and release good gamme anergy and bring a person back to life using miracle cow milk creatd by the gamme rays, then we use it on cactus to make them grow and emit more good gamme rays wchih in return makes the world spin slower making us live longer and then we can be smarter and make more inventions adn possibvly we can send good gamme to the sun to cool it down and thus build on it to make it sort of a colony and then we will take our ranches to the moon by using ploof to make the moon brighter and tehn we will nuerologize its ploof with the suns good gamme rays which in return will give off ploof bursts whcih actually created the gamme rays in the first place and then the new earth will be formed and ploof will cease to exist i will be thought of as a hero on the earth and i will use the powers of gamme rays to shift continneltnl plates so that all continents will be togerher and think of all the technology we will make adn then possibly the world will be at peace and i sahll elect my top advisor mrsmes for presidnet of australia and you maybe as englands mascot and then i can be the king of gamme rays and then i will find a way to cure cancer by reverse engineering ploof which will not have the legend movie efefct i am not will smith ok i am smarter than him hes dumb he made teh ploof stronger instead of makng it neutrologized, but anyways this weill aslo make greenhouse gasses dissapear since they are ploof related and then the world will be at peace and then i can go to the other planets using reverse engineered ploff that wil speed my space ship to 333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333

miles a second

and then this speed will let me fly to a new planet to spread the ploof enginering technology and then earth and new planets will get together and we can teleprot earth to a dieffertnt galcy where all the world wil bow to me and hopefully my cows at my ranch on the sun when ploof is reversed engineered. this is only my first tadbit of research and i could go on and on but for more just ask me hit me up ill give you the whole boat if you want.”

For tigerdude’s views on this, click here.

Unfortunately, mrsmes is doing a brilliant job of escaping IHP’s indirect taunts [I can only hope mrsmes doesn’t realise what’s happening here], check out what he’s written over the past 2 days …

… starting yesterday, on my profile …

mrsmes wrote:

“@AKH, Tigerdude @IHP:guys stop this, just compromise and get it over with, look IHP came and sent me a pm asking for help to become a better person and he is changing and learning to change into a better person and you are puttiing him down, I 4rt u guys weren’t like this and that u would try to teach them to change so accept change and learn to live with it if u must find a way to have some humor and take a laugh do it with out bullying others, like tell a joke or watch tv, or read a comic. watch youtube, and above all if anything just leave people alone, or teach them to do the appropriate thing. why you can’t learn that i do not understand. @Ivor Biggun: this applies 4 u 2.”

… now, on to today’s ramblings, beginning with those on tigerdude’s profile …

mrsmes wrote:

if you comment one more time here i will be forced to reveal to the yyg community your most personal information, such as location and the like.[/QUOTE]
I wouldn’t do that, because then I would have to get into a talk with you 2 about compromising again and then teach IHP not to double post how ever it can’t be helped sometimes, but if you do the right thing and set a good example for him to learn from like yourself, i’m sure he will learn and I can name a few moments where u double posted a few times, so let’s not go pointing fingers ok, why every one makes that mistake at some stage in life.”

… and finally, the massive 2 ¼ pages on IHP’s profile, starting in mrsmes’ usual style, with words said (or more, typed) weeks ago …

mrsmes wrote:

I have returned for my revenge. I know that some of you despise me, but this will all change soon. I have Tigerdude1993’s biggest secret, that will turn you against him forever. If I shall tell you all, I need you all to help me with one of my problems (Tigerdude1993). Thank you in advance, TurboX and AKH.
That’s going a bit far stretched buddie.

@Tigerdude: calm down, take a chill pill IHP is a changed person now, now it’s not like I am sticking up for him or anything but he just needed to be guided back to do the right thing before he changed into a monster again and so I have only helped him out, and if u can’t accept that then maybe I need to teach u a thing about compromizing.

@All members reading this: sorry for the tripple post.
@Turbox: No one should be jealous of any one here, I have nothing more than u, or tigerdude, so don’t be jealous were all individauls so we don’t have to fight every one here can atleast do their best to get along, but I won’t force any one to do something they don’t want to do or go in to personal detail or go into private information about any one as that would be insulting and illegal, I will not make that step ever.

@AKH @Ivor Big Cannon @Everyone @Enrai: this does not mean how ever that I will accept fighting or arguing, just people being normal civialized people that they can be, I mean we don’t have to act like monsters or gangsters just to try and act cool and please other people, unless we are all asking for trouble here or worst troubles in the future leading to some one being locked up in a cell.

calm down people chill, relax noone hacked my account or got into it or typed these things so can’t we just accept change I think IHP is really making a change for once

@tigerdude: no one is making fun of me, and I think I should know when some one is so give the guy a break I know your annoyed with him but I am working on that.

Thank you TurboX. I completely agree.

IHP, maybe if you didn’t screw up your reputation by being an annoying asshole all the time in the past few months, we may have believed you. But no, you had to be a dork and act stupid to get revenge on me and get some much needed attention. No one on this website will believe you anymore, just move on and get over Yoyogames. It is really over, you have no friends here.
You can stop lying because that is a flaw of yours.

but I am not done yet. If I shall continue.
So let’s not go pointing fingers here, noone(I repeat noone and I do enthasize noone) is perfect I am sure LavaBall, Turbox, mrsmes, Tigerdude, many,many others have flaws to and it would be more nicer and helpful if we pointed out our successes if possible that way we won’t have another one of these talks and made public on the internet, ok. also others I don’t want any bragging or teasing or moaning just because I made this…

public. or I might do the same on your guestbooks, ok so let’s not go around making every one elses lives a mizery ok, it just isn’t nice so learn to get along, ok.”

As you can see, he doesn’t realise the [QUOTE] tag is useless outside the forums, he mentioned a wide range of (now) mostly inactive names, including Enrai and everyone (SatanChild666), he’s still referring to Ivor B as Ivor Big Cannon thanks to SC’s influence, and we’ve found out why IHP uses the word “compromising” so much in each of his impressions.

And now, one last note for all those worried about how their (difficult/late) submissions for the YoYo Games Ancient Civilisations Competition are doing. YoYo say they [slightly edited quote] “realize the server move was a bit badly timed for the competition and will be very understanding when reviewing the submissions for the first time this week”.

Read the Glog Post Here.



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  1. He should have sent this to me, you, and TurboX. That’s what it said. I wonder if he sent it to Mrsmes…

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